Are Black People Stupid?

A view from the comments, with my comments following:

Before I actually worked with a large population of blacks, I would never have believed that they are as stupid as a whole as they are. In fact, I used to believe in absolute equality of all races. However, some years of working in an office-type environment with lots of blacks has totally changed my views.

I think it’s hard to quantify intelligence, but you can get a fairly good idea of someone’s intelligence by observing how/if they readily absorb information and use it to make logical decisions. Smart people “get it” and can move on. They remember information, can make connections, and apply what they learn.

Give me any other race to train/work with. I don’t care if they are white, Latino, Asian, Indian, Middle-Eastern-there is a very good chance that those individuals will learn fairly quickly, have a modicum of manners, a decent or at least passable work ethic, and will do their freaking jobs.

Training blacks is frustrating for me, because 48 out of 50 of them don’t “get it” the 3rd, 4th, 5th time they are presented with the same information in a slow way that anyone else would grasp. For many of them, when they do finally “get it” they can’t make the logical, big-picture connections that would allow them to really excel at their jobs. I see lots of abysmally poor memories, slow wits, and at best a surface-level understanding of their jobs.

And then they’re lazy and tend to be rude (whenever they can get away with it) on top of it. What’s sad is that I’ve seen this not only in janitors and entry-level clerks, but in higher-level black executives and officers who were smooth enough to rap their way into a high-paid position, but either too stupid or lazy (or both) to actually do their jobs.

If you defend black cognition the way that I used to, I challenge you to work for a few years in an office environment with a large population of them.

This is a very interesting anecdote, and you do hear other things from time to time. This has not exactly been my experience. I worked mostly in teaching. There, the Blacks were generally fellow teachers. At the time, I had heard all of the rumors about Black stupidity, and according to this guy it should apply to Black teachers too, but I did not notice that my Black teachers were stupid at all. Actually, I was looking around for evidence of them being dumb, but I could not really find it.

I also dealt with Black administrators – principals, vice principals, counselors all the way up to the district level and, on a lower level, Black secretaries and whatnot. Some of them struck me as not exactly being geniuses, but they didn’t seem to be idiots. Black teachers and administrators always struck me as the cream of the Black crop, and never once did I think they were stupid. At the very least, they struck me as “at least competent.”

On the other hand, here in California, teachers have to pass a very rigorous exam called the CBEST.Many Blacks and Hispanics fail this exam, hence there are cries that it is racist, but they have not yet gotten rid of it, thank God. Hence, most of the less intelligent Blacks are simply screened out. I remember one Black teacher who seemed to be an alcoholic. He showed movies a lot. They probably should have gotten rid of him, but he was a nice enough guy anyway.

Once I worked on a job site with just me and four other guys, all Black. We were janitors at some aerospace plant. We would work for like 3 hours, then just take off and sit around and play cards the rest of the night. The Black guys all liked me a lot. Most were older, but one was a young guy.

The young Black dude and I would take off and go smoke weed in some out of the way place. The head janitor was an alcoholic. I thought it was funny that these older Blacks would call each other “jigs.” Anyway, they were smart enough to do their jobs and play cards.

I also worked with Blacks at a legal coding place. The Blacks there were all well behaved, and none were particularly stupid. They were about as smart as the Whites there. One guy in particular was my good friend, and he was very smart.

I have also not seen a lot of the storied Black laziness and bad work habits except for the janitors, but as a radical, I thought that was mostly just a protest by some working class guys.

In general, I have found that for some reason, Blacks at work seem to be “smart enough.” Not total idiots but not flaming geniuses either.

I had a Black girlfriend once. At one time, we were discussing marriage. She also was “smart enough,” but she had problems in her college courses, and her BA was only in Homemaking, which she taught. I had to write her college level English class papers for her because apparently she simply could not write them well enough.

At one point, we got in a huge argument. The paper was on a short story written by some Black writer. It was about a man called “Douglass” who never shows up. The women are talking. “Douglass is a man!” Ok, look, obviously this is Frederick Douglass! Literary analogy and all that.

She just could not get it and was furious. She knew all about Douglass, and obviously they were not talking about him. It was as if her mind could not deal with an allegorical level of things and was stuck in concreteness. It was then that I realized the limits of this “smart enough” intelligence.

