Alt Left: When Will US Whites Quit Drinking the Koolaid?

Commenter: It’s really not hard to understand why you hate White Americans so much. They really are some whacked out nutters.

I hear you though. I grew up in an all White suburb in Orange County. Though it was reasonable in the 1970’s, at the moment,  I would say that 10

I would add that almost all of these people were drug users, and most of them were drug dealers. Some even moved quantities of marijuana, psilocybin, and LSD. But they were Republicans at the time (Republican surfer/stoner/hippies?!), and they are Republicans now.

Later in the early 1980’s I hung out with the early Goths. Everyone smoked, drank like fish, took a lot of drugs, and hung out in nightclubs all the time acting like weirdos. Most of the chicks seemed like they were bisexual, and most all the guys seemed like they were gay or bi or at least they acted like it. There was epidemic homosexuality and bisexuality. And you know what? They were all Republicans!

It was like there was something in the water.

Later, I moved to the all White Sierra Nevada foothills, and it was the same theme all over again, this time with a huge dose of anti-abortion and fundamentalist Christianity. Same thing, all the potheads and hippies were Reaganites, Dittoheads, and Glen Beck fans. And these were working class White people!

In between, I worked all over Orange and LA Counties, and it was the same everywhere I went. I worked in San Pedro in the 1980’s, and it was the same old stuff. If you were White, Reaganism just crawled into your bloodstream. I’m now in the Central Valley, and it’s the same again, except here, most Whites are apparently mentally retarded to boot. There’s also a shocking number of Republican Hispanics around here, which strikes me as very bizarre.

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even want to speak to most White people anymore because I am so sick and tired of this rightwing politics. I would add that your average “Centrist” White person is pretty damned rightwing themselves!

I honestly do not know WTF is the matter with White people. We have had over 40 years of this radical rightwing BS ever since Reagan started it (Don’t even compare these new ones to Nixon, Ford, or 1970’s Republicans please – we can live with them), and it’s sent the nation right down the tubes. The longer it goes on, the more wrecked we are getting. I am afraid that most Whites are ideologically invested in this Reaganite (now MAGA) crap, and they are just not willing to give it up, nor are they willing to acknowledge how it has clusterfucked our land.

They’re going to find out the hard way, but even then, will they learn?

Until very recently, Colombia has been a very rightwing country for a good 50-60 years or more, or maybe since colonization. The place is trashed, there’s a civil war going on, political murder goes on every day, there are the worst slums on Earth, crime is rampant – the murderous oligarchic politics have turned the whole country into a Hellish sewer. But every few years until just very recently, the people go to the polls, and everyone votes radical Right again.

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23 thoughts on “Alt Left: When Will US Whites Quit Drinking the Koolaid?”

  1. Unfortunately, race realism is not a dimension on the modern political spectrum; which runs from having your income transferred to the idle rich or to the idle poor.

  2. I really can’t understand why whites constantly get duped by the repugnant-cans either. A really weird thing too is how the Republicans always say that environmentalists are communists and wanting to preserve trees makes it so you want a communist dictatorship, that is one of the more bizarre tendencies in right-wing American thought.

    The white right also complains a lot about PBS and NPR getting government funding, it’s like they are working towards making America an idiocracy. And these white supremacist type people are always harping on about how smart white people are compared to other races… but if that were true than why would white Americans be doing their damn hardest to make America an idiocracy?

      1. I consider Armenians very Aryan. They phenotype close to Iranians.

        Stormfronters are just in need of education. I posted this recently:

        Only a small minority of Jews have Khazar blood. Dr. Duke gave the exact percentage.

        I believed the Khazar theory for awhile too. We do the enemies of truth a favor by being wrong about (((them))).

        A bit venomous for here but I think I got through to the biggest poster I’ve seen there.

    1. @seedofjapheth

      Despite posting on the “Opposing Views” section and having registered on Stormfront (although I am not a white nationalist and certainly not a Nazi fuck) my comments have been censored or when I start a thread it does not get published by the moderator.

  3. Just curious Robert but do you consider yourself a white nationalist given your racial views?

    Do you think white separatism in the US is a viable solution to US demographic issue?

