Photos of Anders Behring Breivik and an Exposition of His Treatise

Anders Breivik is of course the anti-Islamic Norwegian cultural conservative who killed 76 people in two attacks in Oslo, Norway the other day. Much nonsense has been written about these attacks. He wrote a manifesto, which I am currently reading. It’s 1,510 pages long. I’ve only read some of it – about 750 pages or so, but it’s very interesting. I agree with Kevin MacDonald that he is an important political thinker.

He’s simply a political terrorist like Osama bin Laden and his followers. He attacked arguably political institutions – first of all, buildings of the Norwegian state in an attempt to kill the Prime Minister, then later a youth camp for young leaders of Norwegian Labour Party. These are the elite children of the leadership of the party, and most of them will probably go on to become party political operative and even leaders. So it was a political attack by an armed terrorist organization.

The only thing yucky about the attack is that many of those targeted were children. Even if you argue that these kids were going to go on to become party political operatives and leaders, there is something nasty about killing unarmed minors. However, this aspect was overblown, and my analysis showed that about 2/3 of those killed were adults, making them legitimate targets.

I do not think that government officials and adults who are in line to become the future leadership of a political party are “innocent civilians,” sorry. This guy says he’s at war with the state, and in that role, political figures are certainly legitimate targets.

Photo of the seemingly normal shooter in a nice pose.

Not that I agree with his ideology or his goals. As a Leftist, of course I am saddened that my comrades were gunned down so cruelly like this. I also don’t agree with his anti-Islamic agenda.

His document is very interesting. I will have more to write about it. Much nonsense has been written about this guy which would have been dispelled with a simple review of his document, which apparently no one bothered to do.

The shooter in a scuba outfit with an automatic weapon. The insignia on his shoulder says "Marxist Hunter" and "Multicultural Traitor Hunting Permit."

The killer is a Christian fundamentalist. He most certainly is not! In fact, he states in his book that he lacks a personal relationship with Jesus or God. Nevertheless, he prayed before his operation, and he quotes liberally from the Bible, mostly Old Testament verse that dispels the notion that Christianity is a religion of peace. He quotes sections saying that Christians have a right to fight back against their enemies.

What this guy is is a cultural Christian. It’s a phrase he uses a lot. He even supports what he calls atheist Christians and agnostic Christians in his crusade against Islam. He feels that Europe is a culturally Christian continent, and of course he is right. He feels that this nominally Christian culture is in danger from the encroachment of Islam.

The killer is a racist. He’s not really a racist, though he flirts with it a bit. The document is confused in this regard. He states over and over that he is an anti-racist, but that’s not exactly the case either.

For instance, he does not believe that European Whites should breed with non-Whites. He worries about the allegiances of European non-White non-Muslims in the Civil War that he predicts will engulf Europe.

And he recommends that the US be partitioned off into a White state for Whites and a multicultural state for everyone else. So as far as his recommendations for the US go, he’s a White nationalist. He is also very sympathetic to the plight of the South African Afrikaners, and he feels that the Blacks are waging a race war against them. He acknowledges that Gypsies are widely hated, and he wants to set up a homeland for them somewhere in Anatolia after it is heavily cleansed of Muslims.

But he does enlist the support of non-White Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, atheists and agnostics in his war against the Muslims. He’s had many friends of all different races, and in his personal views, he’s not much of a racialist.

The killer in a photo, apparently with his mother and sister.

The killer is a fascist. This is more difficult to refute, though he claims to be an antifascist, and he writes a lot about how much he dislikes the National Socialist racists in Europe. In particular, as a Judeophile, he opposes their anti-Semitism, which he sees as ridiculous.

However, at the same time, he also praises certain aspects of National Socialism and offers an apologetics for Hitler’s treatment of the Jews. He acknowledges that the Holocaust occurred, but says that Hitler originally just wanted to deport the Jews, but was forced to exterminate them to get rid of a Fifth Column when the Nazis started losing the war in 1942. Actually, I think the Holocaust started before then. He also approves of National Socialist anti-feminism, monoculture and conservative values.

The killer in some sort of a military uniform.

At the same time, he sees the Nazi card as an albatross around the neck of European nationalists, and he says that they need to break free of that if they are ever going to succeed. He opposes White nationalism for similar reasons, that it will never get majority support from Europeans.

