Why Did Russia Fight a War in Georgia Recently?

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The reason the US has military bases to surround Russia is to make sure it doesn’t grow powerful enough to pose a threat to the US. Remember the Russian-Georgian war of 2008? It was no coincidence the Russians sent in forces to overtake Georgia, which would provide Russia with a strategic position and a strategic buffer in the Caucasus.

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Russia did not send in forces to overtake Georgia. It’s not true. I do not agree that the US is doing this to make sure that Russia does not get too powerful to pose a threat to the US. Since when is Russia going to pose a threat to the US? I don’t buy it. As soon as the USSR broke up, we started surrounding the new Russia, just like that. And they were our friends.


Russia does not like Georgia because it is pro-US. They have been working with the US to extend NATO and surround Russia. They’re hostile to Russia, bottom line, and pro-NATO and pro-US. So Russia sees them as a threat. Russia wants friends on its borders, not enemies. South Ossetia has broken away from Georgia. Georgia will not accept this and has been threatening them since they declared independence. Georgia finally attacked South Ossetia to bring it back into the fold. Russia went in to help the South Ossetians to preserve their right to self-determination.

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  1. I have to disagree with you Robert. Since when have Russians promoted self-determination? Look at how brutally they supressed uprisings in Chechnya. They only support self-determination when it suiits them. Russia is a threat to US security if they manage to possess enough influence in the old regions of the USSR. As one famous geopolitical writer once wrote: Whoever controls the Eurasian heartland (European Russia and its surroundings) controls the old world. Now, this is the realm of geopolitics… One thing I can tell you, what seems to be static today, are just passing clouds. This is what most economic and political forecasters fail to grasp. They think today’s trends will continue indefinitely.

  2. Robert how wrong you are and how little you know about the situation in the Caucasus and western aggression both historically and contemporary against Russia.

    I have to go to work know so I will elaborate and comment on this later.

    @Trebor Yasdnil

    “Look at how brutally they supressed uprisings in Chechnya.”

    LOL! Please the Chechens were committing genocide against the ethnic Russian population not the other way around which far from being “genoicided” which there is zero evidence they have been heavily subsidised which has made there population almost double or even triple since 89.

  3. Russia had peacekeeping troops in South Ossetia as part of the agreement with Georgia from the 1990’s after the South Ossetian had won their defacto independence. The present government of Georgia disavowed that earlier agreement. When the Georgians and South Ossetians got into an artillery fight the Georgians sent in their army. As part of that attack they targeted the Russian peacekeepers and so the Russians sent in their army to defend their peacekeepers. The Russians advanced into Georgia for two reasons, to knock out artillery that the Georgians were using to bombard South Ossetia and to separate the South Ossetians along with their allies the Abkhazian armies which had advanced into Georgia from the Georgians. Once that was accomplished after a couple of days the Russians retreated back to their former positions.

    However the Russians then took the step of recognizing the South Ossetia and their allies the Abkhazians and so now Russia has upgraded the Russian forces in these places from peacekeepers to combat troops and so they now have a couple of infantry regiments along with some artillery and AA weapons stationed there

  4. Lets start with simple, Russia has no friends and never had. That is an inevitable result for all Imperialistic states. Russia has only enemies and also “allies” that pretend to be friend only because they are afraid, but keep an eye on the first advantageous situation to set themselves free.

    Now regarding why Russia attacked Georgia.
    Answer: Because it can.
    Simply enough, Russian state is suffering with inferiority complex that they have since the collapse of the USSR. Before, they were a world power counterbalancing whole west and now they lost positions. If you research more Putins’ claim, you can see how Russia opposed all military campaigns started by the US and later on, by the claim If US can, we can also, once again showed inferiority complex.

