An In-Depth Investigation of the Sierra Kills Incident

As we reported earlier, we broke the Sierra Kills story on the Internet. According to the story, two men, Justin Smeja and another man, were hunting bears on the Plumas National Forest west of Frenchman Lake when Smeja shot and killed two Bigfoots, a mother and a juvenile.

From this shooting, a slice of thigh was carved off the mother Bigfoot and sent in to a DNA lab for testing. The “Bigfoot steak” was very hairy and quite large and thick. It tested 10

Richard’s account follows.

Hi, everyone … I’m back with more on the bigfoot shooting story, in spite of the fact I said I’d bow out of that one maybe a month or so ago.

Why? Well, Robert Lindsay & I finally decided that someone needed to do an on-site investigation of the story — meaning we drove all the way up to the Frenchman Lake area in the California sierras & we both scouted the terrain, flora and fauna, and we interviewed about a dozen folks in the area.

We also talked to my daughter-in-law (who lives in nearby Truckee, CA) and who is a self-described “empath” (I call her a psychic, which she says isn’t accurate).

Starting with her “take” on the incident, she was going to drive with us to the area, but she couldn’t make it due to her regular job. She stared at the pictures of the purported shooter that we had printed from the internet, and she described him as “not a nice person at all” and someone with a lot of “issues”, mainly of the “redneck” or “tough guy” condescending type. She definitely didn’t want these pictures & autobiographical descriptions left in HER house — so we took them with us.

Based on our lengthy visit with her (and my son, Paavo), she felt that “the shooter was definitely hiding something” but couldn’t pinpoint what it was. As far as my bottom-line question, “did he shoot a sasquatch or two?”, she said she didn’t have a strong feeling one way or the other.

The area directly to the west of Frenchman Lake (approx. 5,500 ft elevation) is an incredibly beautiful forested area with mainly non-deciduous tress & plenty of other flora and fauna. It is entirely wooded, with scattered meadows and streams. I really don’t know what “sasquatch habitat” should look like, but this habitat appears to be ideal for just about any wild animal, including the sasquai–with plenty of clean, flowing water and food, both of the plant-based type and wildlife galore.

There is even a herd of pronghorns towards the east, along with the usual Sierra Mountains “game” animals: deer, bear, bobcat, mountain lion, wild turkey, and even the occasional wolverine.

The only issue would be snow depth in the winter — it would be necessary, probably anywhere from 5,000 feet & up in elevation, for most large mammals to migrate down to lower elevations during heavy snowfall periods. Last winter, in nearby Truckee, the accumulated snow depth was maybe 25 feet, and all-in-all some 50 feet of snow fell during the winter season (probably somewhat less at Frenchman Lake — but still !).

The sasquai, to survive in such conditions, would have to learn to make skis or snowshoes to survive the winters in the area; therefore — if they exist in the area of Frenchman Lake — they simply have to migrate to lower elevations.

As a side-note, the fishing wasn’t all that great. The lake reportedly is populated with non-native rainbow trout and with native western slope cutthroat.

Out of the ten or so “tourist” or fishing type folks we spoke to, none of them whatsoever had even heard about the incident. A few believed in sasquatch as an existing hominid, while most just laughed about the idea of it — let alone a dual kill! I found this a bit strange, especially when 3 of the ten worked at the “local” general store, where groceries, hunting and fishing equipment, and God knows what else can be purchased.

We also interviewed three “officials” in the area: one was a forest service employee, one was a fish-and-game officer, and the last one was a deputy sheriff.

The forest service fellow also had not heard of the incident; however he had heard of a recent sasquatch shooting some 20 miles towards the north, closer to Susanville. He said this incident was reported about two weeks prior. He didn’t necessarily believe either of these stories, but he didn’t disbelieve in the possibility that the sasquai exist as a subspecies or “new” hominid.

The second person, from fish and game, had just recently heard about the incident. After he asked his supervisor if he should investigate it, his supervisor told him “not to waste his time”.

The third person, from the sheriff’s office, hadn’t heard about the incident either, and he checked to find out if anyone had reported the incident last year, at the time the shooter himself claims he reported it to the “authorities”. There was no such report, whether from last year or more recently, from the shooter or anyone else.

