Update to the “Sierra Kills” Story

Updating the story of the two Bigfoots shot and killed in California in November 2010, we can now report that the shooter appears to have taken one or more of the bodies or parts of them with him on the day that he shot them.

Shooter may have taken bodies with him. Although the shooter has never admitted that he took the bodies that day, the evidence seems to indicate that he did.

There is a rumor flying around Taxidermy.net that the shooter said he cut the bodies into small pieces and hid them in a large number of different places or possibly with different people, scattered all around. They are on ice if this is true. This lines up perfectly with the timeline where the Olympic Project went around to Bigfoot forums soon after the killings saying that they had enough samples to last for years. The reason they said that, presumably, is because they have access to two dead Bigfoot bodies.

The shooter said he went back to the site two weeks later and found a small piece of flesh by digging through the snow, which was then sent in to Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA project. However, the piece of flesh sent in was 7 inches long by 4 inches wide by 3 inches deep. That’s as big as a steak!

There is no way that a gunshot would have sawed off that big of a chunk of flesh. There is also no way that a chunk of flesh that big would be left from animals eating the body. Further, Bigfoots bury their dead. If the two Bigfoots were left there, then other Bigfoots would have probably come soon after to carry off the dead and bury them somewhere else. Bottom line is that the story about going back two weeks later and finding the Bigfoot steak in the snow may not be true.

Is it possible that the shooter carved off the steak before he left that day? It’s possible, but I talked to taxidermists, and they told me that that story does not ring true. The shooter is a taxidermist himself. The taxidermists told me that no taxidermist would just saw off a piece of a thigh of an animal. A taxidermist would want to take the whole thing. They told me that he must have taken both bodies with him that day, probably putting them in the back of his truck.

One argument is that if the shooter really did kill two Bigfoots, why didn’t he go to the media with the news and get famous? Or why didn’t the Olympic Project do the same thing? The word from my sources is that everyone is afraid of going to jail, and that’s why they didn’t go to the media. A lot of people say they don’t believe that would stop anyone, but that’s the typical dynamic in these Bigfoot shootings. People shoot these things, then they look at the body and see how much it resembles a man, and they are afraid they are going to go down on homicide.

Friends tried to stop him from shooting the Bigfoot. We can also now report that the other man with him tried to stop the shooter from shooting the first Bigfoot. He yelled, “It’s a man in a monkey suit! Don’t shoot!” But he shot it anyway.

Shooter comes out of hiding. The shooter himself appears to be posting on internet forums lately. Here is one thread that appears to be from the shooter. Compared to writings from the shooter’s Internet pages, the writing style seems quite similar.

The probable area of the "Sierra kill" Bigfoot shootings is circled.

Shooter is a “maniac hunter”. The shooter caused quite a stir on Taxidermy.net in a thread about wolves by showing up and saying he would personally kill very single wolf in North America if he was given a chance to. This statement made a lot of people mad and caused a minor furor on the site. This goes in line with the general line about the hunter that he’s a “maniac hunter,” as we described earlier.

Shooter needs amnesty, or else. Sources also tell me that unless the shooter is offered amnesty for the shootings, whatever dead Bigfoot evidence he has stashed away from the shootings is going to disappear. In that case we will have to wait until another Bigfoot is killed, and it will happen again.

I believe that this is true. The shooter should obtain an attorney and begin negotiations with law enforcement in order to obtain an amnesty for the killings, possibly in the name of science or for whatever other reason they can come up with. I strongly support an amnesty for the shooter, if only in interests of science.

“Bigfoot steak” from the Sierra Kills tested 10

Endless delays in Ketchum DNA Project. We can also report now that as of June 11, 2011, Melba Ketchum’s DNA study had still not been completed. The paper has supposedly been written, but they are waiting for the last few samples to come in. After that, the paper will go out for peer review. Why don’t they close enrollment on the samples and say they won’t accept any more for the study? That would seem to be the reasonable thing to do.