What he wants is majority support for his War on Islam project, and the best way to get that is to chuck the Nazism and White ethnic nationalism. He sees anti-Islamic nationalism as having potentially majority support, and he wants to get rid of all of the problematic elements that could diminish such support.

His political project involves rightwing coups in Europe that overthrow the multiculturalist states. They would then institute a short lived dictatorship in which rights would be suspended. 100-200,000 top level multiculturalist traitors would be hunted down and executed by the new state. Many others would be exiled. Freedom of speech would be curtailed indefinitely under the new regimes as “multiculturalist propaganda” would be banned.

Those Muslims who do not convert out would be deported from Europe back to Muslim lands. Muslim lands in the Balkans, Anatolia, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt would be conquered and resettled with Greeks, Macedonians, Serbs, Croats, Armenians, Assyrians and Copts. This is frankly a fascist project whether he admits it or not.

The killer in his Crusader Knights Templar uniform. He saw himself as a modern day Knight Templar waging a latter day crusade against Islam.

The killer is mentally ill. Having read through hundreds of pages of his stuff, I do not agree with this charge at all. Some of his politics is a bit confused, but that goes with the territory. On the other hand, the document is lucid, well-written and coherent. Ideologically, it fits together very well. He’s very intelligent and very well-read. His political project is sensible, well thought out and follows logically. He doesn’t believe in conspiracy theory, which makes him less nuts that your average Muslim or American.

The killer is a sociopath. I don’t agree. I think he is just a political terrorist. There are acts of political terrorism occurring all over the world, all the time. Those who engage in them and those who order them are not necessarily sociopaths. They are warriors, either members of militaries or some sort of guerrillas.

He actually seemed somewhat sensitive, and he spent quite a few pages agonizing over the nature of the acts he was about to engage in.

He concluded that Catholic Church absolves sins committed in the defense of religion, in particular in defense a Christian Crusade against Islam. This came up quite a bit back in the day when Crusaders were accused of sin during the various Crusades. The Church concluded that sins committed during the Crusades were absolved by the Church as necessary for the defense of the religion.

In addition, they could be redeemed via indulgences bought up by the collective good deeds of Jesus and the saints. By the theory of indulgences, sinners can redeem their sins by trading them in as it were for redemption. The redemption would be purchased via the good deeds done by Jesus, the saints and other good Christians.

At one point, he launches into an argument about whether it is a good idea to kill 100 to save 1000. He thinks it is.

On the other hand, he also feels that his targets, the multicultural Cultural Marxist elite of Europe, are traitors that need to be killed in order to save the continent from Islam. However, many political terrorists think their victims have it coming. Such a belief is not indicative of sociopathy.

Photo of the killer in the outfit he used to mix explosives at his farm. The process was very long and convoluted, and he spends a great many pages discussing it in depth in his book.

The killers is an anarchist. He is most certainly not. He believes very much in a future fascist-like state. He opposes the current multiculturalist regimes, but that does not make him an anarchist.

The document is rambling, incoherent and consists mostly of cut and paste jobs from other works. None of this is true. It is mostly his own work, and he writes very well. His English is excellent. The document does not ramble but instead follows quite well. It’s very coherent and easy to follow and understand.

The killer was provoked and incited to act by works by such anti-Islamic authors as Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Bruce Bawer, Bat Ye’or, Melanie Phillips and Fjordman and Internet sites like the Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs. Although these sites and authors do make many reasonable points about Islam and Muslims, they are fanatical and generally reactionary people. Their opposition to Islam is shrill, over the top and unnecessary.

Their opposition to the Ground Zero mosque was ridiculous. It’s their property, they can build whatever they want to there. Further, that Sufi order that was building the mosque represents the sort of modernism that Islam needs to cultivate.

In addition, all of these people and websites are ferociously Zionist. Zionism is a racist, fascist, ethnic nationalist and settler colonial project. No matter what you think of Muslims, those Jews stole every inch of that land over there. Further, they stole land from a lot of Eastern Christians as well. They are presently engaged in an objectively fascist ethnic nationalist project involving apartheid and ethnic cleansing. On these grounds, Zionism cannot be supported by anyone on the Left of good conscience.

These authors and blogs do amount to purveyors of hate speech I suppose, but I support hate speech. Their attempts to wiggle out of the intellectual authorship of this shooting are pathetic. They definitely laid the groundwork for this attack.

