Very Nice New Piece on Race in Mexico


The site is actually named after me, which has me shaking my head in amazement.

The piece, and the site itself, was inspired by my site, in particular my pieces on race in Mexico and on the major and minor races of man.

Most Mexicans are mestizos, but there are large minorities of more or less pure Europeans and Indians. He describes most of the significant White groups in Mexico and puts Whites at ~1

Although most Whites have Spanish roots, there are also significant French, Portuguese, German, Italians and Irish minorities. I met a young woman who is Mexican-American, but she is mostly Portuguese. The village she was born in in Mexico is made up of primarily Portuguese people! There are also quite a few Jews in Mexico.

More or less pure Indians make up ~1

Mestizos make up ~6

There are what he calls 3 occult roots in Mexico: Blacks, Asians and Arabs.

The first root, the Blacks, has its basis in African slaves who were brought to the east coast of Mexico. This affair did not last long as a slave who married a free Mexican had children who were free. So, slavery quickly went out and the Blacks disappeared via mixed breeding as slaves quickly took free, non-Black Mexicans as spouses.

The result was that pure Blacks nearly disappeared and the remainder are mostly mulattos, zambos (Indian-Black) and triracials. In addition, your average Mexican mestizo now is ~4-

The next root is Asians. In the early days, quite a few Filipinos came to Mexico when it was part of Spain via the colony of the Philippines. By this time, they are heavily mixed with other races in Mexico. In the early 20th Century, many Chinese came to Mexico. Unfortunately, most were tossed out in the 1930’s in a wave of nativism, but in Mexico city and Mexicali, there are still quite a few Chinese and part-Chinese, as the Chinese also married heavily into the mix.

The last root is Arabs. Most of these Arabs are Christians from Mesopotamia, the Levant and Egypt. They came in response to anti-Christian attacks waged by the Ottoman Empire at the end of WW1. Since they came from the Ottoman Empire, many Mexicans referred to them as “Turks.” Carlos Slim, Mexico’s richest man, is Lebanese, as is Salma Hayek.

All three of these occult roots each make up ~

There have been various studies of Mexico’s admixture, but they tend to come up with quite different results. I agree with the the author that the best studies show Mexico’s genome to be 5

Most self-identified Mexican Indians have some White in them, in addition to a bit of Black. Percentages range from

The author notes that Mexican-Americans have traditionally been a lot Whiter than Mexicans, because they tend to come from the Whiter regions of Northern Mexico. Southwest Mexicans have usually tested out at 6

A photo on his site of Chicano gangbangers shows that they are mostly White, something we have always known here.

Towards the end he makes up a list of racial categories of Mexicans, following my lead in this piece, even adopting my formulae and marking scheme.

He lists five major races in Mexico – Whites, Indians, Mestizos, Blacks and Asians.

No major disagreement there.

I have been regarded as a mad splitter in my piece above. One critic said that if Lindsay doesn’t stop soon, he’s going to have as many races as there are languages. This criticism, in addition to endless bashing by race deniers, hurt my feelings, as a result, I have made few new updates to my races of man post.

However, the author is much worse of a splitter than I have ever been, splitting off all sorts of groups that I probably would not have split off. Hence, his scheme is better seen as a view towards Mexican ethnies or ethnic groups than races per se. For instance, he divides Mexican mestizos and Mexican Whites into quite a few different races, on what basis I am not sure. Are they ethnies? Quite possibly. Races? Dunno about that.

In my scheme, I actually adopted a conservative scheme in which I tried not to split off new races unless I couldn’t help it. I wanted some significant genetic distance between a group or ethny before I would split them off. Hence, I lumped most Europeans into a single race because there isn’t much genetic distance between them. I am wondering if the author has any genetic data to back up splitting many of these groups into different races, because I only split based on hard genetic data.

At the end, I think we have two different schemes here. One is dividing races based on hard genetics and the other is splitting racers and also ethnies on the basis of partly genetics but also subjective factors. On the other hand, there probably is not much genetic data on the various different Mexican mestizos and Whites.

All in all, a very commendable piece, the fruit of long research. By the way, the photos are excellent. Make sure to check them out.

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0 thoughts on “Very Nice New Piece on Race in Mexico”

  1. I have a disclaimer on my post that says that the racial classifications of Mexicans are not based on true realities. They were just a fun thing I felt like doing, they are just a pseudo-classification system. But anyways, nice post, thanks for writing on my post!

  2. You know the comedian Louis CK – funny motherfucker, by the way – is a Jewish Mexican? Born there, moved to the states as a child.

  3. Truth is! Pure whites n pure natives are less than 10% in Mexico.
    Most are mongrels Caucasoid-Mongoloid mixes and some have negroid input like in other states of Central- n South America. Don´t forget the first people in America were Mongoloids from Siberia n not Australoids from parts of Asia n Pacific. Maybe later came some White bros, Australoids n Polynesians n mixed with native Mongoloids in America.

  4. Many centuries ago. Much later came first other white bros, Vikings from Scandinavia and then Columbus with his Spaniards.

  5. This autor’s conclusión is that Mexicans are slightly more Caucasian at 52%, However i disagree, Caucasians usually aren’t copy cats, not saying all Mongoloids are copy cats, but that tendency is strong in them, Japanese are relatively more original, but Chinese and Korean copy too much in industries, However Mexico copy in the industry of entertainment, they don’t have many ideas for Tv shows and are infamous as doing copies and remakes of Tv shows from more Caucasian South American countries like Colombia or Argentina, with that strong Mexican tendency of copycats, i conclude they are mostly Amerindian at 55%, see proof here in this video, the titles says “Colombian Soap Operas vs MEXICAN REMAKES (COPIES)” PS: by the way the Mexicans are pretty racist with themselves, not in all, but in many Telenovelas the actors look more European when Mexico is clearly more Amerindian at 55%

      1. @Killua….The telenovela genre started in Mexico in the 1960s. Everybody else copied it. And, by the way, what do you mean by Caucasian Latin Countries? There is no such thing. There’s countries that have a large admixture of European genes, I’ll give you that. But, c’mon, more than likely you are a South American mestizo or mulatto who likes to identify as white, especially when you compares yourself to Mexicans.

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