Pawlenty’s Tax Cut Proposals Would Quadruple the Bush Tax Cuts

The Republican candidates are trying to out-psycho each other on just about every issue. They are doubling down on taxes. Romney would slash the corporate tax rate from 35-25%, Pawlenty would reduce it even more and Bachman would lower it to 9%, resulting in “the most competitive corporate tax rate on Earth.” Obviously, all of these proposals would blow gigantic holes in the deficit the size of the Milky Way, but I guess that’s the general idea.

God knows what insane people think. Do Republicans realize that all of these nutty tax cut proposals only blow gigantic holes in the deficit? Who knows? After all, they’re all  crazy that is when they are not lying. It appears that Pawlenty believes, along with almost all other Republicans, in supply side economics. Pawlenty believes that his huge tax cuts, quadrupling the size of the Bush tax cuts, will not decrease revenues. In fact, they will increase revenues. This is supply side hokum and it’s been proven to be a lie so many times it’s not even funny.

Pawlenty is pushing an incredible $7.8 trillion in tax cuts. That’s going to blow a hole in the deficit the size of the Grand Canyon.

Pawlenty's tax cuts give a 45% tax cut to the top .1% of the population. As if they really need it.

Slashing taxes on the rich and corporations (neoliberal economics) causes deficits at the state level, often large deficits. We have seen this in recent times when various Republican governors pushed through huge tax cuts for the rich and the corporations and the result were large deficits.

Rick Perry’s Texas is running one the nation’s largest deficits almost solely due to his tax cuts. In Wisconsin, the governor took a surplus and turned it into a large deficit by his huge tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Then he screamed and yelled about the deficit that he created himself and set about destroying collective bargaining in the state in order to reduce the deficit.

The corporate and rich-controlled mass media has given the deficit creators a pass on this issue. Has any mass media outlet ever told us that huge tax cuts devastate government revenues and lead to large budget deficits? Find me one. I can’t find one. Hence, I would wager that your average American has been kept in the dark about the real causes of deficits, most of them simply don’t realize that cutting taxes leads directly to budget deficits. They’ve been kept in the dark, lied to nonstop for years by their media lords and masters serving the US plutocracy.

The truth is that Republicans don’t give a damn about budget deficits. Hell, they created them! Deliberately? Who knows? Who knows how an insane person or a pathological liar thinks or what they really believe? Anyway, they created them knowingly or not. And every year, they double down and worsen the deficits by cutting taxes even more.

Meanwhile, in the sane world (outside of the US) almost all sane people agree that when you have deficit problems, you must do two things:

1. Raise taxes, to the extent it is possible.

2. Cut spending, to the extent it is possible.

In most sane parts of the world not part of the USA, they do both. Whereas, if, during a deficit crisis, you:

1. Cut taxes.

2. Increase spending.

Everyone knows that all you do is make the deficit worse.

The Republican game about deficits is a gigantic lie. When Republicans are in, no one says one word about deficits, though Republicans lately tend to run much worse deficits then Democrats. The reactionary controlled mass media doesn’t say one peep. Then when the Democrats come in, the Republicans start screaming and yelling about deficits. The controlled rightwing media gets right in on this too. When the Democrats come in, we start to see lots of articles about the deficit and the need to slash it.

During the latest crisis over extending the Bush tax cuts, the entire reactionary MSM media demanded the tax cuts be extended. And why not, as the media is controlled 100% by the top 1% of the population. Then, right after wards, the whole said now we need to get to work right away on this deficit. They demanded that we get to work on the deficit that they just blew a gigantic hole in! As you can see, the media is run by either crazy people or liars.

If you care about deficits, you can’t support any of the Republican candidates because they are all out to blow the deficit sky high via tax cuts. But if destruction of the US government is your goal, then you should definitely vote Republican.

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0 thoughts on “Pawlenty’s Tax Cut Proposals Would Quadruple the Bush Tax Cuts”

  1. Dear Robert
    If you genuinely believe that he who governs the least governs the best, then tax cuts make eminent sense. The less revenue government has, the less it can do and the nearer it gets to the the minimal state. The Republican party is mendacious but quite consistent.
    Let’s not forget that the minimal state is that state that only provides those services which the rich can’t buy. The German social-democrats used to have a slogan Nur Reiche können sich einen armen Staat leisten = Only rich people can afford a poor state. They were right, and that explains why the Reps like a poor state, with a rich military of course.

    Regards. James

      1. They are not. The more money you make, the more likely you are to vote Republican, and I assume, to be a Republican. I’ve known quite a few wealthy people in my life. They’re all Republicans. They are a few rich Democrats, but they are really not all that liberal. I grew up in an upper middle class to middle class city, with an upper class district. That district was all Republican. My neighborhood was all Republican. The whole city was all Republican.

        The less money you make, the more likely you are to vote Democrat and possibly to be a Democrat.

        If you think most rich people are Democrats, you haven’t been around the US very much. This “rich Democrats” thing is an oxymoron. Furthermore and trust me on this because I have known a number of these folks (I met Jerry Brown once) those rich Democrats are really not very liberal! I taught at Beverly Hills High School for a while. Those rich Jews and Iranians, well, they weren’t exactly liberals!

        All this stuff about rich liberals strikes me as a bit nutty. Where are they anyway?

        1. Those rich Jews and Iranians, well, they weren’t exactly liberals!

          Robert! Amen, my friend…Been there, done that.

          My experience? All republican. My heart’s out to you. Good luck “teaching” them.

  2. Dear Robert
    Actually, many rich people are quite liberal, but only in non-economic matters. Among the upper quintile, you’ll probably find more people who favor gay marriage than among the bottom quintile. Political correctness in all its forms is much more common among the rich than among the poor.
    Liberalism in an economic sense, which really should be called socialism or social-democracy, is indeed not very common among the upper crust.

    Cheers. James

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