The Death of White America Will Be a Great and Glorious Thing

Hacienda writes:

I say to all people white, yellow, brown, red, black everywhere that the Americas, both North and South, Australia, New Zealand and all the conquered lands of racist imperialist powers, that these lands belong to you.

Only by settlement of these lands by all peoples, will whites be able to finally and ultimately cleanse themselves of their infinite sins of genocide, enslavements, displacements, rapes, and tortures. Only by settlement by all peoples can the world be free from white materialism, technological estrangement, ecological disasters, race alienation, planet scale unending wars.

You may choose to live in these lands as citizens. Or you may not. But you have as much right and as much stake in living in these lands as the current citizenry. In me you will find a sympathetic friend to your cause. The new future belongs to all people regardless of location.

There will be no planetary apartheid springing from lands where the natives were killed. Whites never earned the right to live in these lands as sole possessors or even majority possessor. Let’s make these lands truly free, not just an anthemic free or free for a diminishing minority. But FREE for ALL people.

Most of this is just the usual non-White CRT nonsense. There’s nothing particularly evil about Whites in general. Most White countries, with the exception of the reactionary and imperialist slimepit called America, are very nice places full of excellent people.

The main thing that has to be stopped is US Whites. They are some of the worst people on Earth. Fiercely imperialistic, insanely reactionary and just plain backwards and stupid, they are an anchor dragging down the planet. As one who lives in the Diversity, I will acknowledge that it’s not exactly optimal. In many ways, it’s a downgrade from a White habitation. But I can live with the Diversity.

I can even survive its dirtyness, violence, backwardsness, stupidity, crime and and run-down, degraded nature. What I can’t survive is white picket fence America. That’s what’s got to go. There’s no use in nice pretty, calm, law abiding White towns if you’re too sick, wrecked, broke, near dead or dead to live there and survive. White rule means ruined lives, disease, homelessness, economic wreckage, and ultimately death.

In the gritty Diversity, all is not well, but at least we can survive. Most of us will survive the gangsters and the criminals. We can avert our eyes to the dirtiness and trash. We can choose to ignore the degraded 3rd Worldization and resulting backwardsness. We can still live, stay healthy, drive our cars, eat enough food, exercise, work, save some money, live with a roof over our head, go to the doctor and live out our long lives.

We can survive in the slums and barrios of 3rd World America, but Leave it to Beaver White America means personal and economic ruin, wreckage and early death.

Such is our miserable choice.

One thing great that the future holds for us will be the glorious death of White America.

We should stand up and shout a great cheer to the skies every time one of these reactionary Whites bites the dust. The planet will thank us!

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375 thoughts on “The Death of White America Will Be a Great and Glorious Thing”

  1. To:

    LOL, UM. It was the Christians who had a great hand in exterminating the “tribalism” of the Americas.

    The number killers of the indigenous people of the Americas were microscopic. Since White folks developed most of the vaccines and antibiotics on the planet I guess you can say they were responsible for substantially wiping out the biggest killers of Native Americans.

    And I guess you missed my point about “Your interpretation of the phrase is not part of Christianity but that of tribalism which Christianity (frequently not successfully..) seeks to overcome.”

    Taoism/Buddhism/Confucianism and what’s left of Christianity is going to save the day in the Americas.

    From what..?

    1. UM,

      You’re a wanker. Your bullshit whitey techno salvationism as be all and end all and a response to everything is tiring. Next, you be pointing out how the internet is a white invention and we would be talking with it. ETC. Exactly why I find replying to you such a tiring thing. You Google shit to throw back at people rather than provide real answers. You’re an American middle aged dweeb at its most exemplary.

      No, the number of killers were many asshole. It was systemic and democratic. Are you fucking insane on top off being banal? YES!

    2. Taoism/Buddhism/Confucianism and what’s left of Christianity is going to save the day in the Americas.

      From what..?
      From fundamentalist.

  2. Lazy 3rd worlders can’t create their own civilization, so they have to take over what the white genius has created. They want north America – fine – give it back to them but give them empty land – dismantle everything the white genius has created and built here without the lazt 3rd world’s help and then give them back empty land and see what kind of civilization they can build here. It’s only fair. No one gets a premade country handed to them for free. Either work for it or go without. Evil whitey is so racist? Good, then dismantle everything he has given to the world and let the 3rd worlders start from scratch.

    We did.

      1. minus the blacks and half the browns, of course. Native Americans would do pretty well on their own in fact.

        1. “minus the blacks and half the browns, of course”

          Native Americans would thrive. I wouldn’t preclude blacks. Black criminality, agression, hostility, aggression. How much of that is response to white hostility over time. Built up. Black Africans seem to me to be a mild and temperate people (given the conditions of course). But just how much is like a callous grown over generations over an entire race? What you got to say to THAT whitey? Does ya has de ansuh?

        2. Yeah, if you consider living in mud huts, smoking dope all day, and slaughtering each other in tribal wars “living”. Go onto some of the reservations today and look at the squalor they live in. REAL CIVILIZED. That is the future of America if evil whitey dies out. Guess you won’t have any internet then to spew your hate on.

      2. All those races are already here and guess what? Economy’s collpasing. Seems you can’t keep it going the way evil whitey did. LOL. Locusts. Parasites. Termites.

  3. To Hacienda:

    Does ya has de ansuh?

    Well no.. not a simple one.. I am guessing that you would not say that Asian folks in the US never face racism… even so.. they commit violent crime at 1/4 the rate of Whites. Black people are most violent towards other Black people… during times when White racism towards Blacks was much higher.. the rate of violent crime committed by Blacks was only twice that of Whites…(which partially could have been explained by the stresses of poverty etc..) There are many enablers within and without (like yourself) the Black community who make excuses for Black crime.. the people it hurts the most are other Blacks.