Given the reactionary, shrill, Zionist and fanatical nature of this movement, it’s beyond me why I should support it.

But it brings up an interesting question. Many of these reactionaries are defending the secular, feminist, open, pro-gay and modern nature of the Judeo-Christian West against a ferociously backwards, barbaric, Medieval, imperialistic and reactionary religion called Islam. Why is it up to the Right to defend secularism, atheism, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, gay rights, women’s rights, the right to drink and smoke and modernism itself against barbarism and obscurantism?

Why has the Left, which has always championed civil liberties, freedom of conscience, opposition to fundamentalism, women’s and gay rights, liberal lifestyles, the Sexual Revolution, secularism, atheism and agnosticism, and the very modernist project itself relinquished this task to a bunch of Jewish, Hindu and Christian reactionary kooks, many of whom are backwards and fundamentalist themselves? Why has the Left thrown in its lot with this Medieval religion? I don’t get it.

A photo of the killer looking like a quiet, normal fellow.

The killers has no point or legitimate project. Unfortunately, he does have a point and a legitimate project. Islam frankly has been a total disaster in Western Europe. Importing millions of Muslims, most of whom will never assimilate, into the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany has been a complete catastrophe. It’s time to admit that it’s a failure.

A few Muslims are not much of a problem, but over a certain percentage, they are simply not compatible with a modern, Western, secular, culturally Christian state. Projections showing an Islamic Europe in 70 years or so are terrifying. There’s not much to do about it except to stop importing them to Western Europe.

Many nations of the West don’t have a Muslim problem yet. These include the nations of Eastern Europe, Finland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the US and New Zealand. In most cases, the Muslim percentages here are low. The US % is .7%, which is quite manageable. But what happens as that number grows?

Deporting Muslims is not doable, so the countries with Muslim problems above should simply stop importing them and hope their birth rate slows down. The Muslim nations of Albania, Bosnia, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan already have below replacement birth rates. 15% of Muslims in the West are leaving Islam already. If you quit importing them, the problem may well take care of itself.

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15 thoughts on “Photos of Anders Behring Breivik and an Exposition of His Treatise”



    [A FENIAN GURU MAGGOT] organization with 651 Facebook followers is a branch of the same organization that Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik subscribed to.





  2. It is so obvious from his alleged manifesto a large section of which is plagiarised from the Unabomber’s manifesto that it totally advances the agenda of the NWO of things that they are pushing for war against Russia lead by the British Soros/Brezinski/Kissinger faction that advances there agenda organised in Britain and identified things like a check list that that they support that he is against to discredit anyone who opposes it.

    And this comical narrative that sounds like it comes from a Call of Duty game is something they have been promoting for a long time of the “ultra-nationalist”.

    We know that the CIA, MI6, EU financed groups and NGO’s finance fascist groups in Eastern Europe against Russia in Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia and Russia itself.

    Jewish Zionist Oligarch/MI6 asset who is notorious for being the main financier and supporter of Chechen terrorism bragged about financing the Orange regime in Ukraine and the National Bolshevik party in Russia.

    I have no doubt that this latest stunt is a British operation which in part is financed by Berezovsky.

    This is just Gladio 2.0

    I know exactly how this narrative is going to play out with these new terrorists they say will be linked to newly constructed Orthodox Churches in Europe.

    “The killer was provoked and incited to act by works by such anti-Islamic authors as Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Bruce Bawer, Bat Ye’or, Melanie Phillips and Fjordman and Internet sites like the Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs.”

    They are also financed and supported/linked to Jewish pro-Israel business interests.

  3. “The killer in his Crusader Knights Templar uniform. He saw himself as a modern day Knight Templar waging a latter day crusade against Islam”

    Actually it is Masonic attire he is wearing.