In December, on a radio show, Ketchum said exactly the same thing. That the paper was written, but they were waiting for the last few samples to come in. Here it is 5 1/2 months later and she is still saying the same thing. In the early part of the year, we were told that the paper was already out for peer review. Now, 4 1/2 months later, it hasn’t even gone out yet.

These delays are insane. I really don’t think that Ketchum is ever going to publish her paper. I’ve given up hope.

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54 thoughts on “Update to the “Sierra Kills” Story”

  1. This story gets worse each day. It follows a false reporting profile. The few identified parties to this saga have distanced themselves from the actions of the ‘maniac’ by providing themselves all sorts of plausibile deniability, and now the remaining chance for an independent, on-site verification has been pretty much explained away. Poof! Heuvelman’s Minnesota Iceman, redux.

    1. Not really, because we know that folks connected with the shooter sent in a “Bigfoot steak” to Melba Ketchum’s DNA lab. Now, was that a hoax? Maybe. But when she publishes her paper, we will know whether or not this was a slice off a dead Bigfoot. I an tell you this much, the “Bigfoot steak” tested 100% human on DNA! But I think that was just MtDNA. So the “Bigfoot steak” was real, and it was either a slice of a human cadaver or a slice of a Bigfoot, one or the other.

      The Olympic Project says that this shooting definitely occurred, just not the way I said it did.

      The only reason people are talking funny is due to legal implications.

      1. Thats my point. Olympic Project can always say they trusted the shooter but they really don’t know what happened. Ketchum has published nothing and she only handles what people send her. Everyone is distanced by deniability. Such floor plans are common in false reporting.

        And I have a problem with making comments to a post that changes. The post now has additional material that was not posted when I made my comment. You want comments on a post that is a moving target?

        1. Thats my point. Olympic Project can always say they trusted the shooter but they really don’t know what happened. Ketchum has published nothing and she only handles what people send her. Everyone is distanced by deniability. Such floor plans are common in false reporting.

          And I have a problem with making comments to a post that changes. The post now has additional material that was not posted when I made my comment. You want comments on a post that is a moving target?

          And while I am at it, who says the steak tested positive for human DNA? I am not aware of an identified source making that statement. And even if they did, there are other explanations that don’t envolve crypto-animals.

  2. If it were not for David Paulides’ recent comments about the state of his DNA evidence, I’d turn my back on this story. This BF stuff sure does expose a lot about the humans, though. Personally, I don’t sweat the death of a BF, but respect the revulsion many other people feel.

    1. Hi Robert, I was referring to the NABS website, where on 6/27 Paulides wrote about how people should receive news regarding DNA evidence for BF. Paulides writes that only Ketchum has all the data. I am using Paulides statement as a way to corroborate this story you are developing. Someone is talking out of school according to Paulides, so there is likely to be some underlying reality to these stories. I find Paulides to be highly credible, based on having read The Hoopa Project.

      On being ‘pro-kill’

      You’re gonna get letters. I wonder about how different people approach the issue. Do they eat meat? Do they think octopuses and squid are not intelligent creatures? Are they persuaded that certain scientific programs justify harming animals? Do they know any hunters? Is there a specific trait among humans not to kill each other? Why do I not mind so much the loss of a BF family? I am sensitive about livestock, and how they live and die.

    2. That you wouldn’t talk about it much is a natural reaction. You’ve been talking about this maniac hunter and giving him a psychological profile as a narcissist. So as a self styled pro-kill Bigfooter, how then do you deplore his actions, and how would you have reacted differently?

      1. It was not necessary to kill 2 of them, that’s for sure!

        I had not thought much about my opinion. My gut reaction was that this sucks, then I recalled that I was pro kill. That’s the reason for the dissonance.

  3. I for one believe that basics in this post. There may be details that might be wrong or false in the telling. But in the end a human with a gun discharged a round that struck a creature believed to Bigfoot resulting in its death. I for one had a clear Bigfoot sighting last year on the 26th of May 2010 near Elkridge Maryland. (not the hot bed of Bigfoot sightings) So I know for a fact there are something be reported as Bigfoot.

