More on the Sierra Kills and Bigfoot DNA

Regarding the Sierra Kills, in which two Bigfoots were shot and killed in Plumas County, California, in November 2010, new evidence has surfaced casting doubt on the shooter’s story.

The shooter claims that he went back two weeks later and dug through the snow to find a 7 inch long by 4 inch wide by 3 inch deep “Bigfoot steak.”

Many people have suggested that finding such a huge chunk of a dead Bigfoot in the snow two weeks later is dubious.

Bigfoot steak was carved off a body with a knife. We now have information that Dr. Melba Ketchum, who is running the DNA project, said that the Bigfoot steak seemed to have been carved off of a dead body with either a knife or some sort of tool. This suggests that the story about the shooter finding it two weeks later in the snow is not true. Instead, the logical suggestion is that the shooter carved it off the body before he left that day or took one or more of the bodies or parts with him and carved it off later.

Shooter wants amnesty from prosecution. Sources on continue to believe that the shooter took one or more of the bodies or parts of them with him that day and that he continues to hold evidence. They say that unless he gets an amnesty for prosecution for shooting the Bigfoots, he will disappear all of the evidence. I support giving the shooter amnesty. In fact, I put an attorney in touch with him for just that reason.

Erickson/Ketchum Project chaos. Ketchum and Adrian Erickson continue to have a huge falling out. For a long time, she was not even returning his phone calls. This is all because he won’t sign one of her  fancy new NDA’s that gives her all the rights and him none. However, she did call him recently because she was upset at all of the leaks and was wondering who was behind them.

Ketchum paper accepted for peer review? According to a comment on Cryptomundo, Ketchum submitted her paper to a journal for peer review in early December 2010 and the journal accepted it early February 2011. That means that the paper meets the required scientific standards for the journal, and that, even if some reviewers have critical comments during the peer review process, it will still be accepted with some sort of changes, ranging from major to minor. If true, this is excellent news.

However, on June 11, 2011, Rich Germeau of the Olympic Project stated on a forum that the paper had not been sent out yet. So the situation is very confused.

However, if the commenter is correct and Germeau is wrong then the Ketchum paper is in much better shape than I thought it was.

Bigfoot steak DNA tests positive for a Bigfoot. On a recent radio show, JC Johnson and Derek Randles suggested obliquely that DNA tests on the Bigfoot steak had tested positive as coming from an actual Bigfoot.

Is the Sierra Kills story a hoax? Some people say that the Sierra Kills story is a hoax. They believe that the shooter hoaxed the story by making it up. He went to and made up a big story about killing two Bigfoots. Then he fooled the Olympic Project into believing his story. Then he somehow hoaxed the Bigfoot steak sent to Ketchum’s lab, though in order to do this, he would have had to have cut a slice off of a very hairy human cadaver.

Sources who believe in this say that there could be various reasons why he would do this. For one, they say he is an extreme redneck and an ultra rightwinger who supposedly did not believe in Bigfoot before. They say this is just the sort of person who creates a Bigfoot hoax. They also feel that he is a highly disreputable and unreliable person, and this sheds doubt on his tale.

In addition, according to a thread on, two Black bears, a mother and a cub, were reportedly shot dead near the Dixie Mountain Game Refuge at the beginning of November 2010. The sources suggest that the shooter shot a female bear and her cub and turned that story into the shooting of two Bigfoots. Adding weight to this, the Nevada Department of Fish and Game, asked about the Sierra Kills story, said that it was two bears that were killed and not two Bigfoots.

As far as the Bigfoot steak, sources say that judging from the shooter’s character, he would not be below slicing a piece off the thigh of a human cadaver.

I don’t believe that this story is a hoax.

Shooter very religious, a polarizing personality. We have more information on the shooter. He moved from Texas to another state, apparently with his family, at at least age 16 and has lived in this state ever since. He is extremely religious – a fundamentalist Christian. I have seen a photo of him at age 16 after killing two bucks. His hair is dyed punk rock flame red and he has a pro-Christian t-shirt on.

I’ve been accused of harping on the shooter’s character. It’s true that I don’t like him, and a lot of others don’t either. However, he has a wife who loves him and a wide circle of friends.

Some people are just bad. Everyone agrees. Not so with this guy.

The shooter instead is more of a polarizing figure, something like his hero George Bush. The very things that those who don’t like him hate about him are what make a lot of others think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. As he says on his webpage: “I’m the type of guy you either love or hate. I’m fine either way.” This is a much better way of looking at his character as opposed to flat out saying he’s a bad guy.

Possible Sierra Kills government coverup. Supposing that the Sierra Kills actually happened, the Nevada wildlife officials’ statements is evidence of the government coverup that I have long said must be happening in the realm of Bigfoot.

Possible government investigation into the Sierra Kills and the Bigfoot steak. A new piece by Loren Coleman reveals some very strange emails he has gotten about the Sierra Kills. He has received some emails from folks claiming to have some sort of government connection. They say that federal investigators are closely watching the Sierra Kills investigation. They are monitoring the web forums and blogs and they know who all the players are and what their roles are. When they feel that laws have been broken, they will act.

What is interesting about all of this is that it suggests that the Sierra Kills may have actually happened and that it was not a hoax. Or at least the government seems to think that it happened, or that something happened anyway, as the emails are confusing.

This all smells of Men in Black stuff, but I have said for a long time that MIB are involved in a coverup of Bigfoot evidence.