All in all, my conclusion is: If this incident actually took place, it did not take place where both the shooter, Dr. Ketchum, and Derek Randalls said it took place. Also, while the area to the west of the lake looks to me as ideal habitat, it is also a State Game Refuge where no firearms or even bows and arrows are allowed at any time of the year.

And, while there is a roadway that fits the general description supplied by Randalls and Ketchum, that roadway is entirely within the State Game Refuge and it would have indeed taken some balls (by both the shooter and the pickup truck driver) to drive in there, hunting bear or anything else, and escape without being noticed by anyone at all.

There was only one way in and out — the dead-end road that starts at the lake and goes to Dixie Mountain — and back the same way again.

My conclusion — if there was a shooting of one (or two) sasquai, it didn’t take place near Frenchman’s Lake. The Frenchman’s Lake story is at best a decoy. Duh.

No one to my knowledge, other than Dr. Ketchum herself, has seen any of the purported DNA sequencing on the “bigfoot steak”. I don’t know why she would have lied about this, but who really knows why she does what she does? I doubt that Derek Randalls himself has seen the sequencing; even if he had, how would he know how to interpret it anyway?

If Ketchum really has a bigfoot steak, this story — in my opinion — is a decoy and it never took place, at least not near Frenchman’s Lake. And, the “steak” may or may not have been provided by the purported shooter.

I’m 60-40 against the validity of the story myself; but if it happened, it didn’t happen in the area as described in these blogs, or originally on the forum.

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40 thoughts on “An In-Depth Investigation of the Sierra Kills Incident”

  1. This story reads like a sitcom version of the X-Files.

    CSI: Sierra – S01E01 Synopsis:
    Paranormal detectives Richard and Robert head for the wild north, investigating the recent murder of a Sasquatch mother and child. Along the way they consult an up-and-coming psychic about the suspected killer, but she breaks down after just one glance at his photo. Things aren’t looking good, but that won’t phase these two Bigfoot-hunter hunters. The diligent duo finally reach the site, 5000 ft up in the backwoods of otherwise-sunny California, and find nothing.

    Can’t wait for episode two!

  2. Randles apparently visited the site recently with other researchers. In one of his older posts on this topic, he claimed your location map was inaccurate. Are you sure you were in the right spot?

    1. Derek Randles… As of a few weeks ago, he told us that he had never visited that site. Show me where online he said that he visited the site. Yes, he claimed that my location map was inaccurate, but he also told me to shut up and keep quiet when I said Dixie Mountain Game Refuge. He said don’t reveal the name of the place, please.

      Randles is not revealing where this shooting is taking place, yet he is shooting down all of the other investigators who are trying to put it all together. Why are you defending him? Why is Randles keeping this site a secret? When is Randles ever going to tell us where this shooting took place? He is probably never going to tell us, is he? We are willing to share all information with the whole community. Randles is keeping it secret, apparently forever.

      We are going on whatever information we have been able to uncover in this investigation. What more are we supposed to do? You got any suggestions? What should we do instead, as Randles and Smeja will not cooperate with us? How are we supposed to get at the truth?

      How is this Randles helping the field by keeping this information secret, apparently for the rest of his life? How is that helpful to the rest of us? And why are you defending this Randles?

      1. There’s a thread on bigfootforums where he recently revealed he had visited the site with a team of researchers. In that same thread you’ll find Smeja’s response to this story. I’m not defending him, you or anyone else. I’m just stating the facts.

        1. You seem to be criticizing me for not knowing exactly where this took place. We did our best to find out, but the parties involved are not talking to us. What more are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to find out where it happened?

        2. Robert, there’s no reply option on your last comment so I’m placing it here. I’m not criticizing. I have no idea how you or anyone else is supposed to know where this event actually took place. Those involved are playing things close to the vest. Clearly they’ll have to reveal the location if they plan to use the shooting to somehow corroborate the findings of the DNA study. We’re all waiting around here.

