Threatened Languages of France

The French Constitution declares that French is the only language of France. Although France has declared some regional languages to be language of France, France is prevented from ratifying the EU Treaty on Minority Languages due to its Constitution.

A UNESCO report on endangered languages ​​shows that French is seriously threatening 26 languages ​​or dialects in France, including: Basque, Burgundian, Breton, Champenois, Corsican, Flemish, Franche-Comté, Moselle Franconian, Rhine Franconian, Francoprovençal (Arpitan), Gallo, Ligurian, Lorrain, Norman, Occitan (Auvergne, Gascony, Languedoc, Limousin, Provençal), Picard and Poitevin-Saintonge.

Of these, the following are langues d’oil, related to French: Picard, Gallo, Burgundian, Champenois, Franche-Comté, Lorrain, Norman,and Poitevin-Saintonge. These are actually separate languages or patois. They are not dialects of French. Many of them split from langue d’oil long ago. In general, they are quite incomprehensible to French speakers. Let’s look at them:

Burgundian is spoken in Burgundy around Dijon. It is not in good shape, but it still has a lot of speakers. Not intelligible with Standard French. It has about 2,000 native speakers.

Champenois is spoken in Champagne around Reims and in neighboring Belgium, where it is a regionally protected language. I don’t have much information on it, but it’s probably not in good shape. Not intelligible with Standard French.

Franche-Comté is still spoken in Franche-Comte around Besancon. It still has some elderly speakers, but it’s probably not in good shape. Not intelligible with Standard French. It has 3,700 speakers in Switzerland. Figures for France are not known.

Gallo is spoken in eastern Brittany around Rennes. It is still in reasonably good shape. Not intelligible with Standard French. 28,000 speakers. 200-400,000 with at least passive knowledge.

Lorrain is spoken in the northwest of France in the Lorrain region around the city of Nancy, the Vosges Mountains and even into Belgium. Not intelligible with Standard French.

Norman is spoken on the coat of Normandy around Le Havre and on the Channel Islands. This is actually several separate languages. It is not doing well, and is doing especially poorly on the Islands where the influence of English is very strong. Not intelligible with Standard French. Up to 243,000 speakers.

Picard has about 700,000 speakers in far northwest France around Calais, Lille and Dunkirk and in Belgium. It is probably actually two separate languages. Not intelligible with Standard French.

Poitevin-Saintongeais is spoken on the west-central coast of France and around Poitiers. Eleanor of Acquitaine was actually a Poitevin speaker. This is actually two separate languages. Saintongeais is still widely spoken. Poitevin is doing well and has 150-500,000 speakers.

There are actually other langues d’oil, but I won’t list them.

Basque is spoken by only about 10% of the population of the French Basque country. This area is a huge tourist destination, and that has really hurt the Basque language badly in France. Basque is in much better shape in Spain. French Basques are rather quiet and not particularly militant, but there was an armed group at one point. Mostly the French Basque country is used by ETA radicals from Spain as a hideout from the law.

Breton is the Gaelic language related to Welsh that is spoken in Brittany on the northwest edge of France. This language does have 200,000 speakers, but most of them are over age 50. There are also 500 schools or diwans teaching the language. Although this sounds promising and Breton is in better shape than the other languages listed here, there are a lot of worries about this language. For one thing, the French won’t allow it to be taught in French schools.

Corse is spoken on the island of Corsica by about 40% of the population. It is not in good shape. There is a large independence movement in Corsica with huge support. Corse is really just an ancient Tuscan Italian dialect from about ~1500. Speakers of Standard Italian, based on Florentine Tuscan, can understand Corse easily. 100,000 speakers, 1/3 of the island, but many of them are older. Some young people are learning it, but it starts too late – by high school. Instruction needs to start earlier.

Flemish is still spoken by about 20,000 speakers in the far northwest of France around Dunkirk. It is not in good shape at all.

Francoprovençal or Arpitan is an old language with 112,000 speakers that split away from the langue d’oil at about the time it was first becoming consolidated around 800-900. Arpitan split from Catalan-Occitan around 600. This language is also spoken in Italy and Switzerland. It is probably actually 10 or more languages, since there is poor communication among the dialects. It is spoken in the part of France near Switzerland, in the Savoy and around Lyon, Grenoble and St. Etienne to the west of Switzerland.

This language is doing very poorly in France but was still very widely spoken until the 1970’s and 1980’s. It probably resembles French more than any other language.

Ligurian is a Gallo-Romance language similar to a cross between French and Italian. It is mostly spoken around Genoa in Italy, but it is spoken in several dialects along the coast of southeastern France near the border with Italy in the Maritime Alps. Up to 2 million speakers total, but the language is still thought to be in poor shape because few young people are learning it.

Moselle Franconian is spoken in an area of the Alsace-Lorraine on the border with Germany. The variety spoken in France is called Lorraine Franconian and is not in good shape. This German language is not intelligible with Standard German. 78,000 speakers.

Occitan (Auvergnat, Gascon, Nissart, Mentonasque, Monegasque, Languedoc, Limousin, Cisalpine, Provençal dialects) is spoken in the south of France by up to 7 million people understand the language, and 1 million speak it as a first language. It is probably doing better than most of the languages listed in here, but it does not have a secure position.

This is the ancient language of the Troubadours and it is closely related to Catalan, having split from Catalan around 1000. Catalan-Occitan started to split away as a separate language around 800. Occitan itself split from langue d’oil in the 800’s. From 1000-1600, Catalan and Occitan evolved along similar lines.

It is quite unintelligible to French speakers. Sort of a cross between French and Spanish. The question of whether or not the dialects can understand each other and to what degree is a thorny one that does not have good answers. Nissart, Gascon, Limousin, Cisalpine and Languedocien are definitely separate languages.

Rhine Franconian is spoken in France in the same general region as Moselle Franconian, except a bit to the west. It is intelligible with Standard German or with Moselle Franconian. It is not doing very well.

Catalan TV


This is the first video I have uploaded that shows the Catalan language.

I could only make out a few words here and there, and I was helped by the visuals about what they were describing. If this was on the radio, I would have done a lot worse. Keep in mind I can understand Spanish pretty well. If you understand Spanish, you most definitely cannot understand Catalan very well! It is for sure a completely different language. Also note that there are many complaints that Catalan TV uses a heavily Castillianized version of Catalan. If this is what the Castillianized version sounds like, I’d hate to hear the pure Catalan.

If any of you speak French, it might be interesting to play this video and see if you can pick up any more of this language than I can coming from Spanish. The best way to listen to it is to not watch the video, just listen to it like it’s on the radio.

On the other hand, I heard a guy speaking a short video about Catalan in which he spoke very slowly and carefully, and I could actually figure out a good part of it.

Sweetened Popcorn

Just ate a whole bag of that stuff. Good Lord that was gross! I eat popcorn a lot, usually buttered or cheesed. I can handle that just fine. There’s salt in it, but an extraordinary amount. There’s not that much saturated fat as you might think.

But there was something horrid about that sweetened popcorn. Apparently it was sweetened with sugar. The bag had about 66 grams of real sugar in it. You probably should not eat more than 40 grams a day of that crap. The stuff grossed me out so much that I had to throw the last of it away.

Thing is, I don’t eat much sugar. I don’t even eat much in the way of desserts. I often just eat fresh fruit for dessert, if I have anything at all. I’ve been on an avoidance of sugar diet for quite some time now. I don’t put it in my coffee either, nor in my iced tea. At this point, sugar would just about wreck my coffee I’m afraid.

I do drink quite a bit of real fruit juice, hopefully with as little sugar added as possible. I’m not too worried about the fructose.

When you radically cut back on sugar, a funny thing happens. I almost felt like puking eating that bag of popcorn. If I tried to eat a fudge sundae, I might practically puke. I have a hard time eating fancy cakes and various get-togethers. A typical sugar-laden wedding cake type cake that’s served at many get-togethers nearly makes me vomit.

I really think this is your body’s natural reaction to sugar. The stuff is poison and it’s supposed to make you puke. But when you eat it all the time, you build up tolerance to it, and it doesn’t bother you anymore. Like a drug. Yeah. Sugar is a drug. Think about it.

Russia: Welcome to Capitalist Hell


Say what you will about the USSR, but they never had dirty bums on the streets begging money and sniffing glue. Of all things, street children. Good God, what a mess.

Whether it works or not, capitalism is definitely not morally ok. In a lot of ways, it’s just flat out evil.

Check out Lenin giving a speech at the end. I don’t believe I have ever seen him speak before. And at the very end before the video ends, guess who? Leon Trotsky.

A Look at Some Spanish Dialects

One thing that is interesting once you learn to speak Spanish fairly well is that you can start to pick up the differences in various Spanish dialects. I am told that people who don’t know Spanish well can’t pick up the differences at all. Hearing a divergent Spanish dialect is a very strange experience. You hear Spanish words, but the accent is so off and weird that you think that they can’t possibly be speaking Spanish. A frequent mistake it to think that they are thinking some closely related Romance language like Catalan, French, Portuguese or Italian.

I’ve written about this before, but now that we have more Hispanics and even Mexican nationals reading the blog, maybe we can get some good feedback.

Mexican Spanish is fairly uniform at least around these parts. However, there are some differences.

Oaxacan Spanish: I have heard older Oaxacan Indians speaking a very strange and harsh form of Spanish. I assume it was some Oaxacan Indian Spanish.

Morelos Spanish: Spoken in the state of Morelos near just south of Mexico City. I heard a woman speaking this to her kid. She looked very White, and for some reason I thought she was Iranian. I listened to her for several minutes and I was sure she must have been speaking Farsi. However, she told me she was speaking Morelos Spanish. I looked it up on the Net and it is a distinctive dialect.

Jalisco Spanish: Spoken in the coastal state of Jalisco. This does seem different from the other varieties of Mexican Spanish. I heard a White looking guy speaking it in the store and I asked him what language he was speaking. He was speaking Jalisco Spanish. It had a very European sound to it – like Castillian or Catalan.

Veracruz Spanish: I was in a store and there was a guy on the phone speaking some strange language. There were Spanish words but the accent was insane. After a bit, I said, “No way are you speaking Spanish.” The guy practically fell over himself laughing and he said he was indeed. He looked sort of South Indian, so I thought he was speaking some Indian language like Hindi.

He said he spoke regular Spanish, but he came from the Caribbean coast of Mexico, and he was talking to someone from there, and he was speaking Mexican Caribbean Spanish. This is the most whacked version of Mexican Spanish I have ever heard.

Guatemalan Spanish: A neighbor speaks this. It’s Spanish all right, but it’s not Mexican Spanish at all. Has an odd but recognizable accent. And she speaks incredibly fast and slurs her words together in the worst way.

Salvadoran Spanish: Different from Mexican Spanish, but not dramatically so. It’s immediately identifiable as Spanish.

