If You Believe in Bigfoots, You Must Believe in a Government Coverup

But if you believe in Bigfoot, you must believe in a government conspiracy to cover up their existence.

Obviously, people shoot at these things all the time. Sometimes they even kill them.

Bigfoots get hit by cars on a regular basis. Sometimes, they are killed by cars.

Obviously, Bigfoots die in the woods on a regular basis. Surely, humans come upon the bodies of dead Bigfoots from time to time.

Bigfoots shot by hunters or cops, Bigfoots killed by cars, Bigfoots found dead in the woods are clearly all reported to authorities.

Since 1968, we have many reports of the government hauling these dead bodies away after they are reported. Before 1968, we have no such cases. The evidence implies a conspiracy.

Otherwise, you have to believe in crazy things.

  • Bigfoots are never roadkilled. Nuts. Of course they are.
  • Bigfoots are never shot dead by hunters or cops. Surely they are.
  • Bigfoots are never injured or killed in natural disasters. Sure they are.
  • Bigfoots are never found dead in the woods. But of course they must be.

In order not to believe these things, you must invent magical theories:

  • Bigfoot bodies disappear magically into the woods.
  • Bigfoots are so special that they cannot be hit by cars.
  • For some odd reason, Bigfoots cannot be killed by bullets.
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18 thoughts on “If You Believe in Bigfoots, You Must Believe in a Government Coverup”

  1. Robert do you have many people from Massachusetts commenting on your blog? I am form massachusetts, so is Gay State Girl(if I recall correctly, I am pretty sure she said she was from their ina comment once), and now there is a commenter who calls himself MAssachusetts. So that at least 3 so far.

  2. I very much believe in a govt cover up on Bigfoot and have been espousing as much at cryptomundo where my handle is Nominay. But I believe your assessment is an exaggeration. Bigfoot has less deaths at the hands of man than deer, bear and other wildlife because of their intelligence and ESP, and you yourself say that they bury their dead. I think Bigfoot is involved in a cover up of their existence – it’s a conspiracy against us.

  3. Wonder why someone hasn’t taken a picture of a road kill bigfoot with their cellphone? I am very skeptical of their existence.

    1. That’s a good question. To play devil’s advocate, I suppose the government officials would confiscate cell phones and other cameras on scene, as soon as possible. But then, you’d think people would send it as a pic message to friends before the feds had a chance, so sooner or later an image would get out. Then again, considering what they hit and the likely fact that it was at night, maybe people would burn rubber and report it later, if at all–if there car was drivable. Hitting a moose often kills you so hitting a Sasquatch would, I imagine, have similar consequences.

    2. Bigfoots don’t get road-killed. They about as smart as a human- probably smarter when it comes to avoiding danger, and avoiding hunters.

      Think about- how many times have you been run over by a car- or shot by a hunter?

      Hunting dogs won’t go near them, also.

      They obviously sequester themselves, hide or are buried by their own kind. Bodies of animals don’t last in the wild. Think about it- when did you ever see an animal of any size- dead- in the woods. Roadkill doesn’t count. BTW- the only reason we see roadkill so much is that the other animals can’t/won’t go near the dead one because of fear of the road and the cars.

      The only good way to get a body would be if one was killed in fire or volcanic eruption.

      1. “Think about- how many times have you been run over by a car- or shot by a hunter?” I’m not one to laugh out loud but that right there really did make me lol. But this too was funny: “The only good way to get a body would be if one was killed in fire or volcanic eruption.” Has like this Napoleon Dynamite quality to it.

        1. Because Bigfoots don’t live in flood areas, hurricane, or tornado zones, that leaves only fire and volcanoes. Fire would burn up the bodies and volcanic ash..well, I don’t think they ever found a lot of human bodies after Mt. St. Helens- they get burned and buried.

          Think I’ll go throw myself into traffic now- after dressing up like a deer and seeing if I can attract some live ammo action.

  4. Hello everyone! And thank you Robert Lindsay for starting this blog. Yes, I am from Massachusetts, near Boston, and I started using the handle on Cryptomundo very recently, so I figured I’d use it here too, and be consistent. We should have a MA party or get together or something!

    One reason I chose the handle was because, in a pinch, I couldn’t think of anything else, but also to let people know that I’m from a place that doesn’t have many Sasquatch reports or a large Bigfoot following, though there are a few reports according to the BFRO (which surprised me), and I think in Northern New England there are more. I never posted on a crypto board or big foot related blog before the last week or two.