    1. “enablers within and without (like yourself)”

      FUCK ME with a couple of Ladyboyz, That’s FUNNY. LOL. I have THAT POWER over the niggerzzzz. LOL. The niggers be reading my posts then robbing the Korean liquour stores. LOL.

      1. To Hacienda:

        FUCK ME with a couple of Ladyboyz
        I’ll take a pass….what’s up with the wife? Oh yes .. she’s Korean…. get a White or Latina mistress and mellow out.

        I have THAT POWER over the….
        Enabler mentality… possessed mostly by White and Black people…

        1. “Enabler mentality”

          LOL. You’re buzzing with all the buzzy words. I HAVE THE POWER over the niggers cuz I ENABLE!!!!

    2. They may only committ violent crimes at 1/4 the rate, but their white collar and immigration crimes are incalculable. Why do you think IndoSys is being investigated by the Federal Gov’t for tax evasion and fraud?

  4. To Hacienda:

    Your bullshit whitey techno salvationism as be all and end all and a response to everything is tiring.

    Whatever dude.. you bring up stuff from 150 years about a subset of Whites but ignore the positive. Sorry if my lack of interest in self flagellation over the acts of people long dead or people I do not control makes you unhappy.

    1. “self flagellation”

      Very dodgy UM. But don’t matter, the New America will simply grow over you, around you. It’s far better thing done to you than what your daddies and mommies did to the InJunz. Guilt free. It’s an AMAZING thing. To live without guilt and die without guilt. And not have to resort to BULLSHIT justifications like “…but WE invented the internet, WE are the ones who created modernity, ETC.” LOL.

      1. Since when is theft guilt free? While you lazy ass 3rd worlders were sitting around doing nothing, whites built this country, now you want to move in and take over since your own countries are hellholes. CA is going BANKRUPT with you people running it. In the end you will fail because there is no market where you people live and businesses and capital only want to invest in where there are intelligent, sophisticated consumers, not lazy welfare recipients who are incapable of working or creating anything and can only live by handouts from whitey. Keep dreaming, ain’t gonna happen. Worst cause you will cause the US to collpase which will cause a country like China or Russia to invade which means you will all be drafted and sent to your deaths in WW3. LOL. What a bunch of morons. Just what do you think you are getting away with?

    2. Hey Hacioenda, where do you think the PC, internet, software, commercial power distribution, and light bulbs came from that allow you to spew your lies and hate?


      Internet: DARPA (All whites)
      PC: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ballmer, Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce – all white Americans and up til 1998 the entire IT industry was 98% white American males.
      Software – UNIX and C invented at Bell Labs in 1970 by 100% whites.
      Commercial power distribution (Edison, Tesla, more whites)
      Light bulbs (also Edison).

      Now can you name what bean dips, Asians, and machete scalpers have given to the world?

  5. To Hacienda:

    It’s far better thing done to you than what your daddies and mommies did to the InJunz.
    My family didn’t immigrate to the US until the 20th century (and I am assuming the same applies to you..) hence we are in the same boat. Comfy..?

    but WE invented the…
    I neither invented the internet, nor the telephone, the automobile, the airplane, antibiotics, many vaccines, nor freed slaves, nor lynched anyone, nor killed American Indians. I hope that clears things up for you.

  6. @ Wakjob Dunfor

    I don’t like Hacienda or Huax’s bullshit either, but when you make such strident and overreaching statements like that, you don’t come across as any better than they do.

    Something to keep in mind.

    1. “Something to keep in mind.”

      HAHAHA!!!!!! Nice one BAG! Keep that in mind Wakjob. We want you in the sane lane. LOL.

  7. @Huax, what kind of Chinese are you? Most Chinese in the U.S. seem to be either Cantonese or Fujianese. But you seem like a northerner.
    What do northern Han Chinese look like exactly, I’ve never seen any in my lifetime. Are they similar looking to Koreans and Japs? Or do they look more like their southern brethren?

    1. I have had many Northern Chinese associates this past two years (quite a few in the graduate program I took). Skin color wise, they aren’t that different from the Southern Chinese, although they may be lighter on average: a few dark, most Mediterranean-ish and a few snow-white like Gay State Girl described. In fact, I was surprised by how dark some of them were — both women and men. Their skin also appears to look thicker, likely because of the texture.

      They also often (not always) have a unique look to them. For instance, they have rounder faces and stockier builds.

    2. I’m not even entirely Han, but Northerners have narrower faces, longer limbs, lighter skin, smaller teeth, are very mesognathic, and have finer noses – possessing these traits more often than any group of people in Asia (ref. Hanihara).

      They don’t quite look like Koreans or Japanese; many of the types Car Guy is describing are probably include those from the coastal North, who have quite a bit of “Altaic” admixture. Some Koreans and Japanese have North Chinese blood and some North Chinese (esp. from the coasts) have Altaic and perhaps a little “Ainuid” admixture.

  8. AHHHH….SOOOOO!!!!!

    So solly. i am bucktoothed quarter-slot, slant-eyed…..PROUD YELLOW INSECT!!!!

    And I am in search of TRUE INNOVATION. you see….my a race is uh…in–CAPABLE of…how you say…….CREATIVITY BEYOND THIS…..”IRON AGE”????

    aND wE aRE IN DIre need of ASSISTANCE!!!!!

    sO….uh….WHATDOYOUSAY??? Honorable-a-WHITE RACE???

    Help out a YELLOWISH HUMANOID INSECT that cannot innovate beyond the iron age???