Puerto Rican Spanish: Caribbean Spanish in general is just nuts. I heard a group of mixed race folks speaking it at a store. I listened for a while, very confused. Then I walked over to them and asked if they were speaking Portuguese, because that was what it sounded like. They said they were speaking Puerto Rican Spanish. The mixed race group had not a trace of racism, and among them were some of the most dignified looking Blacks or mulattoes I have ever seen. A quiet dignity you rarely see in US Blacks.

Colombian Spanish: One of the strangest Spanishes of them all. I knew an upper class Colombian woman from the Zona Rosa in the north of Bogota. She spent about half her time in Spain. She had the sexiest, most breathiest Spanish I have ever heard, almost like a super sexy French accent. It was also very European sounding. It had a very Castillian and almost French flavor to it. I heard her sister talk too, and she talked exactly the same way.

She used to write me emails, and I couldn’t make heads or toes of the Spanish because it was so full of figures of speech, slangs and colloquialisms. Running it through a translator was useless. For all intents and purposes, she wasn’t even writing in Spanish.

I was at a store and a group of Colombians was in line, all young adults. I heard Spanish words, but the accent was so whacked that I thought it had to be something else. I approached them and asked if they were speaking Italian, because that is what it sounded like. They laughed and said they were speaking Colombian Spanish.

Once again, this was a very sensual language. The 30-something beauty talking to me seemed like she was openly flirting with me, but finally I thought that was just how she talked. They were all talking like they were either heading to an orgy or just got back from one, but once again, I think that was the way they talked all the time. These people live in their bodies, fully sensual, and the language pumps right out of their emotional heart. The words seem to sway and move with their bodies. One sexy language!

I recently heard another woman speaking Colombian Spanish, this time from the Caribbean coast. A fruity, delightful language with words that sway in the sun on the golden sands. A sound as juicy as papayas, mangoes and bananas. You want to reach out and grab the words as they fly through the air and take a bite of them.

Peruvian Spanish: I knew some Peruvian women and used to talk to them a lot. The Spanish is not too crazy accentwise, but it has a ton of slangs in it. They didn’t really speak English, so they couldn’t explain what the slangs meant. One thing was that they spoke very, very fast! I kept telling them to slow down, but they could not seem to slow it down no matter how many times you asked. Peruvian has only one speed – very fast.

Chilean Spanish: Sounds very Castillian, but it’s immediately recognizable as Spanish. One problem is the mountain of slang in this dialect. I don’t think there is any Spanish that has as much slang as Chilean. It’s literally chock full of all kinds of weird slangs. They are also the pickiest Spanish speakers I have ever met. Almost like the French, almost correcting your Spanish. Most Spanish speakers are very gracious, but Chileans want you to speak it right!

Argentine Spanish: This is one weird Spanish. You hear it spoken and you hear Spanish words, but the people speaking it look like Europeans and the accent sounds Italian! Or sometimes it sounds like some other European language – Catalan, French or Castillian. This is one insanely whacked out Spanish!

Catalonian Spanish: I heard a group speaking this, and I thought no way is that Spanish. I asked them what they were speaking, and they said Spanish. They said they were from Catalonia. Their Spanish sounded like Catalan! It didn’t sound like Spanish at all. This was one of the bizarrest Spanishes I have ever heard.

Meet Grady Warren, Tea Partier, Wild Racist


This guy is a fairly prominent Tea Partier. His writings and videos are regularly linked on Sarah Palin’s website with no disclaimers. He’s the voice of the Sarah Palin crowd.

He’s running for President.

His platform:

  • deport all illegal aliens within 3 years
  • deport all Muslims from the US, including American citizens
  • send Black people to re-education camps (WTF)
  • deny the vote to all non-Whites and liberals
  • bring liberals to justice (whatever that means)

These clowns have been around on the Far Right forever. Now the Tea Party has given them a great big megaphone. This guy just says out loud what most Tea Partiers only say when they are behind closed doors and think no else is listening. He’s George Wallace 2011. Blast from the past, Twilight Zone style, Rod Serling, 1960:

The far right cannot discount the fact that sitting it their parlor is the Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party, every racist group in the United States and not a few of some Fascist orders that have scrambled their way up from the sewers to a position of new respectability.

See, they haven’t changed at all. Here it is, 50 years later, and there’s as strong as ever.

Make sure to check out this guy’s videos while you are at it. Nasty piece of work.

Jesse Jackson Says the Tea Party Would Have Opposed Integration Too

Well of course they would have. Any Black person associating themselves with this political movement needs to have their head examined. The article quotes a professor who says that the Right’s obsession with hating the federal government and reducing the size and power of government all goes back to the race question. Specifically, the Black Question. In other words, when people talk about small government, limited government and reducing the size and scope of the government, this all about the niggers. It’s code for “fuck the niggers.”

The obsession with limited government, reducing the power of the federal government, etc. goes back to the earliest days of our republic, and the questions regarding where and whether slavery would be legal and where and whether it would be allowed to expand. The small government folks were pro-slavery.

They feared that the Feds were out to outlaw slavery or at least restrict its expansion. As it turned out, their fears were correct. After the War, the same fears rose up again in the South over the Federal government’s Reconstruction efforts. This led to the state’s rights movement.

The state’s rights movement went on for another century. Opposition to the evil Feds and demands for a limited federal government rose up again in the Civil Rights era. The tyrannical feds were forcing integration on Americans who did not want it.

Similar lines of thinking continue today in opposition to social spending and taxation (taking hard earned White dollars and giving them to worthless, lazy, nigger criminals), affirmative action (The Feds forcing anti-White discrimination on Whites), hatred of government workers (public employees are mostly lazy niggers), etc.

This has all coalesced with the Tea Party’s rise alongside the election of Barack Obama. The tyrannical nigger-loving federal government had finally been actually taken over by the niggers themselves! A socialist nigger dictatorship out to destroy America and disenfranchise Whites.

That’s why these Tea Party rallies are full of redneck Whites armed to the teeth threatening to “take back America.” Take it back from whom? From the niggers, silly! Even the health care debate was all about race. Many commenters said that Obamacare was taking White money and using it to pay for health care for poor, lazy niggers.

I have long said that most US politics is really about race. That’s an exaggeration, but once you start looking at US politics though that racialized lens, so many things that previously made no sense start to become oh so crystal clear.

The US Government Just Printed $15.2 Trillion in New Money

In my previous post on this subject, I noted that the US government just printed $15.2 trillion in new money. It used that money to bail out the insolvent banks and financial firms. Specifically, it used that money to buy up $15.2 trillion worth of crap mortgage securities that were on their books. So it bought $15.2 trillion worth of worthless garbage. How did the government come up with $15.2 trillion to bail out the banksters? It simply printed the money, that’s what it did!

Now, in my previous post, I asked why printing $15.2 trillion did not cause inflation, recession, messed up balance of payments, etc. It didn’t cause any of these things. None of my commenters even answered the damn question. All they did was tell me that printing money causes inflation, recession and bad balance of payments. Did they answer why it didn’t in this case? Nope. So I’m going to keep on asking you guys the question. Ok?

Why didn’t it cause any of these things? Is it because we traded the money for $15.2 trillion in assets, and therefore did not really increase the money supply? If we printed $15.2 trillion more, and instead used it to pay off the national debt, something which I may well advocate, why would this cause inflation, recession and bad balance of payments if the previous printing round did not?

The Stupid Party

The Republican Party has been anti-science for a long time now, since Reagan in 1980 at least. Part of the problem is due to capitalism. Capitalists simply reject science when it gets in the way their profits. That’s why the state always has to run science research. Science is too important to let smarmy capitalist liars get their mitts all over it. Science run by capitalists, when it was done at all, would come up with exactly those findings that the capitalists running the science would want to come up with.

Note I said when it was done at all. Much basic science simply would not be run by the private sector. The private sector would only fund science that they thought they could make a buck off of, or else they would fund fraudulent science designed to protect their profits from regulators.

The Republican Party has been getting more anti-science since 1980. In fact, recent studies have shown that watching Fox News actually makes you stupid, in a dose response fashion. The more Fox News you watch, the stupider you get. That’s because Fox News lies to you about the truth all the time. There are many truths that Fox News will not admit because they are ideologically bad for the Right. And there are many lies that it continues to peddle because those lies are good for the Right.

Fortunately, the Left in the US, or what’s left of it, doesn’t have the same problem.

New information has just come out that proves that a majority of Republican voters, at least in Iowa, may well be retarded. Of Iowa Republicans:

79% do not believe in global warming.

65% do not believe in evolution.

Rick Perry has chimed in. He doesn’t believe in evolution either, but he believes in fucking beautiful young men, in quantities even. Rick Perry doesn’t believe in global warming either, but he believes in fucking scores of hot young hookers, stripper and call girls, often while doing lines of cocaine.

Perry has a particularly bizarre theory about global warming. He says that there is a gigantic conspiracy on the part of tens of thousands of climate scientists all over the world to cook the books and make up this fake scientific theory. Why are they all lying like this? For the money, he says. To keep the dollars rolling into their projects. Amazing, and not one scientist has blown the whistle about this.

Never mind that 97.5% of climate scientists believe in anthropogenic global warming. Never mind that even mainstream scientific groups are sounding ever shriller warnings lately about this looming crisis. Never mind that in the past few years the debate in climate circles has not been on whether global warming exists, but on whether or not we are underestimating it. The worried consensus is that we may well be.

Mitt Romney has chimed in idiotically, saying that he is not sure if the planet is warming or if humans are to blame. Way to have it both ways, Mittens.

A Few More Comments About Black Diners

In reference to the Black Diners post which caused so much controversy, there were a couple of things that I forgot to mention about in that post.

The post discussed very fat Black ladies who ordered multiple servings of the buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks. Four servings each, to be exact.

Now, in my culture, I am not sure if this is some kind of violation, but it seems that they are ordering multiple servings for a single person. Plus, they are already fat.

I go out to eat with overweight people on a pretty regular basis. Some of them are even obese. They don’t necessarily order the healthiest stuff on the menu, but that’s marginally ok in my culture. In fact, I’ve been told to not make comments about the high fat menu choices of my obese eating partners. But one thing you cannot do is order multiple servings for a single person. If you are fat or obese, you just order a regular dish like everyone else. You don’t order multiple servings.

The reasoning is simple. If a fat person orders multiple servings, they are calling attention to themselves in the worst way. You’re already fat, and that’s obvious to everyone, and really, that’s bad enough. Now you’re saying, “I’m not only fat, but I’m also a pig!” It’s really gross. A fat person obviously got that way by a certain eating style, but you don’t put it on display in a restaurant. In a restaurant, a fat person eats just like everyone else. They don’t order half the kitchen freezer and wolf it all down.

Now, if you’re fat and you like to pig out, in my culture, you do it in the privacy of your own home. If you like to buy whole cartons of ice cream and eat the whole damn thing in one serving because you’re a fat pig, fine, just close the door when you do it. You don’t do that when you eat out.

The post also mentioned Blacks running around to various different tables to go sit and eat with their friends. They often took their food with them. I think this might be a serious problem for the server. It’s important to know who ordered what at what table. For all of that to make sense, people have to stay seated at the same table they initially sat down at, and they can’t move around or especially move their food around. I would imagine that moving to different tables and especially bringing your food with you screws up the server’s billing job bigtime.

