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Justin Smeja identified as Sierra Kills shooter. We can now confirm that Justin Smeja is the Sierra Kills shooter who supposedly shot and killed two Bigfoots in Plumas County, California in October 2010. I tried to keep his name a secret for 3 1/2 weeks, but now that he has been outed on various blogs and forums, there’s no need for secrecy anymore. From a screenshot on, forum participants found evidence the Smeja was the author of the thread.

A screenshot of the thread where it is suggested that Justin Smeja is the person who wrote the original Sierra Kills thread in November 2010.

Additional evidence was provided by an email from George Roof of confirming that Justin Smeja did indeed write the post on that site where he admitted that he shot and killed the two Bigfoots. Here is the email:

From: Justin Date: Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 11:06 PM Subject: George Roof and Bigfoots!! To: George Roof

You do know that someone has been writing about you on the internet, saying you shut down a thread at Taxidermy at the request of a guy who was being harassed for shooting 2 Bigfoots, right?

Feel free to deny this and your knowledge of who this shooter is at anytime, so that your name is not involved in this crazy business anymore. Feel free to call out Ken Walker and Robert Lindsay as liars, if you can.

From: George Roof Date: Sun, Jul 17, 2011 at 6:03 AM Subject: Re: George Roof and Bigfoots!! To: Justin

Well then I guess you’re just out of luck then. You see I DID at the direct request of Jason Smeja ask the site administrator to close the post. Smeja claimed he was getting threatening emails. Now man-up and apologize to those two.

Smeja in danger due to being outed? Someone emailed me concerned that Smeja was in danger from crazy animal rights types now that he has been outed. This person felt that one of these anti-hunter types might try to harm or even kill Smeja. I do not think that there is any risk of that, but I do feel protective of Smeja. I have his address and phone number, but I am not giving it out. In addition, I put him in touch with an attorney in hopes that she can make a deal with him with the Feds for amnesty in case they are going to charge him over this incident.

Book and movie deal for Smeja? There are rumors that Smeja has been offered a $500,000 book and movie deal based on the Sierra Kills incident. I can’t confirm this rumor in any way; it’s just flying around.

Feds interested in the Sierra Kills? According to admittedly third hand and further away sources, the federal government is aware of what happened in the Sierra Kills, and they are closely monitoring the situation.

What exactly this means is not certain – whether they think the incident really occurred, whether they think it is a hoax, etc., no one really knows. But the source who received this information was told by his contacts in a federal investigative agency to “keep out of it and don’t get involved if you know what’s good for you.” What exactly this cryptic comment means is also unknown.

Ketchum DNA report delayed again. The Ketchum DNA report was sent out for peer review in early January. It was accepted for peer review about one month later. This means that the journal felt that the science behind the paper was basically sound and the paper would not be rejected, although it could be sent back for a rewrite ranging from minor to major. The paper was supposed to be through peer review first in late spring. Next it was said that the paper would be done by July.

The latest from Ketchum herself is that the paper will not be done until November or at the latest, the end of the year. I’m sick and tired of waiting for this paper, and I am starting to wonder if it is ever coming out.

Ketchum Project a one woman show? Richard Stubstad has argued on this site that Ketchum’s report is a one woman show. He suggested that the paper would have only one author, Ketchum, and no co-authors. This view has now been shown to be incorrect. The latest news is that Ketchum’s paper is authored by her and six co-authors.

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0 thoughts on “Latest News From the Bigfoot World”

  1. The Ketchum report is a hoax. It will probably never come out because is is based on very flakey science. All of the people waiting for it are suffering from confirmation bias.

  2. Lars Lamb is correct. There was no shooting of two bigfoots and nobody is in any danger of being procecuted for it. This is probably what started as a joke/little hoax and has escalated beyond the original intent. It reminds me a bit of the Georgia hoax from 2008 and will end the same way.

  3. I have learned the hard way not to get my hopes up when it comes to these media driven stories! I sincerely hope that Ms Ketchum has the proof necessary to, at the least,be solid enough to get mainstream science to sit up and take real notice of these creatures that we all know exist!!!!!

  4. Well, I know people who have seen the videos that Erickson has from Kentucky. They said that they will blow the lid off the whole field. I believe my friends when they say that these movies exist and they have seen them. At the very least, they will set off a storm of controversy. You are saying that my friend is lying and saw no video, that no video exists? What is it that you are saying? John Bindernagel, PhD wildlife biology, went down to the site and saw the Bigfoots with his own eyes. I believe him when he says he went down there and saw the Bigfoots. You are saying he is lying? You say that he never went down there? That he never saw any Bigfoots?

    I know people who worked on Ketchum’s DNA project. She says she has DNA from 20 different Bigfoot individuals. Are you saying that she is lying? That her science is bad? What is it that you are saying?