    GIVE to the plight of hopelessly unimaginative yellow fucking insects that are only good for number-crunching, cheap labor and INTERNET P-O-R-N.

    Please help us become human. Because we’re not. We’re fucking number-crunching insects that couldn’t invent our way out of a fucking 10th century commode where everyone spreads typhoid & then we float a million fucking theories involving CHI AND ACUPUNCTURE & ASSOCIATED BULLSHIT BECAUSE WE’RE TOO FUCKING SUPERSTICIOUSLY CHINK-BRAINED

    Please help us. Because we couldn’t invent our way out of a fucking internet post on a blog that hardly anyone follows. Sorry, Robert. It just flowed so nicely,lol. Anyway, Huax is a small-dicked Chink-fag that needs MOAR SEX BADLY,LOL!!!!

    As evidenced by his 3-4 day obsession on this blog,lol.

    Until the next time I get wasted off o’ ten shots of whatever……

    1. sigh, the Nintendo Wii and the Toyota Prius didn’t created by themselves, many people write as if Asians have 0 creativity, i corrected a pair of people today, some people really need more education and knowlodge

  9. As a FOLLOW UP I must……reiterate the concept of IRON AGE INNOVATION.

    You see, my honorable barbarians ( who have OUT-INVENTED us yellows by a ratio of 1000 to 1) we buck-toothed yellow psuedo-humans are utterly incapable of innovating beyond iron-age civilization.

    This is because OUR RACE LACKS TWO THINGS:

    1. A LACK OF 150+ IQ people. Our “bell curve” is somewhat…narrow,lol.


    ( A fucking SPECIATION to produce a motherfucking Einstein. Seriously… people are linear AS FUCK.

    We’re terminally bland. Like instant ramen. Or Jackie Chan’s sorry-assed attempt at DRAMA,LOL!!!!. Fucking goofy-assed yellow CHINK.

    Chinks are utterly lacking in all things……I’m sorry it’s difficult. You see, there is no word in Chink-lanuage for……”HEROIC”?

    Yes. That is one thing you caucasions have on us.

    Ultimately, this is why we got utterly PWNED in the 1900’s & got OUR POPULATION FUCKING F-R-I-E-D in the 20th century.

    WE ARE HUMANOID INSECTS. We ARE NOT HUMAN. ( Like humans are meant to be. )

    We’re stir-fried EXTRAS IN A FUCKING B-MOVIE.


    I don’t. Y’see…as a spiritually-challenged ASIAN INSECT: I got that simple shit figured out. We lack the best of what being human is all about. We went soooooooo fucking far in our number-crunching & polite acumen that wwe FORGOT what the fucking NIGGER NEVER FORGETS: Never, EVER forget you got the power to scare your opponents in a fucking NEW YORK….AFRICAN MOMENT. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

    Chinks forgot that shit. They went 100% A-B-S-T-R-A-C-T. And now look at us. Our slant-eyed-asses think we got this shit WON. LOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We’re playin’ the white man’s game & we’re too fucking existentially-RETARDED to realize WE’RE BEING C-U-L-T-U-R-A-L-L-Y CONTROLLED LIKE COCKROACHES IN A FUCKING GOV’T PORK-BARREL BULLSHIT EXPERIMENT.

    Fucking chinks. Goddamn. We suck.

    They’re fucking insects that will never amount to S-H-I-I-I-E-E-E-T-T-T-T.

    When/If the “White Race Dies Out”……

    That’s the day when homo sapiens stagnates into inbred SHIT.

    With the yellow “man” at the fucking helm.

        1. Who are you talking to?
          If me, why? Have I offended?

          If so, good. I think you need to broaden your vision or at least stop being the little JAP. OK?

          Shit. The Jewish girls I loved were so much smarter than you. Pity really.

      1. Hacienda
        I was merely pointing out that if you are so excited about the “death of America” and the rise of East Asia, it would only be fitting for you to move there.

        I’m smarter than most Jewish girls. I’m an original thinker.

        1. In my dreams every single East Asian would short all of their assets and pack up for home, incl the Chinese in Southeast Asia, followed by a massive dump of all Western currencies.

          China would be $10 trillion dollars richer overnight. That can cover a lot of medical/educational costs.

        2. China will have space for everyone if they evict all the Uighur and send them back to Siberia.

          I don’t see any harm in allowing half-breeds to live in a city or community of their own until the good are sorted from the bad.

        3. Does the idea of context mean anything to you? When you replay to a dope, you gotta use dope to get the point across.

        4. “In my dreams every single East Asian would short all of their assets and pack up for home, incl the Chinese in Southeast Asia, followed by a massive dump of all Western currencies.”

          Hell no. East Asian globalization is just getting started. Withdrawal is not an option.

        5. “Does the idea of context mean anything to you? When you reply to a dope, you gotta use dope to get the point across.”

          This is directed at GSG

        6. Hacienda
          Wus’ tha’ spos t’mean?

          Why do you call yourself Hacienda?


          It means I was replying to “WTF is up” so you should keep that in mind.
          Hacienda means “neighborhood” and is where I used to live. A place called Hacienda Heights about 30 miles east of L.A. The world has gotten so small I now consider the internet the place I live and Hacienda means global neighborhood to me.

        7. “You seem like a very proud Korean. Why don’t you go and live there?”

          Because I live here? Is that good enough?

      2. Is that all you can do is post videos of things we’ve seen before on cable TV? Do you think we haven’t seen those History Channel episodes?

        Really lame, Hathienda. You’re not an American Indian, and you don’t know any of them, either, from your comments. They won’t be taking over anything, they are far too dysfunctional. Made good hunter-gatherers, though.

