The Republican Budget Nightmare

This article goes on and on about how horrible the House Republican debt ceiling plan is. Granted, it would be an utter catastrophe. According to the article, the plan will cause:

the greatest increase in poverty and hardship produced by any law in modern U.S. history

Why in the Hell should we do that? This is class war, nothing more, nothing less. The only way the plan would work is by doing the following:

Policymakers would essentially have three choices:  1) cut Social Security and Medicare benefits heavily for current retirees, something that all budget plans from both parties (including House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan) have ruled out; 2) repeal the Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansions while retaining its measures that cut Medicare payments and raise tax revenues, even though Republicans seek to repeal many of those measures as well; or 3) eviscerate the safety net for low-income children, parents, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

In other words, it would wreck health care reform, axe Social Security and Medicare every single year until there is nothing left by slashing benefits for current retirees (something even the Ryan Plan does not do), and utterly eviscerate the social safety net. In particular, Medicaid would be wrecked almost beyond recognition.

Obviously, that’s a nightmare, but what does it say that possible the majority of Americans might support such a plan? What does that say about what kind of people we really are?

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