At the moment, it is true that Blacks are less intelligent than Whites as measured by IQ tests. There is a 13.2 point gap between Black adults and White adults – White IQ = 103, Black IQ = 89.8. It’s not yet proven that this is due to genes, and at some point, Blacks may be able to close the gap.

The author mentions that Latinos seem much smarter than Blacks. But their IQ’s are only a few points higher. Latino IQ = 93, Black IQ = 89.8. Are a few points really going to add up to much of a difference? At the end it boils down to what can we do about this. Probably not a whole lot.

But Blacks can certainly work on the non-IQ based aspects of their work performance such as perceived laziness, coming in late, leaving early, taking time off all the time. With their lower IQ’s, Blacks need to try to make up for that in non-IQ ways by being superior or at least adequate on non-IQ factors. That may tend to ameliorate that IQ stuff.

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540 thoughts on “Are Black People Stupid?”

  1. Ep-gah lives in the days of John Wayne and covered wagons when the savages are yelling thier wierd war chants threatening to kill the Brady Bunch. Oh, my gosh! What will we do pa? Get dem guns son. Yipeee we’re gonna have some hoopin and hollerin tonight!

  2. quote by ep-gah

    GASP Are you admitting Mexico’s upper class–maybe Mexico’s GOVERNMENT (Such as it is) is dumping the shit they don’t want to be bothered with on US? Didn’t you earlier claim they would never do such a thing?

    And yes, an illegal makes 5X more in America–as a criminal–than it would as a citizen in its own country. How is that “paid back for the trouble”? It has nothing to do with free trade. It’s just that that 5X is 1/3 the amount an American would make as Minimum Wage.
    And if it gets hurt, the illegal can fraud the ER. An American is traceable and its property could be taken so the HOSPITAL gets paid back for the trouble! That’s far more important than a foreign criminal, right?

    If Liberals care AT ALL about “income inequality” bullshit, they need to join ranks with Conservatives and shut the borders!

    It’s all payback for free trade. No, I don’t think we need open borders with Mexico, but if we are going to close them, we could at least end free trade, but that will never happen.

    You would just be sending Latinos back in nations where they would more than likely starve to death or live some hellish existance.

    1. YES! Let them be THEIR country’s deadweight, instead of ours. Their country is making money off Free Trade or they would not accept it!

      They can spend money on prisons and healthcare instead of dumping their shit on us.

      Their problems MUST NOT be our problems, or else strip their country of “independent” status, and we take care of them, but we control them!

    2. If America can make a Welfare system so our losers don’t die AND don’t become some other country’s problem, why can’t the Latinos? You keep claiming they’re our equals, why not act like it?

  3. I really don’t like homophobic racist working class white trash that usually join neo-nazi organizations. I’m sure that’s no shock. I pretty much hate them as a race, almost as much as they hate Jews. They suck. Mainly because they don’t look at root causes of problems, and they’re punks.

    1. And they’re fucking ugly looking bastards. All bald headed or toothless like most hillbillies. They live in trailers and they;re just all around stupid and retarded. Ironic, since they’re so much into IQ research.

      1. Oh wait, bald heads are in style now. OK, that will save them some embarassment, but they still live in trailers and listen to Nickleback.

        Nickleback “OH, yeah I wanna be a rock star” Yee HAW !!!!

      2. How is the above comment different from “Negroes in Negroland” except it’s racist blah blah blah applied to poor white people? Hmmm ?

    2. Favorite bands of white trash who havent’ advanced into skinhead stuff:

      Nickleback or Godsmack or some other generic hillbilly shit.

  4. Blacks are stupid? HA.. You could as easily make negative stereotypes as Iv’e done above about certain poor white people. You can make negative stereotypes about liberals and also preppie upper class people (calling them efemminate or gay or snobby etc..)

  5. quote by Phil

    “Iv’e already given documentation from the Economist website regarding one parent homes in South Africa. There are also tons of websites which verify much of the Muslim world is inbred. I’m sure I could easily find websites verifying that much of the US ghetto is full of one parent homes. But I will try to do more research.

    I don’t claim to know all the answers, but you all don’t know everything either.”
    Okay, the MUSLIM world, what about the christain/animist part of Africa?

    And true, I don’t know all the answers but mine have been more coherent so far.

    But still, if you can provide sufficient evidence so be it.

