Latest News from the Bigfoot World August 2, 2011

Long, runs to 33 pages.

Stunning new leaks from the Erickson Project. We can now confirm the existence of a 45 minute video on the Erickson Project (EP). If it is ever released, it will go down in history as one of most stunning documentaries in the history of film. I know that this film exists, because one of my sources watched the whole thing.

First of all, the video consists of a number of interviews. There are interviews with Adrian Erickson, head of the project; Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh, apparently the lead scientist with the project; Dennis Pfohl, head videographer with the project among other roles; and Dr. Melba Ketchum, who is running her own DNA project in tandem with the Erickson Project. The interview with Ketchum shows her sitting at a chair, working in her lab. The interviews make up about 3/4 of the footage of the film, or about 33 minutes.

The other quarter of the film, or about 12 minutes of footage, is made up of some of the most kick-ass, out of this world, knock your socks off Bigfoot footage that the world has ever seen. The closeup video of the young female Bigfoot in Kentucky we described earlier is part of the footage, but there is much more. There is quite a bit of other footage from the same Kentucky site. In addition, there is excellent footage, possibly on a par with the Kentucky footage, from at least one or possibly more than one other habituation site.

All of the 12 minutes of Bigfoot footage on the tape is excellent. Some of it was shot in the day, and a fair amount of it was shot at night with infrared technology. The night footage is also very good. At least some of the footage is on a par with the Patterson film, and some is even better. Chris Noel said the footage as a whole “will blow the lid off the whole field.”

Kentucky habituation site not the only EP habituation site. Keep in mind that the Kentucky habituation site, which we will now publically reveal as being in Crittenden, Kentucky, only 15 miles south of Cincinnati, was only one of 5 habituation sites that Erickson used for his project.

A photo Erickson's habituation site in Crittenden, Kentucky.

This is reportedly an excellent habituation site, and Bigfoots definitely seem to be using the area.

Erickson's habituation site in Crittenden, Kentucky.

Good DNA evidence in the form of blood and tissue and some outrageous, out of this world film, also came from this site.

A photo of purported Bigfoot blood and tissue evidence from Erickson's habituation site in Crittenden, Kentucky.

The footage was shot by a variety of different people. The EP footage itself, I believe, was shot mostly by Pfohl. Other footage was shot by residents of the sites. I know for a fact that the Kentucky residents shot quite a bit of superb video.

Erickson Project had many opportunities to kill a Bigfoot. We can now report that the EP says they had countless opportunities to kill a Bigfoot in the course of these investigations. Apparently they had high powered weapons that they were ready to use if they had to. But the team was staunchly anti-kill from the very start, and this position never changed. I am pro-kill myself, and it’s too bad they felt this way, as it could have solved this mystery once and for all.

EP wanted badly to tranquilize a Bigfoot. The EP also thought long and hard about tranquilizing a Bigfoot, as they had many opportunities to do that too, but they decided that it would be too difficult and that it might not even work.

First of all, you need to know the exact dose necessary for any given animal. Each animal takes a different dose and maybe even a different drug. There is no way to calculate the proper dose for a Bigfoot since we don’t have any subjects to test it out on. If you get the dose wrong, you could kill the Bigfoot if the dose is too high. Not high enough, and the Bigfoot won’t even drop, but it will probably vacate the habituation site and take all the others with it.

In addition, tranquilizers don’t typically drop animals right away. The animals run for aways until they drop. Surely Bigfoots will be the same. Now you have a Bigfoot that dropped down a few hundred yards away in the woods. How to get it out? And you will have some other very angry Bigfoots in the area to prevent you from taking out the body. What to do? At the moment, the tranquilizing idea seems to have too many problems. Maybe in the future.

Dennis Pfohl describes Bigfoot behavior. Dennis Pfohl seemed to be running the Erickson Project on the ground. I feel that he shot most of the EP video for the project. Hadj-Chikh probably shot few, if any, videos. In addition to shooting video at the Kentucky site, I also feel that Pfohl shot video at the Vermont site. He may have shot video at other habituation sites too, assuming that they exist.

In the course of the project, Pfohl got to know the local Bigfoots very well. He said each one had its own distinct personality, and he got to understand their personalities quite well.

Pfohl also said that the Bigfoots have a strange way of dealing with humans they like. They are playful, and almost seem to be playing little jokes on us a lot of the time. At the same time, they seem to be sending a message that says, “Let’s be friends, but don’t get too close.”

Like other animals, the Bigfoots come to recognize the sounds of various vehicles. If it is someone they like, they will do things like wood knocks when one of their friends’ cars shows up. At one site, a person the Bigfoots liked left the place, and another person took their place. This person drove a pickup truck and had a rather angry personality. The Bigfoots knew the sound of his car and avoided him.

