Wikipedia Jews Attack James Petras

Repost from the old site.

James Petras is a fine man of the Left who has long been interested in Latin America and especially revolutionary movements down there. He has long supported the FARC revolutionaries in Colombia (as does this blog) and lately he has been supporting the Movement of the Landless in Brazil.

He’s a great labor organizer who goes down to Latin America and works with the people, getting his hands dirty with the workers and peasants themselves. He’s a towering intellect, and has often criticized Left movements from a Far Left perspectives, accusing them of being sellouts. For instance, he has gone after the FMLN in El Salvador lately for pursuing a half-hearted effort at reform.

I believe he was going after Evo Morales in Bolivia lately. He’s great for tearing the masks off these Latin American Leftists who the US press is screaming Commie Bloody Murder about, showing us that many of them are not even very far to the Left and the proposals they are offering are quite moderate and unlikely to seriously shake up socioeconomic relations in these places.

It’s always great to read him on anything having to do with the Latin American Left.

Lately he has sort of gone off on a bender against US Jews and particularly the Israeli Lobby and Israel. He has received some criticism for this from the Left, especially the anarchist Left (see Three Way Fight) and Maoists. Maoists and anarchists (Three Way Fight critique here) are among those on the Left who are particularly sensitive to charges of anti-Semitism and go to great lengths to avoid such.

This despite the recent rightwing Jewish – Zionist rewriting of history that shows the entire 20th Century Left as being anti-Semitic. See Why the Jews? The Reasons for Contemporary Anti-Semitism by Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin for more on that – it’s actually an excellent read and I recommend it.

The ADL has recently weighed in against Petras, accusing him of fomenting some kind of “New Anti-Semitism” (this means an anti-Semitism focused mostly on Israel). All of this crap is a rather minor sideshow to Petras’ excellent corpus and career, but as you can see in his Wikipedia entry, most of the entry is given over his tussle with the Jews.

On the discussion page, the Wikipedia Jews have gone nuts, accusing him of being an “anti-Jewish racist” and other bullshit. There’s the usual crap about Israel Shamir on there, straight from the UK Spotlight Trotskyite antifa loonie-tunes accusations – Shamir as a Swedish neo-Nazi living in Norway.

In fact, Israel Shamir, whatever one thinks of him (and he surely has his anti-Semitic moments) is a Russian Jew, son of a famous rabbi, who immigrated to Israel, fought in the Israeli military, wrote for some Israeli papers, moved to Japan where he translated Japanese haiku books, moved back to Russia where he got involved in some dubious anti-Semitic far right Russian publications, moved back to Israel, where he currently resides in Jaffa (in fact, you can probably even visit him there – lots of folks do).

It’s really sad that this “Swedish neo-Nazi” bullshit has been allowed to gain as much traction as it has. Yes, his Wikipedia page says that too. I know what you were thinking. Chip Berlet is one of the leaders of the Israel Shamir Lynch Mob. Berlet, the strange “Marxist” who is in deep with the radical right libertarians that rule Wikipedia.

Looks like the Wikipedia Jews got pretty much thwarted on this one. Maybe someone is finally starting to reign them in over there. Note that “Humus Sapiens” is one of the most notorious Wikipedia Jews, active for years now. Still at it, I guess.

Check out the article history. Real food fight.

Links to some Wikipedia nasties.

Wikipedia Jews: Jayjg, one of the worst Jewish POV-pushers on Wikipedia. Humus Sapiens, a Russian Jewish immigrant to the US. Izak, one of their sidekicks.

Slim Virgin , one of the worst ones of all. I understand that SV is not even Jewish (!); she’s just some Gentile philosemite. She’s obsessed with 1. The Jews, 2. 9-11. SV is one of the most horrible and abusive administrators on Wikipedia. She was so abusive that the Wikipedia Review undertook an investigation of her.

She was very hard to track down as she covers her tracks very well, but they eventually determined that she is a former Cambridge University graduate student named Linda Mack who was hired by investigative reporter Pierre Salinger and John K. Cooley to investigate the Lockerbie bombing.

Two Libyans were eventually convicted of the bombing, and Ghaddafi was ordered to pay a huge fine, but there is good evidence that Libya had nothing to do with the bombing. There is also evidence that UK law enforcement knew this but went after Ghaddafi anyway because they hated him and wanted to wrap up the case.

It is still not known who was behind the bombing, but the Iranian regime was probably the author of the attack. The attack was probably a payback for the US shooting down of an Iranian airliner during the Iran-Iraq War, an act that the US said was accidental. Iran refused to accept the accidental shootdown theory.