    It has been discussed by WN before as a viable option like Jewish white nationalist Michael Hart.

    “In 1996, Hart addressed a conference organized by Jared Taylor’s “race-realist” organization, American Renaissance, on the need for a racial partition of the United States. Hart proposed a three-way division with one part for white separatists, one part for black separatists, and one part left as multiracial nation. He said that a peaceful, voluntary partition is the only way to prevent violence.”

    What do you think about the Libertarian movement with people like Ron and Rand Paul?

    Although they are big followers of Ayn Rand they basically covertly without saying it directly would stop subsidising blacks and other minorities with their focus on the individual and the free market should dictate social/economic development not the government which subsidise groups mainly minorities increasing their population with a growing birthrate.

      1. @seedofjapheth

        I don’t see how this would be possible. It would be interesting to see Mr Hart’s work on how this would be implemented or a map outline which region would belong to which racial group.

        A former Russian KGB analyst Igor Patarin predicted the US would have collapsed in 2010 and how the various regions would split.

        Matt Rodina’s view on how America would split.

        “While the basis of Professor Igor Panarin’s reasons for the upcoming US collapse, and I dare say that of all of N. America, are correct, his predictions of the new political reality are simplistic at best and widely in correct at worst, not taking into account the actual demographic, historic and political situation on the sites.

        More than likely, a US collapse will have direct and balkanizing effects not only on the US but also on the weak Canadian confederacy, tied economically to the hip of the US economic might or there lack of, and to the civil war torn Mexican giant.

        As such, from what was originally four states: Canada, USA, Mexico and Cuba, as well as the dozen or so small island statelits of the north Caribbean, will form thirteen new entities, separated politically and economically. We will now review each and everyone of these, starting from the West and moving to the East.”

        1. I don’t see America as balkanizing in the future either. All non-white groups in America currently benefit from being part of America, they will not secede. They benefit from taking the tax dollars of white people for welfare and other government programs. If they were to break away they would not get those benefits. White people will not secede either. They just won’t. The majority of American whites will not advocate strongly for their own interests.

          An ideal situation would be for a government to be elected to power that enacts racial segregation and respects each racial group giving each racial group a voice and a place… this includes a place for blacks, whites, jews, hispanics, east asians, and arabs. Also that would include making a place for citizens who wish to live in multiracial communities.

          I’m not sure if that would ever happen though.

    1. I am not a White nationalist.

      What are my racial views anyway?

      White separatism is not a viable project now or at any time in the future, and of course I do not support it.

      I can’t stand Ron or Rand Paul and a I hate Ayn Rand too. I can’t stand Libertarians.

      1. @Robert Lindsay

        “What are my racial views anyway”

        I thought your racial views were pretty much that of Jarod Taylor’s.

        “White separatism is not a viable project now or at any time in the future, and of course I do not support it”

        Funny thing is all the necessary natural resources (oil, gas, gold, etc) excluding Russia and the Caucasus are located in non-white areas although they are controlled by western multi-national corporations like DeBeers mining in South Africa.

        Actually I think the US has now become like Israel to where they face a demographic threat, although not a severe as that facing Israel.

        Right wing/Neocons seem to tie the two together as if they are inseparable.

        I can’t stand Ron or Rand Paul and a I hate Ayn Rand too. I can’t stand Libertarians.”

        Ron Paul sounds good. He is anti-war, anti-intervention, anti-Empire and wants US to focus on domestic issues like eliminating the income tax and auditing the Federal Reserve.

        1. What do you mean that I have the same racial views are Jared Taylor? Could you elaborate on that?

          Ron Paul would completely devastate the federal government to the point where it would hardly even exist anymore. And getting rid of the income tax means there would be no money left to fund the state. It is a catastrophic idea.

        2. @Robert Lindsay

          “What do you mean that I have the same racial views are Jared Taylor? Could you elaborate on that?”

          Granted I don’t really know much about JT or Amren apart from reading a few articles and listening to a few of his interviews on radio shows like the Political Cesspool but basically the impression I get is that he wants the US to have a domestic policy pre-1950’s before leftist social engineering.