Justin Smeja under investigation by the California Department of Fish and Game. In a previous article, Richard Stubstad describes how he and I undertook an investigation into the Sierra Kills by going to the site of the shooting west of Frenchman Lake, California. We spoke to the local Forest Service law enforcement officer, who had not heard of the case.

Then we spoke to the local Fish and Game game warden in charge of the area. He told us that recently two people had inquired about the Sierra Kills shooting. The first person gave them fuzzy details. The case went to his superior, who decided it was not worth investigating.

However, the second inquiry was more convincing. The officer told us that he had been given Smeja’s name, email and physical address in Sacramento. He said he was going to follow up on the case and try to talk to Smeja, but he didn’t want to waste too much time on the matter, as he thought it was nonsense. He was not sure if any laws had been broken. We confirmed for him that Smeja was the shooter.

Justin Smeja lying about reporting Sierra Kills to the sheriff’s office. We contacted the local Plumas County sheriff’s office and asked them if Smeja had reported the incident to them. Smeja’s name was not in their files, therefore, he had not reported it, as they have to make a report on every call. The part about reporting it to the sheriff’s is also part of Derek Randles’ official version of the story that he is demanding that we adopt. We respectfully refuse to automatically adopt what is essentially the killer’s version of a homicide case, sorry.

Justin Smeja continuing to lie about the site of the Sierra Kills. Smeja, who according to Derek Randles is as wholesome and upright as Mother Theresa, recently came to my site and chided us for not knowing where the Sierra Kills took place. Smeja said that he had never heard of Frenchman Lake or Dixie Mountain before I started writing about it, and neither had Randles.

This is apparently a lie. A source has informed me that Derek Randles and Melba Ketchum both told him that the Sierra Kills took place west of Frenchman Lake. Randles added that it was on the game refuge, then later changed his story to say it was somewhere near the game refuge. He did this in order to protect Smeja. Furthermore, when we revealed Dixie Mountain as the site of the shooting on a forum, Randles got very upset and told me to please keep the site quiet. This seemed to be an admission by Randles that Dixie Mountain was the correct site.

It seems that Smeja is trying to give us the run around regarding where this shooting actually took place. Previously, I was told that the kills took place in northern California on the Nevada/California border near a game refuge. The most sensible description of such a locale is Dixie Mountain.

Derek Randles had never been to the Sierra Kills scene nor met Justin Smeja in person. Derek Randles, who claims to have investigated this story inside and out, has never even been to Sacramento to talk with Smeja. Nor has he ever been to the Sierra Kills scene or talked to anyone in the area. Some investigation. Some investigator. Update: Derek Randles, Justin Smeja, a scientist, a biologist, two trackers and a cadaver dog went back to the scene just recently. The search was uneventful except for some footprints.

Justin Smeja’s driver completely hysterical after Sierra Kills, wants nothing to do with Smeja anymore. The driver of Smeja’s vehicle in the Sierra Kills shooting was horrified by the shootings. He was hysterical  and absolutely beside himself, especially after Smeja killed the juvenile Bigfoot. As we reported, the driver pointed his gun at Smeja and said if you kill another one of those things, I will kill you too. It was mostly due to the driver’s hysteria that the two abandoned the scene, but probably not after Smeja carved off a piece of the female Bigfoot’s thigh.

The driver was previously a good friend of Smeja’s, but now he has abandoned his friend, ended their relationship, and wants absolutely nothing to do with Smeja, so horrified was he by Smeja’s maniacal behavior on that hallowed and doomed fall day in the Eastern Sierras.

Psychic horrified by photo of Justin Smeja, felt he was “malevolent,” demanded that his photo be removed from her home. As part of our investigation, we visited a psychic who Stubstad knew in Truckee, California. We showed her Smeja’s photo. She stared at it for a long time, then said that he was hiding something, but she did not know what. She also felt that he was very protective of his family, and that his family had been threatened over this purported shooting.

She said he generated very intense bad energy, which she described as malevolent. In fact, when we left that day, she demanded that we take the Smeja photos with us because she didn’t want them in her house as they were generating extreme bad vibes around the house and making the house uncomfortable for her to stay in.

Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills had non-human hair structure. Unknown persons, possibly Smeja and Randles, are reporting that the hairs on the Bigfoot thigh slice from the Sierra shootings appeared to have a general nonhuman appearance in terms of their structure and characteristics.

Ketchum has an unfulfilled NDA with Tom Biscardi. It is interesting that the Ketchum Project people attempted to trash us as being associated with Tom Biscardi. Biscardi, whatever you think of him, has been an essential element of the Ketchum Project. Many times we needed folks to run samples from wherever to Ketchum’s lab in Texas. All of these illustrious Biscardi-hating investigators could not be bothered to do so. Only Tom Biscardi would step up to the plate, and so he was used.