I think that a lot of Blacks still have the old White attitude about food. In old White culture, pigging out on the best and most fattening food was “living large.” A rich man was a fat man. A poor man was typically a skinny man, because he didn’t earn enough to eat well. Women sought out fat, rich men. Rich man deliberately got fat because this meant that you were making so much money you could eat like a horse. Obesity was a sign of wealth and privilege.

Now, modern White culture has gotten away from this. The richer you are, the skinnier you are. The legions of the poor could never fight a war, because they’re too fat to form an army. Go to Walmart and see how fat the American poor of all races are. Fattening food is cheap. Healthy food is expensive. Only the upscale groups bother to exercise, and exercise is not typical in American society. You need to go to a gym, have a home gym, ride an exercise bike, something like that. The poor don’t exercise at all, except to get off the coach and grab another beer.

I think Blacks are still living in that old White culture. To Blacks, food is the good life. Eating out is living large. In particular, pigging out on the most fattening food is not shameful, instead, it’s living it up, the high life. So this may be what is behind those fat Black ladies ordering multiple servings of fattening food.

In 1880 in France…

It was said among Army recruits that only 20% could speak the actual French language. The French language itself was codified around 1800 based on the Parisien dialect, spoken around Paris. So modern French is just Parisien the same way that modern German is just Upper Saxon and modern Italian is simply Florentine Tuscan.

What were the rest of the soldiers speaking? Many of them may have been speaking patois. Patois are generally other langues d’oil, related to Parisien. There are many of them, but they are dying out. In general, patois are not intelligible with Standard French.

Many also spoke Occitan, a language between Spanish and French spoken in the south of France. Further, some Occitan dialects are hardly even understandable to other Occitan speakers. French speakers are quite lost when listening to an Occitan speaker.

130 years ago, there were probably many speakers of Breton in Brittany. Breton is related to Welsh, and a French speaker can’t understand a word of it.

Surely, there were many speakers of Basque in the southwest of France. Basque is incomprehensible to a French speaker.

In far northeast France, Flemish is still spoken, and it was much more spoken 130 years ago.

In the part of France near Luxembourg, varieties of German are spoken, Moselle Franconian, Lorraine Franconian and Luxembourgian. These are actually three separate languages. They were much more commonly spoken 130 years ago.

To the south, Alsatian was spoken in the Alsace Lorraine. A traveler to this region wrote that in some areas people speak German, in others they speak French, and in others they speak some language that is neither German nor French. Alsatian is a German dialect that is declining. But it was very widely spoken 130 years ago.

In the far southeast of France, Nissart, Monegasque, Montenasque, and Intermelian are spoken. The last two are dialects of Ligurian, a language spoken in Italy. The first two are Occitan dialects with a heavy Ligurian mixture. All of these were spoken much more 130 years ago.

In Corsica, Corse is spoken. Corse is related to Standard Italian. It is declining, but was widely spoken 130 years ago.

In the area near Switzerland, a language called Arpitan or Franco-Provencal is still spoken. It was much more widely spoken 130 years ago.

In the far southwest of France in Rousillon, Catalan is spoken. It is dying out, but was probably widely spoken 130 years ago.

As you can see, the notion that only Standard French is spoken in France is quite mistaken. It was even less true 130 years ago, when only 20% of the population spoke the standard language.

"Good-bye, Jerry Leiber," by Alpha Unit

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote a song first recorded in 1956 that’s become an R&B classic. It expresses something that might just make the Modern Cynical Guy shake his head with contempt.

I love a girl and Ruby is her name;
This girl don’t love me, but I love her just the same.
Oh, Ruby, Ruby, how I want ya.
Like a ghost I’m-a gonna haunt ya.
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, will you be mine?

He doesn’t have her, but his song is full of sweet optimism that one day he will. She’s worth it.
Jerry Leiber died Monday at the age of 78. He and Stoller are included among those called the architects of rock & roll. They wrote “Stand by Me,” “Hound Dog,” “Young Blood,” “Kansas City,” “Spanish Harlem,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and numerous other songs, including the one I cited above, “Ruby Baby” – one of my favorites.
Music journalist David Fricke summarizes the influence of Leiber and Stoller this way:

More than any other top writing and production team in the Fifties, Leiber (words) and Stoller (music) initiated mainstream White America into the sensual and spiritual intimacies of urban Black culture that fueled the birth of rock & roll. Their songwriting captured the essence and nuances of Black music and language with a melodic invention, narrative ingenuity and cool hilarity that were true to the source while transcending it – heavy-duty R&B with a pop sensibility and lyric universality.

But words couldn’t capture what David Fricke is describing. You hear it and feel it when you listen to the songs. Songs like “Ruby Baby.” Now, that song captures devotion. Unrequited devotion, maybe. But devotion doesn’t sound so bad.

“Good-bye, Jerry Leiber,” by Alpha Unit

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote a song first recorded in 1956 that’s become an R&B classic. It expresses something that might just make the Modern Cynical Guy shake his head with contempt.

I love a girl and Ruby is her name;
This girl don’t love me, but I love her just the same.
Oh, Ruby, Ruby, how I want ya.
Like a ghost I’m-a gonna haunt ya.
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, will you be mine?

He doesn’t have her, but his song is full of sweet optimism that one day he will. She’s worth it.

Jerry Leiber died Monday at the age of 78. He and Stoller are included among those called the architects of rock & roll. They wrote “Stand by Me,” “Hound Dog,” “Young Blood,” “Kansas City,” “Spanish Harlem,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and numerous other songs, including the one I cited above, “Ruby Baby” – one of my favorites.

Music journalist David Fricke summarizes the influence of Leiber and Stoller this way:

More than any other top writing and production team in the Fifties, Leiber (words) and Stoller (music) initiated mainstream White America into the sensual and spiritual intimacies of urban Black culture that fueled the birth of rock & roll. Their songwriting captured the essence and nuances of Black music and language with a melodic invention, narrative ingenuity and cool hilarity that were true to the source while transcending it – heavy-duty R&B with a pop sensibility and lyric universality.

But words couldn’t capture what David Fricke is describing. You hear it and feel it when you listen to the songs. Songs like “Ruby Baby.” Now, that song captures devotion. Unrequited devotion, maybe. But devotion doesn’t sound so bad.

Patti Smith, “Rock and Roll Nigger”

Patti Smith, 1978. Oh yeah!

Outside of society! That’s where I wanna be!

Baby baby baby I’m a rock and roll nigger! Yeah! Me too! I’m a rock and roll nigger! Til the day I die!

The day they play this music at the Republican Convention, I’m going to have to kill myself.


Baby was a black sheep. Baby was a whore.
Baby got big and baby get bigger.
Baby get something. Baby get more.
Baby, baby, baby was a rock-and-roll nigger.
Oh, look around you, all around you,
riding on a copper wave.
Do you like the world around you?
Are you ready to behave?

Outside of society, they’re waitin’ for me.
Outside of society, that’s where I want to be.


Baby was a black sheep. Baby was a whore.
You know she got big. Well, she’s gonna get bigger.
Baby got a hand; got a finger on the trigger.
Baby, baby, baby is a rock-and-roll nigger.

Outside of society, that’s where I want to be.
Outside of society, they’re waitin’ for me.

(those who have suffered, understand suffering,
and thereby extend their hand
the storm that brings harm
also makes fertile
blessed is the grass
and herb and the true thorn and light)

I was lost in a valley of pleasure.
I was lost in the infinite sea.
I was lost, and measure for measure,
love spewed from the heart of me.
I was lost, and the cost,
and the cost didn’t matter to me.
I was lost, and the cost
was to be outside society.

Jimi Hendrix was a nigger.
Jesus Christ and Grandma, too.
Jackson Pollock was a nigger.
Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger,
nigger, nigger, nigger.

Outside of society, they’re waitin’ for me.
Outside of society, if you’re looking,
that’s where you’ll find me.
Outside of society, they’re waitin’ for me.
Outside of society. (Repeat)

The Clash, “Complete Control”


The Clash! Complete Control! 1978! Oh yeah!

This is music for the London Riots 2011. Right in the middle of the riots, the Clash should have set up a stage and done a free concert for the rioters LOL.

I want to make a movie of the footage from the riots with music from the Clash and the Sex Pistols in the background.

Fiction: “What Goes ‘Round…,” by Maurice Cloud

This will be the first piece of fiction published on the site. We do publish fiction on here, but it should be short and well-written. The same qualifications for fiction apply as for nonfiction. You have to write well, and we are sticklers about that.

How well? Well, you need to write as well as Alpha Unit. A frequent commenter on the site is Dano. If you look at his comments, you can see how he writes. He was deemed good enough to be on the site. Can you write as well as Maurice, Dano or Alpha Unit? You’re welcome to ask to be a guest writer, but you have to meet the qualifications. If you think you can write well enough, go ahead and ask us.

Alpha and I read this work and we felt it was good enough to be on the site. It is well-written. Sometimes I think it might be a bit overwritten if anything. The style reminds me of my late friend Avram Davidson, the famous science fiction and fantasy writer. He had a similar complex style.

The story is about Bigfoot.

“What Goes “Round…”

by Maurice Cloud

The sun was so deep-down, penetratingly warm that I, after (what seemed to me anyway) an insufferably long and obstinate winter, would have been perfectly happy to lay in its seductive caress until it dipped below the western hills, content to allow its radiant tendrils to entwine themselves around every nippy nerve ending in my receptive body . . .

“ –ty!”

My senses seemed at last to uncoil, rousing themselves from a cold-air induced hypnos, my body desired to melt away into the warming earth, my hair beguiled, straining to burst from each follicle in my skin to embrace the light.


My eyes slowly began to blink into focus, coercing my consciousness slowly after . . .

“Wa – up! – n’t miss tiss! C’mon, hurrly!” Breathless, monosyllabic gibberings were, amongst my acquaintances, the exclusive domain of I’tey, a Tibetan exchange student I occasionally informally tutored in communications . . . obviously to little effect.

Rising reluctantly to my elbows, I watched him lumber excitedly away, motioning me to follow, his high-pitched voice whistling something about, “. . . the antfarmgy budding!” by which he meant the anthropology building. Other students too here and there seemed to be hastening in the same direction. And then I remembered.

Redwoods College had been host to a visiting professor of biological anthropology – Dr. Lamasti Botifog from Italy – which was as of about as much interest to me, a grad student in creative writing, as milking a cow to the lactose intolerant — a hulking academic with a hankering, I suspected, to see his mug plastered across the front pages of newspapers. Another somewhat unsavory odor that clung to him was his propensity to spend his time larking about the woods with cameras and recorders attempting to capture images of what I presumed were not butterflies.

Unknown homonyms, no, hominins, I believe he called them. His ‘do’ had been advertised for a couple of weeks now, flyers had sprouted like dandelions on campus, local, even, can you believe it, national media had been here to interview the whooping wopster.

