India: What Is To Be Done?

A decent Indian Hindu asks me:

Lindsay, criticisms aside, what can be done to change the country?

I have given up on Indian institutions to make anything better at all. I have thrown my lot in with the Maoists as they seem to be the only people who have what it takes to really deal with the problems of India.

I think that Indian people are very selfish. They really don’t want to solve the problems of their country.

  1. 5
  2. Shit runs through the streets of the cities like open sewers when it rains.
  3. 600 million Indians shit outdoors every single day.
  4. The garbage and pollution is sickening. I hear about folks who travel between the US and India regularly, and every time they come back from India, they are sick. They go India, they get sick. India is literally making people sick.
  5. Indian slums are an outrage. Substandard housing, no clean or running water, no sewage. Ridiculous.
  6. The feudal culture of the countryside must be broken. All civilized nations have undergone a land reform. It never got done in India due to the power of the feudal lords. Land reform is mandatory.
  7. Education reform is necessary. There are too few schools and way too many kids drop out very young to go to work.
  8. Child labor and even slavery is rampant in India. It’s absolutely sickening.

This are the immediate problems that need to be addressed in India. Very basic things. First things first, ok? All the skyscrapers can’t mask this horror.

I do not think that privileged Indians want to fix these problems though. They figure it does not effect them.

We get Indian nationalists here every day screaming abuse and threats at me, but unlike them, I really do want what is best for the vast majority of Indian people. This desire means that I have a very deep love for the Indian people in terms of my hopes and desires for them.

I think most Indian nationalists do not want what is best for India. In that sense, I question how much they really love their land and their people, no?

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0 thoughts on “India: What Is To Be Done?”

  1. Dear Robert
    Dear Robert
    Land reform is a type of holy grail for a lot of leftists, including you, it seems. I don’t see it that way. The real problem in India is too little land for too many people. Even if all farmland were divided equally, that would still leave each farm family with only a tiny plot. The rural population of India is about 700 million. They live in an area that is not even half of the US without Alaska.
    Far more important than land reform is economic growth in the urban economy and no demographic growth in the countryside. Let’s take 2 countries, Ruritania and Slobodia.
    In Ruritania, all land is owned by big landlords, but the urban economy is growing fast and the rural population is stable. This means that the standard of living of peasants will rise, even though they don’t own land. If the landlords don’t pay them decent wages, they’ll move to the booming urban economy.
    In Slobodia, by contrast, all land is owned by the peasants themselves, but the urban economy is stagnant and the rural population is growing fast. This means that peasants have no reason to move to the cities and that with each new generation, a peasant family will own less land and therefore be poorer. The peasnts in Ruritania are better-off than those in Slobodia, even though in Ruritania they don’t own the land.

    In one of the latest issues of the Brazilian magazine Veja, there is a story about the super-extravagant weddings which the Indian rich are having, often in Europe. One wealthy businessman rented Versailles for the wedding of his daughter. Shame on the French for renting it out to him. There is one more reason for you to dislike India.

    Regards. James

  2. A lot of people reccomend imrovements in infrastucture, healthcare and sanitation. While all this is well and good what I really believe India needs is for a massive overhaul of its value system. Indian society is de humanizing and authoritarian. One of the reasons why there is so much starvation in India is due to a lack of proper storage facilities. Grain silos were reccomended as they are cheap and very effective. The government response? Nothing. Why? Apathy; upper class/caste Indians geniunely believe that these people are not worth saving. This may be hard for some westerners to swallow, but believe me its true. Most upper class/caste Indians still have qualms about dining at the same table with lower castes. I’ve seen this with my own eyes every time I visit my family in India. It’s appaling. Realistically speaking, I don’t see these values changing for atleast another 100 years.

    1. In order to change India’s values system, one would have to get rid of their main religion, Hinduism , that promost inequality and dazzles obedient beliefers with better chances in the “future life”.
      It ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Hats off sir. These are some of the very basic things that every country must fix. It is such a pity that even after approaching 64th year of independence India falls flat on these issues. I agree with Dota and James on land reforms.

  4. .Quetions for Robert.
    “Why do you have so much “deep love” for Indian People??
    Just curious.
    Personal experience , cry of a wounded heart of a young revolutionist who wanna change , or some other unspecified motives??

      1. “Probably a good person”. The usage of the word “probably ” gives a room to lots of speculations. The same goes for a usage of the word “good person”. “Good person” meaning what?
        Is always the very poor person a noble, good person??

        1. Robert provobly likes Indians more than I do lol, which is why he can’t stop writing about them. I quit India years ago.

  5. Maybe Robert wants to hold a title of an “Indian Saviour”???
    An Americanized version of Mahatma Ghandi and “the greatest humanitarian ever” aka Joseph Stalin combined in one??:)

  6. The cure to India’s problems is the balkanization of India… India is a fictitious entity. If the country were split along ethnolinguistic lines, competition would naturally spur progress.

  7. What GoldenCanary said. India is an artificial entity of some 40 nations created by the British colonials (a fact that Indian nationalists love to deny). Let the country Balkanise and there will no longer be poor performing regressive states dragging down the better and more civilised ones. Take for example, the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. These states, the hotbed of Hindi and Urdu culture are fatalist, regressive, bigoted and feudal in nature.

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