I Have White Friends Who Are On “Welfare”

I have a number of White friends who are on “welfare” programs. That’s one reason that I don’t want any safety net cuts.

Some of them are on Social Security Insurance (disability or SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Let me tell you, it is almost impossible to survive on such a check. You are very nearly living in poverty, and it isn’t any fun at all. I also know elderly Whites who collect Social Security. Surely, I don’t want to see them lose their Social Security, not do I want to see it cut.

Some of them also get Section 8 Housing. Every person I know who is on disability is on Section 8. I really object to this “Section 8 is for ghetto niggers” line. My White friends are on this program. There are continuing cuts in this program, and it’s getting harder and harder to survive. If they were not on Section 8, they would not be able to rent an apartment. They don’t have enough income.

They all get either California Medical Services Program (CSMP), Medi-Cal (Medicaid) or Medicare. Without those programs, they would not have any medical care, and they have medical expenses that are not negligible. I also know many elderly folks who use Medicare, and my late father used Medicaid also. So obviously I don’t want to see these programs gutted as the Republicans are trying to to.

Some of them also get LIHEAP on their energy bills, but I don’t think this amounts to much.

At least one of them gets a low cost land line phone line too. I forget the name of that program (Lifeline?).

One of them used to get Food Stamps, but they don’t anymore. It only paid you $70/month for groceries. Try living on that sometime. It was basically a joke.

This is why I really object to this line that White workers are taxed for “welfare” programs that go to a bunch of niggers.

I would wager that most folks collecting Food Stamps or on disability are White. I believe that 75% of Medicaid money goes to elderly Whites. I really don’t understand White people.

Huge numbers of them, possibly a majority, are behind getting rid of Medicare and gutting Medicaid, since they support Republicans. Don’t they have any poor White friends or know any elderly Whites using these programs? Why are they voting Republican since the Republicans are on record for getting rid of Social Security, Medicare and slashing Medicaid?

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7 thoughts on “I Have White Friends Who Are On “Welfare””

  1. I don’t want safety net cuts either. I can identify with your complaints about white knuckleheads who think everybody but them is abusing these programs.

    I know a white woman who gets SSI and lives in Section 8 housing. She is debilitated by serious health problems so I don’t begrudge her this at all. However, the last time I saw her, before the 2008 election, she complained about Obama being a socialist and his plans to “spread the wealth around.”

    I didn’t bother explaining to her that it was socialism that was keeping her alive. She watches Fox News all day so she wouldn’t get it.

    1. However, the last time I saw her, before the 2008 election, she complained about Obama being a socialist and his plans to “spread the wealth around.”


  2. “I believe that 75% of Medicaid money goes to elderly Whites. I really don’t understand White people.”

    They’re afraid that the government will ruin their medicare….which means that they’re dumbasses. This is not the only example of stupidity that many have on this type of issue. I rememer last summer reading an article on how one of the military branches had awarded 4 women some yearly military award. In the comments section I can remember reading several comments that basically said that people in the military were great compared to governement workers. I guess they think that the military is controlled by big business. (Oh wait…..)

    Let’s also not forget some classics from a couple of summers ago:





    The last two are my favorites.

  3. Quote: “I would wager that most folks collecting Food Stamps or on disability are White”

    From Wikipedia:
    43% of participants are white; 33% are African-American, non-Hispanic; 19% are Hispanic; 2% are Asian, 2% are Native American, and 1% are of unknown race or ethnicity.[15]
    From the above data 8% of the white population of the United States of America are participants, 39% of African-American non-Hispanics are participants, 15% of the Hispanic population are participants, 9% of the Asian population are participants and 31% of the Native American population are participants

    1. Fascinating. So Asians are actually slightly more likely to be on welfare than Whites, and Hispanics twice as likely, while Blacks take the cake.

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