What Do Americans Understand About the US Debt?

As it turns out, absolutely zero! Nothing, nada, zip, zilch!

Let’s check it out:

1. Will the US default on its debt unless Congress raises the debt ceiling? 51% of Moronicans say no, it’s a scare tactic by evil Democrats, 43% say yes. This one is real easy. We don’t raise the debt ceiling, we default. Real simple. How did these maroons get so confused about this issue?

2. Will Medicare go broke unless it is dramatically overhauled (ie, destroyed)? 62% of Moronicans say yes, 35% say no, it is a Republican scare tactic. The no’s are correct. Medicare does not “need to be destroyed in order to keep it from going broke.” And isn’t that a bizarre sentence right there?

3. Will Social Security go broke unless changes are made (SS is destroyed)? 66% of Moronicans say yes, 31% say no, it’s a Republican scare tactic. Once again, no, SS does not need to be destroyed in order to keep it from going broke, and once again, that is one heck of a strange sentence!

4. Will interest on the national debt drag the US into a recession? 66% say yes, and 31% say no. I am not sure what the answer is to this question, but the people I read are not worried about the US going into recession due to debt. The main risk of increasing US debt is inflation and that’s nowhere to be seen.

5. If you radically cut government spending in a recession, will you get a double-dip recession or depression? 67% of Moronicans say no, you won’t, that’s a Democratic lie, while 27% say yes. This is a simple economic fact. Deficit reduction and austerity always, always, always leads to recessions and depressions. Some argue that this is the general idea. The elites pushing austerity apparently do not care if they blow up the economy, or they have no choice but to follow the orders of bankster vampires, fangs dripping with the blood of millions.

Austerity causes huge transfers of wealth to the very rich from everyone else. The very rich apparently think it’s worth it to crash the economy as long as they win the latest battle in the Class War.

6. Will huge spending cuts and austerity cause increases in the unemployment rate? 59% of Moronicans say no, that’s a Democratic scare tactic. 37% say yes, it’s a real danger.

Let’s think this one over. Government spending is a full 25% of the US economy. When Republicans say they want to get government spending down to Calvin Coolidge levels, that means a Hell of a lot of jobs. Realistically, US government spending accounts for many millions of jobs. All of these huge cuts we are seeing at state, county and municipal levels are the result of Republican budget cutters. They have left mass layoffs in their wake.

Deficit reduction and austerity always causes recessions and depressions,  like clockwork. Recessions and depressions are characterized by mass unemployment. Yes, mass cuts in government spending will lead to rapidly increasing unemployment. It’s an economic fact.

Moronicans get 0 for 6 on this Debt Test. That’s an F! I am not sure what it means. Maybe it means that most Moronicans are mentally retarded. But they could also be brainwashed. I cannot think of one single major media outlet, newspaper, newsmagazine, TV station or radio station, that is telling the truth about any of these questions with the exception of Question 1.

So the Moronican people are being lied to 24-7 by virtually the entire spectrum of US mass media, which, coincidentally, is all owned by the US elite plutocracy, the rich and the corporations. They’ve been lied to so much by rightwing media for over 30 years now that they are thoroughly confused about just about everything on this subject.

There are zero or nearly zero mass media outlets who are telling them the truth on these questions. If there’s no one out there to tell the truth to them, is it any wonder that they are hopelessly brainwashed and don’t have the slightest clue about the truth?

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