    1. Mathematically there are X amount of hunters who are in settings anyone would believe a Bigfoot creature would be living. There also a number of Bigfoots from 1 to unknown. I agree with the tone of interview and I believe even hunters would agree they have individuals in their ranks who not good humans and would do the unthinkable. Sadly in almost every group have members who would do unthinkable things. So a hunter with a weapon who is not as moral or as ethical as his fellow humans, we can all agree would take that shot.
    A. Secondary, I am a former marine who served in Beirut in 1983. I would not have a hard imagine other non ethical situation where around could be discharged striking a creature and result in its death. I can imagine an individual lying or even bragging afterward.

    2. I can remember three situations where I was woods and found a man stalking me with a bow. Once I decided to run through a wooded park area where no hunting was allowed near where I lived. The other two times near the Liberty Dam area on Route 26 near Randallstown Maryland.

    3. So crazies with gun shot humans, sane people shot animals for food and sport, so a morally bankrupted or ethically challenged individual shooting a bigfoot is very believe-able.

    4. So an individual who is morally bankrupted, ethically challenged or mental ill brag to someone they killed a bigfoot then regret doing so. That too is believe-able for me. It is not smart or wise but it does happen.

    If you do not believe in Bigfoot why are you wasting your time here? You are entitled to your opinions and choices. But surely there must be something you believe in. Whatever that is, that needs to be your focus. I am not going to waste my time posting say to a needle-point forum point out what they do is whatever. They enjoy needle-point they I believe they should be able to needle-point in peace.

      1. Why do you assume that having been in the military gives one an advantage in knowing what bigfoot habitat is? That no biological specimin has ever been found in any of this ‘good’ habitat speaks volumes as to the actual existence of a giant, forest dwelling wood ape. That so many folks can dissern the habits, food sources, sounds, mating habits,etc. of bigfoot without a specimin is simply cart before the horse nonsense.

  4. Link to bigfootforums didn’t werk, said they couldn’t find the thread I was trying to find.
    Maybe it WAS a man in a bigfoot suit. They thought they’d prank the guy and he reacted quicker & with more ruthlessness than they expected.
    Oh shit! Weekend at chewbaccas

  5. (?) What does that have to with the subject?
    There’s no hard facts in the Faux local op-ed, just Jay leno-in-the-street mental lightweights saying employers are only hiring brown & black people.
    But the part about whites leaving to find work in more “business-friendly” (translation: shit-jobs) states could be true…so what’s the prob? It’s natural evolution. No one is forcing those whites to leave. It’s elective.

  6. A little “bird” put in my ear almost two years ago that one of the sources for the testing was desecrated from the Southern Cheyenne/Arapaho Reservation in Oklahoma, found in a collapsed cave by a bunch of very young school children after the teacher mentioned that “Bigfoot” was a very real entity. The children, innocently trying to impress their teacher, had found this location from an older adult with the express consent to NEVER mention this location. Kids being kids, recovered certain body parts, an arm among other bodily items they could carry, and took them to this teacher who told them to take them back as they were disturbing the body of an ancient ancestor. Just sayin’, in a very high probability, that this is possible, but the means of acquiring and the location of the “real” burial site for one body is a long way from Oklahoma, which not only brings into the equation a “lie” as to place of discovery and Indian law (BIA and Tribal) being blatantly committed. I will not name names (like all this is doing) as I promised to not do this, but was never asked to keep the details silent.

  7. “These delays are insane. I really don’t think that Ketchum is ever going to publish her paper. I’ve given up hope.”

    A year later. This is a bunch of horseshit and always has been. Still think this is for real?

  8. Bullshit I say again, and always will. I’m a hunter, and the number one rule about hunter safety is that you don’t f shoot that you don’t know what is is!
    No matter what it looks like and you don’t know so you still don’t flipping shoot! This is a bullshit story always will be!

    1. Yes Roger I am also a hunter and I agree with what you say
      BUT there are hunters out there that shoot at anything that moves.
      We have accidental shootings happen all the time.

