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Same subject, the Sierra Kills, where two Bigfoots were shot dead on the Plumas National Forest in November 2010 and a slice of one of their bodies was sent in to a DNA lab for testing.

This interviewer had a better delivery than the last one. However, he did endlessly harp on the fact that I don’t like this shooter guy, and he claimed it made me biased. True, I don’t like the guy, but lots of people don’t. The guy’s an ass, straight up. You can tell just by looking at his face. If you read his Facebook and Myspace pages, it becomes even more clear.

He’s got some statements on there saying something like, “I don’t like gay pride dope smoking hippies on welfare. I can’t show you how to roll a joint, but I can show you how to drive a tractor.” Ok, look, right there, with those comments, that guy just declared war on me. He’s got pictures of George Bush up there; that’s his favorite politician. He’s from Texas.

He says he “supports the troops,” and he’s got some poster up there with a gunsight and a bunch of Muslims in the sight. It says something like “Kill Em All.” He likes country music. His wife is just as nasty as he is, and so are all of his Facebook friends. They’re like the worst rednecks on Earth. Of course this is precisely the type of backwoods yahoo that would kill a couple of Bigfoots, so it all makes sense.

So this is what kind of guy we are dealing with here. A first class A-1 Fox News ultra rightwing super-redneck, old style backwoods yahoo shoot anything that moves hayseed with a grass twig hanging out of his mouth saying, “Hey y’all! Let’s go beat up some hippie faggots!”

I remember assholes like this very well from the 1970’s, and I hate them to this very day. Mostly because they always hated me. It’s pretty typical that rednecks think I’m a “fag,” even though I am 10

This same idiot, who knows me as well as anyone, taunted me for years for supposedly being homosexual. He also accused most of my friends of being gay too. There was never any evidence for any of this, and there was a universe of evidence against it. During this period of my life, I’d dated maybe 100 females and slept with about half of them. A lot of them were beautiful. Every time you turned around, there was a new one on my arm. I don’t say that to brag, I say that to show you how retarded homophobes are.

Sound gay to you? See what I mean? Welcome to the wacko world of the homophobe, where the most notorious playboys on the block are continually badgered about being “faggots.” There is something incredibly fucked up about homophobes, let me tell you.

The war between me and these idiots is never going to end. This stuff is personal.

Anyway, the charge is that because my sources don’t like guy, and I don’t like guy, I’m “biased” against him. Well, I hope not. We journalists try not to be biased about individuals when doing investigative reporting. I’ve been aware of my dislike for this clown from the very start, but I am trying not to let it get in the way of the search for the truth here.

Investigative reporting is like detective work. Sure, a detective may not like a suspect much, and he admits it, but a good cop doesn’t let that get in the way of a good investigation. Just because he doesn’t like the guy doesn’t mean that the guy committed this or that crime.

Same here. My version of the shootings and the version of the shooter’s buddies don’t even differ all that much. The only major difference is on motivation. I am going by the original story on According to that story, he knew it was a Bigfoot, but he shot it anyway. His friend yelled at him not to, saying, “Don’t shoot! It’s a man in a monkey suit!” But he went ahead and shot anyway. He also shot it while it was running away. His rationale for shooting it was he thought it was threatening him.

As far as shooting the juvenile Bigfoot, he just shot it. No one knows why. According the early conversations on, he didn’t think it was threatening him.

The shooter’s story now has changed in many ways. He now says he thought it was a bear. Case of mistaken identity. In the case of the second one, he now says it was threatening him.

There’s no bias hindering my story at all here. I am simply choosing to go with the earlier versions of the story as opposed to the latest, greatest version.

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9 thoughts on “Another Interview Up”

    1. By all means, conduct your own investigation, for I not have the time to do so. I haven’t even been able to hear these interviews – got just 1/2 hr into the 1st one.

  1. Dated 100 women and slept with 50?????? C’mon man. Reading your stuff reminds me of the saying “Methinks thou protest too loudly”.

  2. I finally listened to this, where the host browbeat you. I think you intentionally have this Andy Kaufman/Jim Morrison persona going on. I am amused.

      1. “I think you intentionally have this Andy Kaufman/Jim Morrison persona going on”

        “What do you mean? Can you elaborate?”

        I guess he’s saying that you’re a rotting corpse.

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