Ketchum has an agreement with Biscardi to do the work on his own samples and to send him the results. She has never fulfilled her end of the bargain, hence she can be sued by Biscardi. However, Biscardi probably lacks money for a lawsuit.

The Bigfoot toenail in the Ketchum Project is from Larry Jenkins in northwest Arizona. This toenail, submitted to the Ketchum DNA project, was found by Jenkins at his cabin high up in the Arizona mountains near the Grand Canyon.

There do appear to be some Bigfoots in the area.

Jenkins is a Vietnam vet who lives with his family most of time, but also likes to go up to his cabin in this extremely remote area to shoot guns and get away from it all. One of my sources has been to this site and has seen a Bigfoot footprint in a streambed.

The toenail does not appear to be human. It is much too large, too thick, and has a sort of yellowish-black color to it that human nails do not have. Albert Ostman noted long ago that Bigfoots have blackish nails. The badly decomposed dead Bigfoot found by two Indian girls in Happy Camp, California, in 1965, also had black nails. This is why John Green felt it was a real Bigfoot, due to its consistency with Ostman’s tale.

BFRO has a possible Bigfoot skull. The BFRO has come into possession of a possible Bigfoot skull from Walla Walla, Washington. It is a small, ape-like skull, but it does not appear to be of an ape. It was found in the forest near Walla Walla. There is a lot of Bigfoot activity in this part of the Blue Mountains, the site of the famous Freeman film and Freeman footprints. I feel that the Freeman film is 10

Another possible Bigfoot killing near the possible Sierra Kills site. While Stubstad and I were investigating the Sierra Kills case, we spoke with the Forest Service LE officer for the Beckwourth District of the Plumas National Forest. This is the district where the Sierra Kills may have taken place.

He told us that he had received a report of another Bigfoot being shot dead at Janesville Grade, about 20 miles north of the Sierra Kills site. The killing is said to have occurred about two weeks ago in the middle of July. We could not confirm this story in one way or another so we have no way of knowing if it occurred or not.

If it happened, the surviving juvenile or the surviving father from the Sierra Kills may have been killed. We feel that there was a male Bigfoot mate of the killed female Bigfoot, since Bigfoot single Moms are not common. If there is anything to either of these stories, it is amazing that two Bigfoots were reportedly shot dead within 20 miles of each other in the Eastern Sierra Nevada in California only nine months apart.

Reported Bigfoot sighting in Placerville, California, in mid-July. As part of our investigation, Stubstad and I went to a liquor store in tiny Sierraville, California. The American Indian woman there told us that there had been a Bigfoot sighting in Placerville only two weeks before. Supposedly, an excellent photograph was taken as part of this sighting. Placerville is about 70 miles southwest of Sierraville and 43 miles east of Sacramento.

We were unable to confirm this sighting one way or the other. One thing is for sure though. The northern Sierra Nevada seems to get a lot of Bigfoot sightings, especially in the summertime. Most are apparently not reported to Bigfoot organizations.

Erickson Project flat broke, out of funds. Although Adrian Erickson is a rich man, he has been running into financial trouble lately with his housing development in British Colombia, which is his principal business at the moment. Housing sales have slowed down due to the economic crash created by finance capital in the US (Wall Street).

Erickson had been financing his Bigfoot project, on which so far he has spent $3 million, on a revolving line of credit. For whatever reason, his bank is not willing to loan him any more money for Bigfoot ventures. Therefore, the EP is flat broke, and it is uncertain what major ventures they can do in the future.

Erickson to go down in history among the greatest of the greats. I would like to add that I think the EP’s best work is already behind them. Adrian Erickson and to a lesser extent Dennis Pfohl will go down in history as some of the greatest men to grace the annals of the worldwide investigation of the Bigfoot phenomenon. Erickson’s name will be up there with Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, and he may even supersede them. Let us bow down before our Bigfootery Gods!

Melba Ketchum has mysterious benefactor who demands to remain anonymous. We made the error early on in our reporting of mixing up the EP with the Ketchum Project (KP). Although the beginnings of the KP are very difficult to describe and involve Ketchum, David Paulides, Erickson and Biscardi in various confusing, conflicting and hard to sort out roles, for a long time now, the KP has been a singular entity.

One wonders about the financing. Actually, Ketchum has a mysterious benefactor, who seems to be a relatively famous and very rich person, who is funding most of her DNA testing. This is necessary because Ketchum charges about $11,500 for full nuclear DNA sequencing. Obviously, submitters do not have this kind of cash, so someone is paying their way. If you heard this man’s name, you might or might not recognize it, because he is relatively famous. However, he wishes to remain anonymous, hence my sources would not reveal his name to me.