    1. Chullo, I applaud your scepticism, I would however caution against the kinds of equivalency you offer to support your point. Sasquatch and The Rapture do not belong in the same sentence, neither, I should think, do any of the other examples in your post. There is — much to the chagrin of many — a great deal of “evidence” for the existence of this critter, not so much(don’t you think?) for, say, Christ’s return . . . Now whether or not you, or anyone else for that matter, chooses to believe said evidence is a personal concern. There are, to be sure, issues aplenty with the DNA work being done by Dr. Ketchum(and here I urge you to stay current with Richard Stubstab’s posts on this topic), and I am very suspicious of the ‘look’ of the Erickson Project’s sasquatch, still, perhaps I am burning daylight only to grumble at the effort. As for your assessment of this site’s administrator — I don’t see Robert Lindsay as a zealot, more a station master I should think. His site is, to all extents and purposes, Grand Central Station for this topic, and I for one am grateful that he keeps the trains, whether they’re powered by opinion, news, or rumor, humming. Finally, I would encourage you to hold off on the embarrassment you experience for those who believe that there is an unknown hominin ‘out there’. Who knows, you may find yourself on the other side of that someday . . . Cheers!

    2. I’m not a zealot. In fact, I sympathize with the skeptics. I still think it is absolutely insane that such a creature could possibly exist. Many days I find myself wondering incredulously how they could possibly exist. My rational mind tells me that there is no way on Earth that this thing could possibly exist. It makes no sense at all. So, in a way, I’m a skeptic myself! I barely believe in Bigfoots myself. But after many years of reviewing the evidence, the incredible conclusion seems to be that these things somehow do exist, against all odds and against all reasonable facts and evidence. Incredible as it sounds, apparently these things actually do exist!

      And part of it that I know several people who have seen them. One saw them 7 times, another 4 times and another twice. One saw one from zero feet away. It was handing him a cup of water after he passed out in a swamp. The other guys saw them from as close as 25-30 feet away. There is no doubt in their minds of what my friends saw. There’s no way that they are lying. There’s no way that they hallucinated. There’s no way that they mistook another creature. They either saw something real or they got hoaxed by some dude running around in the woods with a suit. One guy, who has seen them 7 times, is a former university science professor.

      You still haven’t offered any explanations for what John Bindernagel and Leila Hadj-Chikh saw in Kentucky. Both are PhD biologists. Bindernagel is a wildlife biologist. Bindernagel saw them once and Hadj-Chikh saw them many times. In fact, she shot video of them. Are they both hoaxers? If not, what did they see? You haven’t offered any alternative explanations for your skepticism.

      And what’s up with Ketchum’s DNA project? She claims to have sequenced DNA from 20 separate Bigfoots. Is she lying? Is her science crap? What’s your explanation?

      You’re sitting there shooting this stuff down, but you are not offering any alternative theories to explain the evidence.

    3. But aren’t you expressing a belief without evidence? You’re assuming the DNA analysis will be worthless without empirical data. I’m wondering why that doesn’t make you a zealot. Skepticism is crucial, but blind skepticism is just as dangerous as blind faith.

  5. I think “Chullo” could have a very good argument on his hands here, however, I would have to agree with “M Cloud” on the examples you (“Chullo”) are using for comparison. In the case of the “Rapture” (or whatever other guise might be used), you’re example is that of an idea (maybe a metaphor) in the form of text and then how that “idea” is interpreted by the biases of the human mind. But the form again is TEXT. As for the case of “Bigfoot”, the point of contention here is a supposed LIVING creature…an actual, 3D form….not TEXT. This is where in my opinion your (Chullo) argument does not apply. I hope I’m making a clear point, If not, please feel free to debate. Cheers, (just a guest)

    1. Chullo, Starting with the PG film there is a small but nonetheless impressive library of ‘evidence’ out there. Someone(forgive me, can’t remember the name right at the moment) has put together a chronological trackways compendium that extends back decades. And yes, tracks are, beyond any doubt, the most easily faked bit of documentation in the canon. Still, I would like to hear your take on the fact the some of these tracks that were cast as far back as the mid-late fifties have dermal ridges. What hoaxer would have thought to carve dermal ridges into their wooden fraudfeet in 1957, 1961, etc, etc . . ? Many tracks are discovered at high elevations completely off the beaten track(Sorry. He who would make a pun would pick a pocket . . .). Yes, some compulsive/obsessive git could have driven several hours into the hills, hiked in a day or two, headed up a two or three thousand foot gain in elevation to a ridgeline in order to stamp some dodgy foot impressions into the soil, but are there really enough people with this severe a personality disorder to account for all the tracks . . ? National Geographic is getting involved in this issue and in a way that concludes that there is quite possibly an unknown hominin co-habitant with us on our continent. And I know you would remind me what a bunch of conservative toffs the NG people are, and you would be correct in doing so. They are. Significant though that they’re not the sort to rush rashly out on any limb . . . You are bringing a literate and well-reasoned argument to this thread, but I also think that “Dennis” has a valid point, to wit: the extant physical evidence supporting the existence of sasquatch is rather a different thing than believing you see the face of the Virgin Mary in your morning biscuit . . . Cheers!