  4. Dear Robert
    You made many good points about Anders, but the sad truth is that he is paranoid. A defining characteristic of paranoiacs is that they magnify threats. The threats they see may be real, but they aren’t as large or as immediate as they claim.
    Most islamophobes are paranoid to some extent. They are right in stating that it isn’t a good idea to import many Muslims into a Christian or post-Christian country, but that is quite different from seeing the imminent take-over of the West by Jihadists. It is like the difference between saying that the US would do well to end illegal Hispanic immigration and saying that Hispanics have brought ruin to the US. Muslims in Europe have given Europeans a cold, not terminal cancer.
    Anders is also a totally incompetent strategist. He set back his own cause by putting all “extreme right-wingers”on the defensive. Politically correct leftists will seize on Anders to try to discredit all opponents of non-white and non-Christian immigration, however reasonable or moderate.
    Anders deserves the contempt and hostility of any intelligent, sober-minded critic of politically correct immigration policy. He may be highly inteeligent, but his grip on reality is very tenuous.

    Regards. James

    1. No “highly intelligent” individual opens fire on defenseless children at a youth camp. Only deeply disturbed individuals with pathological minds are capable of such acts. You don’t see successful people shooting others and leaving carnage behind. Even a racist or xenophobic individual possessing a certain degree of intelligence would not do so. Such person might write literature or manifestos explaining their ideology, create new schools of thought, financially support an extreme right party espousing their ideology, create a new church, etc. There are so many ways to channel one’s aims. But to kill children? Anders is nothing but a coward, incompetent, pathetic loser. No excuses.

  5. “Islam frankly has been a total disaster in Western Europe. Importing millions of Muslims, most of whom will never assimilate, into the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany has been a complete catastrophe. It’s time to admit that it’s a failure.”
    Immigration is about Economics. Western Europe did well out of first generation migrants in the sense that they paid more taxes than they received social benefits. The second generation redressed the balance because the dependency ratio increased. Questions of ‘assimilation’ are somewhat moot- the generation gap became a yawning chasm in the late 60’s and 70’s. Drug addicts of your own colour are worse neighbours than women in burqas. True, the mult kulti madness got on everybody’s tits but, till the mid 90’s. it was the Gays and Lesbos and (in the U.K) Single Mothers who were considered Satan incarnate. Indeed it was kind of sweet that little Achmet wanted to grow a beard and little Aaliyah wanted a training burqa for her eleventh birthday coz it was like they think they’re A-rabs and so everybody just play along and don’t anybody spoil the joke till they replace their Volkswagon with a Camel.

    Drugs have been a disaster for Western Europe. Immigrants- no. Why? Druggies don’t work, they steal. Immigrants work and build businesses.and spend money on stuff that can be taxed. As for ‘Culture’- are you fucking kidding me? it doesn’t exist.
    If Islam and orthodox Judaism and born again Xtianity and so on increase female fertility- great, it makes Western Europe’s Welfare Programs sustainable.
    The whole point about living in a developed country, as opposed to a tribal shit-hole, is that only Economics matters. So let Achmet get his beard on and little Aaliyah her training Burqa and concentrate on selling them Beard insurance and Burqa stickers with ‘My other three wives are blondes’ or whatever.

    1. Vik,

      Europe imported Muslims when its countries were left in ruins after WWII, which they caused. Or are they going to blame the war on Allah? If you look at it, the main concentration of Muslims in Europe is in places like the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands. I think it’s ironic that Hitler’s regime (in collaboration with certain willing civilians and countries) annihilated millions of Jews (who were of white, European stock and by and large fully assimilated) and many Germans are now bitching about the Muslim “hordes” who refuse assimilation. I call that Karma. Did someone say Karma is a bitch?

  6. ‘I do not think that government officials and adults who are in line to become the future leadership of a political party are “innocent civilians,” sorry.’

    I hardly see how your point is legally relevant and I contest any assertion that its morally relevant either.

    No definition of murder i’ve seen limits it to the “innocent”. As for legitimate targets in warfare, once again no definition of legitimate targets allows for the killing of unarmed civilians.

    It is simply not debatable; moral guilt or innocence is highly subjective anyway hence unarmed civilians is generally the standard adhered to in war time.

    He committed murder by unlawfully and premeditatedly killing human beings. His targets were not legitimate because they were unarmed combatants.

    This guy is pure filth and your attempts to excuse any of his actions are sickening.

    1. that bit was actually one of my favorite parts. Robert may be wrong in some ways, but in a LOT of ways he is SO right. another blogger i like a lot, a real reactionary right-winger, posted one of Aesop’s fables about the trumpeter, in reaction to this massacre.

      the trumpeter is just as guilty as the soldiers, and deserves everything which the rest of the opposing army has coming.

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