Ian Welsh, “On Social Security Cuts”


Barack Obama is Satan.

I do not think, anymore, there is much difference between Obama and Republicans. What are the differences anyway? Lay them out for me.

The Republicans want to gut Social Security or wipe it out altogether. Obama wants to gut Social Security, but keep it around. The Republicans want to nearly wipe out Medicaid. Obama wants to gut Medicaid, but keep it around. The Republicans want to wipe out Medicare. Obama wants to gut Medicare, but keep it around.

Welsh makes clear that Obama has always sworn to gut Social Security. That’s part of his platform. The DNC, if you read their policy papers, it appears that eventually they want to get rid of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in favor of “market solutions.” Bill and Hillary Clinton both proposed gutting Social Security in the 1990’s. Do the Clintons and Obama want to wipe out Social Security altogether like the Republicans do and not just gut it?

Someone tell me I’m seeing things? What’s the difference. If you’re going to vote for Obama, why not just vote Republican? What’s the difference anyway?

Someone chime in here.

February 9, 2009:

Then we’re going to get entitlement “reform.” Since Obama is promising this to Blue Dogs, this isn’t going to be anything you’re going to like.

January 4, 2010:

So you’re far more likely to see Medicare and Social Security gutted, than you are to see the military budget cut in a third or Medicare-for-all  enacted.

May 4, 2010:

(What is Obama?) A man who wants to cut Social Security and Medicare.

August 2, 2010:

Let me state the obvious, which we all know, one more time.

Obama intends to gut social security.  Republicans failed, it requires Democrats.

September 14, 2010:

The question about SS in the Villagers minds is not whether it should be cut, but how. That’s not to say it’s hopeless.  The last attempt to cut SS failed, after all.  But there wasn’t a Democratic president pushing for it that time.  Obama has proven very adept at arm-twisting Democrats.

October 24, 2010:

2011 – Bush’s tax cuts are extended.  Social Security is slashed.  This is done at Obama’s behest, so that Dems get blamed for it.

The blogosphere appears aflame about Obama being willing to cut SS.  Oh please.  Oh, and Obama still needs to be primaried, but by waiting this long, it’s become much more difficult to do, if not impossible.  Everyone who is whining about SS who wasn’t willing to primary him, was complicit in this.

Adults don’t believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, or Barack Obama being anything but a right winger whose legacy is institutionalizing Bush, then going even further to the right on many key issues.  They don’t believe that Obama responds to anything from the left but pain and threats that are backed up with the sincere willingness and ability to see them through.

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