    I don’t know if IQ even means anything anyways. Perhaps it’s exxagerated. Seems like the violent part, and of course violence would also go hand and hand with school failure etc.., comes from the breakdown of traditional culture. So with sub-sharan Africa, and note I don’t have any stats on this yet, it seems like that would be the case.

    So the breakdown of traditonal culture, one parent homes etc.. would be doing some damage south of the Sahara.

    1. How much IQ is actually needed to have a decent society? I mean most people are doing jobs that don’t require a lot of brainwork anyway. It’s not like everybody is supposed to be a doctor or engineer.

      I suppose a certain segment of the population would need a high IQ, in Africa etc.,, to advance the places to the level of Japan or something. But then again other factors contribute to poverty, like foreign oppression, free trade etc…

      1. Japan? With eugenics, no time soon though the Igbo and Bamileke like I said before have shown signs of intellectual dominance in there countries as well as remarked by Europeans during colonialism.

        Robert estimate 80 to make things decent. Blacks during segregations achieved a decent amount actually in terms of society. Northern Blacks who’ve been so since slavery are at 90 and southerns are 80. Still, both had better lifestyles.

        Oh! You’re going to LOVE this! That “Breakdown of traditional culture” that lead to 1 parent homes……’s ALWAYS been the mother who invested in childcare the most because of the polygamous behavior! In African Polygamy, the father is hardly attentive. When environmental pressure call for Monogamy develop into being LESS aggressive and become more K selected with less extreme hormones. Look up Peter Frost and his research with Polygamy.

        Oh, BTW just stopping it won’t fix anything, like incest. In order to reverse the effects, Polygamous people need to be deselected from the genepool.

        With that said with IQ, there are possible monogamous subpopulations in Black Africa like one study gave for Senegal. If so, that population could likely have higher IQs.

        If they took over, things would likely improve but given much of Africa’s lack of infrastructure and prevalent pathological tendencies I doubt it with major foreign assistance.

        1. Robert estimate 80 to make things decent. Blacks during segregations achieved a decent amount actually in terms of society. Northern Blacks who’ve been so since slavery are at 90 and southerns are 80. Still, both had better lifestyles.

          Segregation didn’t cause the downfall of blacks in the US. It was a badly designed welfare system. This sounds like some black nationalist/racist attempt to justify segregation, much as the KKK would.

          It probably “seems like it did” cause it is true that under black teachers, the students are more likely to excell, cause under white teachers the students might be accused of “brown-nosing” or “acting white” etc.., mainly cause the white and black race are in conflict with each other in the US.

        2. I meant to say “Integration” didn’t cause the downfall of blacks in the US, a badly designed welfare system caused it.

        3. Never thought about polgymy. So anyhow, throwing out polygamy would reverse Africa’s trend making to move toward Japan. That would be bad news for white nationalists who thought the African IQ was fixed and could not be reversed for billions of years. What a let down to white nationalists.

          It definitely shows race be the “snake oil salesman” science that it really is.

        4. “Never thought about polgymy. So anyhow, throwing out polygamy would reverse Africa’s trend making to move toward Japan. That would be bad news for white nationalists who thought the African IQ was fixed and could not be reversed for billions of years. What a let down to white nationalists.

          It definitely shows race be the “snake oil salesman” science that it really is.”

          Not just throwing out but INSTITUTING monogamy must be done. Polygamous behavior would just be expressed through stuff like prostitution so it would nothing “but a waste of time when considering you should go after the source of the problem.”

          Also with race realists observations, your new half asses assertion wouldn’t have been made.

  6. quote by Phil

    “Never thought about polgymy. So anyhow, throwing out polygamy would reverse Africa’s trend making to move toward Japan. That would be bad news for white nationalists who thought the African IQ was fixed and could not be reversed for billions of years. What a let down to white nationalists.

    It definitely shows race be the “snake oil salesman” science that it really is.”

    Not just throwing out but INSTITUTING monogamy must be done. Polygamous behavior would just be expressed through stuff like prostitution so it would nothing “but a waste of time when considering you should go after the source of the problem.”

    Also with race realists observations, your new half asses assertion wouldn’t have been made.

    I don’t think they were half assed, cause genetics isn’t everything about IQ, the enviornment also plays a major role, and poor areas don’t have the resources to push education to the max.

