Video: Syrian Troops Open Fire on Protesters

Video here.

A very exciting video from Syria, not quite sure where it is from. It was shot on Friday, June 10, 2011. It is said to take place in the Qaboun District of Damascus, Syria.

As you can see, the protesters are not exactly peaceful as the supporters of this video say. They are harassing, hounding and chasing the armed Syrian troops through the city. Periodically, the troops turn around and aim at the protesters, but they keep on coming anyway. The protesters are basically chasing the troops through the city, and the troops are beating a hasty retreat from the protesters.

Finally, the troops kneel down and aim at the protesters. The idiot protesters keep rushing the troops anyway like a bunch of morons. Of course, the troops open fire. What do you expect? And a number of the protesters get injured or killed of course.

I don’t know what to make of this video. It’s pretty moronic of protesters to charge, chase and hound armed, retreating troops through a city. What are the troops supposed to do? Allow their position to be overrun?

Anyway, it’s a really shocking video!

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