        You have no right to take up their cause, or speak for them- you don’t know shit about them, you insecure, spoiled upper-middle class effete freak. Leave the blog- you and Huass are wrecking it. Go ruin something else. Like Asia.

        1. “Leave the blog- you and Huass are wrecking it. ”

          No, we’re not. Without the Asian component this blog would lose readers fast. I’m pretty sure. Anyway it would be a hella less meaningful. A self-described liberal race realist blog needs all the viewpoints it can get. Robert’s made himself a nice niche blog. Why don’t YOU ever say anything interesting little bitch.

        2. Why not? Do you have Native American blood? I do.
          Do you know any Native Americans? I do.
          Do live among them in an area where there are a lot of them? I do.
          Do you know anything about them other than what P.C. Multi-Culti Academia Pussy Liberal Hate Whitey has rammed down your throat?
          Do you know the other sides to their tragic story?
          Obviously , the answer is “No” to all the above.
          Until you do, shut up about them. Korean/Mexicans do not equal Native Americans.

        3. “Until you do, shut up about them. Korean/Mexicans do not equal Native Americans.”

          You got that sacred drop on native blood!!!! SHIT. I bow down to you.

          You actually KNOW natives!!!!!!!!! Motherfuck, you are a god. LOL.

          You live in there general proximity!!!!!!!!!! LORD, I’m dead. LOL.

        4. Hathienda- Yeah, I’ve fucked an Indian, too. Want her phone number? Oops, I forgot you don’t swing that way!

        5. You don’t have a right to not believe me- everything I say is true.

          That was a lame retort, Hiawatha. No, she’s alive, suprising, I know, because of the size of my caucasian manhood.

          BTW- Are you stoned? You sound like a stoned, gay Oriental.

        6. mott says:

          “…everything I say is true…No, she’s alive, suprising, I know, because of the size of my caucasian manhood.”

          The idiot goes into berserk mode. Predictable.

      1. I can’t believe it. Huass has finaly met his match! He has been rendered speechless! All he can mumble is “chimpout…chimpout”.

        Wassa matta? Cat got yer toungue? Or did you “wok the cat” just like you “wokked” the doggie?

        We finally have the ANTI-HUAX. Huass, I mean. Hallelujah!

        I sincerely believe that I AM THE GREATEST THING, ETC. may be the savior of the white race that we’ve been waiting for…the greatest spokesperson for his people of all time…(I’m starting to get emotional…sniff)

    1. feeding 1.6 billion people will be no problem in the future, if you’re not a subhuman trash race like whites of course.

      Newsflash, almost none of those dead in the Great Wall are Han – but many are subhuman caucasoids.

        1. Not like you knew before. The people the Chinese enslaved and killed deserved it. We left peaceful tribes like the Tocharians alone.

  10. In classical Spanish, Hacienda means Ranch. I was unaware that it had taken on a new meaning.

    the last tihng I am is a JAP.

    1. “Hacienda means Ranch”

      You’re right. My real estate told me it meant neighborhood. Oh well.

      “the last tihng I am is a JAP.”


  11. Whoah-whoa-whoa–WHOOOOOAAAAHHH.

    Hang on a mother fucking Shanghai Second.


    Huax. Please get to a physician STAT. And not one with traditional CHINK SKILLSETS—like uselsess fucking acupuncture & ICHINGARO divination. I’M TALKING A WESTERN-STANDARD PHYSICIAN.

    Because I think you fucking have brain damage. Must be all that thick fucking smog and airborned lead poisoning all along the coast of Chinkland.

    You also fail EPICALLY at chink-brained propaganda. YOU HAVE BETRAYED YOUR AGENDA. I’ll tell you why, you yellow fucking Chink.

    Your assertion that Great Wall Laborers were primarily Caucasion IMPLIES that NORTHERN CHINA IS ALSO PRIMARILY CAUCASIAN. The “GOLDEN AGE” of Chink History was therefore CAUCASIAN-DRIVEN.

    Fucking tactical chink-brained moron. Ever notice how there’s like NO FUCKING ASIAN CHESSMASTERS? You fail at chess. And life. You DO kick ass in the classroom, but sadly, classroom time doesn’t last forever, does it?


    It doesn’t exist, you intellectual chink midget. You pulled that BULLSHIT SOFTBALL out of your desperate, pollution-breathing chink SPHINCTER. And I just THWACKED it out of the fucking park.


    Evidence of the LOW END of Homo-Sapien stupidity….visible from Outer Fucking Space.

    1. Look at this white retard subhuman ranting like a chimp. Yep, China butchered honkeys. You know how we know they’re specifically non-Chinese? Because dead honkeys slaughtered like the pigs they are in China, surprise surprise, tested differently on genetic tests.

      You think I shot myself in the foot? What a retard – you just admitted you covet our great past. That’s understandable, coming from a worthless, subhuman semi-chimp subspecies of dingleberry-lickers. Have you fucked your sister today like a typical white person?

      Oh, they were probably gang-raped by the Southeast Asians invaders who were also forced to work on the wall. Like how honkeys get gangraped by blacks and Mexicans hundreds to thousands of times every single day in US prison.

      Without China you’d still be in the stone age. You’re such a pathetic race of subhuman degenerates that you allow your super-rich to force you into such a state of poverty that you can’t afford anything outside of Walmart.

      Honks are so fat and retarded that they stuff their faces with twinkies and HFCS until they burst. A race of low-IQ simians. I think it’s from 40,000 years of inbreeding. Oh you don’t know the significance of that number? Not surprised – it’s when your shithole continent was first populated.

      What did you do? Sodomized the Neanderthals and wildlife for 40,000 years until the Chinese and their inventions rode in with the Mongol horde and brought you civilization – not that you did anything with it until the 1600s.

