Man Badly Beaten on Madrid Subway

Video here.

In this shocking video, people are on a subway in Madrid, Spain. A man walks down the aisle, then seems to recognize another young man sitting there. The man walking by puts down his backpack, then turns around suddenly kicks the sitting man in the head!

He repeatedly pummels him, often to the head, and lands another couple of hard kicks to the head before he calls it off. The people around clear out while the beating is going on. Then a couple of older men surround the attacker and keep away from the guy he was beating.

It turns out that the attacker was an anti antifascist. He recognized the man he attacked as a fascist who he had seen at a fascist rally a while earlier. The fascist got badly beaten up. He had a big black eye.

Cool! Bash the fash!

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0 thoughts on “Man Badly Beaten on Madrid Subway”

    1. Because elderly men rely on their NON-COMBATANT SENIOR STATUS as peacemakers, & their PATRIARCHICAL instincts…..which kick in past a certain age.

      Younger men are still “competitors”. They themselves feel a threat to their OWN social status ( another male being more MACHO then them) so their first REFLEXES are “Is this a threat to me??? Okay, it’s not so I’ll just OBSERVE. ”
      Older guys, on the other hand, are past that hormonal stage and more into a fatherly-mode so their angle is more that of a HARMONIOUS PEACEMAKER.

      This is human behavioral biology. It’s all on the gut level.


      Go eat your own shit like like a good little pussyboy.

  1. Furthermore, an unprovoked attack like that is real fucking niggerish. I don’t care what affiliation the victim has, such an assault is beneath contempt.

  2. Well, PERSONALLY I would’ve gone with a right-cross-right/left-uppercut/ KNEE-combo to the chin followed up with a right uppercut-ELBOW that would’ve knocked that facsist piece of bipedal excrement the fuck OUT. (Knees are better than KICKS in a crowded situation. More compact with less clusterfuck-potential) Then I would’ve garnished that dish with a generous serving of PHLEGM on his fat fucking face. Then I’d stealthily take his wallet & exit at the next stop so I could globally OUT that FASCIST PIECE OF RETRO-EVOLUTION.

      1. Fictional Anti-Deity!

        And no, I’m not black….unlike the man that butt-poked your mama last night. I pimped her out. That transaction paid for my lunch today—-a penny earned!

    1. That was chicken shit to take some guy who is totally unaware and just t off on him.

      Hey street fighter. What were your crumpets off today, or are you always an asshole?

  3. I don’t get where the antifa rage comes from at all. These people are seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously sick. It’s like they despise reality SO MUCH that they’d rather burn the world and kill everyone in it and than acknowledge the basic facts of reality. Oh, diddums, someone said “nigger,” so quick kill everyone. Retards.

  4. Cool! Bash the fash! –RL–

    l sure hop it will happen to YOU ROBERT RETARD one day.

    Communism is a mental illness, it catch and you get it from the jews.


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