  9. First off, I want to believe in BF. But, if anyone shot a BF they would be famous, all over the world. They would never hide it, you could sell your story for millions, write a book, do the talk show circut, etc. You could claim, fear, self protection or even mistaken identity.

    If they were real, and again, I want to believe. Someone would have shot one, one would have been hit by a car, died in the open of natural causes or fallen victim to a trail camera.

    People need/want real proof, not hype…….

    1. People have shot them. A friend of mine shot and killed two of them recently. They have also been hit and killed by cars apparently. They have been hit and killed by falling trees, and apparently their dead bodies have been found in the forest a few times too.

      Thing is they live in family groups and they bury their dead, so when one dies, it typically gets buried pretty quickly.

      And we shoot them with trail cams pretty regularly in fact.

        1. According to his story, he could not find the adult and he left the baby under some bushes. They were so freaked out, they just wanted to get the Hell out of there. He says he went back 3 weeks later and recovered 2 pounds of flesh in the snow. This piece later tested presumptive for Bigfoot by a DNA outfit on 8 separate blind tests.

          1. I was hoping we could find the remains and grill them up for Thanksgiving dinner. Also I would like a rug made for my living room and a bigfoot coat made for the wife.
            Please put my order in Robert – to your friend I mean

          2. Like you Robert I a PRO kill as far as Sasquatch is concerned. I think we should have big barbeque cook offs and serve freshly cooked Bigfoot meat. However I would urge that all hunter’s closely and carefully examine the Bigfoot’s Rectum before preparation. That is rule # 1.

          3. @ Robert L.
            Hey Robert – guess what we are only going to be able to prepare a roasted “Mule” for Thanksgiving dinner

            (Please ask me why a mule? Please)

        2. All this talk about this hunter slicing off chunks of Bigfoot steaks is making me hungry. I would have taken the Baby Bigfoot home and at least used it for fertilizer. What a waste of meat.

        3. I find it interesting that the Hunter is requesting amnesty. I dont blame him for that. You know these animal rights activist will call for his head.
          Its getting to the point where you get in a hell of a lot more trouble these days for killing an animal rather than a human.
          I was just wondering, if you were hiking out in the woods and came across a recently killed female bigfoot.
          Would it be against the law to have anal sex with it?
          Just wonderig

    1. @Mre2me –

      well from what I gather from Roberts latest post the Bigfoot info is running kinda thin right now. The big debate is on whether you should be allowed to kill a Sasquatch just for the hell of it. Whether or not that is illegal the jury is still out. I for one would like to know if you find a dead bigfoot is it illegal to have anal sex with it? I mean dont most morticians do that to their cadavers? You know – one for the road…

      1. ah c’mon that’s sick and perverted.

        I’d have to see her tits first.

        Illegal ? nah. But why hold yurself to anal ? You could even grab a rock and knock out a few teeth and get a Patty hummer.

        1. I wonder if Bigfoot chicks do oral sex? Do Bigfoot dudes go down on that stanky Bigfoot pussy? I heard that shit is pretty rank! I wonder if Bigfoots do anal? So many interesting questions.

          For the record, I never heard any reports of Bigfoots doing oral or anal sex. The only sex reports I ever heard say that they do it missionary style most of the time.

        2. Yeah- I never thought of that- the overwhelming smell of that PUSS
          I have had my face in some pretty sour shit but I dont think I could hack that.
          I wonder if there are any GAY bigfoots? Can you imagine a huge 800 lbs
          8 foot tall limp wrist bigfoot FAGGOT with a boner coming at you?
          Run for the hills dude!

        3. @Mre2me
          the reason I would hold myself to anal? I just assume a Female sasquatch would have enormously loose pussy. A poop chute approach would definitely be tighter and more pleasurable -especially after a little Rigor Mortis had set in. Right in the Bung Hole …. I am zee great Cornholioooooooo!

