Austrians and Other Retrograde Economic Species

It’s the Austrians who want to get away from Central Banks. The Austrians love to rant about the 1800’s. These nuts want to go back to the 1800’s, that was their dream century in economic terms. A century that left much to be desired in terms of living standards and state role in the economy and that had 8 major depressions.

These deficit hawk nuts that want to reverse Keynesianism are in a sense going back to the old days too. Not the 1800’s. Instead they are going back to Hooverism. Recall also that FDR was a fiscal conservative when he came in. He very quickly realized that fiscal conservatism was not going to cut it. In 1936, the idiotic public got roused into deficit hysteria by the crazy right, and the result was mass austerity in that year in order to lower the deficit and get our fiscal house in order. The immediate result was another depression, and we didn’t come out of it until Pearl Harbor.

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0 thoughts on “Austrians and Other Retrograde Economic Species”

  1. Your premise is incorrect. Blaming the fabricated Tea Party for the coming austerity is a fabricated and paid-for communitarian media message designed to distort truth. Don’t fall for the easy bait.

    The Tea Party is a communitarian-fabricated version of the Libertarian Party, complete with Trojan horse communitarian-agenda insiders. The communitarians had the need to control Libertarianism, so they created their own Libertarian Party and called it the Tea Party. Then they took a crap on it using their own paid-for media.

    The austerity that is coming to America is the same austerity that’s happening in Ireland and Greece. This is IMF-imposed austerity. This is central banker money lent to governments and then earning interest that needs to be paid back, thereby causing austerity planning. IMF money is central banker money. The IMF and the World Bank are both privately funded by central banker money. Both corporations represent the financial arms of the United Nations. The World Bank was created by two documented communists – Keynes and White.

    The UN created communitarianism and its Fabian socialist Trojan horse, sustainable development and manmade climate change. The exact details of the communitarian plan may be found online, as it is in plain view and completely public. It’s just not on the news or the TV.

    Here you go —

    Every city council in every city in the US now has a community development sustainability plan in the works that abides by UN sustainable development guidelines. This is being created from the local level, upwards:

    UN Agenda 21 is the ultimate austerity program.

    “We support the shift of our economic focus from translational corporate “fusionism” to regional subsistence. Subsistence economy focuses on a “natural” way of living. This is not “back to stone age”. It rather means a spiral, wavelike progress out of the life-destroying habits of today’s so-called civilization and accepting and welcoming the complexity of life.

    We support the development of sustainable, decentralized, that is local, high-tech production, combined with local use of local resources. and the redesign of our monetary system according to a fourfold model: 1) economy of gifting (a basic matriarchal feature), 2) counter-trade (barter) economy, 3) complementary local monetary systems for regional trade, and 4) unified currency (for example called “terra”) for interregional and global trade. In our eyes compound interest has to be abolished. Also the concept of “owning” land must be reconsidered.”

    1. Brown writes: “In an economic downturn, the government needs to spend more, not less, as history shows. This can be done while still balancing the budget, simply by taking back the government’s constitutional power to issue money. ”

      I think the key here is that the money that’s issued doesn’t go straight into the hands of investment banks that are owned or heavily influenced by central bankers; otherwise, the central banker plan to create austerity only progresses. That money needs to go to US-based businesses that are able to handle large projects benefitting US taxpayers… and not carbon reduction projects planned by central bankers.

      I seriously doubt such a plan would ever be implemented. Look how far the central bankers have come. Most folks reading this still think all of this is in the land of theory; that certainly doesn’t help in any way.

      Fun to discuss and have a good view to the transformation to communism. Other than that, not so much fun. Protecting assets becomes a chore in such an environment, not to mention being surrounded by the belligerent, ignorant masses who still depend on the TV for their knowledge.

  2. Dear Rob
    The French social scientist Alfred Sauvy once said it best: “No other regime was as authoritarian as classical liberalism. It preached totally passive submission to market forces and the gold standard.”
    That’s Austrian economics. Leave everything to the market and to gold, even if large segments of the population have to live in misery.

    Contrary to what Austrians say, fiat money was a great invention. It means that the state can always insure sufficient liquidity, avoid deflations and increase aggregate demand during economic downturns, all at no cost.

    Regard. James

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