A Bigfoot is found dead in a man’s yard in Washington state in 2003. He calls the police, but instead of police showing up, a black helicopter lands in his yard and MIB’s get out armed with automatic weapons. They order the man into his home, load the Bigfoot into the copter and fly away.

A sheriff’s deputy responds to a Bigfoot killed by the side of the road in Ohio. He radios for help, and backup shows up. They rope off the scene. Then state police show up. Then the National Guard shows up. Then a black van pulls up, two US soldiers get out, and they cart the Bigfoot to the van and drive away.

There are many more such stories. MIB’s actually exist, but hardly anyone talks about them. Guys dressed all in black, black helicopters, black vans – that’s all military intelligence, top secret, classified. I understand that a black helicopter was used in the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Here are the emails about the Sierra Kills case and Ketchum’s lab using the Bigfoot steak:

I did hear from one of my retired federal investigator sources who still works for them as a consulting evidence expert. He told me essentially they know what is going on and are watching the situation. They have all the forum reports, know where the supposed samples came from, who is and who is not involved and what roles they’re playing.

I get the feeling from him that national security is somehow involved. I don’t know how except perhaps it might have something to do with release or misuse of technology that’s considered vital (educated guess). This is a new area in advanced research and puts a real dent in the how much anyone working on new technology can say or release in any form.

Beyond this he can tell me nothing in specific except that when and if they decide laws have been broken they will act. I know he holds a Top Secret clearance with compartmentalizations. He has multiple degrees in scientific fields and consults for several agencies on evidentiary issues. My work for him was routine but he’s really an interesting person.

He made no reference to any hoax other than to say they know what’s going on and who’s responsible. They will act if and when they decide the situation warrants it. It isn’t quite as bad as portrayed in the Indiana Jones movies but almost so.

And this, also:

I suspect there’s more beyond this supposed hoax than we’ll ever know. This business with the so called Dr. Ketchum smells like another stinking hoax and you’ve done a good job of reporting like you did in 2008. However, this time I’m not buying into it. I don’t know what’s up but when one of the people I’ve done work for in my past government careers tells me for my own good to stay out of a mess I should take his advice.

It’s an interesting twist with the feds watching the whole deal and I wonder what’s up and why but like I said when a friend says stay out I stay out. I suspect that we’ll never know the whole story. So much information is hidden in the name of national security that it’s ridiculous.

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12 thoughts on “More on the Sierra Kills and Bigfoot DNA”

  1. Dear Mr. Lindsay- Was wondering why the Nevada DFG was involved when the shooting took place in California? Also has there been any word from the Ca. DFG, I know it is agianst the law to shoot to shoot wild mammals in Ca.? What evidence does Nevada DFG have about this shooting being bears? Sincerely, Pat Robbins

    1. Someone on a Bigfoot forum called the Nevada DFG and asked them about the Sierra Kills. They reportedly said that it was two bears that got killed, not two Bigfoots.

    1. You remember when we shot them and you threatened me never to tell a soul? Why have you opened your mouth yourself then? Attention whore. You’ll be incarcerated soon enough🚔

  2. How do you know that MIBs really came to these sites and took away a big foot body? Couldn’t this be simply a story that someone who likes to tell stories would enjoy telling? Is there corroborating evidence to support these claims? Why should we believe stories like these without any evidence? OK, maybe we should, but please explain why because I don’t understand the reasoning here.

  3. By the way, there’s a new post on cryptomundo about the dead Sasquatches. The story is similar to the one we are familiar with, but it makes the hunters seem more threatened and overwhelmed, and therefore pushed to do the shootings from a self-defense standpoint (even the juvenile one, since they apparently circled closer and closer and acted aggressively.) Still, there’s talk of returning weeks or months later and digging for hours in the snow to find only a fragment of hairy, fatty flesh, which the commenters had trouble with in terms of credibility. Basically people liked the first part of the story more, but the second part less.

    1. That version is from the shooter himself. It’s his latest, greatest version that is designed to make him look good. My version is the original version from before he changed his story.

      1. I believe your version. The majority of Cryptomundians who have balked at the story all along now suddenly are on board with Randles (version). To me it’s more Randles vs. your interview subject. You’re just the messenger and op-ed.
        One thing I’m not clear on … did you interview the two hunters who were riding with the shooter?

  4. OK, so you are in the woods, minding your own business, when suddenly you are kidnapped by a small group of Sasquai (Bigfoots) a la the Ostman story (let’s just say, suspending any disbelief you may have.) My question is:

    1. if you have a chance to escape, do you take it, or do you stay with them and learn all you can about them, try to learn their language, if they have one, etc.?

    2. They indicate that they want you mate with a Bigfoot of the opposite sex, so do you oblige them, or decline? Let’s assume that you are with them long enough to believe they are a type of human, like a hybrid of an ancient line of robust hominins and modern humans, so they aren’t apes, per se, though they are living in a very primitive manner and they may not have the entire cognitive range of modern humans.

    If you decide to mate, then why? Are you afraid of saying no, or is it impolite to turn down such a generous offer from your hosts? Or perhaps you are interested in doing it for science? Could you possibly be attracted to an 8 foot tall, 800 pound hairy humanoid?

    It will be interesting to see how question 2 is answered by both women and men.

    Discuss. 🙂

  5. To much lying in the bigfoot community – even when they have real evidence they still lie about it – it’s always an ever changing story – not just this story but almost all stories of “real” evidence. – That my opinion. But thanks goes to RL for updating us.

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