10,000 Unidentified Bodies Found in Colombia

A survey of Colombian municipalities found over 10,000 unidentified bodies reported, with only one half of Colombian municipalities reporting. I am not sure of the time period involved, whether the 10,000 unknown dead turned up in 2009 alone, or whether other years are covered.


In addition, over 18,000 Colombians disappeared in Colombia in 2009 alone. There are over 50,000 disappeared in Colombia according to the government.

Why doesn’t NATO and the UN step in and order the Colombian regime to quit killing its people? If they don’t obey, why don’t the UN and NATO order sanctions on Colombia, freeze their bank accounts in the West (steal their money) and then bomb the country for regime change?

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3 thoughts on “10,000 Unidentified Bodies Found in Colombia”

  1. As I understand, the u.s.a. under the zionist guidance, has stablished, 7 military bases, in colombia aparentley withe idea of controling the large deposits, of underground oil, for the benefit again of the sephardic and ashkenazi phony jews, guidance inorder to steal colombians oil.so is maybe under the u.s.a military ledership, or by presuring the local mafia, or lawless government to get rid of all wittness, about what is really going on. people in north america are totaly ignorant of what zionist are doing in their back yard.

  2. Colombia has a horrendous record for loss of life due to the drug trade. At the moment the UN , US is focused on bigger issues. The Arab uprisings distracted most of the World’s attention in the first part of the year and now the focus is on the global debt crisis. Drug cartels and missing people aren’t the focus at the moment let alone droughts and epidemics in Somalia or elsewhere.

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