Ken Kupas an internationally renowned poet and borderline reclusive-seclusive from Florida had been here mere weeks ago and we couldn’t fill the smallish, outdoor amphitheater for his reading; the preening sophomores in the “Post Modern Readings” course I cover for Dr. Chatquass would just as soon groom themselves for ninety minutes as learn a scrap about the deep and abiding connectors between literature and existence; o, but let ‘monsters’ loose on the campus and the little buggers go ape.

If I was the woman I imagined myself to be I would have just gone back to sleep, or turned heel and headed home, but, I must admit, my dander was up, what, after all, an opportunity to expose Bogtrotter, or whatever his name is, as well as to lay waste to those simply tedious tales of bipedal monsters lurking in the hills hereabout that had dwelt, nectar in the needle, of the imaginations of generations. So I trailed after . . .

The quad, normally at this point in term festive and bustling, was as empty and quiet as a high-Sierra ghost town. A tumbleweed or two blowing across would have just about nailed it.

Bering Hall housed each and every course under the anthropological tent the school offered and, in light of the income it generated for the college, was easily one of the more consequential buildings on the campus. Its enormous eeriness was starkened by the utter absence of bodies . . . had, maybe, UFO’s – no, let’s just not go there. This minor mystery resolved itself as soon as I entered the irritating old hovel, everyone was already in the cavernous lecture hall, I could hear the commotion though I was at the opposing end of a l o n g hallway.

A “No Admittance!” sign was dangling from one of the doorknobs, but I was not about to be deterred by a piece of paper. The doors, despite the best efforts of my caber toss-trained shoulders, didn’t budge.

So yelling and pounding it was. One of my fellow teaching assistants, a husky fellow from up-abouts Klamath Falls apparently assigned to ride shotgun on the ancient, twin slabs of sequoia, gradually cracked one enough to say to me . . . I’ll never know what, the cacophonous convulsion from within was that great, shattering against me like a pane of glass. He coaxed an extra foot or two from the door, which allowed me to enter . . .

From my vantage point the hall was as an inverted fan, loads and loads of huge, comfy seats terracing downwards to a smallish stage, though the room’s subtle symmetry was lost to sight resembling more a not-very-controlled experiment in a confined space of the effect of pheromones on puberty judging by the insane behavior of my peers, and not, ye gods!, just my peers!

There was Dr. Chatquass and several of his brethren, also apparently taken in by the big lug on stage . . . Not a soul was shy about voicing their opinion — whistling, whacking, thumping and jumping, hooting, howling, teeth gnashing, and back of the seat bashing . . . to those in the know, a typical display of Redswoodsian intellectual oneupsmanship. I turned, well, inchingly pivoted to leave, the door was just steps away!

But it was then I heard what could only have been Botulism’s booming, amplified voice rolling like a roiling ash-cloud over the chaos, declaiming about “gait mechanics”, which stopped me in my, umm, tracks, then he was on about “muscular division” and “singular formant structures in vocalizations” all in a tone so basso profundo as to be felt in the very marrow of one’s thigh bones. Maybe I’d stay.

Like a fur coat tossed into a closet that had eaten just too much I was shuttle-cocked into the only open space available – a sliver against the wall to my left.

Elbows were caroming into my ribs (as well as somewhat more delicate parts of my body), my feet were constantly stamped, stepped, and jumped upon, indeed one would be forgiven for thinking that a slipstream of time had opened up and dumped one and all into a punk club ca. 1978 . . . But I did have a passable view of the stage and, as I was about to discover, more importantly, entirely agreeable sightlines to the screen behind our venerable guest professor.

So I didn’t complain, and I didn’t hit anyone.

In the space of an inhalation, I was as an aerialist on the thin wire of wonder, by the time I exhaled, I was hooked!

Clearly I had been unkind to Dr. Bee, Boo . . . well, I still couldn’t remember his name, but my predetermined opinion of his intentions reflected childishly upon me as I strained to listen to his narrative. What, I had quickly come to see, was actually a serious scientific investigation was, sadly, being treated by the majority of those in the room as nothing more than a burlesque of backseat cinema, all that was missing was the popcorn and 3-D glasses.

Each and every attempt of our cryptic cryptozoologist to explain evidence of tool use or shelter building was countered by yelps, yodels, and yowls ranging from “Get on with it!” to “Who’s in the suit!?” — and its slightly less popular cousin “Did you bring the suit!?” – to “Fake!” “Fraud!” “Hoax!”, all countered by “I seen these things!” “They’re real!” and “They eat children!” How our Italian cousin summoned up the patience to not only persevere but to attempt to respond to these slope-headed nitwits astounded (and deeply impressed) me.

But persevere he did, until that time – match to fuse – he announced that the lights should be dimmed . . . Silence descended swifter than water down the throat of a parched dromedary, several hundred sets of buns balanced on pins and needles. And then –

The image was shaky and uneven to begin, he was running over a boulder and log littered sand bar that paralleled a small stream, doing his best to steady his camera though not particularly successfully. Something was moving on the far side of the stream, also down a long sand drift. A brief shot of his right foot was seen as he settled it on a log to stabilize himself . . . and then, there it was.

Silence fled as completely as it had come. A hellacious roar that seemed capable of rearranging skeletal structure pounded against the walls of dear old Bering Hall with a Cyclopean fury so seamlessly discharged that I was almost tempted to look for a group of orchestrating cheerleaders. Professor’s Fogitop’s narration was once again lost to chaos, nary a word discernible, any sense of syllables lost in the sound. But, really, I didn’t need narration.

Skin like the semblance of light, hair that I can only describe as being seen in mushroom-induced reveries, body proportions so unalike, yet so similar. It was so, unreal, wasn’t it . . ? I knew then the life I lived was lost, writing, publishing, poof! Evaporated. Horizons, longings, the real made magic, these now the genie-smoke in my nostrils . . .

I was mesmerized. Space, time existed only within my heartbeat. The creature’s movement exhausted my capacity for superlatives. Natural, flowing, lithe, yet with a determination, but not . . . frantic. It seemed sure of its ability to get away if necessary. My mind, already on overload, just about lost its tetherings when, seconds later, the creature on the screen turned to look at its pursuer. It had breasts! It was a she! I slumped down, overwhelmed, breathless.

Time could not have passed slower had I been on the surface of Pluto. How long I sat, arms around my knees, I’ve no idea. Lights had returned to their normal brightness. Techs were coiling cables, the few remaining hangers-on were in the process of hanging off. But he was still on stage arranging lecture notes, sipping water. Somehow I found both nerve and energy to work my way down to talk to him. My stomach jumped, too, my wits. I finally reached the stage.

For all I know, I was to him just another one of the knuckle-dragging clots who had behaved so boorishly during his presentation, but his gaze, like his voice, exuded a kindness and tolerance that I could only someday hope to possess.

“Excuse me, Dr., D – Professor, but what do you, what were – are, umm, what do you call those things . . ?”

He nudged his bifocals up his broad, well-combed nose and murmured, “Humans . . .”

– Fin –

Bigfoot News August 24, 2011

Erickson Project releases video of a sleeping Bigfoot from Kentucky. We can verify that this photo is of a young female Bigfoot sleeping in the forest in Crittenden, Kentucky in 2005. The video was apparently shot by owners of the property in that year, not by the Erickson Project. Therefore, there is a question of whether or not the residents of the house were hoaxing the videos.

Apparently they were not, because when the EP moved Dr. Leila Hadj Chikh, PhD in Evolutionary Biology, and Dennis Pfohl into the site after purchasing it, both of them continued to see the Bigfoots on many occasions. Pfohl also apparently shot quite a bit of video of the Bigfoots at the site. Dr. John Bindernagel, PhD in Wildlife Biology, also saw the Bigfoots there on one occasion. Since the EP saw the Bigfoots at the site also, it is highly dubious that the owners of the site hoaxed the video.

It is simply not possible that the Hadj-Chikh, Pfohl and Bindernagel hoaxed their sightings and video. Not possible, no way. They’re not hoaxers. It’s also not possible that Drs. Hadj-Chikh and Bindernagel misidentified a known animal as a Bigfoot. These are PhD biologists here. This is reminiscent of the scene in the USSR where Russian PhD biologists saw Almastys and Yetis on a number of occasions in the 20th Century.

This leaves one alternative – that the EP at the Kentucky site was hoaxed by a bunch of guys running around in the forest in monkey suits for years on end pretending to be Bigfoots. Now how likely is that?


An absolutely superb video from RW Ridley showing enhancements of the sleeping Bigfoot image. The enhancements are excellent, and I believe that they are correct.

People have suggested that this video is a hoax for several reasons. First, because no one could get that close to a sleeping Bigfoot without being seen. Next, it was suggested that the Bigfoot would obviously wake up when being photographed and that Bigfoots would sleep in a nest, not on the forest floor.

The people at this habituation site had been habituating these Bigfoots for a long time and had gotten to where they could get pretty close to them. And at the end of the 4-5 minute video, the Bigfoot does wake up for some reason, possibly because she realized that she was being photographed. Also, witness accounts indicate that Bigfoots do not always sleep in nests. Sometimes they do just sleep on the forest floor during the daytime.

Even more amazing, check out this drawing of a sleeping Almasty in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwestern China in 1913.This Almasty was captured by villagers in the region of the Dam River. They drew a picture of the way she slept.

Note that the way it is sleeping is in some ways very similar to the way that this Bigfoot is sleeping. Almastys and Bigfoots are apparently related in some unknown way.

A drawing of a sleeping Almasty in Western China in 1913. Notice the striking similarity between this drawing and the photo of the sleeping Bigfoot. Enhanced drawing from Bigfoot Lunch Club.
A super enhanced screen grab from Bigfoot Lunch Club of RW Ridley's video of the sleeping Bigfoot. Notice the similarity between it and the sleeping Almasty.

Justin Smeja’s Bigfoot steak was very large – weighed 15 pounds. We believe that the steak that Smeja sent in to Melba Ketchum’s DNA lab weighed just less than 2 pounds. Smeja tells us that that was 1/8 of the total Bigfoot piece that was recovered. The total piece that was recovered must have weighed just less than 16 pounds, or about 15 pounds. Smeja cut it in half, giving one 7.5 pound slice to the driver.

The driver retains this large piece to this day. Smeja kept another 7.5 pound piece for himself, of which he cut off 1/4 of it, or about 2 pounds, and sent it to Ketchum. Apparently Smeja has retained, by his own oblique admission, 6 pounds of Bigfoot to this very day.

The slice sent to Ketchum was from a thigh. A 15 pound slice of a Bigfoot thigh must have been a large portion of the thigh – but how large? A Bigfoot thigh probably weighs about 25 pounds. So this slice was about half the thigh of the female Bigfoot.

It is extremely dubious that a 15 pound piece of Bigfoot thigh was found by Smeja and the driver when they went back to the site soon after. Anyway, Smeja was in no condition to go back right away, by his own admission to one of my sources. He could not possibly have gone back to the site a few days later with the driver and found that piece. If he went back later, someone else must have gone with him. I suspect that that someone was a team from the Olympic Project.