    1. Definitely violent behavior is influenced mainly by the enviornment cause it’s a fact many gentle low IQ people do exist.

  7. If I lived in a dirty, disorganized, crime-infested place, I would personally have zero motivation to study, learn, and use my brain. It’s not the race, it’s the conditions. Why don’t u put ur white kids in a shitty neighborhood to see what big aspirations they would have! Also dirty messy spaces make our brains super confused! And I imagine people living in such places aren’t motivated to do much except kill, drink and have sex with women to alleviate their frustration.

    1. Who MADE it a “dirty, disorganized, crime-infested place”?
      Most of these places USED to be good places to live, UNTIL Blacks took them over.
      If dirty, messy spaces make your brain super confused, don’t mess them up in the first place!

      My parents used to live in DETROIT! Could you imagine a 9 year old female walking down a street in Detroit unarmed and unharmed?
      Crime was held in check by STRESS Units. Cops dressing up as civilians, getting attacked by thugs, and shooting them.
      Pop Quiz: Who voted for the Black Mayor who ABOLISHED the STRESS Units? What motivated them to do so in the first place? Were they tired of a clean, safe city?

      Your blame-the-environment spiel is not unique, but it’s already been proven false. Thugs make the environment, the environment doesn’t make them thugs.
      None of you who want to shift blame to the environment have answered:
      What MAKES them turn a clean, safe area, and turn it into a warzone slum?

      Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans…Noone would MAKE a shitty city intentionally, right? Any attempt to clean them up, gets shouted down as “racist” doesn’t it? SO the cops, storeowners, and everyone else just kind of let nature take its course, let them wreck the environment completely–and the good people find someplace else to be!

        I found a way around the whole black intelligence problem that works very well. On the job (i was an assistant supervisor in manufacturing) when confronted w/ the typical Black American new employee, it works better if you have another more seasoned black person show them what to do. Why? Because I think it’s a communication thing, or the new employee may feel more comfy with another black person. Intelligence? I can’t tell by sight if they’re smart or not. They prove themselves smart or not over time. I then place them into the area that best fits their mind power.

    2. Don’t be angry Mina. I had an Asian woman advise me to move to South Africa “Because the blacks are so thick!” she exclaimed. Implying that I could easily make money from them as she had. This woman went from UK to South Africa with her family to get gold and jewels, to make money. In shock at her extremely low brain level of understanding of the suffering that the natural South African people had endured, all that came out of my mouth was, “It’s their country!”
      There is one question and one answer: Why do racist people keep on lying about the reason for the depression of the African people?
      It’s simple, racists are… born and bread liars.

  8. I received my Anthro. BA from U Mass in 1974. This was an era that was pre-quota and academic standards were not lowered. It was an era when Negroes were taking over and destroying every urban Jew neighborhood. Plain and simple the Negro is deficient in his cognitive processes. In those days grant monies from private and public sources were plentiful and unchecked.

    I was a grants manager in Roxbury-Grove Hall. It was a joke. The Jewboys controlled the cash at the NAACP. It was stuff your pockets. I performed Binet IQ tests for a Harvard grant. The median IQ was 75 +/- 2 pts. Just right for a Jew-managed nanny state. I would go on to provide vetting services for private industry on Negro applicants who had graduated from Mass. Colleges. I did this work discreetly.

    The Jewboys slowly took over college administrations, lowered standards and took their cut of the nigga education cash (food stamps for academia). Its devolved into the disaster we have today – Jewboy inflation and statist populations of inferiors living off Whites. The Jews must be thrown out of the country. Inflation can be ended in one day, so can fiat money. Return to Bretton Woods monetary system. End food stamps, and prices will fall immediately.

    I listen to that stinking kike Bernie talk about free education and free services like Sweden. Lies. We had a strong gold-backed dollar – that’s why college, houses, cars were affordable. Most wage earners took home 90% of their paycheck in 1972. It’s frightening to me how brainwashed Americans are today. Elites have created a one-party state intent on blockbusting the USA.

    1. “…The Jews must be thrown out of the country…”

      You my Man are a genius!

      I must disagree with you on the gold standard. It doesn’t matter what money is made of as long it is accepted and the supply is controlled. Look at Scott Smiths de-debt and tax plan.