Linda Mack was instrumental in steering Salinger and Cooley towards the Libyans. Salinger and Cooley eventually decided that Mack was a spy with the UK’s notorious MI5 intelligence agency (the British CIA). Linda Mack is now reportedly living in Alberta, Canada under the name Sarah McEwan.

Antifascist, who uses the same handle and has the same obsessions as a notorious Jewish Zionist who used to stalk anti-Zionists on Indymedia, often issuing them horrible death threats. He’s obsessed with Wendy Campbell and Gilad Atzmon.

His name is Ketlan Ossowski ( blog here) and he is described as an obsessive Jew who uses Leftism and anti-fascism as a cover to promote Zionism. I strongly suspect that he is the same guy who stalked and threatened Wendy Campbell. Zeq, long-notorious, the lone Wikipedia Jew busted in the CAMERA fiasco, now banned.

Others: Roland Rance, a Jewish Marxist (Jewish first, Marxist far distant second) from London, famous from the wars over Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo’s Peace Palestine blog, apparently active in the Socialist Workers Party and in with the Lenin’s Tomb crowd. I’m not going to comment on this guy much as he’s written me civilly via email.

Just another frothing Trot about sums it up though.

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21 thoughts on “Wikipedia Jews Attack James Petras”

  1. Thanks for re-posting this. There’s a lot of handy info and links there that are useful to have pulled together.

    The ‘left’ seem mostly to be trying to pretend Petras doesn’t exist of late. I just had a quick glance at that 3-way fight critique thing, and the first thing that caught my attention was a complaint that I actually share about Petras – that he depicts the ‘zionist lobby’ as something imposed on the US by a foreign agency, rather than homegrown out of the imperatives of US capitalism. But I don’t expect that 3-way fight will go so far as to point out that the reason that a zionist lobby could arise homegrown out of the imperatives of US capitalism is that the dominant (yes you guessed) faction of US capitalism is now jewish. This is where Israel Shamir (who often writes utter shite, and I don’t entirely trust ever) gets it more right than anyone – Israel is not the problem, rather a symptom, just one project of the jewish cabal which seems to have the US (and probably the USSR) , and international finance, under its thumb.

  2. Rob, why are Maoists in particular sensitive to anti-Semitism charges? What is about Mao Zedong that makes them philo-semitic? Stalinists give
    a rats ass about the kikes.

  3. ..In the latest of a years-long Wikipedia campaign of hurling smears at WNDs founder was characterized as a Zionist Twit and Jew Loving Pig on the site that claims to be an online encyclopedia………This Dec. ..Farah said the anti-Semitic attack is just the most recent in a long series of libelous and defamatory statements about him and his company that have been published by Wikipedia over the last five years… 6 2009 entry describes WND content as terrorist news that is devoted to portraying Islam as Anti-Christ. ……Wikipedias profile page for Farah has dubbed him homophobic a conspiracy theorist white supremacist a proud member of the Ku Klux Klan a religious nutcase and a pioneer in the political uses of psychedelics. .. He also enjoys chowing down on babies once in a while stated one Aug.

  4. petras is an ass, a longtime supporter of FARC,that should tell you something. Had him as a prof in the 70’s and it would have been good of him to mention just how evil Stalin had been, along with his pro-left comments. I am a very liberal person, but FARC are terrorists and it in unconscionable that Staln, etc, were never mentioned in any of my sociology classes at that time.

    1. Hi, this blog supports FARC 100%. You don’t understand what it’s like down there. They have no choice but to pick up arms. I agree that Stalin was a mass murderer. It’s terrible what he did, all the people that he killed.

      1. @Robert Lindsay

        You do know that FARC is CIA?

        700,000 during Stalin’s entire rule which included mass famine, civil strife, foreign intervention and conspiracy to topple the government and world war is remarkably low given the threat the USSR faced.

        Due to the fact that since Trotsky and his faction especially Kruschev the archives have been altered to partially fit a Cold War propaganda model were today in Russia it is not conduct by Russians but by NED funded Memorial with the anti-Stalin cult is used for political purposes to advance US geo-political objectives in the post Cold War era.

        Stalin himself is a one dimension caricature.

        1. @Gay State Girl

          Although I new of the political dimension of the US/EU promoting anti-Stalinism I assumed what was said about him was true until I discovered the absolute hoax of the Holomodor and authors like Wheatcroft, Getty and Grover Furr who regularly visits Russia and studies the archives with Russia collaborators which Stalin revisionism is highly repressed even in Russia who especially Wheatcroft give a far more detailed analysis and research than the conventional mainstream Soviet historians that have a political bias.

          The big media promoted Soviet historian recently is Anne Applebaum who is married to the Polish foreign minister Radosław Sikorski who working as a foreign correspondent for The Observer and Spectator during the Afghan-Soviet war of the 80’s actually took up arms against Soviet forces.