Mass confusion reigns about Ketchum’s DNA pricing. Some submitters have said that Ketchum charged them $200 for DNA sequencing of samples. The submitters were able to pay this. However, when I revealed that Erickson paid $70,000 for the sequencing of 6 samples, mass confusion broke out. We can now clear up the confusion.

Ketchum charges $200 for MtDNA sequencing. But for NuDNA testing, which is vastly more complex, she charges ~$11,500. This is why Erickson paid so much for his samples.

Ketchum cruelly fired of her best friends, lied and said she was “too slow.” Ketchum’s insatiable quest for all-encompassing power and glory in the discovery of Bigfoot seems to know no ends. We can now report that she fired a female geneticist, a PhD who did excellent work. Ketchum said she was “too slow.” My sources say that this is nonsense; the woman did excellent work.

The reason for Ketchum firing the woman are completely unknown, but sources said that she felt threatened by the geneticist because she does such great work. Ketchum is insecure and sometimes tries to get rid of highly competent workers who threaten her grandiose self-image and fantasies of unlimited power, glory and money. The geneticist was a close friend of Ketchum’s, and she was utterly devastated after being fired. But the geneticist certainly didn’t lose out on any paychecks. At the time, she was working for Ketchum for free!

Ketchum furiously trying to wiggle out of NDA agreement with Erickson. Sources say that Ketchum dislikes the agreement she has with Erickson and would very much like to get out of it. The reason is because there is supposed to be a press conference upon the publication of  Ketchum’s DNA paper, assuming it ever gets published.

At this press conference, Ketchum will unveil her DNA paper, and she will focus on Erickson’s 6 samples, which all turned out to be from separate Bigfoots. Other samples that tested positive as Bigfoots will be revealed “as an aside.” It will be difficult for Ketchum to do a press conference referring for the most part only to Erickson’s samples; this is not what she wants to do. The EP video will then be released in tandem with the DNA evidence. If Ketchum fails to hold the press conference as it is supposed to be held, she can be sued by Erickson for violating their agreement.

Matt Moneymaker using a fake name. In case you are interested in the details of this most unpleasant person, Matt Moneymaker, head of the BFRO, we can now report that Matt Moneymaker is not even his real name. His real name is Matt Johnson or some ordinary name like that. This profoundly abrasive clown apparently changed his surname to Moneymaker. Now what kind of a person deliberately chooses a name like that?

Moneymaker is a highly unpleasant person – controlling, dishonest, vindictive, mercurial, underhanded, possibly fraudulent, competitive to the point of pathology, and above all, incredibly narcissistic. He is ferociously competitive to the point that his personality exudes sheer poison, and he is determined that his organization be the one and only one that discovers Bigfoot. He’s Melba Ketchum with a sex change on steroids.

Matt often refuses to link to competing groups and often forbids discussion of them at his crazy website. For instance, all threads about the Erickson and Ketchum Projects are immediately shut down and locked with a snide remark about how they have had years of work and have never come up with anything. The forum is run by some of the worst forum Nazis in the field. Threads are constantly being shut down by Matt and his pals, and posters are banned all the time. I lasted a whole 2 hours on the site before I was banned, and I was trying to be good.

Further, Moneymaker is not even a practicing attorney as he implies he is. This is just more narcissistic bluster and chest beating. What he is is some guy who managed to graduate from Law School. Whether or not he passed the Bar is not known.

Since Matt took over the BFRO, there have been repeated mass exoduses of members due to his horrific personality. Although they do some good science, the whole BFRO enterprise is rather shameful due to being poisoned by Moneymaker. Matt Moneymaker is the definition of a toxic individual.

Tom Biscardi – hoaxer or not? After quite a bit of investigation, including an interview with Java Bob Schmaltzbach, I have concluded that Tom Biscardi is not a hoaxer. Java Bob went through a long history with me about the Georgia Boys’ fake Bigfoot body saga. It appears that both Biscardi and Java Bob were hoaxed by the Georgia Boys. Biscardi had no idea it was a fake. He was on the phone having Java Bob run tests on the thing when Bob discovered that it had a rubber foot.

It was then that that Java and Biscardi realized that they had been had. Recall that Biscardi forked over ~$50,000 for the fake dead Bigfoot. Why would he lose all that money if he was in on a hoax?

The truth is that Biscardi is not a hoaxer. Instead, he is a gullible, not particularly bright, narcissistic, showboating sort of guy who works as a Las Vegas showman. He believes anyone, so he gets hoaxed himself all the time. Biscardi also believes very much in Bigfoot, and he has 4 excellent daytime sightings and many more nighttime sightings. He has made some positive contributions to the Bigfoot field. In short, the popular image of Tom Biscardi as a hoaxer seems to be mistaken.

