Capitalism Is Murder: Shock Doctrine in the East Bloc Killed 10 Million People


After the fall of Communism in the East Bloc in the early 1990’s, Westerners pushed something called shock therapy, or rapid privatization. A new study by the Lancet shows that shock therapy actually killed 10 million men and an unknown number of women in the East Bloc.

The study points out that it was not the transtion to capitalism per se that was at fault but how it was done. Rapid privatization or shock therapy was one way, but the other way is more gradual privatization. The study makes clear what we on the Left have been saying forever, that shock therapy kills.

The study also found that the more social connections a person had, the less likely they were to be killed by shock therapy. As radical capitalist neoliberalism has as its purpose the destruction of all bonds between men other than profit-seeking and the complete atomization of all humans, leading to mass insecurity and a Hobbesian war of all against all, it figures that neoliberal capitalism works strongly against social bonds. The more neoliberalism, the weaker the social bonds between humans.

Shock therapy had differential effects in different places. In Poland and the former Yugoslavia, there was little damage. The damage was severe in Russia.

In the US, the entire mass media and both conservative parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, vociferously pushed shock therapy. I read many articles about it at the time, always wondering why this was such a great thing. In the “free press” there was no dissent on the subject of shock therapy. You could not find a single opinion anywhere saying that this might be a bad idea. So much for “freedom of the press” in the USA. It was the way to go. Bill Clinton pushed it as strongly as Newt Gingrich.

Most of the Americans pushing shock therapy were connected with the Chicago School of Economics, and all of the most prominent ones were Jews. Many Jews in Israel also got in on the looting in Russia and the East Bloc. In addition, Russian Jews were very heavily involved in the mass looting and destruction of their great land.

Much of the looted funds was transferred to agents of International Jewry in the US and the UK, in particular Lord Rothschild. A lot of the money ended up in Israel. Richard Perle and other neocons on the right along with George Soros on the Left both gladly looted Slavic lands to benefit the tribe.

One wonders what the motivation for this mass rape of these mostly Slavic people was. Possibly it was revenge for anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe and Russia, another chapter in the war of the Slavs and the Jews. The Jews were getting their revenge for the Holocaust and Russian anti-Semitism. All in all, it was shameful behavior on the part of the Jews. The Jews are supposed to be progressive people, but here they were, acting just like the feudal lords and masters who they worked with in Eastern Europe for centuries. Worse, they were raping the East just as the ultimate Amelekite, Hitler, had done.

Every Jew on Earth should hang his head in shame at this grotesque display, if they have any sense of decency at all.

To be fair, a lot of the riches just went to the Western rich, mostly bankers. And many Russian gentiles helped the Russian Jews rape Russia. The Jews couldn’t do it alone.

As one might logically predict, this Jewish-led mass looting led to a huge upsurge in anti-Semitism in Russia and Eastern Europe, even in places like Romania (5,000 Jews) and Poland where there were hardly any Jews left.

If Jews hate anti-Semitism so much, why do things to worsen it? I don’t get it. Or do Jews hate anti-Semitism? Maybe they like it?

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0 thoughts on “Capitalism Is Murder: Shock Doctrine in the East Bloc Killed 10 Million People”

  1. Good on you Robert,

    That period in the early 1990’s was a shocking period. Everything was ‘liberalised’. To balance this off (or to pay off the left), there were all these minor tidbits thrown to us like ‘race equality’.

    And it still continues now.

    For instance, here in Australia we have a Constitutional Monarchy. What’s worse is that the head of state is not even Australian but British! We had a Referndum back in 1999 and for various reason’s, the vote for a Republic was defeated. What irritates me is that many of our institution’s like, say, for instance, the ‘Royal Australian Navy’ has had it’s name change to remove the monarchical title ‘Royal’. This is a sop. It has no real meaning. And because it is done without consulatation, it makes the move to a republic seen with even MORE suspicion!!! These are the type of ‘leftist’s’ that run society.

    A second example is a current issue (again here in Australia). A football player was suspended for racist language yesterday. It was FRONT PAGE BIG BOLD LETTER’S!! Again, I would argue that it is a phony victory for the left. In the 1990’s, a court decision was made that gave the Indigenous people some land right’s. But the Conservative’s came into power and legislated most of it away. What does an Aboriginal person want more? the beating up of one sole individual for an off the cuff comment or REAL justice by the way of Land Right’s!!!

    The leader’s of the left should be making this point!

    1. I agree. This is ridiculous. We are going through the same thing here. Some of the great and fantastic Left victories lately are things like gay marriage. Now, I support that of course, but the same folks giving us gay marriage are breaking unions and instituting austerity measures are destroying working class and poor people. But we just got gay marriage! Yayyyyyyyy! It’s a joke. It’s like these neoliberals throw these Identity Politics sops to us while they do the real economic damage of mass wealth transfer to the rich and the ruin of ordinary people’s lives to benefit their rich masters.

      This race crap is more of the same.

  2. Here in Australia we were saved from having a Fox News style media but that was only because in 1996 (when Fox started) we voted in our most Conservative leader EVER in John Howard. Australia did not ‘need’ A Fox style media outlet.

    But, since the ALP (our version fo the Democrat’s) came into power in 2007 and especially after last year’s cantankerous election which saw the ALP cling on to power with the help of independent’s, we have seen the Foxification of our media occur. A new radio station has started which has an even WORSE version of HANNITY and colmes. And our National Broadsheet newspaper (which was right wing economically and lleft wing socially) has decided to ditch it’s progressive element’s.

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