We have been intensively criticized for writing that the Bigfoot steak weighed 15 pounds. The figure was arrived at in the following manner. I told a friend of mine, who is a statistician, that the dimensions of the steak sent to Ketchum were 7″ by 4″ by 2″. We then calculated the dimensions of the steak based on those figures and came up with a figure in cubic inches.

He then told me how much the steak with that cubic dimensional figure must have weighed in pounds, based on his knowledge of the weight of human-type flesh (it weighs just less than water). The weight of the sample came to just under 2 pounds. Since Smeja has told us in his own words that the steak he sent to Ketchum was 1/8 of the total, we then multiplied the weight of the sample he sent in by 8 and came up with about 15 pounds.

The math:

1 cubic inch of water weighs = 0.036127 lbs.

4 in. x 7 in. x 2 in. = 56 in3

Approx, eight times larger = 56 x 8 = 448 in3

0.036127 x 448 = 16.19 lbs.

This would be the weight of 448 cubic inches of water.

Most likely, flesh will float in water so I’d say a round number is a veritable 15 lb. “steak”.

Helicopter trip to the Sierra Kills. About five months ago, in March 2011, Dave Paulides of the NABS Bigfoot organization chartered a helicopter for a very strange trip to the Sierra Nevadas of California. There were only two passengers on this trip – Paulides and his helicopter pilot, who must remain nameless. The trip was to the Dixie Mountain area of California west of Frenchman Lake where the Sierra Kills reportedly took place.

Apparently Paulides had good information on where the kills took place in that region, much better information that I have. The helicopter landed, and the two men got out and looked around for a while. Suddenly, Paulides become very alarmed and insisted that the two men go back to the helicopter. This behavior was very unlike Paulides. Paulides would not say what had alarmed him so much. The pilot wanted to stay and look around, but Paulides insisted that they go. They flew back to wherever they took off from.

Paulides does not have the money to rent that helicopter. There is only one person in the Bigfoot World who has that kind of money and that is Wally Hersom. I assume that Hersom rented the helicopter for the flight to the Sierras.

One question remains. How did Paulides find out about the Sierra Kills in March 2011 before the story broke, and how did he know the exact site to go to? NABS and the Olympic Project do not cooperate at all, and Paulides does not like the OP, who he considers competitors.

David Paulides a fearsome character, widely feared in the Bigfoot World. Paulides, who runs the NABS organization is a former cop who was forced to retire for beating up a suspect, among other things. We have now learned that he is highly vindictive, has a legendary temper, is very controlling, runs his organization like a dictatorship, and is quick to retaliate against anyone who goes against him. We believe that even most of the people who work with him in NABS are afraid of him.

I always thought he had mean looking eyes, and he has a huge ego. I heard him on the radio with Melba Ketchum and I was expecting to hear a nasty person. Instead, Paulides sounded very polite and pleasant, like a really nice guy, very friendly voice. Apparently he’s a complicated person.

David Paulides and Matt Moneymaker of BFRO hate each other’s guts. There is tremendous competition between these two narcissistic men with notoriously huge egos. Paulides had a spy inside the BFRO for a long time feeding him secret BFRO information. It’s a symptom of how ridiculous this game has gotten that these groups even have secret information in the first place. Why aren’t they all cooperating in the search for Bigfoot. Because they all have Bigfoot fever, and they all want to be the first to discover Bigfoot.

Moneymaker found out who the spy was and fired him. He soon made his way over to Paulides NABS, where he can be seen to this day with his very own photo on the NABS team page.

Melba Ketchum has a publicity photo up on her Facebook page.

A new photo of Melba Ketchum, looking very beautiful indeed.

Well, there is the photo. I am surprised that she looks that good. I think she is very beautiful, and she’s one of the best looking women in Bigfootery. A number were smitten with the photo of her that was previously online, showing her standing in the desert with a cross around her neck. However, it is little known that that photo is about 20 years old. One of my sources told me that time has not been kind to her, and she didn’t look anything like that old picture. Judging by this new photo, I think my source is wrong.

But really, what’s with this photo? It looks like a publicity photo, no? Is something big about to happen?

Ketchum’s business not as successful as people think. Sources have told me that Dr. Ketchum doesn’t even need the money for this Bigfoot business, and she runs a very successful business. It’s true that she is very  good at what she does, and she does contract work for various governments, including forensic work. Ketchum helped identify bodies from 9-11 via DNA. She must be good if they gave her that work.

However, sources have told me that she doesn’t have nearly as much business as she wants to have. In fact, she’s lacking customers much of the time, and she may well have a hard time paying her bills, which may be considerable. Further, she has a very hard time keeping employees and there is continuous turnaround at the lab. This is because no one wants to work for her as due to her personality.

Erickson and Ketchum continuing to feud. As we reported earlier, Adrian Erickson sent Ketchum all of his Bigfoot samples, paid $70K for sequencing and never got any results. We believe that Erickson is very upset about this. We also believe that by this point, both parties have retained attorneys, and I assume that they have threatened to sue each other. Sources have also told me that the Ketchum-Erickson feud is what is behind the delay in bringing these projects to the public, or is at least part of the delay.

Derek Randles, pillar of rectitude? Randles has an interesting reputation in this super sleazy field as some sort of a Mother Theresa in terms of honesty and moral uprightness. I don’t know the man, and I have no personal feelings on whether he is honest or not. I will say that Randles is a man who chooses his words very carefully. He should have gone into law, diplomacy or pubic relations. To me, it’s not so much that he lies as that he is a very careful talker.

However, one source with decades in the field has told me that Randles has a long history of extensive lying in Bigfootery going back decades. The source said, “Derek Randles is a pathological liar. If I were you, I would not believe a word he says.” So there you have it. Mr. Randles has obviously not won over everyone.

Randles also works very closely with that charming lump of humanity known as Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO. Hmmm.

However, I will admit that the Olympic Project does excellent Bigfoot work. These are the boots on the ground guys, and they are highly professional. Randles appears to have a good reputation in his Washington landscaping business, which can be found via web search.

Erickson habituation sites revealed. The EP had habituation sites in the following locales: Crittenden, Kentucky; Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Colombia; Texas (exact location unknown); Alabama (exact location unknown); Tennessee (exact location unknown). We believe that verified Bigfoot DNA samples were probably taken at each one of these locations.

Ketchum Bigfoot DNA samples revealed. We previously reported that Ketchum has produced DNA from 20 separate Bigfoot individuals. But whose samples made the final grade? We believe that all six of the EP’s samples were proven to be from Bigfoots. We also believe that hair samples from a project in Oklahoma made the grade. We also believe that the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills, from the Olympic Project, made the grade.

That leaves nine separate samples, referring to nine separate Bigfoots, as making the grade. This leaves 11 other samples yet unidentified.

Is Marxism About Moral Superiority?

An anti-Marxist commenter notes:

If you want to pat yourself on the back for your moral superiority, than Marxism is the way to go.

I don’t agree. The Marxists are really the ultimate humanists. They are correct -capitalism is evil, irrational and self-destructing.

Think about it. Think about the poorest of the poor on this Earth in any country. Who loves them, cares about them, and promotes their interests better than anyone else? The Marxists! Isn’t that correct? Which project helps the poor the most? Marxism.

Social democracy? I don’t think so. Besides, do you think social democrats really love the poor, especially the poorest of the poor? This latest crop of social democrats? I’m not so sure about that. Social democracy appears to be a middle class movement that above all else promotes and has the most affection for the middle classes?

Now, it is an open question about who serves the interests of working people better. The social democrats? Or the Marxists? This is hard to say. The Marxists really do love the workers. They are the party of the working class, and they love and support the workers more than any other group of people.

However, social democrats are also pro-worker (except this latest batch). So this is sort of a toss up. Further, the most pro-worker group on Earth, the Marxists, have created a system that causes a lot of problems for the working people. This is not because the Marxists are out to screw them, but because the Marxist model simply does not work that well.

The capitalists do not promote the interests of the poor, especially the poorest of the poor, or the workers. Under capitalism, workers are seen as an enemy class to be attacked at all costs. Nevertheless, due to high wealth creation, many workers have done fairly well economically under capitalism, a system that hates them and attacks them constantly. However, this model is not stable, and at the moment it is failing not only the workers, but the capitalist model in the West is actually failing period, exactly how Marx predicted it would fail.

Printing Money Causes Inflation?

Oh really now?

It is nearly a law of modern economics that if the government prints money, this automatically causes inflation. It rests on some dubious assumptions, mostly that there is now more money in the marketplace chasing the same amount of good, and that therefore, the new money must cause some sort of demand inflation.

But I reiterate, there is absolutely no ipso facto law of economics that states that printing money automatically causes inflation, lowers the value of one’s currency, or raises interest rates.

Why would printing money lower the value of one’s currrency? It doesn’t. If your currency is backed up by something of real worth, such as gold, I suppose that printing more money would reduce the value of one’s currency. After all, you now have more dollars for the same amount of gold, so the dollar automatically declines in value.

But if your currency is not backed up by anything of any value, it simply has no real and true value whatsoever. It’s worth anything, or nothing, or whatever anyone says it is worth. Therefore, as US currency has absolutely no ipso facto value whatsoever (as it is no longer backed by gold) printing more of it can’t possibly lower its value in the same way as printing more gold-backed currency does.

How might printing money lower the value of US currency? Only in the sense that the value of US currency is determined by speculators on the international currency market. If the US prints more money, this might make speculators feel that US currency is not worth so much in their purely subjective opinion. Hence they may bid down the price of US currency.

But US currency has no real hard and pure value the same way a stock price has no real and pure value. A company’s stock price is worth whatever anyone thinks it is worth. It’s worth 100’s of dollars, or it’s worth pennies, or nothing at all. It’s worth whatever people think it is worth.

Supposedly, printing money automatically causes inflation via demand-push inflation. More dollars chasing the same supply pushes up prices by the supply and demand model. However, in the US economy, consumer demand is absolutely dead in the water. Dead, dead, dead, dead. Dead as a dead fish, rotting on the beach.

If the government prints some money and uses it to pay down the US debt or to pay for government spending already allocated instead of borrowing the money for such things, do you really think that there will be some huge demand-push inflation in the US? Is that new money really going to revive the dead US consumer demand, lying on the beach and stinking? No way. Demand will be as dead as ever.

This is particularly true if we print money to pay down US debt. This debt is all owed to very rich Americans or especially to banks. Giving very rich Americans and bankers some more money to play with is hardly going to revive the dead demand side of the US economy. Even more intelligently, we could print money to pay down US debt that is held by foreigners. Since their money is held overseas, giving them more money can’t possibly cause demand-push inflation in the US, since foreigners don’t spend their money here. They spend it in their own countries instead.

There is also an argument that printing money increases interest rates. US interest rates are currently near zero. Think they are going up soon?

