Eat the Rich

“Eat the Rich,” an anthem for the London riots.

Eat the rich. Their gated communities are our smorgasbords. Roast them on our pitchforks over our torches.

Prune the limbs that have grown too heavy for the good of the tree. It’s simply good social hygiene. Groom ourselves free of those greedy bloodsuckers.

How would you like your billionaire done? If taste tells anything, they’re chicken.

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0 thoughts on “Eat the Rich”

  1. Their not chickens they are the worst type of cowards because they hide behind words,lawyers,and the law. Don’t worry it won’t be long before the shit hits the fan right here in this country. The politicians in this country will have to start watching their backs this country is getting angry and it is building and time will tell. Personally what I think is when the republicans get what they want and that is unemployment benefits stopped and a few months go by and even more families go to the streets. That is when I expect the tea kettle to come to a boil and it will scream. Just remember the last revolution started 25 years before it happened. This country is on the verge of collapse thanks to the politicians in office today. Just remember until something happens in this country the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Countries like Pakistan continue to get billions cause we call them our allies and that goes for a lot of other countries and when our $ drys up so will friendship as it is that’s the only reason they tolerate us in the 1st place.

  2. I appreciate your economic populism my friend. That’s all we are selling on this blog – economic populism. The non-rich against the rich. Anyone who is down for that, of whatever persuasion, is welcome aboard.

    1. Rob, this anthem is rather anti-Semitic is it not? Only a fucking moron would not see who makes up the core of the economic elites/plutocrats in this shitty excuse for a nation.

      1. That was not how he intended it. And the majority of Jews are middle class and upper middle class but not billionaires.

  3. David I would warn against riots in middle and upper middle class neighborhoods because it would turn the middle class against the poor.

  4. Based on what I heard from people in the UK, this is not a protest. People are just using it to loot stores and get free shit.

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