      Chimps chimping out. I love how white retards think they’re going to different planets when they can’t even balance their budgets. Look at this daughter-molesting two-toothed yokel. Whites think their subhuman intelligence is capable of creating space-age societies, ROFL.

      All of Southern Europe and America are in for a huge credit collapse that will leave you as irrelevant as you always were. Blacks and Mexicans and Arabs will continue to rape and punish you for your crimes. LOL

      Once you’re dead we can bury you under the Great Wall like your cousins.

        1. We don’t covet SHIT from you Yellow apes. But we DO fuck a shitload of your women. Because they’re fucking EASY, lol. The greatness of our history buries yours. But feel free to take it up the ass from your Autocratic Propaganda Machine you call a government. Feel free to DROWN in the volumes of doctored statistics your faggy-assed government regularly churns out. Especially on IQ scores. (There’s a HUGE discrepancy between your IQ scores and your intellectual OUTPUT. Someone’s full of shit. Keep believing that your cheap ebay knockoff of our GREAT F-22 RAPTOR is in the same class. We’ll fucking smoke your assess in combat and you KNOW IT.

          Oh and the dow plunging 630 points? Dude. My country has LOST more wealth than you yellow insects have fucking GENERATED. And we’ve RECOVERED MORE as well. We’ll do it again and again & it’ll confound you like it always has. All 1.6 billion of you fucks. Across FIVE THOUSAND FUCKING YEARS OF YOUR SUB-INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION. Credit collapse? LOL….you fucking CHILD. If the West goes through that—-what do you think CHINKLAND’s position will be? It’ll be FUCKED. WE EMPLOY YOUR MASSES. We withdraw our factories……you’re fucking DONE, Mr Chink.

          Have fun trying to get something going with India,lol. Or Russia. Fucking gimps.

          “Without China you’d be in the Stone Age”?

          No, actually without ROME we’d be in the BRONZE AGE.

          WITHOUT THE WHITE MAN CHINKLAND WOULD BE STILL BE USING URINE AS SOAP, LIKE IT WAS 1200 AD. And using their math skills to calculate astrological BULLSHIT instead of FAILING at missile-guidance like they are today.

          And what did the Mongols bring? Besides the SODOMY OF CHINKLAND? Lol……

          They brought disease and an utterly forgetable run of government. They were absorbed & eclipsed in time by the civilizations they conquered. They learned NOTHING and went back to BEING nothing.

          But they DID leave a genetic legacy among CHINKLANDERS,LOL!!!!! That’s right. A shitload of you chinks have been MONGOLIZED! THEY FUCKED THE SHIT OUTTA YOU YELLOW PUNKS,LOL!!!! All hail the Great Khan!!!! And his BARBARIAN DNA…..alive and well in your veins.

          Finally—-I don’t know if it’s you not hydrating yourself properly or whatever—you made a statement about SOUTHEAST ASIAN laborers on the GREAT WALL…er….gangraping white laborers???

          Are you fucking insane?

          The Great Elevated Walkway/Mass-Grave is in NORTHERN FUCKING CHINA. What does SEAsians and White people have to do with any of that? No, fuck it. You’re fucking delusional.

          Get to a fucking MRI machine, Huax. Not in China. Because those ones are made in your stupid country. They’re made of chink failure. Get to one that WORKS. Go to Hong Kong and get your brain MRI’d immediately.

        2. You fuck the least attractive women. Oops, no, your best men do. The few white men worth anything hate your race so much they want to leave it! LOL

          You know who else is easy? Your sisters. They will screw any male family member or non-white they see. ROFL.

          In a war China will just nuke you into the stone age. Guess who invented missiles and explosives while you chimps were eating shit and living in caves? China. Rome invented nothing, they were dumb subhumans like you with zero real accomplishment. What they did was conquer shithole village after shithole village. But they DID leave a legacy among honklanders – thousands of years of raping Celtic and Germanic women up the ASS!


          Honks generating more wealth than China? LOL white retard math. China generates $4-5 trillion dollars a year, dumbfuck. America LOST $15 trillion the last 10 years. White trash sisterfuckers like yourself are too stupid to realize that the richest 10% of Americans own 80% of EVERYTHING in America.

          Yet two-toothed rednecks like yourself are so proud. LOL. Freckled, pin-headed shitskins. Kinda like how you think you’re well-endowed… because you only fuck your six year old cousins. The truth?

          A study published in the September 1996 Journal of Urology concluded that average erect length was 12.9 cm (5.08 in) (measured by staff)

          LOL. The average Chinese 12 year-old is better equipped than you.

          And take a look at these white subhumans:

          Ame Deal, Arizona 10-Year-Old, Killed By Family For Taking Popsicle: Police

          LOL. Typical honk subhuman behavior!

          What’s that smell? It’s London burning to the ground!

          Don’t believe your honkland propaganda. Your country is a fucking wasteland full of retards and subhumans saved only by generous Indians and East Asian Americans who visit your nation to make it 10000% better. 95% of white people are penniless one-shoed landwhale white trash ugly as sin.

          Go and thank God for Walmart because without Walmart, you’d be living in the Stone Age.

      1. “Whites think their subhuman intelligence is capable of creating space-age societies, ROFL.”

        Maybe because we have. I think we originated the multiverse hypothesis as well. You owe at least that much to us, as you seem to be living in an alternate reality.

        1. You put less than a handful of men in space, spending hundreds of billions of dollars in the process. Congratulations.

          Too bad you ignored financial indicators.


    Ahhh….fuck it dude. You keep on bein’ a goodwill ambassador from the People’s Republic of Frustrated, Emasculated, Marginalized and Self-Loathing Korean-America to the North American Mexicans.

