Homicide and Rape Rates in the Caribbean


Some commenters suggested that other than Haiti, violent crime and homicide in the Caribbean is not particularly high. In other words, Haiti was giving the whole place a bad reputation.

The link is to an article in a Jamaican newspaper lamenting the high homicide rate in Jamaica and in the region as a whole. The piece notes that the UN has found that the Caribbean has the highest homicide rate on Earth, at 30/100,000, surpassing Latin America proper at 26/100,000 and South and West Africa, both at 29/100,000. So the Caribbean has an even higher homicide rate than the worst parts of Africa! In 2005, Jamaica’s rate was an incredible 68/100,000.

Much of the violence seems to be related to the drug trade. Drugs are produced in South America and then trafficked to North America. The Caribbean sits between the two, and a lot of drugs are trafficked through the Caribbean.

The rape rate is also very high in the Caribbean. 4

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0 thoughts on “Homicide and Rape Rates in the Caribbean”

  1. What does “forced” mean in this context? Is it a situation where the girl shyly says “no” but really means yes and the guy aggressively keeps going and she ends up liking it and being his girlfriend later? Or are we talking about some guy jumping out the bushes with a knife and dragging her off?

    1. Looks like some sort of a date rape thing if you ask me. But I’m not sure. Figures in Haiti are about the same.

      I really doubt if 50% of teenage non-virgin girls in the US report that their first sex was forced, ie, rape.

      There is something wrong with these societies.

    2. That was exactly my question, you beat me to it. It’s like that questionnaire from the 1990s that had all the feminists claiming that one in four coeds had been raped. Never believe rape statistics based on questionnaires.

    1. “If your post is saying “Blacks=High Murder Rate” then you will have to explain Honduras., which has the highest murder rate in the world and is only 2% black. The next highest is El Salvador, which as far as I can see is less than 1% black.”

      Not really. Saying that blacks commit a lot of murders doesn’t mean that other groups can’t commits a lot of murder too. For example, a lot of blacks go to KFC, Church’s, Popeye’s, and Lee’s, but that doesn’t mean that lots of other people don’t go to these places too….The just don’t bring their own Colt 45 with them.

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