Two Hypothetical Questions Regarding Bigfoot

From the comments. What would you do?

OK, so you are in the woods, minding your own business, when suddenly you are kidnapped by a small group of Sasquai (Bigfoots) a la the Ostman story (let’s just say, suspending any disbelief you may have.) My question is:

1. If you have a chance to escape, do you take it, or do you stay with them and learn all you can about them, try to learn their language, if they have one, etc.?

2. They indicate that they want you mate with a Bigfoot of the opposite sex, so do you oblige them, or decline? Let’s assume that you are with them long enough to believe they are a type of human, like a hybrid of an ancient line of robust hominins and modern humans, so they aren’t apes, per se, though they are living in a very primitive manner and they may not have the entire cognitive range of modern humans.

If you decide to mate, then why? Are you afraid of saying no, or is it impolite to turn down such a generous offer from your hosts? Or perhaps you are interested in doing it for science? Could you possibly be attracted to an 8 foot tall, 800 pound hairy humanoid?

It will be interesting to see how question 2 is answered by both women and men.

Discuss. 🙂

Unfortunately, the bitches, I mean the women, are all up in arms that this question was even asked. They say that no woman would ever have a choice about whether to have sex or not with the male Bigfoot, therefore we are asking them whether or not they would enjoy getting raped by a Bigfoot, or by anyone for that matter. It’s quite possible that the woman would have no choice in the matter indeed, therefore, this question should probably be asked of women only.

I had no idea, in my male centered way of thinking, that I was asking women if they would enjoy being raped or not. The thought simply never occurred to me.

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0 thoughts on “Two Hypothetical Questions Regarding Bigfoot”

    1. Ha–reminds me of a scene in Young Frankenstein….

      The Monster (Peter Boyle) gets ahold of Madeleine Kahn and proceeds to have his way with her–she protests at first, but upon discovering his “enormous schwanstucker,” she begins to sing: “Ohhhh, Sweet Mystery of Life, at last I’ve found you…!”

  1. Anyone know how I can contact Richard Stubstad?
    Robert, I’ll respond to your earlier question, it’s just a complicated answer.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed my original post and gave it a space of its own–Thanks! I’m not surprised it’s controversial, though I’m disappointed that some think it shouldn’t have even been asked. I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone by posting it, and I’m sorry if I did. There were, I want to point out, two parts to the question, and one was non-sexual and about simply about sticking around to learn more about the species despite the fear and challenges at hand.

    However, since these hybrid mating scenarios are very much in the news (not just Ostman’s account but the whole Ketchum mitochondrial DNA business too) I thought I’d add the mating question in too. I was actually hoping that some people might creatively come up with a plausible non-rape scenario, and I figured it would be interesting to hear what others had to say.

    This is clearly such a hypothetical question that people can just run with it any way they like. I can see why women would see and be concerned about the idea that it would be a rape scenario, though I don’t think it necessarily has to be that way. Perhaps this is some traditional mate exchange thing Sasquai do, and they (assuming they have a culture and at least a rudimentary language and are in the hominin line) understand that the female has a right to say no.

    Of course, that’s probably less likely since they carry you off against your will to begin with. But then again, their are historical accounts of women being carried off by Native Americans for various reasons. In many of these accounts, they were then treated as though they were a member of a family unit (with a surrogate mother), treated as a sister by her children (even adult children,) taught the language and integrated into tribal society. They were at some point offered a chance to take a husband but they didn’t necessarily have to. At least that’s my understanding from accounts I’ve read years ago.

    Regarding the Sasquai, as for me, personally, as a heterosexual American guy, I think it would be unlikely that I would be sexually interested in a Sasquatch female and probably wouldn’t want to mate with her. But if I felt in danger, as I probably would, I would probably give it the old college try and hope for the best. Would that count as a kind of rape? I don’t know. It’s really stretching the limits of the term, I think.

    Though I’m reminded of the show True Blood on HBO (spoiler alert)…in the last episode Jason is tied down and forced to mate with several women against his will (they give him “Hillbilly viagara” as I recall them saying) so that is a somewhat similar scenario, just as fanstastical if not more so (since they were were-panthers rather than Sasquai.) And Jason did feel he was raped. Hmmm….maybe that’s why I came up with the question, though at the time I wasn’t consciously aware of the connection.

  3. Oh, I’d want to stay and observe. If I felt they weren’t going to kill me I’d like to think I would. But in a real life scenario I don’t know if I’d have the guts. I’d miss Starbucks! 🙂

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