  3. Intesting read…that’s one thing we can count on robert for. I nor derek nor the dr ever said it was near frenchman lake or the dixie mountians, (I still don’t know where that is?) we also never said it was in a game refuge. I have never heard of the place (frenchman lake) nor had derek till lindsay posted that it was where it took place (we laughed and said wtf where is he gettin this stuff from). We laughed but never confirmed nor denied that’s where it took place. I have never been there. Sounds like a beautiful place tho. Idk where the idea came from that it was near frenchman lake. It didn’t come from me derek or the dr. My guess is it came from ken walker, I was very vaig in my discription to him about where it all took place he must of assumed the rest. He has often strugled to keep his facts straight. You can dig for dirt or try to find holes in the story all you want. It will be as productive as your trip to the lake.
    Best of luck guys

      1. Think about it. Richard’s description of the road is exactly as Ken described. Justin (lowercase Justin) is bluffing. He’s probably a Poker player too. It’s a tradition among rural rednecks.

    1. Not really, when I revealed the location, Randles flipped out and told me to keep quiet about the location because it was the scene of an ongoing investigation.

      I received the information from more than one person.

      I hope you are willing to cooperate with the DFG when they call you up, Mr. Smeja.


  4. Well, I think it did happen. The area and the road especially are exactly as described by Ken Walker aka Bear Hunter. My understanding is that Walker, a native of Alberta, has not been to this specific site before. Therefore Smeja has, because Walker pulled his story directly from Smeja’s on Taxidermy last year. George Roof already confirmed that had the thread shut down at Smeja’s request, just as Walker said. So it’s highly likely that Walker was one of the people reading these posts on this thread before it was erased. Walker was already a Bigfoot enthusiast so I’m sure he was paying attention to it. The only way then this could be a hoax is if Smeja made it up. I already know now, based on the account of your on site investigation, that Smeja DID have the balls to go into there, that part of the reserve. I don’t find that surprising. It just takes a combination of balls, lack of character, and stupidity; I suspect this guy has all 3.

        1. Open Google Earth and navigate to the location. As you move the mouse over the map you will see the coordinates at the bottom of the screen change. Put the mouse over the spot and write down the numbers. (Elevation is not important).

  5. WOW !!!

    Pretty heated debate. I agree that we were in the wrong place. No kidding.

    Furthermore, I wasn’t surprised at all. I think this was a decoy; maybe a MAJOR decoy.

    Robert, ‘ol buddy, no need to lower yourself to our detractors’ language usage level and severely limited vocabulary. It seems to me that their credibility (or lack thereof) will stand very well on its own. Jeg kan klare mig bedre paa Dansk eller Norsk end de kan paa Engelsk. De har ikke lige frem opfundet krudtet.

    Back to English–I guess that Derek Randles changed his mind about visiting the site.

    You’ll recall I asked him on Blog Talk Radio if he had visited the site. He said “no”. I also asked him if he had met face-to-face with the shooter. He said “no”. He went on to tell us that he had been doing bigfoot investigations for 18 years or some such, and he knew what he was doing, and we shouldn’t doubt for a moment his expertise.

    The only question now is: WHEN did he visit the site? When did he visit the shooter? Before or after the radio interview? OF COURSE we will never find out WHERE the site is. Duh. Or if there actually IS a site.

    I wonder what this does to the credibility of the Ketchum project? My suggestion to my former friend Melba: Don’t even use these data (from the purported kill). Just like I suggested to you the last time we spoke.

    Richard Stubstad

    1. Richard, explain how you’re now convinced that the location you visited was off and not the site of the shooting? Because based on your statement in Robert’s blog here, it sounds like Walker was right about the area where the slaying (why bother calling it an ‘incident’) occurred. “… State Game Refuge where no firearms or even bows and arrows are allowed at any time of the year.”? Check. “… that roadway is entirely within the State Game Refuge …”? Check. “There was only one way in and out …”? Check.
      Smeja is a smug liar. He bragged about the incident originally because notoriety is better than no attention at all for some people. He didn’t have the foresight to consider people getting that pissed at him or to think that his story would spread past his hunter community. Then his story began changing, after Walker introduced him to Randles, leading up to the time or after Lindsay broke the story. Smeja told the truth at first and has since lied. It’s not the other way around.
      He was scared of the threats he got online from the discussion on Taxidermy. He was possibly scared of any legal ramifications from his actions. He obviously didn’t want this story to blow up again via Robert Lindsay. Under the handle ‘General’ at bigfootforums he was eager to do damage control and was defensive. He expressed his wish to remain anonymous. Now this story has the attention of Fish and Game dept. Nothing has gone Justin’s way since he opened his mouth about what happened last year. Losing a good friend over this has been the least of his problems. I doubt that his association with the Olympic Project somehow compensates for all this. All Smeja has left is his smugness, phony confidence, and mockery. That this will save him is dubious.
      As for the OP, what we know is that Randles was upset that this story went public and that the story was unflattering, that he’s been defensive about his part in this as well, and that he too did not want the shooter’s identity to be revealed. He’s been very protective of Smeja. Gee, I wonder why. But don’t question him, just listen to him go on and on about how truthful he is, how great his reputation is, his character, blah blah. Meanwhile he’s in cahoots with this jackass.