    Drink another corona for me!!

  13. 1.6 Billion People. Living off BARELY more than what Japan’s GDP is.


    The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth?

    Yeah, sure. When the MIGHTY have fucking left it in starships,LOL!!!

    Last time I checked…..there weren’t an AWFUL LOT of Chink-names floatin’ around in THEORETICAL PHYSICS-CIRCLES, were there?

    You chinks keep doin’ your re-enactment of the GREAT FUCKING WALL with America’s TARGET AND WALMART as your EMPLOYERS. As you continue killing your workers.

    In the meantime Us Gwaillo Barbarians will make fucking STAR TREK REAL ENOUGH TO BE FUCKING B-O-R-I-N-G.

    The way we made your FAVORITE YELLOW-PASTIME——TEXTING—–a fucking national chink addiction.

    We’ll get off this planet in about 300 yrs. Then it’s yours. Have fun stagnating & goint into dickless extinction……making way for BLACK AFRICA to once again EVOLVE THE NEXT FUCKING EVOLUTIONARY REPLACEMENT.

    We’ll be watching from outer space, yellow chink monkeys!

    1. “1.6 Billion People. Living off BARELY more than what Japan’s GDP is. ”

      Look at this subhuman monkey throwing around acronyms he can barely pronounce.

      Whites are too fucking stupid to know the difference between wealth and GDP. This is why stupid whites accept being raped by their upper classes – those lovely chessmasters, Nobel Prize winners, composers, who utterly despise their own race – perhaps because they know you so well.

      Oh and those theoretical physicists, who do nothing but plow billions into their research, only for Japanese companies to snatch them up and turn them into something practically useful for man. None of which will reach cousinfucking white hillbillies – ever.

      What a smart race you are. Everything is stacked in your favor and you fail miserably within the span of 150 years. Raped and castrated, it’s like the Ottomans have risen again.

      China’s net worth has been increasing by over 100% every 3-5 years, subhuman. But lets compare your degenerate sister-fucking race to Japan, shall we?

      Lets see, whites are trillions in debt. Japan owns $3 trillion in assets more than they owe overseas, on top of their foreign exchange reserves. White monkeys are sitting upon trillions of dollars of oil and mineral wealth, and have the world’s best farmland, but are POORER and LESS FISCALLY SOLVENT than high-IQ East Asian nations.

      LOL. “but sadly, classroom time doesn’t last forever, does it?” LOL

      And you’re so stupid that you allow your super-rich take it all. Yes, maybe whites will spend billions of their ultra-rich loot on space travel. Then the East Asians will apply it and use it while you continue to fornicate with your immediate relatives.

      You’ll be subsumed by your historical pattern of fucking animals, getting interracially raped, and withering away from inbreeding and sheer irrationality and inferiority on a continental scale.

      LOL. How are your stocks holding up? ROFL

      1. Huax, the impression you’re giving off is that East Asians rely on whites for their technology, going as far as to suggest that the Japanese steal (or “borrow”) said technology as they are developed.

        1. Nope, we don’t “rely” on whites for anything. Whites as a whole are so vain and incompetent that they will spend billions upon billions of dollars developing something they can’t use – so they can thump their chests and howl about how “advanced” they are.

          Then the Japanese just wait until the price comes down, buys it from you (in exchange for allowing you sit around in Okinawa) and then rake in billions in profit for little to no output.

          Why spend hundreds of billions researching when failed white states will do it and then sell it to you cheap once their financial stupidity bites them in the ass?

          How else do you think Japan is so rich with no natural resources? The average Japanese is richer than probably 90% of white people.

          It’s because they’re not vainglorious, short-termist morons.

      2. They are getting ass-raped by blacks. Fleeced by Thais, just the most perverse indescribable shit done to them by the Jews. The Quakers and Episcopals, the smartest Anglos, hate their own kind. LOL. Even a few of the Irish and most of the French and Slavs are in on the game. STUPID fucks, you can tell them this over and over and they will NOT learn. White trash is getting raped. WHY? WHY? Go Berserk assholes. London Burning! LOL.

  14. @Huax: “Great White Innovation: creating nothing for 40,000 years.”
    HUAX……40,000 years is a figure that makes no fucking sense whatsoever in this discussion.
    I fear for your neurological symptoms.
    Okay, just the same—-you want me to….counter that comment? Aiight. Here it is:
    Great Chink Innovation: Inventing Gunpowder & paper. Then becoming a faithful TOOL OF AMERICAN CAPITALISTS SINCE THE 19TH CENTURY.
    ( I’m not exactly ENAMORED of these Capitalist assholes….but I’m not encouraged by YOUR FUCKING INEPTNESS, either. )

  15. chill the f out sphinc
    we need to hear more from the 2 masters of ass felching
    (not really a bad thing, huaaaaax & korcienda)
    please do not make them go away

      1. I’m right here. Cue Titanic song. “In my dreams, I see you…, I hear you, …I touch you….That is how my heart will…go on…”

  16. Hacienda
    Regarding what I said earlier about Asian studies in the public school. Don’t get me wrong. If my school had taught us Mandarin or Japanese and comprehensive East Asian history, I would have been grateful. but their idea of a good Asian education was making paper cranes or doing a parade for the Chinese New Year or reading East Asian folktales. In addition to multiculturalism, they were also big on creativity. We spent more time doing art projects or musical performances for various cultures than doing traditional academic subjects.

    We also attended assemblies and workshops for African and Latino cultures.

    My fourth grade teacher was a Native American enthusiast. My made us all choose a Native American name and a power animal and we performed a spirit ceremony in class each morning. Now if THAT doesn’t cross the line of separation between church, frankly I don’t know what does. Now they’ve added Middle Eastern culture to the mix. Students in a California public school were told they could receive extra credit for fasting on Ramadan, which cuts it pretty close.

