Girls Beat Up Transsexual in a Fast Food Joint

Video here.

A very shocking video.

A White transsexual tried to use the women’s restroom in a Baltimore McDonald’s. Two Black girls were in there, and they realized that the transsexual was not formally a female. They thought she was a male pervert perving on the women in the woman’s restroom. They chased her out of the restroom and thrashed her very badly.

The Black fast food employees refused to intervene. A Black customer or employee videotaped the beating on his cellphone. At the end of the video, the transsexual starts having a seizure from being beaten so badly.

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32 thoughts on “Girls Beat Up Transsexual in a Fast Food Joint”

  1. Is the insane homophobia of black people genetic or environmental? The Ugandan anti homosexuality laws are certainly insane. Even the most homophobic whites or Asians are usually content with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” arrangement, but blacks have to get all in people’s faces about it, just the way they do everything else. Probably the primitive religious superstitions almost all blacks hold don’t help either.

      1. Just trying to provoke. I’m not really that anti black, but this black homophobia pisses me off so much I feel like joining the Klan when I hear about it. And no, I’m not a fag myself. It’s just so vehement and irrational, and, I’ll say it, primitive. And it’s disgraceful that a minority that’s been treated the way blacks have would be so mindlessly brutal and hateful toward others.

  2. …and let’s talk about the seeming inability to understand or care about the rules of civilized society. Even Fred Phelps wouldn’t beat the crap out of a gay guy in a McDonalds, because whites and Asians basically know how to mind their own business and treat people in a civilized way. All these videos (except the Russian transvestite, that was awesome) point to an inability to control impulses. I’d say the Chimp Out people are onto something, except I’m insulted for actual chimps.

    1. You’re talking mainly about the Black underclass. Their behavior is usually described as “Black behavior.” Believe it or not, there are all-Black communities, like the one I grew up in, where there was no rampant crime or out-of-control dysfunction. We were all just as Black as these other people.

      The neighborhood I grew up in was quite safe. Most adults worked. Many people owned their homes. There were plenty of young males around, and yet you could walk around without fear of being attacked; you could leave your house unlocked practically all day long, and everything would be there when you went back inside.

      1. I grew up in a very white suburb, but my parents kept attending the church in their old inner-city neighborhood for many years. My earliest memories of black folks are from church–family friends, kids to play with, Sunday school teachers, and sweet old ladies with matching suits & hats and candy in their purses.

        There were a couple of Sundays when black kids threw rocks at the car while we were en route to church (I was five or six), but I never thought their race had anything to do with it. I figured they were just poor and stupid.

        1. Your memories of church are bringing back some of my own. Those ladies with the suits and hats and candy were my grandmother, my great-aunt, and all their friends!

        2. Born in Boston, but my folks moved to Weymouth (South Shore suburban Boston) before I was two. That church was in Roxbury.
          The Boston accent comes and goes. I blame my mother. She wouldn’t let me speak with a Boston accent at home. She thought the Boston accent sounded “stupid.” Which is pretty funny, considering she was from the Deep South.

        3. My Dad has a heavy Boston accent due to spending a lot of time around Irish Catholics, so there are many words I pronounce with a heavy Boston accent. My mom is South African and very particular about good manners so she was not very happy either.

          I know Weymouth, several of my misbehaved classmates got sent to the juvie school there.

        4. “There were a couple of Sundays when black kids threw rocks at the car while we were en route to church”

          I remember attending the Indiana State Fair at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds with my family and our white friend. In the parking lot a group of 15 lil Buckwheats started throwing rocks at us. Now you won’t find this kind of behavior out of Asian or white kids. It’s just so African. So, so African. Fresh, alive, spontaneous. I mean just a gang of 2nd graders throwing rocks at people with violent intent. LOL.Damn, dem, cute lil Buckwheats!

        5. Gay State Girl–yah, Weymouth is one of the top ten most Irish cities in the country, last I checked.
          Hacienda–sad to say a few times the neighborhood kids blew up firecrackers outside while we were in church. Once they tried to put a burning rag in our gas tank of our big old station wagon. Eventually my folks decided they didn’t want to go there any more and we joined a rather WASP-heavy church in Hingham.

        6. The Massapoag school Weymouth “educated” all the juvenile delinquents until recently. So there were all these teenagers with criminal records walking around town and the locals weren’t too happy about it.

          Sorry if I came across as condescending. I didn’t mean to.

        7. “sad to say a few times the neighborhood kids blew up firecrackers outside while we were in church. ”

          I have no problems with this behavior. : )
          I encourage this tremendous act of extemporaneous liberation.
          But, having to switch to a WASP church…That’s the tragedy.

  3. You know what? I accept the truth of everything you say. But these nice, middle/upper class blacks need to admit there’s a problem, and not jump all over someone like Bill Cosby when he mentions the big, stinking dead elephant in the room. With regard to the homophobia thing specifically, they need to stop supporting bigoted pastors who preach hatred of gay people.

    1. Sure. I hear what you’re saying. The thing is, a lot of middle/upper class Blacks are well aware of the problem, if what you mean is the behavior of underclass Blacks. And many of them have had it up to here with Black underclass behavior, so trying to convince them that they should “do something about it” might not go over that well.

    2. Matt,

      But these nice, middle/upper class blacks need to admit there’s a problem, and not jump all over someone like Bill Cosby when he mentions the big, stinking dead elephant in the room.

      Certainly some Blacks, and they don’t have to be upper or middle class, recognize there is a serious problem with violence in some Black communities. Generally though there response is the same as the common White response… leave the area. EG what used to be known as “White flight..” is increasingly “Black flight..” for basically the same reasons. Every racial/ethnic group in the US has their dysfunctional and/or dangerous/toxic elements…but unfortunately it seems that they are more prevalent in the Black community and the easiest and most common answer is just to leave it behind. Witness Detroit.

    1. halflife2episode3wantnow,

      I think the transexual with the penus and all could of well wanked at the sight of the girls.

      They never claimed that he had done so. Also if they had “a point” then the cops who beat Rodney King “had a point” because he refused to obey orders and lunged towards a cop. Once the cops had Rodney King under control they should have stopped beating him immediately. The reason they got into trouble is they continued to be him when he offered no resistance. The girls may have reacted to the knowledge that the woman in the bathroom was actually a man and struck him once or twice out of anger but they lost all credibility when they continued to beat him until he had seizures.

    1. To halflife2episode3wantnow
      Should have gone into the mens toilet or somewere else.

      I see.. blame the victim. So you are in agreement that Rodney King should have immediately pulled over when police officers behind him turned on their overhead lights, complied with the officer’s instructions (as did his two passengers..) when he exited the vehicle and absent those actions deserved any beating he received? Somehow I don’t think the majority of the US agrees with you. Did you misplace your moral compass…?

  4. damn, internet confuses me, some say you lost little sensibility after circumsicion, some say you loss kinda and some say you loss a lot, which is horrible, how dumb of me, i didn’t know that there were parcial circumsicion that would allow some nerves in me, but the doctor even didn’t tell me either, but i read parcial circumsicion is less common because is more dangerous, damn, maybe my destiny was to be born as female, in my original state i was sensitive but unable to have sex with my penis because phimosis, but operated i will have issues, then how the hell the jews have good sex… in fact i like women too because i injected that taste on me because society, in such a young age ,but my original taste was only men, maybe my destiny is to be female, i said it again, if my penis with circumsicion sucks, i would prefer to change to woman, with a good vagina and clitoris, and i will try my best to not look manly to be mistaken as male

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