You might be interested to learn that the US government just printed $15.2 trillion in the past two years. Yes, it is true. What did they do with that money? They used it to buy up the junk loans that were sitting on the books of US banks and financial corporations. They printed up the money and traded it for the crap loans. The government now owns the crap loans.

Did printing $15.2 trillion cause any inflation? It caused none whatsoever. Inflation is dead in the US, near zero. The big worry is deflation, not inflation.

Did printing $15.2 trillion lower the value of the US dollar? There is no evidence that it did.

Did printing $15.2 trillion cause a rise of interest rates? US interest rates are at about 0%, as low as they can go.

Nevertheless, for rightwingers, all of these things are right around the corner. The inflation is always right around the bend, as is the plunging dollar and the skyrocketing interest rates. All of these things must happen because they believe in some scientific law that states that printing money causes all of these things.

This is what is behind Rick Perry’s crazy ranting at Bernanke and Geithner, calling them traitors for printing money. The Right hates the idea of printing money because they want to starve the state. Printing money is one way that a state can pay its bills and debts. It’s a weapon in the government’s spending arsenal. The Right opposes government spending in and of itself, hence they oppose printing money.

Imperialist War Ends in Libya – Imperialists Win


From Russia Today, an excellent TV station funded by the Russian government that frequently attacks the West and Western imperialism, an interview with Pepe Escobar of Asia Times. Escobar, a journalist who often takes on Western imperialism, says that NATO will want a boots on the ground occupation in order to secure the oil supplies.

Western imperialism, headed by the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) has won the war in Libya. The whole war was a joke. There was a no fly zone, which meant that Western aircraft flew over Libya to keep Qaddafi’s aircraft out of the sky. This was supposedly to protect civilians. But it never really was.

For a long time recently, NATO jets have been bombing Qaddafi’s forces where they were not attacking civilians at all. These attacks happened in areas where Libyan forces were only fighting against rebel forces. So the whole protecting civilians things is some kind of a sick joke.

One wonders why the people rose up against Ghaddafi. Libya provides free education anywhere on Earth for any Libyan who wants it. There is a job waiting for any Libyan who wants to work, or even for Libyans who don’t want to work. The unemployment rate is effectively zero, since the only nonworkers are layabouts or the disabled. Basic food supplies are either very cheap or free. Rent is completely free in Libya. All medical care is completely free in Libya. All Libyans get a $500 check every month from the state’s oil supplies.

This was probably one of the main reasons for the NATO assault – to wipe out Libya’s socialist system and privatize the Libyan state.

Ghaddafi tried to move off the US dollar to denominate oil sales – this is probably the main reason why he got attacked by imperialism. He also moved completely outside of the world banking system. As such, he was a threat to the bankster criminals who actually run this entire planet. This is probably another reason why he got attacked – to force him back into the international imperialist banking system.

He was trying to set up a parallel currency and banking system for Africa so Africa could move off the imperialist currency and banking systems of the West. Ghaddafi represented what’s called “the threat of a good example” – this is why he was attacked.

I imagine that all of Libya’s socialist system denominated above will be dismantled by the new NATO imperialist rulers of the NATO colony of Libya. Enjoy the capitalism, Libyans!

Libya had contracts via an Italian oil company with Putin’s Russia. Wikileaks’ documents showed that the US said that these contracts had to be stopped at all costs. This was probably another reason for the war – to end Ghaddafi’s contracts with Russia. This contract is now on hold.

Libya under Ghaddafi paid lower royalties to foreign imperialist oil corporations than any other nation on Earth. That is because as a nationalist, Ghaddafi believed in keeping the maximum amount of oil wealth for his people and the minimum for Western corporate sharks and rapists. This was probably another reason he was attacked – to force negotiation of better terms for Western oil corporations. These contracts will probably all be negotiated on better terms for Western corporations now.

Libya does not recognize the Zionist entity in Israel. This was probably another reason why he was attacked – to force him to recognize Israel.  There are now reports that NATO is demanding that the new regime recognize Israel immediately. I am sure that they will.

Libya was destroyed so that it could be rebuilt. More disaster capitalism. Western corporations, like sharks, are now swarming over Libya to get the rebuilding contracts for rebuild all of the infrastructure that NATO bombed. I think that NATO deliberately destroyed Libya’s infrastructure in order to make money off the rebuilding contracts. The very same thing was done in Iraq. Is that sick or what?

It’s clear, however, that many Libyans hated Ghaddafi. One wonders why. He did so many things for his people. Libya had the highest level of development of any African nation. I think it may have been because he was brutal. He killed so many of his own people. Many others were arrested, tortured, beaten or disappeared. It’s possible that he was so widely hated more on account of his brutality than anything else.

Ben Stein Urges Republican Party to Nominate Barack Obama for President


We on the Left have been saying this for a long time now. Barack Obama needs to run for President in 2012 on the Republican ticket. Why not? He’s just a Republican anyway.

Stein is intelligent enough to point out that from the point of view of a Republican, since the 2010 elections, Obama has moved dramatically to the right, and he’s basically just a Republican now anyway. Hence, Stein says, Republicans ought to be happy with the Republican Barack Obama.

I should point out that Stein is apparently one of the sane Republicans who remain, the core of the old Republican Party. He’s basically a David Brooks – Fareed Zakaria – John McCain old school Republican. I suspect that like these folks, he hates the Tea Party.

I will go Stein one step better and say that we on the Left should also support Barack Obama for President on the Republican ticket. It’s win-win for us all around. Barack Obama for President on the Republican ticket!

Here Ben Stein, Jew, definitely a conservative Republican if there ever was one, urges the Republican Party to nominate Barack Obama for President on the Republican ticket. Obviously, all of the Democrats would vote for Barack the Republican.

No one that the Democratic Party could put up could possibly defeat Obama, but it would at least be interesting to watch. At any rate, it’s not possible for the Democrats to nominate anyone more rightwing than Obama. Hillary and the rest aren’t worse than Obama, they are just the same.

Anyone more liberal than Obama will just lose, but if they don’t, we win.

If Obama wins the Republican ticket, it will be a good thing, since he is much better (more progressive) than any of the Republican candidates.

If he wins as a Republican, this will be good, as we defeated the real crazies on the Right.

If he loses to the Democrat, this will be good too, since the Democrat running against him can’t possibly be worse than Obama, and he will probably be better. And if Obama wins the Republican ticket, he will pull the Republican Party to the Left somewhat. Face it, Obama is to the left of all of his Republican contenders.

And Obama will stop killing the Democratic Party and liberal brand. He won’t be a Democrat anymore, and it’s not possible to be a liberal and a Republican. Let him destroy the Republican Party and the conservative label for a change. They need some internal destruction.

So really Democrats need to support Obama on the Republican ticket too.

What Does the Most Rightwing Country on Earth Look Like?

It looks like Colombia.

Rightwingers must wonder what a rightwing country looks like. What happens to your country when the Right takes over everything, gets almost all of the vote, controls all of the media, and the vast majority of the population would have to identify themselves as rightwingers if they were honest? You end up with Colombia!

What I find frightening about Colombia is that if they are the most rightwing country on Earth, the US must not be far behind. Does the future of America look like Colombia? I keep worrying that it does.

It is certainly possible for countries to not have much of a Left. One example is Colombia – the most rightwing country on Earth after the US. There is a spectrum down there, from “Left” to “Right.” The Left is represented by the Liberals. The Liberals claim to be a social democratic party but there is nothing socialist or democratic about them. The Conservatives apparently hate the Liberals, but they each seem to be about the same – extremely rightwing.

There are a variety of other parties. Most of them appear to be some version of the same extreme rightwing fascism of the Liberals and Conservatives. So you see, in Colombia, there is no Left, and the “Left” and the “Right” are both just the Right.

They represent the interests of a tiny group of rich Colombians who run the country like a personal fiefdom. These group is mostly made of thieves and murderers. They spend most of their time stealing land and money from the vast majority of Colombians (last I heard 80% of the population lived in poverty).

Much of the agenda is to steal the land of the people and give it to large landowners and corporations. Armed groups, including the military and police, come onto the lands owned by the poor and demand that they vacate their land. If you don’t, the thugs, the army and the police come out and arrest, beat, torture, kidnap or kill you. Hence the poor are constantly leaving their lands at gunpoint.

The rich Colombians then come in and steal the land use it as part of their huge landholdings. Or else the stolen land is given to a large corporation, often an American one. If you go to Colombia, you will see vast areas of land that are now owned by rich landowners. All of that land was formerly owned by poor farmers. They were driven off their land, and their land was stolen by the latifundistas.

If you go through these areas, you will run into constant checkpoints manned by the military, police and rightwing death squads. They are the armies of the rich. The checkpoints are to keep the people from rising up and trying to get their land back. In cities near these areas, you will see vast slums stetching as far as you can see over the hills.

The worst slums on Earth. Guess who lives in those slums? The poor farmers who were driven off their land at gunpoint by the armies of the rich. Now landless, they were forced to move from rural to urban areas because they no longer have any land.

There’s no work in the city, so they wallow in the worst misery. These people hardly have enough food to eat. There’s no electricity, sewage, water or other amenities in the slums. The education system is poor and there’s little to no health care. There’s no work. As you might expect, crime is off the charts, much of it involving the poor preying on the rich. The poor slums are guarded by rightwing death squads to make sure that everyone keeps quiet about their condition.

Anyone rising up to complain about the state of affairs in the slums is called a “Communist.” Fullscale repression, which often includes disappearance and murder, typically results. If you go against the system down there, you can easily die. Repression is perhaps most intense against organized labor. Every year, more trade unionists are murdered in Colombia than in any other country on Earth. This is because in Colombia, if you are a trade unionist, you are a Communist. In Colombia, once you are labeled as Communist, you can be killed at any time.

In such a situation where all peaceful protest has been walled off, as you might expect, the Left has been forced to take up arms. You can either sit there and wait for the government to come out and kill you, or you can pick up a gun so you at least have a fighting chance when the government comes out to kill you.

Recently, the Democratic Pole ran in the elections. This is actually a Left party. Many of their candidates were threatened, beaten, arrested and tortured. A number of Polo candidates were out and out murdered by the government. In the last election, I believe that they got maybe 10% of the vote.

Colombia is probably the top 3 US ally on Earth. Colombia gets the third highest foreign aid of any US country. Colombia is the US’ favorite country in Latin America, and it’s one of the last US allies down there. Barack Obama loves Colombia. He signed a deal to put 7 US military bases down there. The purpose of those bases is to help the armies of the rich down there to repress, disappear and slaughter the people. So you can see that Obama just loves Colombian fascism.

This is pretty scary right there. What does a US ally look like? Apparently it looks like Colombia. What kind of values does America have that this country is #3 in US foreign aid, almost all of it military aid.

And yes, of course, this blog does support the FARC and the ELN, the armed Left down there. I was going to do some work for the ELN translating some of their web stuff, but I was afraid it would be illegal under the Patriot Act and I could go down for 10 years.

Do I Know My Right from My Left?