      His ideas are extremely good. For revenue instead of getting most from income taxes he would get revenue from settlements. Like every time you buy something or deposit a check in the bank, etc. The value of this is it massively raises the tax base so that the amount of each transaction is minuscule. I read, “For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization” by Charles Adams a book on taxes and it talked a lot about raising the tax base in order to lower the percentage taken from each transaction and to spread out where revenues came from.

      Let’ look at the numbers he quotes.

      Payrolls total $15 trillion.
      Not much for filling a $4 trillion federal spending.

      The base for what he calls payments, (transactions), is 3,600 Trillion. Big difference. So using this big difference he would only take a tax rate of just 1/8 of a percent.

      He also would stop charging interest as the money is made and backed by the taxpayers. He would only give banks a service fee. (I don’t agree with this. I think a small interest paid to the Federal Gov. would be helpful providing the majority of it went to the treasury and bypassed the FED and banks.)

      He’s got some great ideas on lots of issues. He’ll never get any publicity from the media with his cut out the FED ideas but they’re worth thinking about. My biggest problem is just how, even with such small percentage of tax, he would keep corporations and the 1% from gaming it so they pay none.

      Another thing Smith wants to do is pay the debt off. He points out that all the debt pays interest so it gets bigger and bigger. There’s a not so evident twist to the debt. Here it is…as soon as the debt is issued it is financialized. It becomes money. It may be debt but in today’s world you can use this promise to pay to raise cash. Therefore the money supply is already inflated by the debt. Get it? Debt becomes cash through financialization.

      He says,”…Coupon stripping would not be inflationary
      because it would replace our existing supply of interest bearing money with non-interest-bearing money…”

      When he says coupon stripping he’s talking about the old time bonds. Here’s a picture.

      Each bond has coupons that when torn off at a certain date become money. He says we pay all the bonds off with non interest bearing CASH now instead of letting the debt inflate further. The bonds have become cash already so it’s not necessarily inflationary to turn them into cash.
      Here’s another quote,”…Ironically, we would have inflated the money supply less if we had issued new money to pay for the deficit each year rather than selling Treasury bonds. At least ordinary money does not accrue interest…”
      That being the case he says we should pay off all debt within five years.
      Here’s a link to his pay off the debt page.
      I think he’s somewhat right about turning debt into cash not being inflationary but not 100%. Some debt is parked and if they were forced to accept cash I have no doubt they would buy assets for cash causing some inflation. His point over all I believe is sound. That printing cash is less damaging to the economy than continuously expanding debt. Yes there is a limit to this. The damage is less when you have instant inflation than the delayed case of delayed debt. When you have instant feedback from printing cash you also can see the damage and correct it faster. The debt is hidden as it takes some money out of circulation while NOT extinguishing it. When debt is turned to cash it’s influence can’t be stopped as easy.

      I don’t know if all his ideas would work but they’re progressive and pro capitalist at the same time. Truly great genius at making compromises without taking to much from either.

  9. I am sorry the noggs I see are a hell of a lot stupider than what you describe. NEGROES by and large are illiterate even ones who have been so called educated.

  10. i am really saaaaad…..but i have to say that the writer of the article is right in general.
    i married 20 years with black egyptian guy, And i agree that it takes 10 times more efforts to learn for black people than for whites. Also i noticed that dementia disease is very common and shows at early ages between blacks than between whites…(((

  11. I think it depends on the environment. I grew up in white suburbia and got my I.Q tested officially and it stands at 130, but i must say my work ethic at least during the first few years of college was mediocre…. I think black people in general are just lazy as shit, but usually when a brother hits 30 the smart ones tend to develop more tolerable work ethic. 48 out of 50 seems like a exaggeration. In professional jobs its more like 25 out 50 from what ive seen which is still rather high.

      1. Hello my racist friends, it’s always amusing to read posts here!
        And finally it looks like you guys are going to have a fellow bigot in the white house, how crazy is this?. Finally trump is going to build a wall and chase all of us blacks to Africa! Then your dream of pure white America will be realized

  12. At the moment, it is true that Blacks are less intelligent than Whites as measured by IQ tests. There is a 13.2 point gap between Black adults and White adults – White IQ = 103, Black IQ = 89.8. It’s not yet proven that this is due to genes, and at some point, Blacks may be able to close the gap.