    1. I wish I had a 4th grade teacher like that! He/she sounds awesome. But then in my community it might have been occasion for a lynching, or at least a humiliating public firing lol. People were creeped out enough when I got interested in Buddhism as a result of a 6th grade unit on Japan.

    2. “If my school had taught us Mandarin or Japanese and comprehensive East Asian history,”

      A lot of that is money and demand. Can’t just have a class with 15 kids and you also need a complete 4 year program.

      There’s a Mandarin program Ruben Ayala H.S. that’s underway. They couldn’t even find a good Mandarin/English bilingual until 6 weeks into the program, so the kids had no teacher. Most of the kids are Chinese, the white kids aren’t really interested. They’re sticking to French and Spanish. No big deal.

      I’ve seen whites who speak Korean really well. They pick it up a International schools in Korea, some attend Korean colleges. I think it’s great.

      1. The public school district in my town in Massachusetts now offers Mandarin Immersion starting in sixth grade.

  17. “Spchincter” is one-man proof of the utter inferiority of the modern white American. Enjoy your Judaicized shithole you worthless nigger-ball watching, consumerist, kike-worshipping, increasingly going into economic collapse but can’t do shit about it FUCKTARD. Speaking of emasculated, how are the recent of videos of cowardly white fags getting attacked by rampaging niggers? Star Trek? HA HA! You guys will be lucky to even have functioning highways in a few years.

    1. Uncle Joe McCarthy
      You say the USA is “kike loving.” I like to know what you make of the fact that the Talmud is now part of the Korean curriculum.

      1. GSG: wrt Korean Talmud study, Really? Do you have a cite? Isn’t that thing like gazillion volumes? How would you even choose what’s important?

        1. Who fucking cares what Korean gooks study. They’re insects that amount to a CHESS PIECE wielded by MIGHTY AMERICA.
          They’re a chess piece that is shoved up Chinkland’s ass and are more than happy to fulfill that role like the humble gooks they are.

        2. Oh yes a chesspiece that plows billions into China while paying only lipservice to the subhuman white monkey wannabe overlords who are too stupid to realize they are losing the fight.

    2. Sometimes he’s funny. For my money, the most debasing videos are the white SWPL types arguing with Black Hebrew Israelites and trying to convince them that they’re the _good_ honkies. I find myself perversely rooting for the BHIs.

  18. What a chickenshit you need to move to your country and give it a try hacienda I have read everything everyone has wrote and the argument you have made. I see you as a joke there is not one country in this world that has not had war. People work in Korea and in China today as slaves but they don’t say that they only allow people to see what they want us to say. If I need a organ like a liver I can go to China and or Korea and have a surgery to get the organ I need. They go through the prisons find a match I live and that inmate dies. As far as I am concerned you need to go and live in your nasty countries and you will see poverty go to the cities they are nasty. I know folks who go all over the world build homes drill water wells teach your people trades. They have delivered babies and teach your people your people how to take care of their children some villages infant death rates as high as 60% by the 1st year. Why isn’t your government doing this. Since these people started helping your people 70% of children are now living longer than a year. Their biggest problem is enough food to feed themselves they are dieing every day and your government could care less. You have the nerve to criticize white Americans. Yes we took this country by force but the Indians fought and killed each other for land and because other tribes didn’t share their beliefs. Every country continent has been taken by force by one race or another. The Zulus ruled a third of Africa before the English arrived and eventually they left the country and they sure are better off. You talk about genocide and ethnic killings watch TV you dumb-ass I suggest you spend a lot of time on Google and the one thing you will learn is most of the stuff you have brought up and cussed people over you are wrong. Need to learn your own history because idiot no it alls like like yourself cannot admit you are wrong. And huax don’t tell me about China your cities are nasty and smell like piss. You need to go for a visit and stay there and you can tell yourself how much better off you are. Continents are conquered and yours is no different your people didn’t build that wall cause it’s pretty they were used like toilet paper and discarded like toilet paper when they were injured or just broke down. Anyways you think a-lot of yourself and your just another Chink that doesn’t deserve respect because what I see about you you don’t even respect yourself by your language and attitude on this site and I am surprised you and your friend haven’t been kicked off here. WHITE POWER WHITES RULE LOL LOL You all are definitely racists and I enjoy listening to you dumbasses trash white people when you can’t prove most of what you say. You won’t tick me off cause I like this stuff. Ha Ha look 4word to hearing your reactions to this. Oh one thing else if you go back to China and Korea and you go and pick up a girl you better reach down there and make sure their dick isn’t bigger than yours. KISS KISS

  19. @uncle joe: Oh you. So easily trolled. So easily rattled. Just like all the chink, jap and korean bipedal insects that got fucking TROLLED AND PWNED on the battlefield a half century ago.

    America in economic “collapse” is about 50 times more prosperous than Chinkland on it’s best day in centuries. Try harder, little yellow man. Try harder and FAIL harder.

    As far as our “functional highways”? Hey—you know why they get congested sometimes? BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS CAN AFFORD CARS,LOL! How ’bout the Chinks? 10% 20?

    The sad irony is—despite the under-mechanized nature of chink transportation—-THEIR POLLUTION LEVELS ARE STRAIGHT OUT OF SCIENCE FICTION.

    (Btw—GOOD JOB ON YOUR HIGH SPEED RAIL! Once again you’ve taken a pubic works project & turned it into POPULATION CONTROL!!! Too bad there weren’t enough chink insects on the train that day. )

    I’d comment on the nature of Shanghai’s pollution, but (cough) I fear for my health….

