Americans Love Austerity, But No One Else Does

Let’s get one thing clear now: the policies of the rich and the upper middle class benefit the rich and the upper middle class and only those classes. As a good general rule, they help those classes and hurt everyone else.

Capitalism can be thought of a gigantic pie with all of the classes fighting over slices of the pie. The policies of the upper classes are always and everywhere designed to take money from the poor, the working class and the middle class and give that money to the upper classes. It’s called Class War, and it is continuous and ongoing in most capitalist countries.

In some social democratic states in Europe, a sort of a social peace has been reached via a Social Contract in which the upper classes have been relatively quiet about their demands. But as soon as the last crisis hit, the upper classes began demanding the dismantling of the social contract and the mass transfer of funds from the people to the wealthy, mostly from ordinary workers to the banks.

This is really a reinstatement of feudalism. Workers are being saddled with debt bondage into the forseeable future, their lives trashed to pay for their debts to their ultra-rich feudal banker lords and masters.

All over Europe, humans rose up against this shock therapy. Everywhere austerity has been tried, it has ruined economies and faciliatated mass transfer or money from workers to the ultra-rich, mostly bankers. Austerity has caused millions of deaths all over the 3rd World as the rich of the West raped and wrecked economies.

A major demand has been to open up the people’s properties to the Western rich. This way the Western rich bought the people’s property as pennies on the dollar. This was a transfer of 3rd World national wealth held by the people and the sovereign nation to the Western ultra-rich.

In some cases, there were demands to sell off national properties. There are demands for the Greeks to sell off their islands. This is really financial warfare perpetrated by the feudal ultra-rich on captive nations. It used to be that warfare was used to capture foreign lands. Now, foreign lands, businesses and markets are conquered and captured by the feudal banker elite via financial warfare. No troops are needed. All you need are banks, the new weapons of mass destruction.

It is normal the world over for humans to protest the nation-wrecking austerity measures that the feudal rich impose on them. The rich have demanded the dismantling of national health care and education, rises in taxes and fees on workers and huge cuts in workers wages, all so the captive nations can pay back the extortionate millionaire banker criminals.

It is proper that normal humans would protest this state of affairs. To my knowledge, it is only in America that austerity was met with huge cheers and demands for more. Parties pushing austerity usually go down to defeat in most of the world. Here, the parties that push the most state destruction, the worst feudal class warfare and the most austerity win by huge margins.

Apparently Americans are mentally ill. No where else on Earth do parties campaign on the ludicrous campaign of “small government.” Normal humans the world love big government. They love their social programs and fight to the death to save them. The hatred for “Big government” and desire for minimal or Libertarian style minimal government is relatively unique to the US. Elsewhere in the world, it is typical of the rich, but not of the masses. Only in the US do the masses subscribe to the policies of the rich.

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5 thoughts on “Americans Love Austerity, But No One Else Does”

  1. The rich definitely engineered this crisis so that they can further disenfranchise the working classes.

    I’m not going to say that all rich people are bad but many in that social class are doing bad things, however some rich people are fighting for the workers.

    People in America don’t even know what class war is, they can’t even conceive of it. If they hear the term they just know to call that person a marxist who said it and label that person as evil.

    If Americans can’t even conceive of the concepts that are used to describe what is going on how can they ever oppose what is happening? It’s like the book 1984.

  2. Gee I wonder if the small government demand here has anything to do with the runaway “multiculturalism” imposed by the elite-controlled government here?

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