UK Grime Music


Interesting stuff. UK Blacks have created their own type of gangsta rap which is quite a bit different from the US stuff. About midway through the set, the group splits into two, but not after a huge round of hugs and all-around loving. Then one group goes outside. The camera follows them as warmth, love and kindness flow lazily through the scene. It was a 1960’s Love-in all over again, just missing the incense. Love makes the world go round!

Listening to these grime videos, why is it that I find ghetto looking Black guys with thick London British accents so funny? For some reason, every time I think of a thick British accent, I think of a White person, or at the outside a South Asian, Pakistani or Indian. I’m not sure if I have ever heard a Black person with a think British accent before. Especially a ghetto nigga type, which I associate with the US, with a think urban London accent, sounds totally hilarious!

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14 thoughts on “UK Grime Music”

  1. LOL wot?

    Nothing like hearing subjects of the Crown gently caress the English tongue.

    “Don’t talk to me like that” was the only phrase I understood in that whole video.

    It was a 1960′s Love-in all over again, just missing the incense. Love makes the world go round!

    Yeah, looks like Titch hugged it out all the way to life in prison.

    1. Forget it. Jamaicans speak that weird patois that’s not even the English language.

      Those are English ghetto Blacks speaking London British English slang. Weird!

      You know? I don’t think I have ever heard a Black person speak British English? That just seems to weird to me.

  2. Not really. I’m used to hearing Black people speak or mangle US English. That’s normal. Been hearing it my whole life. I just don’t associate strong English accents with Black folks, especially ghetto Black folks. It seems odd because I’ve hardly heard it before. When I hear strong British accent, I think White person, or maybe an Indian. Black? No way. That seems so odd to me.

    1. OK. It doesn’t seem at all odd to me, since I’ve heard it before. Blacks are just like anyone else; we adopt the accents we hear growing up.

    2. I’ve met a few Black people with English accents. None that had working-class accents, though.

      Anyway there are so many Black singers, actors, comedians, etc. from the UK that the accent doesn’t seem odd to me at all.

      I have also met Black people who speak Standard American English better than I do (i.e., with less of an accent).

    3. They all have British accents in Britain! Some even have very posh upper class accents or quite posh r.p. estuary English accents. In Liverpool, they have Liverpool accents- go figure! haha 😀 A lot just have London accents because they are from London or some slangy London accent influenced by Jamaican.

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