New Robert Lindsay Interview Up


It goes on for a couple of hours, but I don’t say much past 1:10 into the broadcast.

It’s about the purported killing of two Bigfoots in Plumas County, California in November, 2010. I believe that this incident did take place. Incidentally, comments from Derek Randles and JC Johnson during the interview obliquely suggest that the slice of dead Bigfoot taken from the shooting site did indeed test out as coming from a real Bigfoot via DNA testing. That’s not confirmatory, though, only implied.

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0 thoughts on “New Robert Lindsay Interview Up”

      1. It was cool to hear you talk about stuff that is cultural because generally I associate you with political stuff. I’ve always been fascinated with the bigfoot phenomena I just hope that they never find bigfoot because I fear the scientists would do experiments on bigfoot or even dissect bigfoot.

  1. I live in Tehama county which is contiguous with Plumas county. Plenty of well armed red neck tweakers in these parts. Tough luck for the big feet.

    This has been an interesting series of posts. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Robert, when are you gonna do another interview about politics and stuff? I’ve seen the old ones, but only the first couple had decent enough audio to be comprehensible. The rest, whatever technology you were using f’ed it all up.

    You’re very comprehensible in this interview, though. And the subject is interesting. But I wanna hear a brand new one where you talk about social issues and politics. Specifically, it would be could for you to go in-depth with some kind of communist apologetics or something.

    When are you gonna do that? Maybe you could do some kind of weekly podcasts, or something.

  3. With all due respect to the hosts (who seemed very nice), it was a very amateurish show. You were very interesting but I kept wishing you could talk to a non-BF-related journalist. I think speaking to someone from outside the BF world could yield some new insights.

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