  6. Well, I believe that–if there was an actual kill–it probably took place elsewhere and that this location was a decoy or even a hoax.

    If there had been an actual kill, certainly with all the activity on the internet you mention, someone up there would have at least heard about it.

    Maybe Smeja is even lying to Randles; and since Randles is a self-proclaimed expert, he comes across as if he “knows”–but maybe Smeja outsmarted Randles as well.

    In other words, while it appears to be true that Ketchum has a “bigfoot steak”, no one has seen the actual sequencing to my knowledge anyway.

    When you think about it, the only thing that makes this appear legitimate is the unknown sequencing on this steak. Further, we don’t know what Ketchum knows in terms of the origin of the steak. Maybe she found out it was a hoax herself and hasn’t told anyone that?


    1. Eh, too much skepticism, but I see where you’re getting at. Hats off to you for making the trip with Robert regardless.
      I’m just a follow where the story leads me kind of guy. There is no proof of this that or other, so I just use what clues are available to tell me what I ought to think. For example, based on Robert’s reporting, there were enough details for me to be reasonably sure that the shooter lived and worked near Sacramento. I focused on a few towns just north of there that were more heavily republican. I hit a roadblock when nothing punched up on a taxidermist. So I took a shortcut with George Roof … turned out Smeja wasn’t by trade a taxidermist. But even had Roof not taken my bait, I would’ve found the shooter within a week or two at the most, once it would finally dawn on me to look at the OP’s website (the most obvious place to start from). I definitely would’ve put two and two together and it’d be over – that would’ve led me to the red punk hair/Christian shirt/buck picture that Robert had previously described. That my suspicions turned out to fit the facts isn’t a coincidence, but call it luck if you want.
      Seldom do we get absolute proof in life for what can reasonably be concluded. I feel I know what happened. I wish I was wrong which theoretically I very well could be. But I’m not. Lindsay has reported adequately to where people can make comfortably, estimated guesses.

  7. Hi, Richard Stubstad here again:

    I find your response quite compelling, Justin (with a capital J), as well as a bit enigmatic. Being a rather factual and direct kind of guy, I think I have four question, and only the first one is really important to me:

    1) Is it your fairly certain conclusion that in fact there WAS a sasquatch killing, regardless of where or how many were killed?

    2) Are you reasonably certain that Smeja in fact committed the “murder(s)” assuming the theory that they were in fact murders and not accidents? Or even if they were accidents, for that matter?

    3) Whether my theory is correct or not, in your opinion did the killing(s) or accident (if that is what it was) took place near Frenchman Lake, or elsewhere away from that “district” as I now believe?

    4) Do you think that anyone else has reviewed Ketchum’s DNA data & corroborated that it was really from a Sasquatch using objective, factual and irrefutable criteria? [I didn’t, and at the time I didn’t want to.]

    The reason, Justin, that the case isn’t closed, even with a single body, is that there appear to be more than one “form” or subspecies of the sasquai. I have personally seen three mito sequences (complete w/ 16,569 pairs), and two VERY different haplotypes emerged–pretty much as different as modern humans are from one-another. I also have reason to believe that there are more than these two haplotypes, where both mito sequences were Homo sapiens sapiens (but without enough nuDNA data to mean much).

    Therefore, Ketchum need more than a single specimen to describe the factual diversity of the “race” of hominids called the sasquai. And she knows that.