Biscardi does not have a good personality. He is a crass, vulgar, condescending, arrogant, egotistical and highly narcissistic man. Most people who associate with him for a while leave him because he is so hurtful. He hurts his own friends and even his own family with his callous remarks. Like many such types, he hasn’t the slightest clue about his culpability in these interpersonal scenarios. He has contempt for nearly everyone else in the Bigfoot world, who he typically refers to as bottom feeders.

Biscardi is not a Rhodes scholar, but he’s not stupid either. At best he has about average intelligence or so. He has an engaging, extroverted but brash personality.

Tom Biscardi the Wilt Chamberlain of Bigfootery. Biscardi lives in between the California Bay Area and Las Vegas, or, as a source says, “wherever he can find a loose woman.” Biscardi thinks he is God’s gift to women, and he is one of the wildest, most out of control and notorious womanizers in the Bigfoot world. One source compared him to Wilt Chamberlain. “Biscardi has a woman in every port,” the source said.

He typically can’t hang onto a woman for more than a year or two, but then he just goes out and grabs a new one. He has some grown kids from one or more previous marriages.

Tom Biscardi financially ruined Java Bob Schmaltzbach, left him out to dry. For a while, Java Bob hooked up with Biscardi on his round the country Bigfoot road show. Bob was paid around ~$1,000/month salary, but that did not even begin to cover basic expenses. They roamed around the country searching for Bigfoot, either staying in motels or staying with people who had seen Bigfoots and wanted investigations. Java left his wife at home and took off with Biscardi on this wild voyage, but the wife didn’t really mind.

It was wild and fun, but it drained Bob’s finances and eventually ruined his car. He ended up broke, with a wrecked car that would not even run. He was nearly homeless and had to move in with one of his kids for a while. He is now living happily in Happy Camp, California with his wife.

He is still hurt by the way that Biscardi treated him. Seems no one comes out of a relationship with Biscardi without a bit of damage.

Richard Stubstad not financing Tom Biscardi. There is a rumor floating around that Stubstad is Biscardi’s newest investor. It is certainly not true. I can assure you that, as I know Stubstad quite well.

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348 thoughts on “Latest News from the Bigfoot World August 2, 2011”

  1. Maybe the sasquatch shyness is carried in their blood and DNA and transferable to anyone that handles it, and it has infected this mysterious and missing Dr. Ketchum. This would also explain why no one else who has proved its existence has stepped forward, since they too have been “bitten”. OR….it is quite possible she has become so enamored with the creature’s amazing “samples” that she has abandoned her science to volunteer herself to them as a breeding —–whatever. After all, once your looks and professional credibility go, what would the difference be?

  2. Richard:
    That sounds like a great conference even sans Ketchum. I just wish that I was able to attend such a conference, or any bigfoot conference. Being a hillbilly in Kentucky never seems afford me that opportunity. I respect Adrian’s right to release or not release his videos, but am growing more and more tired of looking forward to it. I relate it to me as a kid looking forward to Santa delivering toys, then having my older brother tell me on December 1st that Santa may or may not be real and that everyone is speculating on whether the toys will come. Jim and Maurice…… both continue to amuse me greatly. Thank you both!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chhers to youMaurice!

    1. Evening Ken! Your kind words are, as always, very much appreciated, but upon reflection I kinda think my last comment was a bit too cheeky(no pun intended . . .). Whatever her failings Dr. Ketchum is not an object of ridicule . . . irritation, frustration, even anger, those I get, but not ridicule. To anyone who knows the extent of how John Bindernagel has suffered for his pursuit of sasquatch then subjecting any member of the scientific community to the same is blatantly unfair if not outright hypocritical of those of us who believe in the existence of the critter. That said, Dr. Ketchum if you’re reading these posts — and I know you do — we are all so bloody much over your proprietorial secrecy on this subject, how about some communication . . ? Cheers!

      1. Well, yes on Bindernagel….I personally have suffered some pretty extreme pain (mental anguish maybe…) trying to get professionals to look seriously at the data….they just won’t. It’s fascinating at some levels. I actually contacted a Stanford scholar in psychology to ask…. why?

        she couldn’t help

        And unfortunately, I kind of disagree on the Ketchum, EP, etc….
        the thing is…if one has invested a great deal of effort and money or whatever one values in such a product….it’s theirs, to share or not.
        All this hubba of discontent is from us on the outside… even those with NDA’s and perhaps not totally satisfied are still hanging in there…as not many options seem apparent. So, in a way we are really just hecklers….albeit vocal ones, and eventually the whole audience may join in…but right now, it’s still a small crowd…here anyway b/c the stakes are so high. So many of us have reputations at stake on the issue of whether BF’s exist or not….so we care…but not necessarily with any entitlement to know her results or anyone’s…although I can still complain this is all too silly…..and just not sounding “buttoned up’ with lawyers even…(which you all know..lawyers unbutton things.. ..judges button up, and I have seen more than one confident party lose….I think there is a Bible passage about this…. something about working it out before you get to the judge and it goes against you…..)

        on the other hand….the burden of proof on BF is exceptional…and mayt require exceptional tactics to bring to the public credibly

        (maybe just go to bed…I just wanted to know why no press release today, etc…and the news here disappointing…except…

        I hope Richard you are getting samples. More than one study will be necessary and it looks like it could be something where many papers are published together…like, Next Spring? geez!

