Video: Mass Grave of Syrian Soldiers at Jisr Al Shughour

Video here.

This video is pretty nasty. It shows Syrian troops in Jisr Al Shughour uncovering a mass grave of some of the 120 Syrian troops killed in that city a week ago.

Nobody quite knows what happened in that city. The opposition says that the Syrian troops were executed by their own troops when they refused to fire on protesters. The government says they were killed in an ambush by anti-regime forces. It’s going to take a long time, if ever, to find out what really happened here.

This video is pretty gross. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. The dead bodies pulled out of the grave are pretty gross and mangled up.

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  1. Don’t think for one moment that the administrative CEO’s of the mainstream media outlets don’t know about these horrors . They do and yet they censor it . They know this is going on and yet they have forbidden this to be shown to the public at large. They know people are being slaughtered , enslaved, tortured, raped , and violated in every way in these countries and these barbartians want to convert our society to this barbaric behavior and culture and yet here we are here in America asleep at the helm. Where are the voices screaming on the rooftops ? Where are the marches , demonstrations, and displays of public outrage ?

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