Obama Says, “I’m a Bigger Republican Than You Are!”

In the horrific negotiations over the debt ceiling, Obama has thrown down the towel in a pitifully retarded press conference. He blasted the Republicans for only offering $2 trillion in devastating cuts to the people’s programs. How dare they hurt the people in such a measly and miserly way! If you’re going to rape and ruin the people, do it in style! Obama said, “It’s 4 billion or nothing!” The heck with these baby cuts!”

Way to go Barack! You’re more of  a Republican than they are!

The American people are criminally insane. Barack Obama is probably the most rightwing President that we have ever had in America. He’s more rightwing than Reagan, Bush’s father or Bush. None of them dared to cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Only a true fanatical reactionary could do that, and that’s what Obama is. Reagan and the two Bushes were reactionaries, but they weren’t fanatical reactionaries. What’s truly pitiful is that according to the garbage American people, Barack Obama, fanatical reactionary, the most rightwing President ever, is a socialist.

The problem isn’t just the state or the politicians. It’s the people. The politicians and state are reactionary lunatics because Scumericans are ultra rightwing extremists themselves.

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9 thoughts on “Obama Says, “I’m a Bigger Republican Than You Are!””

  1. Not sure if Van Buren was a right-winger. He was A. Jackson’s right hand man, and was a Democrat, not a Whig. He makes a good punchline for jokes, though.

    Q: What else do Obama and Van Buren have in common?

    A: They are the only 2 of the 44 U.S. presidents that don’t have Anglo Saxon (or Anglisized) surnames. He was the only president who who didn’t grow up speaking English, and was the first to not be of purely British heritage.

    Ironically, he was aslo the first president to be born in the U.S., as a citizen of the U.S. (not of the colonies or England).

  2. My ADD prevents me from typing as I mean to … the most right wing DEMOCRAT President we’ve had since Van Buren. That was the point. Yes, he was Jackson’s protege, but at least Jackson ended the 2nd National Bank, and unlike Jackson, Van Buren became wildly unpopular.

    1. I think it’s tough to ascribe modern labels of “liberal” or “conservative” to politicians from the not-recent past. The Dems were considered conservative, and Repubs/Whigs/Feds liberal, (and vice-versa) in ways that don’t make sense any more to us.

      I think I know what you mean, tho- Van Buren was kinda aristocratic, upper class type- more like a typical Repub, maybe.

  3. Robert I thought you were well informed and smart enough to see through the left/right Democrat/Republican façade.

    Obama is a Brzezinski puppet hand picked like Carter to wage war on Eurasia and Russia a historic British agenda who has been running US policy towards the USSR and Russia setting up an independent Greater Chechnya to transport Caspian oil from there newly created states in the Balkans which by a amazing coincidence Brzezinski and the Rothschild NWO gang (Soros, Kissinger, Neocons, etc) just happen to be at the forefront of all these organisations advocating, financing and promoting energy independence from Russia and Islamic separatist movements in the Balkans, North Caucasus and Central Asia.

    Obama was selected to realign US policy away from Neocon inspired Mid East towards Eurasia setting up the Afghan heroin trade and terror base along with the tribal regions of Pakistan to destabilise Eurasia to its pre 9/11 allied status with the US/NATO.

    Just look at his staff appointees in Afghanistan who since 79 have been supporting Islamic militants in the Carter and Clinton administrations.

    1. Really?? I see Brezezinski on Morning Joe bitterly fretting over the state of things, and doesn’t give Obama a pass either. I bet you think Brezinski is Illuminati too.

      1. @Justin

        Yes the show which is co hosted by his daughter I wonder how she got that job.

        I don’t believe in the illuminati at least what it is made out to be but Brzezinski is the NWO geopolitical strategist running and organising the US/NWO’s main foreign policy agenda.

        Facts speak for themselves.

        The only thing Brzezinski is fretting over is Jewish/Zionist power and influence threatening to derail US Muslim aligned foreign policy and continue focusing their efforts in the Mid East

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