        I also want to hear, in private, why Adrian is holding back…

    2. Ken – I like your posts…your thinking and willingness to get along.
      Seems like in Kentucky you ought to be a BF witness?

      They actually seem a a little weird the conferences . ..this one for instance has BF entertainment and bands, and a BF photo stop, etc. along with more serious presentations. I hear one can buy “copy casts” of the tracks Krantz gave (or whoever did) to Meldrum. Can you imagine? Poorly funded pursuit you know! Have to hawk old casts and BF tee shirts.l Wonder how much they are?

  3. Thanks Maurice for the relatively kind words about Melba. I know her, and I know she is trying her level best — whatever that may be. I’ve tried to find out through mutual friends how she is doing, physically. No one seems to know.

    But I suspect she is OK physically, but stressed out to be sure.

    There was one tidbit of info I did hear, on another Bigfoot Blog: Paulides (one of her current partners and confidants) was there at the conference, and he merely said, when asked about when the DNA study would be released or published, “soon” or “pretty soon”.

    And that was that.


  4. Thanks apehuman for your kind words. As far as being a BF witness here in KY…no such luck although about two years ago while camping I did hear what I believe to be a “samurai” type of call. It was very close and woke me out of a sound sleep. No other occurences. Good luck with your work and keep us informed please!

  5. Since you camp: pick up Robert Morgan’s book “BF Observer’s Field Guide” and might also visit Chris Noels website or facebook “Impossible Visits”….. as he seems to use similar methods…except I sing to them…and it was the singing (and sharing directly from the plate I eat from….will fill you in if you desire) that elicited the “Whistle Serenade” – a close range (20 yards) nighttime event that lasted well over 1.5 minutes and included almost every bird I have ever heard…strung together in a kind of song…with an opening of slow sft whistles to a cresendo of amazing proportions and skill… absolutely mind blowing…and what kept me going back…..some of the stuff too incredible to share with an as yet unbeleiving public. But, my pint here is this: go into your camp adventure with intent to communicate! Talk directly to the forest as though you Know they are there (take someone ..only one, or two..or none that won’t tease you and will join in)…… and then if appropriate where you are (avoid creating camp bears/critters or wildlife violations) tell them thank you for sharing their homeland and share your personal food (or an unopened package of say dried fruit and nuts….critical to choose natural and healthful….well my opinion anyway) in a location that you can reach in the dark without too much fear or flashlights, etc. Don’t wear camo, etc and flip flops a definate plus…LOL…what I am saying is this…

    they “read” every move an visitor to their home makes…from clothing to cars to actions to voice, etc…..and you want to appear different, interesting and non-threattening…and better yet… one that “knows” (I believe it raises your stature with let them know you know, but are not chasing….)

    so you are on the second or third night have surveyed your 5 to 10 acres well for two days…made some nice music at night (native American flute CD a plus…along those lines)…..talked to the forest…etc…cooked some pork….:)

    and retire….sleep lightly dont use flashlights….and stay observant…

    They use mimicry in such expert ways it is important to know all your night birds, etc..and habits.,,,, but if you camp/…well why not? Pick a spot “known” and return to same spot for several trips….

    sound tough or waste of time… ? I thought so too…LOL…at first…
    but things happened very quickly, so quickly at first I just couldn’t beleive it…and did an entire “denial trip…”…..

    so 30 trips…70 some nights later..and three years….how did I get here?

    But, not only are they “there”…..but they are a form of us….
    I though H. erectus a lkely choice..well evolved H.erectus…. who knows though…they could be H.sapien sapien…our genetic variation is pretty wild…

    I wrote this to you Ken b/c it’s true and I feel your best shot at controlled contact…ask them to come to you…then there are no “territory” issues…use a known campsite, but somewhat remote….they long ago gave up certain areas to us…but walk among those areas at night unfettered….