    BTW, if that diversity had not existed, they would have become extinct long, long ago.

    Keep in mind here that I am NOT saying whether the nuclear DNA reveals something other than “modern or relatively ancient humans” or not. I simply do not know, since I haven’t seen enough nuclear data to mean much if anything.


    Richard Stubstad

    1. 1) The only possible way that this shooting did not occur is if Justin Smeja made it up. It’s more than impractical to suggest everyone involved in the story banded together to dupe us all. So back to your question … There are too many factors weighing against or leading away from Smeja making this all up. Lindsay feels he has credible sources. Roof was not my only credible source. You have at least a few credible sources yourself that lend support to this being a real event. Increasingly weird details have come out of this story that either the two camps disagree on which version is correct, or where there is mutual acknowledgment and no contradiction. But some basic things and more are agreed upon by both, the Lindsay/Walker camp and the Smeja/Randles camp: 1) That there was a shooting in which two Bigfoot were killed, a mother and child with a 3rd Bigfoot surviving, 2) that Smeja was the shooter, 3) that Smeja had one friend with him who took issue with the decision to shoot, 4) That Smeja was introduced to Randles via Walker and joined OP 5) that lab work has occurred as a result of this, etc … and other things worth noting like Ketchum not shooting down any specifics of Robert’s reporting, just kinda going after you on some erroneous personal stuff, and Smeja isn’t denying now that Fish and Game are investigating this incident. There are several ways, and perhaps the more important stuff, where the Lindsay and Smeja camps are on the same page. Where they depart is on the PR stuff and unflattering portrayals, but they probably have more in common than they don’t. The difference is, Lindsay and Walker wanted this story to come out, and Smeja and Randles didn’t. Lindsay and Walker have put their reputations on the line, and Smeja and Randles are in a damage control, defensive mode. That much is clear to me.
      2) From what I’ve read from both Ken Walker and Justin Smeja, there was not a strong case to shoot them. Smeja commented that he wishes he could take it back and not have done it. That was one of his earlier posts at bigfootforums. In a post today, he says it was a mistake to shoot “the kid”. Perfect example of how this role play all works: Smeja corroborated Lindsay’s claim that the hunter friend with him was upset for Justin shooting the Bigfeet, but he denies that they are no longer friends. You see, there’s usually agreement on the account Lindsay reports on, but then not that version of the account. Thanks to Robert, he makes these accounts and versions known at all. Anyway, Smeja’s own version of the shooting has been as different from Randles version as Lindsay’s. Randles is a blowhard that talks about his stellar reputation and is indignant over anyone having the audacity to question his integrity, yadda yadda yadda. Hey Randles, join Lindsay and Smeja – their versions of the shooting are more like each others than either one is to yours! Or go taint the Olympic Project some more with another statement on the website. It’s your choice!
      3) I strongly believe the slayings took place at that area you described, where Robert reported, and where Ken alluded to. I haven’t had ample reason to doubt this. Ironically, your feedback from being there only strengthens this conviction. I think Smeja is a colorful liar who knows how to spin a ball of yarn. Go see his comments at bigfootforums in the last 24 hours for more on that.
      4) This subject is harder to quantify other than to take the words of others whom you value. Says a reliable source (email) – “The only thing I’ve been able to confirm is that Dr. Melba Ketchum does have a scientific paper submitted for peer review involving DNA analysis of suspected BF remains. One of the people he knows is involved in the review or so they said.” Apparently, whomever Ketchum is involved with in science circles takes her work seriously. That says something. Lindsay thinks or feels he knows that some serious analysis has happened other than this isn’t your hairy backwoodsman or escaped gorilla chunk of thigh. But you’re on the inside track of this issue, not me.

      RS: “The reason, Justin, that the case isn’t closed, even with a single body, is that there appear to be more than one “form” or subspecies of the sasquai. I have personally seen three mito sequences (complete w/ 16,569 pairs), and two VERY different haplotypes emerged–pretty much as different as modern humans are from one-another. I also have reason to believe that there are more than these two haplotypes, where both mito sequences were Homo sapiens sapiens (but without enough nuDNA data to mean much).

      Therefore, Ketchum need more than a single specimen to describe the factual diversity of the “race” of hominids called the sasquai. And she knows that.