          Short of a civil war or direct action against blacks and other minorities with high birth rates I don’t see how they can stop the rising minority birth rate over the ethnic white population as all their other methods in the past like abortion, transporting drugs and promoting gang culture into black areas of the US have failed to stem black population growth and made the situation in the US regarding blacks dramatically worse.

          The best evidence I have heard that US domestic policy since the 50’s was against the ethnic American catholic (white) population is E Michael Jones the Slaughter of Cities where he shows that housing schemes moving blacks into white neighbourhoods was a form of ethnic cleansing.

          ”Ron Paul would completely devastate the federal government to the point where it would hardly even exist anymore. And getting rid of the income tax means there would be no money left to fund the state. It is a catastrophic idea.”

          I don’t think so the US income tax which is said to be illegal mostly pays for US militarism and foreign policy. Tax revenue from corporations and businesses would finance US infrastructure and other domestic affairs and the money saved from not paying income tax would afford people to pay for services. Most of the state welfare programs support minority population growth.

        3. I would support Ron Paul simply for his anti-war views but last election the guy I was ultimately rooting for was Dennis Kucinich. But I would prefer Ron Paul over most warmongering democrats…. Dennis Kucinich though was the best candidate last USA election.

  4. A Brown “National Socialist Leftist” with a slew of YT videos claims he and his crowd have been banned from Stornfront for advocating an anti-White Nationalist (which he equates as pro-Zionist and pro-capitalist) “National Socialism is left-wing” line.

  5. Rob, I know your consider them “powerless,” but I just can’t go past the insanity and detachment from real people of leftwing ideologues. Now, as far as political parties go, okay, these guys are a distraction, you might say. But as far as their cultural influence goes, why, it’s sweeping. Real people, the masses — the people the ideologues supposedly care about (though I’m starting to wonder) — react against it. They don’t like it. They associate the Right, in the their own simple-minded ways, with “strength” and “identity” and “purpose” and “morality”and other fascistic concepts that the ideological left has been savaging for decades (because it scares the pants off them). Well, people are people, and not everyone is going to sit down and study philosophy, and the leftwing’s attempts to communicate their ideas indirectly (art, music, film, architecture etc) are failing pretty badly. So we keep seeing the masses suckered by rightwing bullshit.

  6. There are no easy answers given the cultural hegemony that the Right exercises in the US. The institutions of the Left in the US have have been almost completely emasculated and need to be rebuilt. It will probably take several crises, as severe as the one the US has just experienced, before the vast majority of the Whites in the US finally open up their eyes to the reality that the oligarchy has only its interests in mind, the rights and welfare of ordinary people be damned. In the meantime, we in the developing world will have to wrestle with and ultimately overthrow our own kleptocratic oligarchy allied with and buttressed by US imperialism, bloodily in all likelihood, in order to further weaken the metropolis and help bring about its eventual collapse.

  7. Whites aren’t being told they are evil by the Republicans, Democrat intellectuals practically can’t shut up about it.

    Fundamentally I do however agree that they are stupid for voting Republican. More left-wing policies such as universal healthcare coupled with an end of anti-White hostility and letting some communities self-segregate if they so wished would make marked improvements in their lives.

  8. From what I’ve read, a lot of white Californians vote to the left, don’t they? Despite being a pretty liberal state with lots of non-whites, they haven’t swung to the right. Don’t you come across a lot of liberal whites too?

    1. It’s hard to say. I lived in Orange County, the Central Valley and the Sierra foothills. Most Whites are Republicans in those places. I did live in the San Fernando Valley for a while and worked in Beverly Hills. I think most folks were Democrats there.

      California is a funny place. The liberals are only on the coast, and the Whites are quite conservative here. You would be surprised. Once you get away from the coast and go inland to Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, or Orange and San Diego Counties, it’s all right wing. The Central Valley is all rightwing, and so is the Sierra Nevada. So is the North Coast and the Shasta-Modoc region.

      California is not as liberal as you think, and a lot of those voting Democrat are Blacks and Hispanics. It’s the Whites who are keeping the Democratic Party alive. Around these parts, White Democrats are like hen’s teeth.

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