    I’ve known many people that have directly visited Chinkland’s coast, with it’s fucking cut ‘n paste-attempted CHINESE EBAY KNOCKOFF of the West:

    The “affluent” cities of coastal Chinkland are a polluted, carcinogenic-fucking BIOHAZARD to all living things. Chinks SUCK at city management. Just like they suck at fire drills,lol. Your coastal cities are like BLADE RUNNER—-but without the cool flying cars. Or cool fucking video billboards.

    Just volumes of oppresing smog. And lots of chinks with surgical masks. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

    Lung Disease. Tell your mainland Chink cousins to brace for it. Because it’ll be fucking MAJOR, DUDE. Unfortunately, it won’t put a dent in the population mass. So they’ll still be stuck with too many mouths to feed.


  20. A little chink factoid: most mainland chinks still defecate in the squating position over what amounts to basically HOLES IN THE GROUND. FUCKING SERIOUS,LOL!!!!!That’s the state of Mainland Chink Feces Management. Public Stalls with no toilets…..just a fucking drainage hole. Unlike Hong Kong, they haven’t been sufficiently CIVILIZED WITH WESTERN WAYS and are therefore still backwards as fuck.

    And many a chink village had used human fecal matter as fertillizer until the 1990’s. Some still do. That means many of the current 20-30-something CHINKS WERE RAISED ON SHIT. Way to eat your own shit, chinapeople!


    1. Yes, Car Guy. TIME OUT!
      Where is Dota- the voice of reson? He said this thing should have ended awhile back- on the note that Whites and Asians actually get along very well.

      Exception would be for what the PRC is doing to the U.S.- biting the hand that fed it for 15 years.

      Huass and Hiawatha need to zip it. Whites don’t hate Asians. Why?

      Because 99% don’t think or act like those two assholes!

      They need to pipe down or leave. It’s been funny at times but more annoying than can be described here.

  21. Looks like Freckled Chimpdick went to fuck and beat his female relatives. Owned. What a chimpout. I’ll see you all in about a week when I have time.

    1. A week? You must have read my Christmas Wish List!

      Wait, that one said “Santa: Make Huass go away forever.”

  22. Mott, what do you think of “Spincter”? He’s making me turn anti-white with his retarded, mentally deranged posts. He should jump off a bridge and let the Earth do with one less retarded chimp.

    1. what do you think of “Spincter”? He’s making me turn anti-white with his retarded, mentally deranged posts.

      I wouldn’t think too much of him. He’s just a buffoonish doofus with too big of a mouth.

      Likewise, Huax’s delusional and dogmatic comments were temporarily making me anti-Asian.

      But I stopped myself, reflected a bit, and realized that the vast majority of Asians are nothing like him, and that I shouldn’t let one imbecile make me loathe an entire group.

      The more I think about it, the more I’m coming to think that Huax is simply a troll. Deep down, I think (or at least I hope, for his sake), that much of what he says is extreme, over the top, and that he says it to get a rise out of white (and occasionally black) commenters.

      I no longer respond to him directly, because doing so only encourages further trollish behavior.

      Similarly, I wouldn’t get too worked up over Spincter. A year ago, I would have been the type to get worked up and angry, just as I did against the likes of Ankhesen and Abagond.

      Now, I no longer heed them or take them seriously. Being able to just sometimes ignore irritating and aggressive people is a good skill to acquire, one I continue to improve upon.

    2. U.J.- I think the “Sphincs” is the logical knee-jerk reaction to Huass’ b.s. He like the mirror-image, the Yang to Huass’ Yin. Beautiful! I’m being very sarcastic…

      He’s just doing the same thing that Huass is attempting to do. Only better researched, by a little bit. He’s pointing out how crazy Huass is.

      BTW- I just found out that “Sphink-Boy” IS ACTUALLY HUASS. It’s his “alter-ego”. He’s a self-hating, constantly Googling/Blogging Han Chinese!

      1. I know! Some of what he says is bullshit, but I always anticipate his posts for the humor.

        But you should probably put an end to the dual.

  23. Are you sure it’s Huax? I think I’ve seen this character on this blog before several months ago when he trolled me. The thing that pisses me off is he only flames on Asians. And all his “facts” are BS. If you go to the Sublime Oblivion blog, the author, who is white, shows that all the negative media BS against China is mostly hyperbole or complete lies.

    1. UJ- No, I was joking. It’s two sides of the same coin. If you can dish it out …

      Crazy is crazy- which Spfinkter illustrates beautifully. Two can play the game. Kudos.

  24. Rob, so you get your panties in a wad if anything bad is said about niggers and kikes, but bashing Asians is okay? The only nonwhite group in this stinking country who are functional human beings, rather than criminals and lowlife slum dwellers?

  25. I 100% agree. I often just remember that they are dying out as a race due to their death rate being higher than their birth rate. Thank God. They are evil scum that don’t own up to shit, even though real history shows it all and how much of an effect it has on the lives today. All they can say is “I wasn’t living back then” or some other stupid deflecting shit. Stupid ass crakkkas.

  26. White Americans rank lower than White Europeans and East Asians in many ways. The “sick, wrecked, broke, near dead, or dead” are better off with elder-respecting East Asians followed by humane Whites.

    I had a martial arts instructor who used to practice breaking bones on dead bodies in Brazil. There’s video of a Black lady punching her old White patients at a nursing home. Video of Blacks torturing a mentally handicapped kid in South Chicago. Life expectancy in White countries is way better than Third World shitholes.

    Anti-Whiteness is based on emotion, not logic.

    1. Elder respecting? In China, they’re willing to let them die – while out nation goes into lockdown over them. Of course, that’s a good thing, though!

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