Propaganda About Cuba’s Medical Missions


According to the article, ordinary Cubans are suffering as the regime sends doctors abroad on medical missions, apparently mostly to make money for the state. I think it was a good idea to send the doctors abroad, as it’s making good money for the regime and helping a lot of people in the 3rd World.

I know that Cuba gets a good deal out of the doctors who they send to Venezuela, but I am not sure if they charge or not to send doctors to other countries besides Venezuela. I don’t think that the regime should send doctors to 3rd World countries for free, other than in a crisis situation.

Charity begins at home. The nation is short of cash in a lot of ways, and it shows. Downtown Havana needs renovation, and a lot of the buildings may simply need to be torn down. Quite a few are in danger of collapsing. The sewage system in Havana needs repairs. There is a chronic housing shortage. The nation is often short of electricity in a place where an air conditioner could really come in handy. The hospitals and clinics tend to be short of supplies. Given all of that, why not make money off the doctors? Why give them away for free?

The article says that ordinary Cubans are suffering, but there is nothing to that. Cuba has one of the best doctor-patient ratios on Earth. Before the medical missions, if anything, the island was overdoctored and doctors didn’t have enough to do. That’s not a good use of all of that skill and education.

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  1. Robert what do you think would happen if the US was to overthrow Castro and the Communist regime in Cuba?

    Initially I would imagine there would be a massive influx of Cubans wanting to travel to the US but do you think Cuban areas of Florida would eventually be a de facto region of a new Cuba like Kosovo is to Albania?

    “I, the Kosovo Liberation Army fighter, in the name of the people and the future, take a solemn oath to be faithful to the liberation battle, firm to the end, and ready to give my life, in every moment for the liberation of Kosovo and all the occupied territories until they are finally united with Albania.”

    Do you think the CIA would use it as a drug Island as Dennis Hopsicker has reported the history of CIA drug trafficking in Florida and turn it into a narco-state like they did Columbia, Mexico and other Latin American countries?

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