Man Savagely Beaten in an Akron, Ohio Pizza Joint

Video here.

People are waiting in line in Akron, Ohio to get a pizza. A woman in a camouflage outfit cuts into line ahead of everyone else. A man on a cellphone complains about her to the person on the other end of the line. She hears the man complaining about her and gets in his face very aggressively.

Then she goes out to the parking lot. She comes back in and gets in the cellphone guy’s face again. The manager tells her to take off. She spits in the manager’s face!

The manager rushes out to confront her, but then her huge 6’4, 300 lb. boyfriend shows up. The is an ex-con, a convicted drug dealer. The woman turns around and smacks the cellphone guy in the head. She hits him over and over. He throws down his cellphone in rage.

The boyfriend begins to pound on the guy. He pummels him badly, all the way to the ground. He hits him seven times. The last blow knocks him out cold. The other customers look on helplessly, afraid to intervene because the attacker is so huge.

Final result: cellphone guy got a broken eye socket, broken nose, concussion and a chipped tooth.

The attacker was eventually convicted in court for the assault and sentenced to four years in prison.

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0 thoughts on “Man Savagely Beaten in an Akron, Ohio Pizza Joint”

  1. The last blow knocks him out cold. The other customers look on helplessly, afraid to intervene because the attacker is so huge.

    Plus the fact that he was a nigger.

    Whites ganging up to defend a fellow white from an unhinged nigra? No way, no how.

    1. The “teaming up” concept only works for police and military because they are bound by a code of conduct that specifically calls for joint teamwork. Get a bunch of late night pizza-munching slobs off the street, I don’t exactly expect any Semper Fi BS!

      1. Well the teaming up thing is genetic too, if this was a white guy in a black neighborhood beating up a black dude you can be sure there would be blacks intervening.

        Also in certain areas of the country whites may be more inclined to intervene but I am not sure.

  2. This isn’t limited to one race this aggression. In the uk i’ve seen many violent white individuals who at many times would lash out out another person for simply standing in a certain position they thought looked weird. Thats an even more pathetic excuse to beat up some one then the one in that video.

  3. This happened in 2004….Mark Jones was released in 2008(the man who perpetrated the assault). This is such crap, This slobbenly woman walks in doesnt want to wait in line. Stupid ignorant woman, she probably has a sense of entitlement because she gets a monthly check and food stamps. Also the men standing around were cowards.

    1. 4 years for a simple assault charge doesn’t seem like a short amount of time to me. What is crap is the fact that the whites are so domesticated that they did nothing to help and just watched while the guy was pummeled.

    2. WHY DO SHE HAVE TO BE GETTING A MONTHLY CHECK OR FOOD STAMPS TO BE A PERSON WHO’S WRONG FOR HER ACTIONS? You are the dumbest most cowardest person on earth, you should have been in that store, then we can call you a coward too.

  4. Although the story sounds like an ex-con beat the shit out of a white customer based on what his girlfriend told him what the white customer said. The question is, ‘What did she tell her boyfriend the guy said?’, and, ‘What did the white customer actually say?’

    If the white guy called her the ‘N’ word, then its a hate crime, and subsequently, mitigating circumstances should put the white customer in a situation where he is partially responsible for the outcome.

    Secomd, the white guy should have looked out for himself when he say the big black guy show up. Instead, he was on his cellphone.

    Slam your cell phone down, and your basically making a move towards violence.

    Get ready to rumble!

    Anyways, when I have gotten into fights with bigger men, the best thing to do is move around out of their reach. The big guy is strong, but the weight takes a toll on his heart, and he will tire quickly. There are exceptions to this rule. Like George Foreman. But, for the most part, big men tire quickly.


    Steve Lee

    1. James keys, to answer your query, because she looks likea hood rat and most hood rats collect monthly checks. Sorry you find the truth racist. Maybe you need to look at some statistics. A nice one is blacks comprise 12% of the population but commit 60% of the violent crime. Wake up America!! Also this video is a perfect example why you need to conceal carry. He and his loudmouth girlfriend should have been shot.

    2. He couldn’t move around, he was in a confined space full of people, and he slammed his cell after she slapped him several times. You are daft. It doesn’t matter what he said. No one has a right to put their ands on someone unless its self defense. Don’t act like a nigger and you won’t get called one. Most people would agree them was a opulent of niggers.

  5. Simple assault, it was felonious assault and the victim got some very serious injuries. The suspect was a drug dealing felon. Four Years. Bull Shit. It should have been double that. And she got two years probations. Where was Holder, Obama and Sharpton. Oh, they probably paid for his defense fund.

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