Are Central Banks the Problem?

Lindsay…research the 150+ privately owned central banks worldwide, one in each country to manipulate its economy and govt. This same wealth owns/controls stakes in the mainstream media and has for a long time. The top 57 countries have central banks that have their own corporation called the Bank of International Settlements, to help coordinate their efforts so they act as a single entity — world govt really.

I hate banksters as much as anyone else, but I’m not into the “abolish the Fed” crowd. The Fed sucks because it’s run by the banksters and the rich. But I am a monetarist, and we need a central bank. Back in the 1800’s, before we had a central bank, we had 8 major depressions. That’s what happens when you get away from Monetarism. The world government is run by the banksters themselves, not the central banks.

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  1. Wore than any depression is that these central banking families have been funding both sides of nearly every war, for profit, for 300 or more years. These people are unelected. They govern in secrecy with no transparency. They are above the law. They control the media and the oil. They have committed perhaps the worst crimes against humanity that the world has ever known. Then they work to control the education system, so that our children are never taught to realize any of this. To suggest it’s a good idea to keep them in power to avoid a depression is too quick of an analysis. The Rothschild banking family created its first central bank in Sweden in 1668. This predates all depressions that have ever occurred. Our own central bank in the US was created in 1913, prior to our own depression of 1929. Why would you assume the central banking system is not intentionally creating economic turmoil to meet its own agenda?

  2. A strong economic nationalist government could theoretically rein in the Federal Reserve and harness it to do its bidding. Of course the Collapse will happen before that occurs and after the Collapse Resolution ,it’s unlikely
    that theoretical will be tested.

  3. The biggest problem is our own banks and the bankers who pay the lobbyist to pad the pockets of the politicians to do their dirty work like deregulation of our banking system. There is where the real problem is and it isn’t going to change anytime soon. We need for our politicians to be over seen by the everyday man or women 2 for each. Give them a couple of aids and them be able to over rule and kill bills that are junk that would be a start. They blow our taxes and a lot of time don’t even know where the $ is going no oversight. Haiti is a good example gave them hundred million $s and the people are still starving and lucky if they have a tent to live in. So we can’t blame the these banks. And as long as the government and big companies control the media and what they can say you will never here the real truth. We shouldn’t have more than 20% of this countries assets invested in any of these other countries banks.

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