Wrecking Social Security a Long Term Obama Goal

It is important to note that Obama came into office determined to wreck these three programs. He called a “budget summit” early in the Administration in which the Dean of Austerity, billionaire hedge fund manager and bankster Pete Peterson was scheduled to be the keynote speaker.

There was so much uproar over this that Obama had to cancel. Republicans were furious. David Brooks, reactionary New York Times journalist, was so alarmed that he called the Administration on the phone. The Obama folks assured him that Obama was determined to wreck Social Security.

The Right breathed a sigh of relief. Afterward, Obama appointed the Cat Food Commission, the purpose of which was to deal with the fake debt crisis by wrecking the three programs described.

They also prescribed many tax hikes on working class and middle class Americans in addition to cuts the savage cuts. It was a dual edged dagger aimed at the hearts of working class and middle class Americans. Not only would the programs they rely on be gashed, they would see their tax rates go up considerably to help pay for their own rape and ruin. The rich and corporations would be largely unscathed by the Commission’s recommendations.

Obama deliberately stacked the Commission with Social Security haters like Clintonite reactionary Erskine Bowles and the bloodthirsty Republican former Senator Alan Simpson.

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