  6. Ken here is an unlisted upload to Youtube of mine…listen closely…this is just how subtle the non-animal mimicry can be and yet how distinct. They do make all kinds of sounds of “unknown animal” (since of course they don’t exist one must approach all sounds as compared to any possible known….so the mimicry is a whole ‘nother level of analysis..includes behavior/time, etc…)

    anyway….my experience says there is some type of synergistic relationship with coyotes…..perhaps just one species scavaging the kills of others…or not….. I have seen bear tracks in close association with Bf tracks….and wonder there too…we make use of many animals sybiotically (so not domesticated and yet used…falcons, ravens, homing pigeons, ) and there are a few reports of dogs and bear cubs in association with a BF sighting…..

    anyway….at one time I had about 20 vids up publicly…..trolling for help on sound and video.after I gave up on the Forest Service and academia……..and for the most part the work is just too tedious for those “not obsessed” and those that are have their own similar data…it’s that easy to get the data: tracks, sounds, poor video, flir…….and so Hard to prove if no one will look at the weight of the evidence, in total, and send out REAL field anthropologists LOL

  7. my video skills poor…there is some dead time on clip before the sonogram….hang in there.

    Larry Surface helped on this…he is an Ohio Bf researcher

  8. Wow apehuman! That sounds incredible. I am going to start making some trips to my daughter’s farm (55 wooded acres) during the day and trying some of these techniques. I say during the day because I work nights. The day trips may not be fruitful, but at least I will be in the woods. I assume that I should leave my dog at home??

    1. I have 30 frames of a BF juvenile in daylight standard resolution vid…zoomed in too far for real detail, but his/her hands come into light….and not a gorilla hand….more like ours…. I’ll share privately if you share your location so I can Google Earth….(I am a topography natural history freak… how I discovered BF myth…on Goggle Earth in first launch…BFRO posted reports and I stupidly read) write me directly at apehuman

      1. Hey Apehuman. I was just scrolling through the posts out of boredom, and must have misses this post. I am near the point where Anderson county, Shelby county, and Franklin County intersect. All in the great state of Kentucky if you want to look it up!

  9. one more…I won’t say as much about the behavior of this particular “howl maker” as there are those that use the info for what I think is questionable activity… I have many in this category , but I have never tried to use sound analysis b/c the software is so friggin hard to use and slow….

    I’ll probably pull this stuff if it gets too many hits….unless of course someone writes and says…sign me up for hours at a a computer on data that may or may not be important for an audience that may or may not exist for a cause that may or may not be right…..

    hence my slowness and confusion of just what to do…and I am waiting for the EP/Ketchum thing to decide…..!

    sorry all typos…still have to replace glasses I broke in move. these readers leave me still at poor computer sight and I get impatient with my own typing skills, so thanks for enduring.

  10. Again a nice recording . Where were you taping from? Looks like a shelter. Apparently a day trip might be exciting!

  11. I have an 19′ pop-up camper….so I can close it up and did my first few trips….and I did get scared…and rightly so I guess as at that time they were a complete unknown to me….now I have a lot of confidence out there at night as well. Yes, day can be exciting b/c you will be thinking about long term monitoring/contact right? with owning place you can set up a location for offerings or what eve rand just periodically check…
    don’t put out a trail cam..seriously, first establish through tracking, etc you are getting hits….then think more about how to “prove” or not!
    think creatively..they are known to approach homes in rural areas to watch TV (apparently) at night…..
    I think using modern tech in obvious way might be interesting experiment…so film yourself talking to them or something and leave an old laptop playing it with music or something… along with offering. They aren’t stupid. I used solar lights sometimes to mark new “drops”…they are very visual.
    I also came to conclusion the can see in symbols…so art or statue or photo…they can interpret at some level… think outside the ape theorists and their tactics..invent your own.

  12. also..if you have $800 LOL but seriously wish I had spent some capital early instead of fettering away with so many trips/experiments…well I learned..(.I want an $1800 i7 FLIR now….dont bother with IR/NV stuff)
    anyway I think best money now is $800 on purchasing 24/7 system from Cornell supplier (or rent from them about 3$50)….. but the system mics are clunky looking…so it’s one of those things you would add to a normal “human” thing and it just happens to be there…rather than try and place in their territory and hide?

    check out Cornell’s orinthology labs….

  13. I’ll try all of this eventually. First I’ll just show up and scout around while talking to them Maybe leave some fruit or unopened nuts. I’m looking forward at the very least some time with nature.

  14. yep..that’s its own reward really..and I guess viewing the forest in a new way..with attention to details that perhaps I used to overlook…
    I got off on a tangent, when I recall the experience I get excited…good thing I moved really….. it can be costly in time and money and within society….have fun tho LOL

  15. Mainly, folks, while I would like to continue commenting on this thread, it actually started way back on August 2 — two months ago! In the meantime, there have been several related threads since that time, including the following one I am now asking ALL of you to change over to:

    Please join me on this new thread, also because I’d like to start discussing the DNA findings from purported Sasquatch Sample #3 with you all (among other things, of course)

    Meanwhile, I won’t be posting on this particular thread any longer. Please refer to the above link if you’d like to read what I have to say.