          Applebaum herself is a Neocon affiliated with the AEI and receiving a grant from the Olin Foundation to write her book GULAG which is involved in these coloured revolutions.

          The latest comical narrative being pushed forth in the anti-Stalin cult by Soros/EU/US funded The Soviet Story is that the Soviets during WW2 collaborated with the Nazis in the Holocaust.

          Did you see the latest X Men movie X Men First Class were they make the main villain to be a Soviet agent helping conduct experiments who fosters Magnetos magnetic power by killing his mother?

          If anything there is more evidence that the allies were working with the Nazis on the Holocaust as the helped build up and run the industry including the concentration camps and responsible for aerial bombardment.

        2. “If anything there is more evidence that the allies were working with the Nazis on the Holocaust as the helped build up and run the industry including the concentration camps and responsible for aerial bombardment.”

          JohnUK, you’re my hero. This means that all this time, we’ve have legitimate reason to impose holocaust guilt on the US and Europe 🙂

        3. @Gay State Girl

          I think The Holocaust tm has become a secular Judaic religious cult for gentiles and a core tenant of Jewish identity which just confirms all gentiles are evil and the culmination of historic anti-Semitism which in no way is a reaction to Jewish subversion and oppression against their host nations and population including genocides.

        4. The Holocaust along with Israel and Social Justice and liberal orthodoxy has come to define Reform Judaism.

          I grew up Orthodox and identify more with them.

        5. @Gay State Girl

          “There are now more than 100 Holocaust museums and research centres throughout the US and a Holocaust monument in nearly every major US city.”

          “The Holocaust along with Israel and Social Justice and liberal orthodoxy has come to define Reform Judaism.”

          Above all, the Holocaust has become the centre of Jewish identity in the United States. In a poll published in 1999 by the American Jewish Committee, 98 per cent of American Jews said they consider the Holocaust to be an important or very important part of their identity, whereas only 15 per cent said that they observe Jewish religious obligations and traditions.”

          The Holocaust is so overplayed and pervasive in modern culture that it actually becomes pretty humorous when you see clowns like Abe Foxman of the ADL and the grand priest Elle Weasel.

          It has backfired on them though when leftists call them Judeo Nazis and compare the Gaza strip to the Warsaw ghetto.

          Jews as a group are quite hilarious when they play up the anti-Semitism card especially when they show there power in the US with things like AIPAC, construction of holocaust temples in every US state and complain about exposure of Jewish lobby efforts and political and media influence in Europe and the US.

          “In June 2011, Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, Lord Jonathan Sacks, said that basis for the new Anti-Semitism was the 2001 Durban Conference. Rabbi Sacks also said that the new Anti-Semitism “unites radical Islamists with human-rights NGOs—the right wing and the left wing—against a common enemy, the State of Israel.”

          ”Holocaust and tolerance education as well as teacher training provide a potential long-term solution to anti-Semitism; however, the problem is still rapidly outpacing the solution. At the end of 2003, and continuing into this year, some Jews, especially in Europe, faced the dilemma either of hiding their identity or facing harassment and sometimes even serious bodily injury and death. The heavy psychological toll in this increasingly difficult environment should not be overlooked or underestimated.”

          They are right about gentiles especially white American’s. They really are stupid.

        6. “It has backfired on them though when leftists call them Judeo Nazis and compare the Gaza strip to the Warsaw ghetto.”


          One of the reason professional jews play up the holocaust and “the new antisemitism,” and assimilation is to create an atmosphere of pessimism especially among elderly jews so that they donate money to jewish organizations.

        7. Pro-Stalin, huh. That’s awesome.

          Of course, if you ever use the term Orwellian, you are going to have to use it to describe your own goodspeak in the face of facts.

  5. Lindsay
    Is Petras still associated with SUNY Binghamton? My sister is applying there. I know Finkelstein got his BA from there.
    Again, I don’t expect him to be a philosemite, and I can understand that the JKK can push one over the edge, but I would like him to be more respectful. For what it’s worth, Petras has concentrated his attacks at organized jewry, but stayed away from the altar of the Palestinian.

      1. I know he is, and at this stage I really don’t care but I would like him to be more respectful towards the Orthodox and stop making blanket statements.

  6. I tried to comment in Petras discussion page but the picture for the anti-robot stuff did not show up.

    However Petras states that media did not mention Israels or any jews involvment. Evidence that it was mentioned:

    So maybe these sources are not Israel-friendly, but why look at Israel-friendly sources when searching information about Israels involvement in 911? Everyone knows that those sources will blackout anything negative about Israel. They are more loyal to Israel than to the USA.

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