The Lunatics’ Demands Regarding the Debt Limit

For the price of not blowing up the US economy and the world economy along with it, the psychos in the Republican Party are apparently demanding the following ransom:

1. Large cuts in Social Security. Lindsay Graham, the Republican homosexual from South Carolina, is holding out for big SS cuts.

2. A Balanced Budget amendment (holding the Constitution hostage). This is Rand Paul and David Vitter’s gambit, along with the Tea Party’s.

3. An immediate 4

TI have a hard time believing the 3rd one. It boggles my mind to even think about it.

A balanced budget amendment is a terrible idea. Sovereign states are not supposed to balance their budgets, nor are they under any obligation to. It’s not even a good idea economically. Deficits are not a problem as long as they remain relatively low relative to GDP.

The first one is amazing. The Republican hatred for Social Security must be truly extreme. They’ve tried every which way to get rid of it, but they can’t seem to do so. They’ve been thwarted at every opportunity because the American people are not yet insane enough to want to get rid of Social Security. But the Republicans are determined to cut it, and eventually to get rid of it altogether. They are going to attack Social Security any way they can, even if it means threateing to blow up the US and world economy as the hostage price.

Wow, the Republicans must really hate Social Security.

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  1. These people are economic illiterates and ignorant of American history.

    The fact is — and anyone can check it — America ran deficits in 24 out of 30 years between 1950 and 1980 and in the process reduced federal debt from some 75% of GDP to some 33%. I repeat: Running deficits.

    Granted, the deficits were often under 1% of GDP, but even under Carter, whose deficits averaged some 2.5% federal debt was still reduced. It took the maniac Regan presidency to start accumulating debt hand over fist, and while Clinton was able to rein it in some, the maniac ne plus ultra Bush sent it rocketing into the stratosphere.

    It’s insane beyond my ability to express it in words that Republicans — and, more importantly, way, way, way too many of the Republican masses — think of themselves as “better on the economy.”

  2. Wealthier retirees would see even deeper cuts losing about a third of scheduled benefits in 2050 and more than half of scheduled benefits if they turn 65 in 2080. They control Congress they control the media they control the message.

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