Barack Obama is Satan

In contrast to the Republican budget plan, I am supposed to support something called the Obama Plan or the Gang of Six Plan, cooked by six rich guys in Congress and the Black Reagan Barack Obama. This plan also wrecks Medicare and Social Security, but doesn’t slash them quite as much. It also demands devastating cuts to Medicaid, but not at much as the Republican plan. It also eviscerates the safety net, but not as much. The big selling point is that it supposedly raises taxes on the rich by closing some tax loopholes.

So I have the Republican plan, massive cuts with no tax increases, or the Obama Plan, massive cuts with higher “taxes on the rich.” LOL, I’m supposed to support the Obama Plan? Why in God’s name should I do that? I don’t want these massive cuts. They are unnecessary, and there is no debt crisis anyway. Why should I support massive cuts with higher taxes on the rich versus massive cuts with no tax increases on the rich?

As long as we are slashing away, I don’t care if the rich pay their fair share or not. The programs get eviscerated one way or another. The outcome is the same. With one plan, the rich get taxed a bit more, and with another, they don’t.

Why should, or anyone else for that matter, care whether the rich get taxed or not, as long as the programs get wrecked? What’s it to me? What’s it to anyone else? How do we benefit? Is the state going to collect those taxes on the rich and give me a cut of them? Nope. What’s it going to do with that money? The money will feed a corporatist and oligarchic state that attacks me and my kind.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of liberals are rallying around the Obama Plan, which is a nightmare for America.

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0 thoughts on “Barack Obama is Satan”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Obama isn’t presenting a second option to consider. They’re both the same raping of the middle and productive classes, not to mention the poor class which had already been getting raped all along.

    The rich elite sit around in their big bank offices or golf carts, raking in interest while the rest of us work our asses off to stay afloat in our debt to them. And while we’ve been doing that, they’ve been hiring a legion of lawyers to dig through the massive IRS tax code (which last I heard was at least seven times the length of the Bible) to look for every last nook and cranny to hide their wealth in. If all Obama’s “solution” accomplishes is the closing of a few tax loopholes, the banksters just need to rearrange their billions/trillions into other loopholes, and then life goes on as usual. These PROFESSIONAL banksters are PROFESSIONAL tax dodgers! Obama doesn’t stand a chance of getting their money anyway! And if all else fails, then the banksters can threaten us with a gun to the banks and demand a bailout from the taxpayers again.

    Meanwhile, 401Ks and Social Security will be looted down to every last crumb to pay back this phony debt (to the banksters, no less). And once you’ve given every last thing you’ve got and broken your back over years of laboring for the these parasites, then it’s off to the dump for you, because there sure as hell won’t be any Medicare or Medicaid left to treat you by then. Within ten minutes of “open borders” they’ll have you replaced brand-new already anyway.

  2. Barak Obama went to town,
    riding on a turtle.
    Turned the corner just in time
    to see Nancy Pelosi’s girdle.

    Barak Obama smokes a choad
    Circumcised and tiny.
    Takes his orders from Sheldon Adelson,
    Ugly, sick and whiney!

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