    I started watching “Finding Bigfoot” which reminded me, at first, of my childhood fascination with Nimoy’s “In Search Of,” though I feel Nimoy gave the show a greater air of credibility, or at least gravitas. I have also enjoyed MonsterQuest programs over the past few years. Anyway, when I googled and checked out some of the links, which lead me to this DNA story that’s been percolating, so I decided to start making some posts on things that interested me and questions I have, etc.

    I studied anthropology at a well known university. I love the idea of relict hominins (I believe the experts have changed the “d” to an “n” recently, though that’s long after my time in the classroom) but I have a skeptical side and do expect really high quality evidence to prove their existence. I’m hoping that high quality evidence will be forthcoming. I find a lot of the reported evidence to date interesting and food for thought, but not definitive. I know many who read these blogs disagree. I do hope that better evidence will be found.

    Though I agree with skeptics that the onus is on the Bigfoot researchers to prove that the species exists, and that extraordinary claims do require extraordinary proof, I do not share their frequently expressed disgust, rage, malice, and condescension, which I have observed in forums recently and have encountered first hand from The Amazing Randi during an e-mail exchange on an unrelated topic years ago. Skeptics can be just as difficult and even cooky as true believers. I think we should still gather evidence, and look into and consider evidence as it is gathered, but analyze it with a critical eye and maintain the highest standards possible.

  5. Government Cover Up:

    There may be a Sasquatch but I have concerns about the government cover up idea.

    This system of coverups must be rather successful and well orchestrated, as well as extensive and ongoing for many decades, if not centuries, to have kept a body out of the public eye and the zoologist’s laboratory.

    But does the government do anything else that well?

    They have been struggling for years now in foreign wars that haven’t gone as planned despite massive expenditures and the best technology, they are constantly getting outed by the press in various scandals and shady enterprises, plus they can’t kick start the economy or agree on how to handle the debt situation and balance the budget despite looming consequences. I would think they’d be rather mediocre at covering up Sasquatch deaths too, if that’s what they were attempting to do. But they’d have to be quite superlative at that endeavor to keep mainstream science Sasquatch Free for so long. So for me, that doesn’t jive too well.

    Also, what’s the reason for the coverup? To protect Timber Industry activity, presumably (and other industries with significant environmental impacts that would lead environmentalists to call for habitat protection). But the eco war on industry issues are relatively recent, aren’t they? All through the 19th century and through at least part of the 20th century that wouldn’t have been an issue. So why would the bodies have been whisked away in early times? Wouldn’t we have bones and perhaps even more from earlier times?

    1. The coverup has only been ongoing since 1968. The government had a body in 1962, but they did not know what it was. They decided it was an escaped gorilla. Tulane University had a skeleton in the 1920’s but they did not know what it was. In the early days, BF bodies were just left in the woods or buried. In one case, one was paraded about town to see if anyone could identify it, but no one could. Then it was buried.

      1. Thanks for the clarification of the time line. Have you heard what happened to the Tulane skeleton? One would think they’d be excited about such a find.

        When I was in college they found a Peruvian mummy that had been missing, and long forgotten about, for over 80 years. It was placed in a storage closet in a Professor’s office in the anthropology department (brought back from an expedition during the 1900s) and then somehow sealed up during construction. That raised some eyebrows. I imagine a long lost Sasquatch skeleton could cause a few hearts to skip a beat or two!

        1. The Tulane skeleton disappeared in the 1920’s. Understand this was nearly the pre-scientific era.

          There are two skulls that exist, one at Berkeley and another at UCLA. The UCLA one is lost in storage and I don’t know where the Berkeley one is.

  6. Robert, can you direct us to the Google Earth photograph? Is it online somewhere? That would be interesting.

    I think Bigfoot researchers should use drone aircraft, manned aircraft and hot air balloons much more frequently. I know costs are a concern, but that would be effective I think, and hard for a critter, a man or even a Sasquatch to hide in many scenarios. Satellite imaging would be great too, but that would probably require government involvement, which is less likely to be forthcoming, since A) the Sasquatch doesn’t exist according to science so the government wouldn’t cooperate on an apparent wild goose chase, from their perspective, and B) if the conspiracy theorists are correct that would be another reason.

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