A commenter asks if I know my Right from my Left. The problem is that in the US anymore, the Left is absolutely dead. So is liberalism. “Liberalism” in the US is now represented by Barack Obama and the DNC Democrats. There is nothing even slightly or remotely liberal about these people. They are all rightwingers. Therefore, the liberal brand is shot dead and gone full of holes. “Liberalism” in the US now means some kind of hard rightwinger, but just not as extreme rightwing as the Republican fascists.

A lot of us on the US Left, mostly the left wing of the Democratic Party, or what might be called the liberal base, do not believe that there is anything leftwing about this guy in any way, shape or form. He’s a rightwing Republican. The choice is between the “Democratic” rightwing Republicans and the “Republican” rightwing Republicans. The latter are much more extreme, but they are both parties of the Right.

The Left in the US stands for many things. Barack Obama represents and stands for almost none of those things. In fact, he is a hardcore sworn enemy of most of the hard and fast tenets of the Left here in the US. The Right in America stands also for many things. Barack Obama believes in the vast majority of those things, but he is just not as extreme about it as the Republican Republicans.

Both parties are moving us far to the rightwing. The Republican Republicans are moving us there very fast, the Democratic Republicans are moving us to rightwing Hell more slowly. It’s the slow boat to Hell or the fast boat to Hell.

It is time for everyone in the US who calls themselves as liberal to forcefully reject Barack Obama. What kind of liberal are you?

There are several types of US liberals.

FDR or New Deal liberal

LBJ or Great Society liberal

MLK or Martin Luther King liberal

I am all three of these things. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the DNC corporate Democrats represent a total rejection of everything that FDR, LBJ and in particular MLK stood for. The DNC Dems think that the New Deal and the Great Society and in particular MLK’s view represent “socialist” baggage that the Democratic Party needs to get rid of if it is going to win any elections. The DNC is based on the premise that only a very pro-corporate Democratic Party can possibly win elections in corporatized America.

I will say that Bill Clinton was much less of a Republican than Barack Obama is.

Barack Obama, Corporate Whore, Part 2

Obama kills the Fairness Doctrine. The ultra rightwing Republican Congressmen ordered him to, so Obama followed the orders of his Republican masters. Or really his corporate masters.

Now granted the doctrine is controversial, but these are the public airwaves that we are talking about here. The public airwaves. The corporate media scum lease those airwaves from us, the people. We own them. I own them. They’re my airwaves. They belong to you, me and the rest of us. They do not belong to the corporate worms. They are leased to the corporate maggots by you, me and the rest of us. We allow them to use our airwaves, for a fee which is way to small to tell the truth.

The Fairness Doctrine has not been enforced since 1987, when the reactionary Ronald Reagan deemed it unnecessary. I’m not really sure how useful it was. But it is said that from 1949-1987, it served the interests of the US public well, particularly on radio.

Why was the Fairness Doctrine put in in 1949? As an anti-Nazi measure, so that the US airwaves could never be used by one ideology as the Nazis used German waves as the vehicle for a single ideology. So an act that was put in to stop the Far Right in the US has now been defeated by the Far Right in the US, led by one of their leaders, Republican Barack Obama.

The killing of the Fairness Doctrine was strike 1.

Strike 2 was by Republican Bill Clinton, who passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996. It passed with votes from almost 100% of Congress, including almost all Democrats and even so-called liberals. The Democrats and liberals apparently voted for it due to campaign contributions. This corporate bill was passed in order to increase competition and lower prices in the media. Of course it did neither.

If there’s one thing corporations hate, it’s competition. Who is competition good for? Consumers! It is very common that pro-corporate agendas in government are pushed on the grounds that they will be good for competition. If a corporate whore (politician) pushes something on grounds that it will be good for competition, you can bet that it won’t be.

The TA Act of 1996 ruined competition in the US. It involved loosening almost all regulations governing how many stations a media conglomerate can own, and it gave away $30 billion worth of the public airwaves to the corporate dogs for seemingly pennies. It’s ultimate result was nearly unfettered control over US airwaves by a tiny handful of extremely rightwing corporate media companies.

So it is that all or nearly all of US TV news is owned by a few rightwing corporate outlets. And nearly all political radio is owned by a tiny few outlets – the plague of rightwing talk radio which far outdistances even Fox News in terms of listeners.

As far as the Fairness Doctrine, I am not sure what to do about it. I think that since 21% of Americans are liberals, 21% of TV news and radio news stations should be leased out to leftwing news outlets for whatever they can afford. There would be a problem in getting enough advertising, but we could at least see how it works. Some of these could even be community run TV and radio news outlets.

There are so many leftwing blogs out there covering news that it should be easy to run leftwing TV and radio stations. In fact, there are many Internet TV (more like video) and radio stations broadcasting right now, and a number of them are leftwing.

30% of media licenses would go to moderates. I guess that’s like CNBC. The rightwing dogs can have 42% of outlets, since that’s how many Americans are rightwing dogs.

Sound fair? Why not?

Corporate Whore Barack Obama, Part 1

Rightwing Republican Barack Obama continued to show us who he really represents – the corporations, and not the people.

In banking news, the Obama administration is reportedly putting “increasing pressure” on New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to agree to a broad state settlement with banks over questionable foreclosure tactics.

The federal settlement has been widely criticized because it would insulate the nation’s largest banks, including Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, from all criminal investigations in exchange for civil fines. Schneiderman and others have opposed the settlement because they say it would restrict their ability to investigate and prosecute wrongdoing in a variety of areas, including the bundling of loans in mortgage securities.

The banksters are criminals. All of them. They belong in prison, not walking the streets. In this case, Barack Obankster, the President from Wall Street, is going to let the banks off the hook with a silly little fine that won’t hurt their precious pocketbooks one bit.

The foreclosure cases they are talking about were in many cases illegal. Flat out illegal. The banks broke the law. Over and over again, all over the US. And Obama is going to let them off the hook, because he is owned by the banksters. It is Finance Capital (Wall Street) who put Obama in office in the first place, and he is again raising most of his money from Wall Street. Wall Street is going to elect him again, if he wins.

Looking at the behavior of Obama, the best explanation for his behavior is that he is Mr. Wall Street. He was from the day he walked into office. His appointments were all pro-Wall Street. Bernanke, Summers, Geithner, Orzag, and Emmanuel.

Just to show you how insane American politics is, the Republicans, who have the support of up to 45% of US lunatics, are attacking this 100% corporate President on the grounds that he is a Communist who is out to destroy US corporate capitalism. 53% of US population apparently actually believes that, because that’s how many say that Obama is a
“socialist.” I’m a socialist. I have never heard one real socialist anywhere on Earth say that Obama is one of us. No socialists believe this! We all think is some kind of a sick, insulting joke.

There is nothing socialist, progressive, liberal or even moderate about Barack Obama. The only thing more rightwing than Obama is a militia.

Black Diners

From Gucci Little Piggy, who is by the way banned from this site for rudeness. Glpiggy is some kind of rightwing, Libertarian economics, HBD, anti-feminist and increasingly flagrantly racist blog in the Alternative Right blogosphere. Alternative right, whatever that means, right? What does it mean anyway? Why would anyone want to be Alternative Right? What’s so hip and cool about it anyway?

This is an interesting view of what it is like to serve Black people in a large restaurant. The Blacks show up en masse for the cheapest meal of them all, which isn’t even very good for you either. Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks and ranch dressing are full of fat and possibly salt too.

There are lots of violations of basic White manners in this post.

Showing up en masse for the cheapest food of them all. Uncertain whether this is rude or cheap. A lot of Whites would probably do it, but something rings cheap about it. Marginal, tough call. In White society, when you all show up for the cheapest deal of them all, it means you’re broke and you don’t have any money. Or else you have money and you’re just tight. Neither of which looks good in money obsessed White society.

Bringing little kids and babies to a restaurant at 11:30 at night? Now that’s just weird. Most Whites would say that the little ones ought to be in bed at that hour.

Swapping tables? Wow. Bringing your food with you to the tables of your friends? Wow. Hard to say. We, or I, just don’t do that. Not that I can think of anyway. I mean, maybe did it in high school? It’s going to be big mess to bring your food to another table. Maybe you might go to the other table, but without any food, visit a bit and then leave.

Demand that the waiter prepare a special mix of French and ranch dressing. Now you are a demanding diner, demanding special favors from the help. That’s considered rude. Some Whites are rude. If you have a lot of money, you can be a demanding diner, but you should tip very well. At any rate, you are considered to be imposing on the table help.

Asking for a warm water bowl and a hot towel and a lemon to clean up. That is extremely demanding and a very strange request. Most Whites would consider that to be an outrageous and rude demand. Just go the restroom and wash up.

Demanding a plate of lemons so you can make free lemonade. Wow. Cheap and tacky ain’t the word! That is so low. Trying to get free food. Just order a lemonade and be done with it.

Refusing to tip. Yes, Blacks don’t tip. This is a longstanding complaint of many servers. Or if they do, they tip very low. I mean very, very, very low.

Making loud and rude passive aggressive remarks about the service. Wow. That is extremely rude. You just don’t do that. Unless the service is outrageously bad, and I can’t remember the last time that was true. You don’t complain about the help. In most cases, is it not obvious that they are going out of their way to win you over so they get a good tip?

Drug dealers ordering outrageously gauche and tacky to the extreme most expensive stuff out there. What to say? Whites would not do that. If you’re a drug dealer, and I knew a few, you play it cool and don’t show off. The more you show off, the more you are likely to get busted.

The Black drug dealer not only doesn’t tip, but he doesn’t even leave enough to cover the bill in the first place. Wow, beyond rude heading to the antisocial. If you’re going to order the most expensive stuff on the menu, well, you just have to tip, that’s all there is to it. And you have to tip well.

Ordering the most expensive stuff means you are bucks up to the extreme. In that case, you must tip well. And of course you must pay for your meal. Ordering the most expensive stuff on the menu and then not only not tipping but not even covering the bill, well, that borders on the sociopathic. Actually, it is sociopathic.

I waited tables at a chain bar and grill in college. They offered $1.99 baskets of hot wings and mozzarella sticks from 8PM-Close. The place would go from mostly whites to all black at 8PM, as the blacks came in for their $1.99 dinner of “buppalo wings” as they called them. We called the blacks “dub dubs” or WWs, the Wings and Water crowd. The black cooks in the kitchen would get a kick out of watching the Negroes run the white waiters ragged.

The blacks brought their small babies and children at 11:30PM for this wholesome meal, and often came in groups of 10 or more. Sometimes the entire restaurant was full of one hundred blacks who all knew each other and swapped tables, taking their baskets of food with them.

Tables of fat black women would order 4 or more baskets of food each, all with 3 or 4 greasy tubs of ranch dressing. They would demand that I mix the french and ranch dressing for them. It was just a flying mess of grease, napkins, bones, and lemons. I remember one woman asking me for a “warm water bowl with lemon and a hot towel” to bathe herself after eating.