      BTW, if that diversity had not existed, they would have become extinct long, long ago.”
      I found these closing comments of yours, Richard, fascinating. I was suspecting as much the more time goes by. Sometimes Bigfoot looks like an upright gorilla as in the Patterson film or the PEI video. Many other accounts are of shocking similarity to us, like a giant Homo Erectus whom were it not more whooly, buff, tall, and nude, you’d take for an oddball mountain man.

  8. I guess then my remaining three questions are:

    1) Why hadn’t ANYONE, to a “T”, ever hear about the purported shootings in the area of Frenchman Lake, especially since this has been all over the Web for almost a coon’s age? The one exception to this was Fish and Game, who had only recently fielded a call, which they pretty much summarily dismissed as a crank.

    2) Knowing that the sasquai are largely nocturnal, and their MO is largely to STAY OUT OF SIGHT, how in the world did THREE of them all of a sudden appear in broad daylight — anywhere — and put themselves literally in harms way? As far as I know, the sasquai normally “know” the intentions of an intruder.

    3) Why did Randles wait so long before he finally investigated the “crime scene” and visited, in person, with Smeja? Or was he lying? Or is he NOT the veteran expert he claims to be?

    To find out the REAL truth of the matter, Smeja’s original partner-in-crime has to be interviewed. That may in fact lead to the truth, at least assuming the driver of the truck truly tried to defend the sasquai, as I would have done in no uncertain terms if I had been along on the so-called bear hunting trip. We really won’t learn a whole lot more from this secretive esoteric group without talking to the driver himself !

    Richard Stubstad

  9. 1) Because this was about Bigfoot. Nuff said. Even if it weren’t nuff said which it is to no end, it’s unchartered territory that no one wants to touch with a ten ft. poll. Why not just let Bigfoot stay dead in the woods? From the standpoint of “them”/”the man”, there is nothing to be gained by fishing out a dead Bigfoot to display for all the world to see. Any law enforcement body or figure that honorably investigates this crime will do so with great reluctance.
    2) Because it was understandably assumed by the Sasquatches and all of us humans that this area was shut off from hunting and safe for wildlife to go about their business. Smeja and his friend came in there like nuts anyway. The Bigfoot family was also on that damned road. Hard to think of a better, unexpected scenario to come upon them. The mother Bigfoot panics, feeling she has no choice but to try and startle the humans into going away. This gives Smeja’s friend pause, but not Smeja. If you read his comment about this moment at Bigfootforums from TODAY, he looks worse than how Walker and Lindsay ever portrayed it as. Smeja really is stupid. I can imagine the headaches he gives Randles at night. Randles is an accessory to this bullshit. He hasn’t sounded so happy these days.
    I agree Richard – the driver is next – he can bridge the gap between the two camps. Based on a couple things I’ve picked up on, I’m beginning to wonder if Lindsay is in contact with him.

    1. The driver is already talking. I have a strong feeling, but I can’t prove it. I think he is leaving anonymous comments on the Net.

      What comments are those? Can you link me?

    2. It seems your investigation has progressed further than my own. I was able to determine the shooter was Smeja soon after reading Lindsay’s first post but beyond that, I hit a brick wall. I uncovered a few tidbits on the DNA but not much else. (George Roof never returned my emails so congratulations on that one). What I don’t quite understand is the intense animosity going on here. There’s not a court in the land that would convict someone for shooting a creature that’s been mocked out of existence. If you’re right and this happened on a game preserve, then yeah, Smeja could theoretically be charged with something. And Randles? An accessory to what exactly? Any wrongdoing here absolutely pales next to the enormity of the discovery. If the story’s true (and against all common sense I think it is), the details of how it went down are nothing more than interesting minutiae.

      1. I’m not so sure about the conviction bit. Besides a closed-to-all-arm game reserve (probably a minor detail, but still … ), the facts are these: When Ketchum called me about the “bigfoot steak”, BOTH of us knew that sasquatch was AT LEAST partly human (the mito of three out of three samples, No’s 1 through 3), and maybe even feral human.