      2. Yep, they killed off most of my good sources. That would be Melba and most of the folks associated with her. Also Erickson and the folks around him too. No one wants anyone leaking to me. All my sources come under suspicion at some point or another, and even current sources are now suspected of leaking to me. Once people think they leak to me, they get cut out of 100% of good info.

    2. @Mre2me
      I did see where a dumb ass dressed in a full military Ghillie suit (trying to look like Sasquatch and hoax a Sasquatch sighting) was mistakenly hit by a car. The guy was 44 years old and alcohol was involved. This happened near Kalispell, MT on 27 Aug 2012
      I wonder if anyone thought of cutting off some steaks?
      you know for DNA testing and such

    3. Yes, I do have some stuff, but not much. But it is pretty interesting, not earthshaking, but interesting. It’s not that great for the community. More likely, the skeptics will eat it up and go nuts. I’ve been really tired lately so I haven’t written it up yet, plus there is no urgency. All I have is that story plus a bunch of video and photo rundowns of stuff already released on other sites.

      1. If by skeptics you be referring to the esteemed Mr. Ed Smith and revered MABRC, I say have at. They be pure comedy. Who knew the keystone cops existed in real life ?
        Savvy guy like you , should have access to all the info. Put yur Dick on
        a James Bond mission and bed down Melbs already. Make her blurt DNA/NDA secrets while rutting with her like a wild animal.
        I’m not kidding here Bob, it could be the road to a pulitzer.
        That or find out were yur buddy stashed the kidlet.
        (still not buying the tucked him under a bush bit).

        1. Oh hey, don’t know how I confused “skeptics” with the mabrc crowd.
          I guess I was thinking specifically of YOUR skeptics- not BF skeptics.
          I’ll remember to have more coffee in me when I post again….

        1. Oh hey honyok!
          Great perspective on the bigfoot buggery. I will always keep in mind the “hotdogs and hallways” analogy when having amorous
          considerations to relic hominids.

          1. @Mre2me- Excellent point
            by the way you asked for recent bigfoot news.
            This is not earth shattering but Prof. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State Univ. is getting up funding to use an remote controlled Dirigible to search for Bigfoot. I saw this on CNN earlier this week.At least someone is doing something. I have his latest book. I sure would like to get it autographed.

          2. Oh yes and I think members of the Human Race (esp.African Americans) should always wear a condom when having sex with Random Sasquatches – Not to protect the humans – but to prevent STD (esp. AIDS) transmission to those hapless creatures. There are very few of them so they need to protect them from extinction. We got lots of stupid humans – they wont be missed really. Like the idiot the got killed trying to imitate a big foot and got run over.
            That goes to show, Sasquatch knows how to look both ways and stay off the Fire Water..

          3. When they catch one of these things I would like to see them shave it and put it in Stag Films.
            Perhaps we could contract MELBA to be his leading lady as she has already had the experience and has go where no woman has gone before. She would say – “Sasquatch you make me so horny – me love you longs time”

  10. “When they catch one of these things I would like to see them shave it and put it in Stag Films”.

    It’s gonna look just like Roseanne Barr. Why the hell would you want to do that ? Keep the hair and just pretend yur that werewolf from Twilight and grind one out in a Kristen Stewart lookalike ( you know she shaves her ‘stache ?)

  11. I love when individuals call themselves “experts” in the BF field….
    How much time (hours,days months,years) have the experts spent
    VIEWING said subjects…..NONE!!!! It is all speculation of opinion
    I for FACT, know you must spend time in “It’s” environment, to be
    accepted within their community/core group, the comfort zone will
    never fully be there with them,simply a short time frame experience
    of which you wake from your backcountry shelter and “they” have
    moved out of the area without your knowledge. They seem to be attracted
    to trout in butter over the fire and don’t leave your dried fruit around
    as they will FIGHT over it….no lie!!! My time spent ’82 in the high sierras
    will be forever be my “time” but I thought at that time “someone” would have had proof by now….. going back in this year for 4 months…let me see what I can find this time. Smeja ,what a waste of time this whole issue has been…

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