These women would strip the wing bones clean in one bite. They drank gallons of water, demanded a “plate of lemons”, and then would mix in the sweet and low to make free lemonade. They always stiffed me on the check, and as you described, made loud rude passive aggressive comments about the service.

The male black drug dealers would order the $15 sirloin steak well done with double french fries and frozen top shelf Brandy Alexanders ($12 ea) from the bar. The men would always order frozen strawberry daiquiris with whipped cream. One time a guy ran up a $100 tab as if he was at a fine dining establishment. He did not even throw enough rolled drug cash on the table to cover his bill.

Alt Left: The Insecurity of the Western Male as It Relates to the Issue of Patriarchy

Posted by an Arab at a pro-male website for guys either living abroad or thinking of living abroad. I actually think he is onto something, sad it is. On the other hand, I don’t have the slightest idea of what to do about it either.When I was younger, I used to say that the world would be better if it was ruled by women. I no longer believe that. Male rule is rather evil, and it’s not that great for women. It causes a ton of problems. It’s cruel, discriminatory, brutal and warlike. But it seems to work. Sort of like capitalism – they’re both evil but at least they work.

Female rule, on the other hand, whatever its merits, simply doesn’t seem to work. Sort of like Communism. Great idea, morally correct and proper, not evil, the morally superior choice. Yet it doesn’t work. Evil works and good fails.

If men are too brutal to rule properly, women are too incompetent to rule at all. Ruling – it’s not what women do. What do women do? Other stuff. What do they do well? Lots of stuff, but ruling ain’t one of them. Female rule seems to cause chaos and mass dysfunction.

The Natural Law guy in me says that’s because it goes against nature itself. Men are a bunch of assholes, but Nature wants us to rule. Violations of Nature are punished by Mother Nature herself. In particular, female rule seems to cause mass unhappiness and misery in both sexes. The women become more masculine, the men become more feminine or overcompensate, and nobody’s really happy.

I live with a bunch of Hispanics. This is a very patriarchal culture, though the women here have way more rights than they do down in Mexico. The females seem to appreciate the increased rights, and the males don’t really mind. But sex roles are quite rigid. The males are very masculine, almost parodies, and the women, at least those born in the South, are very feminine, which actually is not a bad thing.

Women born in the South almost never smoke, and they don’t drink much. They don’t screw around much either. Female sexual propriety is highly prized. It seems like men rule, and the women are subordinate to the men.

One would think that this Patriarchal catastrophe would promote mass misery among the women and idiotic and dysfunctional behavior among the men. You would be wrong. Both sexes are very happy, especially in their roles. Both sexes age well. Middle aged Hispanic women, even divorced ones, are very happy. Fat and happy. Middle aged Hispanic men are fat but happy. There’s no Middle Aged Angry and Miserable Woman Syndrome you see in the Whites. There’s no Middle aged Defeated and Depressed Man Syndrome you see here.

It’s all natural and all smiles. When you play with Nature, Nature smiles back you. One of her rewards is happiness. Rebellion is punished by the Spurned Mother with misery. It’s so simple, yet so hard to figure out that no one can see it.

Feel free to read and comment. There are many comments later on in the thread, mostly Americans pointing out that Arab culture sucks too. Maybe even more than ours. And they would be right. Arab culture sucks, but in a totally different way.

Some cultures take Nature too far. Nature gives Man a nice long leash to play on. Tear the leash off, and She’s angry and hunting you down. But Nature doesn’t want us to be dependent homebodies, hover over Mom’s skirts and afraid to go out and play. Mother’s rule: You’re on a leash, but play! Run and play and stretch that rope to its limits!

What you are about to read is a rare look into how the West and it’s culture is perceived by an Arab, who has lived and traveled all over the world and is a keen observer of society and people.

Meeting Westerners, one of the things I noticed was how insecure and de-masculinized they seemed to me; compared to myself and the male-dominated, testosterone-driven culture of my land.

Western men seemed fragile somehow, unsure of themselves and their worth, the vast majority of them. Some put on fake personas, some overcompensated…none quite had the quiet confidence that people from our culture possess.On the internet, most Americans seemed to act like little bitches, little girls brought up in a Feminist perversion of nature.

I now understand why; after observing the complex dynamics of U.S. and Western society.

It was only after coming to the U.S. and studying here that all the pieces came together – a fascinating look at a dysfunctional man-hating civilization that is the polar opposite of my own culture, and will eventually lead to the collapse of Western civilization.

Where I come from, men walk proud and rule the streets and testosterone runs in the air; and strong patriarchal foundations of family and the father as ruler of the household. Men harass and aggressively follow women – it is unapologetically a man’s world. Men are imbued with confidence and have high self esteem, women are (funnily enough) horny and demure; and feminine and understand the natural order of things.

In the U.S., Feminism has so corrupted the society to it’s core, damaged the very concept of family and the family unit and the father’s role, that society as a whole is like some bizarre alien planet – where men are bland, lack personality, are anti-social, gossipy, soul-less. Men are weak and insecure deep inside. People are disconnected and paranoid, anti-social and self-absorbed.

It’s a society where men have become de-masculinized. Bizarre and cliquish; I can sense the odd social-cultural constructs permeating the country – it is a deeply segregated and fake culture. Men cannot feel confident and assured here like in strong patriarchies; women have all the power and American men seem clueless as to how bizarre the male-female dynamic has become.

In the workplace, Americans are Automatons, like soul-less hamsters on a wheel. Fake conversations, no intellectualism, no interest in other countries, peoples, or history.

Also, terrible social and people skills – at least in California. Most people communicate via twitter and Facebook, even though most of the people on their Facebook live in the same city and a phone call away.

People are vacuous, shallow, superficial, suggestible. Men raised here are fake, insecure, lack personality, they seem to have “issues.” Women are confused and messed up…

You let your women take control, and your society will unravel- it will make your men weak, and destroy your society to it’s core. The patriarchy is a male conceived and enforced institution that was imposed on females, because men, and only men understand well the long-term impacts of civilization and harnessing male energies into productive family units and a stable society…. civilization itself is a result of patriarchy.

To sum if up, it seems to be that the whole country is schizophrenic, like a Jekyll and Hyde monstrosity. There is no community, no camaraderie, no soul, men and women are willing servants to their corporate masters and slaves to materialism and superficiality; and incredibly conformist, reserved, and politically correct to the point of totalitarianism.

Mike Rugg on the Sierra Kills


Mike Rugg is one of the best observers in the Bigfoot game. Here is his take on the Sierra Kills. It’s good to see that the Sierra Kills story is getting as much play as it does.

Rugg suggests that what actually was that two Black Bears were killed instead of two Bigfoots.

Two Black Bears were actually killed very close to the area of the Sierra Kills. The tags were turned in at Portola, 15 miles southwest of the Sierra Kills site. The bears were shot on October 15-16, right around the time of the Sierra Kills. When the hunters went to a gas station after they shot the first one, a crowd gathered around the truck with the dead bear in it. The crowd was calling the dead bear “Bigfoot.”

So this is supposedly how the whole Sierra Kills story got started, with reports of a bear shot and killed in the same locale at the same time that locals felt looked like a Bigfoot.

For the record, I do believe that Justin Smeja shot and killed two Bigfoots in that region in late October of last year. The story simply must be true, as unbelievable as it sounds.

Derek Randles, strangely enough one of the most loved characters in the Bigfoot world, shows up in the comments below the video on Youtube and makes a total ass out of himself as he so often does lately, blasting Rigg. In the video, oddly enough, Rugg says Randles is a “very nice guy.” Yeah whatever.

Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett on Oprah


Miley Cyrus either rocks out with Joan Jett or else destroys three of her songs. You decide. I’m an old Joan Jett fan, dating back all the way to 1977-1978. I knew a guy who had produced the Runaways album. He said that all of the Runaways chicks were bisexual, “all of them, every one of them.” He acted like he was amazed at that. I wasn’t. Those girls were also on drugs at the time. And they really were teenagers too. All of them were about 15-17 when they made that album.This was one of the original proto-punk albums.

Joan later split off and formed Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. “I Don’t Give a Damn About My Reputation” was recorded on an album in 1981. I don’t know when “I Hate Myself for Loving You” was recorded. In 1981 I was hearing rumors from women in the know, including women I was dating, that Jett was bisexual. “She likes girls,” is what I was told. This is a long-standing rumor. I don’t think she has ever married.

On a side note, doesn’t she look fantastic? I believe she is 51 years old.

I wonder how many people in that crowd were Republicans. What they don’t realize is that rock and rock in general, with a few exceptions, and punk rock in particular, was revolutionary music. It was always part of the Left, and in particular, it was the leading edge of the Left in the Culture War. The true Culture Warriors ought to realize that. Someday in the future, or perhaps now already, Joan Jett will be on loudspeakers at the Republican Convention. Do these idiots have any idea of what they are listening to?

Once Republicans start rocking out to the best and most revolutionary music, the music is gone and has lost all of its value. Sure it has a nice beat, but do you have any idea of what exactly you are listening to? Why don’t you light up a joint, go get an abortion, burn the flag and go to your best friends gay wedding at the local hippie commune?.

Rock music was always revolutionary, and the best rock music always will be. It’s sacrilege to play such music at a Tea Party rally. The music, after all, has a message. Do you have any idea what that message is, you idiots? It’s the message of the Left in the Culture War, you dipshits. It’s not just another goddamned commodity!

Women Can Get Sex Anytime They Want; Men Can’t

A female friend of mine is surprised that there are young, intelligent, single guys who aren’t getting any. But this is the typical line of women. They always assume that guys can get laid anytime they want to, and they are amazed that there are any guys who aren’t getting any, or who haven’t gotten any in some time.

This is because a single, attractive woman has guys after her all the time. She can get laid anytime she wants to. I have been told that even homely and heavy women can more or less get laid anytime they want to, if they want to lower their standards enough. This is because guys always want to fuck, and a lot of guys will just fuck anything. My neighborhood is full of heavy and homely women, some very homely and very heavy, sometimes both. They’ve more or less all got men, and the ones that don’t have men seem to be doing without by choice.

Lots of guys can’t get women or can hardly get a woman. Of all ages. It’s more or less normal for single guys in general. This whole idea that any single guy can get laid any time he wants to is insane.

I know a lot of guys who have gone years without so much as having a date. Good looking, intelligent guys with good jobs of all ages ranging from 23-50. And a lot of single guys go on long dry spells. I know a 52 year old virgin. In my old town, it was well known that there were some guys, not gay, who had never been seen with a woman in a 15-20 year period.

Now some of these guys are kind of weird, angry, or shy, but some of are none of the above.

I’m not surprised that some commenters on this site are having a hard time getting women. That’s just normal to me.

Women don’t give it up that easily, and they usually want something in return. The ~15% alphas get ~85% of best women, and a lot of the rest of guys are left holding the bag.

The fact that guys just can’t get it any old time in general like women can is why guys just say the Hell with it and get married. Men claim they marry for love, but really they marry for sex. Steady, reliable, no hassle, regular sex. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s right there in your bed every night, and all you have to do is ask.

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