    Funny you 😉

  13. European and Asian-Americans are blessed by the fact that minorities lack the IQ to wreak havoc outside specific geographic zones.

    Minorities rampaging in the outer suburbs or Canadian Shield woodsy towns in Northern Wisconsin? Survivalist tactics like that take intelligence-show me BRUTHAS OCCUPYING pine forests in prolonged sieges.

    They would not live out a single frigid week. All they can do is trash inner-city neighborhoods.

    ASIAN CARTELS skillfully import heroin through submarines…Minorities poisoning society on that level? RUBBISH They get busted selling dime bags on the street (Show me YAKUZA’S top heroin importer’s doing time in U.S. prisons on the scale of black gangs).

    Minorities CONTROL the food supply from distant farms to their local supermarket or Walgreens? NONSENSE. They’d starve if the trucks stopped driving into the city from farms,

    Korean-Americans or Japanese-Americans or even Indian-Americans could fight a prolonged siege but other minorities can only set fires to building condemned anyhow.

    If their IQ WERE 120 on average we would have a Balkans.

    Russian, Italian-American and Asian-American gangs in addition to Sons of Anarchy Bikers are a far greater threat in terms of corruption, mass drug distribution, guns circulation, stolen part rings, white collar crime than Blood or Crips.

  14. Muslim terrorists and Black Panthers SHIVERING IN A MINNESOTA woods en mass assaults on small European rural towns aka RED DAWN is a such a hilarious absurdity that one cannot help giggling.

    Whites most endangered are Jewish-Americans because they tend to live and work in urban areas around the centers of trade or industry.

    Finnish-Americans in Minnesota or Canadians in Idaho small towns…Oh, please Abdullah and Jerome are really going to wage a long-term occupation of the U.S. interior or even the deserts outside Los Angeles.

    Without government amenities they are hapless, not knowing what foliage to eat or how to hunt or grow food. They’d starve in a week.

    Low IQ is the great advantage, in fact. They will continue to become pregnant young, be incarcerated for six dollars worth of crack while Yimoshiga the Heroin Importer Yakuza pays his attorney to deport him back to Tokyo after a big heroin bust, get hopeless addicted to crack, etc.

    Mestizos are a different matter. They are capable of a substandard third-world occupation of the Southwest and that’s as far North as they can go. Too cold for the children of Moors and Pueblo Indians.

    Muslim-Americans are also city people. None of them would dare commit a terrorist attack in a small Tennessee town surrounded by woods or even enter small towns in the US where European numbers are greatest.

    Low IQ makes a lousy self-sufficient survivalist.

  15. POWERS REPLY Jewish-Americans are at greater risk than other whites because they are urban-dwelling subculture (For whatever reason).

    As cities become more dangerous they are the whites at greatest risk of minority violence.

    They are stuck in Brooklyn, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago as minority crime and violence gets worse.

    Scandinavians on the Canadian border in North Dakota or Idaho will be fine if their are more riots in the East Coast inner-cities. If Los Angeles becomes Mexico City and Hollywood moves to Canada Norwegian-American Mormon in Utah are not at much risk.

    So it is they who suffer along with other minorities.

    Not too much to worry about.

    1. Actually a lot of Asians love Canada, not cause of W. Bush and his war, but cause they’re racist against NAMS, that combined with resentment of interference of the US in Asia.

  16. Asians have been immigrating to Canada since the Inuit. Its the gateway to North American and Vancouver is easier to immigrate to than the U.S.

    Bush is sort of old news. I’m not sure Chinese or Koreans really ever cared a whit about the Middle East. They’d buy petroleum from anyone who took their money and business to them had no political meaning.

    China became the major purchaser of Iraq oil. The U.S. really got nothing out of that conflict at all except a crisis in Syria.

    None of this affects Northeast Asia.

  17. I came here because Im very annoyed at an African women I know who comes across literally like the offensive portrayals of dumb slaves or servants in 1930s movies….big ever present grin, slow walker, slow speaker, have to speak slow or else she doesn’t understand and looks confused (English is her first language). It irritates the hell out of me because I just wonder how accurate those portrayals actually are. Maybe some populations of Africans that were enslaved were dumb as rocks due to poor nutrition or inbreeding. She is from West Africa too, where slaves are mostly from. Just gets under my skin because it makes me feel racist and I really don’t want to.

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