  6. If Smeja is the shooter, then this opens Pandora’s box. According to the Olympic Project site, he is a member of the team. This explains why Randles acted the way he did on the radio interview. What bugs me is that if this is true why people have to play games like this when science is involved? It is nice to share. I am a believer in Bigfoot and I hope the sharing of any information would be a natural reaction of those who have it to help project these creatures. If Smeja made a mistake, so be it. We are human and make mistakes. While I am against hunting in any form, I dont feel anyone has the right to judge him. However, I feel we must try constantly try to help protect nature in all of its various and magnificant forms. While I also understand that in the Bigfoot world there is healthy competition over who may find something fiirst, people need to take the credit they deserve but then share. Nobody is going to become that rich over a discovery that the truth can’t come out.

    1. This is why I call him the Olympic Project hominid executioner or variants of this. I am going to judge him. I have every reason to JUDGE him. When was the last time a Bigfoot witness felt compelled to shoot one or two in self defense, especially when not alone and in a big truck. JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE. Spare me the relativism.

      1. I don’t believe that “The Shooter” shot anything.
        I believe this to be a hoax, a joke perpetrated on BF believers.
        “The Shooter” has certainly managed to garner a lot of attention, which is what he desires in my humble opinion..

        1. There is nothing to support this as being a hoax although it is possible, just unlikely. The only evidence that this is a hoax lies in the minds of those who have rightfully been conditioned to cynicism.

  7. I was not trying to give the shooter a pass. Since I was not there I really can’t comment oh his state of mind. However, what is strange is that there are no photo’s that have been released. This is 2011 and everybody has a wireless device with a camera. Hunters like to display their prey. It seems strange that there s no photographic evidence out there. Hopefully, the truth will come out because if this was not an accident, then it is a a tragey. Furthermore, let’s hope is not a hoax that will further discredit the people who are trying to get the world to believe and respect these creatures.

      1. Well that is at least a positive. Let’s hope it answers the DNA questions and finally gives the world an answer. Keep us posted, Please

      2. Why are there no photos of the bigfoot this ‘steak’ was taken from? I think that, in the end, you will find that there was no bigfoot. This is a scam.

  8. I would think that with all the “physics theories” that abound in the sciences these days, i.e. Quantum Physics, the state of the “empirical” mind might have quelled a bit with some of the most thought provoking and stimulating contributions to the sciences. Pushing the “linear mind” beyond it’s safe “provable” boundaries, BUT this might be a challenge for some to at least keep an open mind to a possibility. How is “true” science that without it’s thirst for seeking knowledge. When it’s collective mind shuts the door to possibilities,… my opinion, it is NOT science! D

  9. Hello Robert, Please PM me at my Gmail account.
    I would love to talk, and I need to discuss a couple of things that you may be interested in.
    Hope to hear from you soon..

  10. Robert, hang in there! I see some people are pretty mad at you. Just keep bringing us the story as it unfolds. Am curious about Sweetsuiq has to say.

  11. I have seen posts by skeptics who immediately jump to character assassination. This is untoward and inappropriate. People can come to a different conclusion on a topic like Bigfoot, whether ultimately they are right or wrong, without being criminals or pathological liars.

    I think the tricky thing about eyewitness testimony is that you either believe the testimony, or you don’t, but if you don’t, then you are interpreted as maligning the character of the person giving the testimony. That creates big rifts and bad blood between people, and ultimately proves or disproves nothing what so ever.

    I think it’s possible that credible people could believe they saw something, but actually saw something else (misidentification under unusual circumstances) or even hallucinated under extreme circumstances, like dehydration or illness, or perhaps having been poisoned by something they ingested (innocently of course.)

    Then again, it’s possible they saw exactly what they said and are reporting the experience accurately. But without the corroborating evidence (high quality corroborating evidence) it’s hard for other people to know where they fall on the spectrum (accurate testimony…well-meaning but inaccurate…and even a few liars or mentally unstable people, which a few probably are.)

    So, if your best friend sees Bigfoot, by all means believe him, but it’s not reasonable to expect that the rest of the world, including the scientific community, should follow suit.

  12. Good grief…let’s please ignore these people who say there is “no evidence”. They clearly haven’t even read up on the issue and I get the feeling from some of them that they kill time this way…ie, coming to websites like this just to “fire up” the people who really have taken the time to educate themselves on the topic.

  13. I find it interesting that in a court of law one can be sentenced to death on less evidence than we have for Bigfoot. I
    Seems at the very least to warrant funded, public study.

    1. Which will probably occur once the DNA studies have been made public. And won’t that just open a completely new can of worms . . . Cheers!

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