More On Why Hard Right Types Can’t Seem To Change

In regard to whether or not rightwing crazies can ever change, Matt writes:

In American society there are social rewards and reinforcement for being a right wing nut, especially in the demographic you mention. Plus there’s so much of the propaganda around… I don’t even know where you would find a liberal talk show on the radio dial, and I live on one of the coasts. The reason people stop being liberal is because it’s basically unacceptable among regular white American adults. Short answer to your question: No. Never.

I think Matt has an excellent point. Most American Whites are simply cowards. Now, all my life since 1980, I have been living in towns where almost every White person was a rightwing lunatic. In these places, almost everyone just went along with the program.

The swingers, the people having 3-ways and going to go LSD-fueled sex orgies, the gays, the bisexuals, the surfers screwing 100+ women and girls a year, the weirdest and craziest punk rockers and Goths, the drug dealers, even those dealing large quantities of LSD, pot and cocaine, my friends in some cases my idols and heroes, everyone was a Republican!

There really wasn’t any thought to it. People were simply Republicans because everyone else was. I was always a liberal Democrat, and there have always been some pretty extreme penalties for having that philosophy – a lot of rejection and ostracism. In towns like that, a lot of White liberals are actually fired for their politics. For instance, if you put a liberal bumper sticker on your car and the boss sees it, you will usually get fired.

Now, I’m a pretty strong person, plus I think Republicanism is a scum of the Earth philosophy. So I defied everyone and put up with all of the problems and rejection that came with that. But I figure most Whites are just not as strong as I am, plus they don’t care about politics that much. Obviously, in the towns I lived in, the easy way out would have been to be a Republican like all my friends. All I did was cause myself a lot of problems just for the good of my ideology and that one vote that was typically wasted.

I’ve never known anyone who went from Hard Right to liberal. I’ve known some folks who went from Crazy Right to Obama-style Centrism. Or at least that’s how they vote. I’ve known some liberal and moderate Republicans who turned into some sort of liberals. It seems like the liberal and moderate Republicans can transition over to some type of liberalism.

The real Dittohead whackjobs would seem to have a hard time of that. For one thing, the Dittohead kooks would have to move to liberalism and then admit that they were wrong before. For some reason, the real rightwing crazies seem to have a really hard time admitting that they were wrong about their politics. The ones I know, I don’t think that they could ever do that.

People can move from liberalism to conservatism and admit they were wrong as liberals, but there’s some weird about rightwing wackos. There’s something about the Insane Right philosophy that makes it hard for people to admit that there is anything wrong about their rightwing nuttiness. Liberals will quite often admit that they were wrong. Is it that liberals are more open-minded and conservatism is all about closed-mindedness?

The Hard Right types also seem to be much more emotionally invested in it than people are in liberalism.

With the ones I have known, it seems to get worse the longer they remain invested in Rightwing Insanity. It’s like it would be easier to abandon after 5 years of it then after 40 years. I just can’t see them losing face by admitting that they were wrong for all of those years.

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  1. I was pretty far on the crazy right. I am looking at the Democrats as responsible compared to the present day Republicans. I would still like Eisenhower back, however.

  2. Part of it could be pride Robert. If you listen to to a lot of rightwing republicans they all claim to believe into hyper individualism and capitalism. They all think thay they’re some self made man and that any part of government aid is for niggers. So switching from a hard “right” republican to a leftist means a) the “rugged individualist” admitting that he’s completely wrong and its all his fault, b) the self made made is now groveling for goverment programs that his moron friends call communist, and c) they’re acting like niggers. The right has also made major gains in the linguistic field with phrases like “politically incorrect”. Have you ever heard a left winger say that they are intentionally un PC out in the open? The left won’t even come up with a comback except to go and actually act as PC as they are accused of. No one says that they are saying un-PC things about the right.
    For example, to me, “philosophies” like Nordicism just seem like “PC 4 YT” but instead of coming out and saying that these crackers are blowing smoke up their own asses, they left will instead call people racist and excuse bad behavior by the group that their defending (in many cases, the blacks). Maybe they need to grow some balls and start insulting people. Whether or not one likes Tim Wise (I don’t) at least he has a pair. Some liberals are simply just to0 soft and accepting to really dig at someone or an entire group of people.

    1. @ Wade

      There’s that, but a lot of whites (particularly men) simply don’t see a place for themselves on the left. For them, the left is full of blacks, Hispanic open border types, gays, and nutty feminists.

      And as you’ve pointed out, the whole PC thing makes the left look terrible. Rather than NOT being PC or actually growing a pair, they conform to the stereotype.

      All in all, there’s no appealing reason for a white man to join the American left.

      I wouldn’t say Wise really has a pair. He just regurgitates what black activists have been saying for a while, and fighting the good fight all the way to his 640k house. And he just says provocative things for the heck of it.

      He’s what Saul Alinsky would call a “rhetorical radical,” as opposed to a realistic one.

  3. Generally speaking I went from a social democrat with sympathies for communism to a reactionary mindset.

    The issue for me was mass immigration and the realization that it would be far from the saviour of European social democracy that I was taught in primary school but its death. Diversity lowers social trust, low social trust means every man for himself, you can’t even get real solidarity in such a society.

    Later I started realizing that stopping immigration was by now impossible, the business interests are too strong, the ideological framework too entrenched, buy maybe, just maybe we can strike a devils bargain to prolonging native European’s existence by freeing them up from part the burden of supporting newcomers and their under performing descants. By burning down the welfare state, and sacrificing the lower class (who are already gone since their standard of living declines since they can’t afford to segregate) I suppose destroying paradise in order to save it is an appropriate phrase at this point. If we can find way to get at least a few of us breeding more than 2 kids. If their traits are at all heritable, a tactic of “white men going their own way” (not caring about society any more, refusing to contribute) might allow sub-populations to salvage at least some of the culture rather than surrender to the Camp of the Saints nightmare.

    This of course is a horrible way to prolong your life, your people are still doomed and they suffer in the proceed of being weaned off the state greatly. But the problem is that its better than being a cuckold to the third world and paying for them to have 6 or 8 kids who will beat the shit out of you if you try and walk through their neighbourhoods all the while having your own kids is too expensive because of the high taxation. You struggle to find a “safe” neighbourhood with “good schools”, both of which are just euphemisms for getting away from dysfunctional peoples.

    Overall I can’t say that I was socially encouraged, except perhaps by on-line interaction, I live in a very cosy continental European state, dissent is not approved of.

    As Europe grows more diverse it’s right wing will strengthen and the welfare state will dissolve. The anti immigration parties of today won’t acheive anything , they’ll eventually morph into “invite the world, invade the world” neoconservatives, and native Europeans will channel their frustrations at loosing their countries to Middle Easterners and Africans by helping the US’s empire bomb up another poor people somewhere south. Don’t think big capital would like it any other way.

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