        If so, this is a homicide, because it is against the law to shoot humans of any race or haplotype, whether on a game reserve or not. If the story is true, that makes Smeja a killer and Ketchum an accessory to murder. She even asked me if I’d hide her “steak” after she extracted DNA from it (I said no, I didn’t want to be an accessory to murder–especially a sasquatch). Maybe Bin Laden would have been a different matter. He at least deserved to die.

        At a minimum, Derek Randles is also an accessory to murder, unless he truly believed Meldrum’s anatomical take that the sasquai are essentially apes. I don’t know about Randles for sure, but Paulides has actually written that some 95% of DNA tests conducted PRIOR to the Ketchum study come out HUMAN. Still, I’m sure Paulides, for all his potential faults, is probably anti-kill.

        In general, I’m against unnecessary killing except to survive (or for food) and in true self-defense. Especially of hominids or other primates. Even more especially of part- or whole-humans, even if they are “ugly” or “monsters”.

        If it happened, this is murder.

        Richard Stubstad

        1. If Smeja knew at the time that a huge, hairy, ape-like creature had human mtDNA (as you claim) then yeah, you might have a point. I can’t even imagine a jury convicting a hunter for shooting a man jumping around the woods in an ape suit. Remember, lots of people (including Mr. Lindsay) are pro-kill on this matter. Hopefully there will be fewer such events as a result of this incident. As far as Ketchum being an accessory, did you notify the authorities when you became aware of this hairy piece of flesh?

    3. Smeja’s been lying to Randles from Day One, and Randles the super investigator has swallowed the whole thing. Too bad.

      I’m not in contact with the shooter, but I think he is writing on the Web lately.

      1. WS:

        No, I did not notify the authorities for three reasons (at the time):

        1) I was highly skeptical about the veracity of the story as told to me by Ketchum. I’m sure some day she will verify this statement, in spite of the fact she is MUCH holier than I am by now (just ask her).

        2) I mentioned the fact to her that we BOTH knew these guys/gals were at least partly human. Since I was not in possession of the steak, it was second-hand information in any event, so I absolved myself of the whole “kill” deal–even assuming it was correct–by telling her I didn’t want to hear any more about it, and I didn’t want to “hide” the flesh she said she had.

        3) She honored my request; in fact, I only heard from her (by voice) once thereafter; she told me the DNA checked out human (she was likely referring to the mtDNA only–too quick to know the nuDNA). To me, that didn’t prove it was a bigfoot, but merely that it COULD be a bigfoot. I told her I’d pay her a $2 bill if the proof (through nuDNA, obviously) ever came out that it was really from a bigfoot.

        4) I’m still not convinced it was from a bigfoot, but I am VERY worried that Lindsay is right–it may well be.

        A legal trial, if it ever took place, would likely end up with a judgement of involuntary manslaghter with a reduced or even a sentence of merely probation for Smeja. I have no idea how Ketchum or Randles would fare as an “accessory” to a homocide. Probably the same, or even less severe. It is

        It is unlikely the government would ever want this to come out, even if it is true. The question is: Could they successfully hide it?

        I’m also unclear how in the world a dozen or so normal residents of the area had never even heard about the event, when obviously they were not in on any potential government cover-up. Don’t those hillbillies up there ever google anything at all on the internet?

        Richard Stubstad

        1. Thanks for your response. It’s difficult for me to imagine anyone going to jail over *this* shooting. The next one may be another matter entirely.

          Do you know where Dr. Ketchum was thinking about submitting her paper?

  10. Answer:

    ASAP; the first target date was October of 2010. After that, the target was moved forward in a similar fashion to the Armageddon target date for the Jehovah Witnesses. In the latter case, the original target date was sometime during 1914 or 1915 at the latest (the beginning of WW I – Proof Positive).

    Oh, now I believe “very soon” is the politically correct answer to both target dates.

    Richard Stubstad

  11. I am a peace officer and I to used to think like you. No way there is such a thing as bigfoot, still running around in this day in age. That is untill I saw one for myself in Casper California. I dont have time to share my story but let me tell you this. The day is comming that hard evidence will be found! Mark my words they do exist!!!


  12. more and more encounters in Mescalero, NM. I’m highly scared to be home alone with children. Some say they can sense a male being present in home, and if no male present they will sometimes try to come around.

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