    Except this psychological reason (Russia still wanting to show the world it has military powers and clearly failed by combating tiny Georgia), Russia has numerous National interests in Georgia:
    1) Political – Russia wants to “rebuild” soviet union under CIS. Clarey it will not be a state, but more like a political, economical and military union with Russian supremacy where Russia can satisfy all its imperialistic needs. Georgia, by Joining EU and NATO, will be shifted away from Russian sphere of influence and to suppress that, Russia uses separatists as a tool.

    2) Economic: Georgia together with Azerbaijan form so called Southern Corridor for Central Asian Oil and Gar rich states that sell their resources to the Europe only through Russia and pay ridiculously high transit fees. If southern corridor is maintained, Russia losses not only money, but influence on Europe that it uses so often to black-mail the old continent.

    Reasons can go on and on, but it is really naive of you to be reiterating Russian propaganda machine arguments that they use so often to Zombify their society.

    1. @ASA

      Russia has allied partners in strategic areas with the Central Asian stans, China, Belarus, Eastern Ukraine, Serbia, India and Armenia and possibly Greece.

      Actually if you look up history prior to WW1 and the Bolshevik overthrow which America stabbed Russia in the back Russia and the US were allied countries with Russia aiding Lincoln during the civil war against British backed Confederacy.

      Russian military response about 8-12 hours after the initial attack was only after the US and Britain vetoed an emergency resolution brought forth by Russia at the Security Council calling to an immediate ceasefire.

      The point of the Georgian assault backed by the US, EU and NATO was to get Russia bogged down in Georgia in a Afghan style guerrilla warfare trafficking in Islamic militants just like they did in Afghanistan in 79.

      The Georgia attack was the exact same strategy they used against the Serbs in Krajina during Operation Storm in 95 with the same MPRI instructors training Georgia military.

      As for number 2 that is the reason why US, NATO and EU through Georgia attacked Russia and wants to annex the North Caucasus not the other way around due to Caspian oil not being able to transit through Armenia there is not enough transit space through Georgia for Caspian oil to meet the demands of the EU and travels through precarious regions like the Kurdish region of Turkey.

      It was the Orange regime Oligarchs who own the pipeline companies that were being subsidised by Russia who were paying below market price were selling to Europe at market price that’s why Russia has signed pipeline project and energy deals with Germany and Italy that bypass transit countries.

      The Nabucco project designed to bypass Russia can only be viable if Iran is included in it.

      It was Georgia which is a Soros/CIA/British/Israeli puppet regime with covert EU backing that attack Russia first which even the EU admitted.

  5. “Russian state is suffering with inferiority complex ”
    No, Russia does not suffer from inferiority complex. Russia suffers from overblown ego and eternal desire to rule and conquer. They are not happy with being just some country. They want to be the country, an empire. Empire strikes back, as always. Russian government has the gang mentality. People in Russia, overall don’t count, at all. That’s why their governments don’t mind starting wars. There is plenty of canon’s meat available.

    1. @sono

      “No, Russia does not suffer from inferiority complex. Russia suffers from overblown ego and eternal desire to rule and conquer.”

      Funny because I thought it was the US and EU going around the world starting wars and literally trying to control the planet for full spectrum dominance.

      Russia’s security issues stem from shifts in regional alliances and control over the Eurasian sphere especially those back by foreign imperial powers whether it be Britain, Turkey, US, etc direct or indirectly like supporting the Communist overthrow of the Russian government or the current agenda to Balkanise Russia just like they did to the Serbs in Yugoslavia eliminating Russian as the main regional competitor so they can control the Eurasian energy sphere pumping it through Turkey and the new Balkan states they created.

      Zbignew Brzezinski makes this very clear in his 97 book The Grand Chessboard who has directed and been the most prominent person directing US and European policy against Russia.

      “In fact, an Islamic revival – already abetted from the outside not only by Iran but also by Saudi Arabia – is likely to become the mobilizing impulse for the increasingly pervasive new nationalisms, determined to oppose any reintegration under Russian – and hence infidel – control.” (p. 133).


      The Georgian war just like Yugoslavia was part of this agenda.

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