  16. Hey Ape: Check out this site for flir technology I am looking for another website address when I find it I will leave it here for you it has alot of different cameras and for what you get very reasonable prices for what you get.

    1. Apehuman,
      I would like to see your video that you spoke of earlier if you dont mind sharing a private link with me.
      I live in Alaska but grew up in North Idaho.

  17. Huh…ran across this site. Interesting postings and information. Now if you weren’t associated with super hoaxer Biscardi and Erikson I could give you some credence.
    Your credibility is about nill.

      1. interesting isn’t it Robert..he just ran across this site (and story apparently) and yet seems to know about both Biscardi and Erickson….what does that say about this story? I stumbled here in August 2011 by using a Google search…DNA Bigfoot….and was blown away this had been going on since March… Look at your first blogs on this – the only people who respond are Stubstad and one or two others..and for a month or so…then what? An explosion in July….must have been Randles verified then? 320 comments! But, in the other forums/blogs nothing or disparaging comments about you rather than the sources, leaks, or information……telling. In fact Ketchum’s FB page has a prayer for you..and cites to Luke…b/c you know no love…
        I find that just bizarre..maybe easier for me b/c I don’t know you or them? LOL but in the BF world reputations are created and destroyed by everyone but the person so holding! I disregard most of it.
        All I can say is the story gets deeper and bigger….kind of like a nasty oil slick…. I won’t be surprised I guess one way or the other..the only thing I find surprising is Ketchum’s non-response and the behavior of many BFers! My own included.. I could never have predicted I should become an internet poster..on BF’s no less…and mean what I say a good deal of the time! Of course this means I may never work for the Obama admin now…

  18. The way my e-mail blew up from this site…I thought there was some big news, not an idiot passerby. The country would do well with some truth tellers in govt apehuman. How go the searches ?

  19. Oh yes, Robert. We are here until the bitter end…and perhaps longer. You are The King. You’ve got us all on the edge of our seats. Screw the naysaying disbelieving skeptical uneducated misinformed fu@#ers.
    By the way, I LOVE that you are a trust fund baby! What better thing to do with your talent…


    1. It can truly be said of our beloved moderator that he has no enemies . . . but all of his friends dislike him intensely. Cheers!

  20. The more I hear and read on Melba and Erickson the deeper I think the shit gets. Lawyers work for you and they don’t tell you what to do. I am beginning to think Melba and Erickson are in shit quicksand and are sinking deeper and deeper. All this DNA testing etc is a joke cause it don’t take this long. I personally think they are doing more damage than good and is looking bad as far as anything they say. The more I read the more skeptable I become concerning anything they write and or say and the more I dought they can prove the research and video they say they have. 2 months ago what me and a friend saw in my flir is real and he didn’t hunt this year do to nothing more than being afraid of what is out there. I have 45 seconds that only family and closest friends have seen I am getting closer to my goal. Due to the cold weather I have suspended activities for now. The way all that DNA with Melba and Erickson are going and the video this time next year everyone will still being saying the same BS next year. Just remember at this present time there is more proof of UFO’s than there are of Bigfoot and I am a believer in both. The fact remains without a body whether killed by someone like me or a hunter it will never be catalogged as a species of any kind and a autopsy and the catalogging of it’s organs and DNA will prove it’s existence. Without the science to back it up your up shit creek without paddle and that is a FACT! All this talk is just that talk nothing more.

  21. Still waiting for Erickson and Melba to present their research for the world to see. Still Waiting_____________!

  22. I believe everything about Bigfoot I have heard the things on the property in crittenden, Ky.. But have not seen anything All I can say is there is something on Mann Road

  23. THEY could have tranquilized a Bigfoot. It not that tricky. Where is this “FOOTAGE”? More Bullshit. I do believe in Bigfoot, But not that this “TEAM” has any footage or proof. The ” I didn`t want to shoot one, and not even Trap one, and tranquilize one is such a BS. COPOUT.

    1. Well, you’re wrong. My friends know the people who were there at the time. And the footage? Well, it’s coming. They are working on the documentary in Hollywood right at this moment.

  24. Hey Robert if they are working on a documentry why has Erickson been in Vermont and not Hollywood. Last I heard about a bigfoot documentry it was to have been out in October 2011 never happened. I don’t think something this big Erickson is going to hand over his info and then go and spend alot of time in Vermont. The question I would be asking is what has his attn. in Vermont it sures hell ain’t a movie deal. What about Melba I think if she was going to be published about her DNA ole Stubard went on and on about her and that DNA he was going to take DNA to England well they have had plenty of time to process since November. 3 months is what the boys at Harvard say. Just wondering.

    1. I have no idea what Erickson is doing in Vermont, but I think his movie will be released very, very soon. Also, Ketchum’s paper will be published very, very soon too. Stubstad’s team already has a project going in Europe.

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