Your Choice

Vote for one of the below rightwing extremists:

“Democrats” At least the DNC/Obama/Clinton types are basically reactionary fanatics.

“Republicans” These are frankly out and out fascists, or getting to be something like that. Right?

Who else is out there?

“Liberals” Liberalism is nearly dead and gone, at least in the US Congress. Judging from recent votes, I would say that most liberals are reactionaries. I would describe them as reluctant reactionaries though. They vote for reactionary bills, but then they kick and yell about it afterwards as if they were forced into it. A lot of the time they aren’t even apologetic. Nancy Pelosi is determined to gut Social Security, come Hell or high water.

“The Left” I guess there are a few. Kucinich and Bernie Sanders come to mind. Are there any others. There is also a Left and quite a few liberals on the Internet.

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  1. Yeah, now that Russ Feingold is gone, Bernie’s my man. Even Kucinich looks better than he use to. Not much else to pay attention to. I was hoping anyone, even Mike Gravel, would run against Obama this time, if at least out of the principle of the thing. If I weren’t anchored down with a family, I’d have moved to Iowa and be running against the bastard myself.

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