This Asshole Wrote a Book?

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And Verso, of all houses, stooped to publish it? The subject itself is reasonable; I just think that this guy, and all of the silly acolytes he surrounds himself with, is a putz. And so is his Trotskyidiot party, by the way.

As long as he is on the subject of all these former Leftists transitioning to the Right since the fall of the USSR, and in particular aligning themselves with the War on Terror (the pro-war Left in the UK, the neoconservatives in the US), I wonder if he will touch on the notion and an unbelievably over-representative number of them are Jewish?

I mean, in the UK and in the US, this movement, at least at the beginning, was for all intents and purposes are Jewish movement. It’s still practically a Jewish-led movement at the very least.

Will Dickie touch on this most sensitive of subjects? Of course not. He’s got an anti-Semitism phobia worse than a stadium full of rabbis.

Screw you Dickie.

Here’s his blog. It’s popular and gets about 2,100 visitors a day. We get 3,200.

He’s actually really smart and writes well, but you can say that about a lot of assholes. He hates me and has banned from his stupid blog. He banned me for anti-Semitism, but I really didn’t say much. You don’t have to say much over there. Just say the word “Jew” with the wrong inflection and you’re pretty much done.

Dickie says that I am actually an anti-Semitic rightwing racist provocateur who has infiltrated the Left in order to try to taint the Left with racism. Or something. Whatever, dude. He’s also banned at least one of my commenters too.

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  1. Uh, I clicked on the second link and I got sent to six-time pro-bowl and Oakland Raider defensive tackle Richard Seymour’s wiki page lol. You gotta link to the other page.

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