The US Army is the Army of the Rich

The truth is that the US military has always been the army of the rich, the army of the imperialist thieves and mass murderers. Look at how many billions America stole from Iraq – estimates are that the US imperialists stole uncounted billions from the Iraqis in the course of running their government for them after the war. The US is now planning to steal Libya’s money to help bomb Libya – that money belongs to the Libyan people, but the Western imperialists have simply stolen the Libyan people’s money to drop bombs on their heads.

The cruel truth is that the US military is the army of the rich and the corporations. The US homeland needs very little defending, and no one ever tries to invade anyway. Instead, the purpose of the Pentagon is to go around the world killing workers and poor people in order to uphold the rule of the rich and the right of US corporations to exploit the Third World.

It is interesting to look at US wars and military engagements to see how many of them really benefited working class people of the US and other countries. The imperialist wars in Cuba and the Philippines? Are you kidding?

The endless list of interventions in Latin America? They were all to benefit the rich and to kill workers and the poor. Even the invasion of Panama was because Noriega would not play ball with the US on the Sandinistas anymore. The drug dealing thing was a joke. The US, the CIA and our buddies in the rightwing governments and militaries down there have been running dope forever. We look the other way or even help them run the drugs.

Grenada? Pull the other one. The various interventions in Haiti and the Dominican Republic? Give it up. The 7 new US bases in Colombia? They are there to help the Colombian state kill the poor and Left of Colombia.

The intervention in Lebanon? To help Israel. The war against Iraq? A Nazi-like war or aggression that resulted in the US colonization of Iraq. The bases scattered all over the Arab World? To control the oil supply, imperialist style, so no one else can get their mitts on it. This benefits US workers how?

The bases in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus? An imperialist project to surround and threaten Russia. How does surrounding and threatening Russia benefit US workers? Someone?

Bases in South Korea? To threaten North Korea. How does threatening North Korea benefit US workers? Anyone?

I have a question for you. If you are a working class person, why would you join the army of the rich and go around the world killing poor people and workers so that the rich and the corporations can continue to rip them off and exploit them? Why join an anti-worker, anti-poor army? Why go fight for the rich? Why fight for the corporations? Because that’s what you are doing when you join the US military. Why would a working class person do that?  For the money? For the adventure?

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45 thoughts on “The US Army is the Army of the Rich”

  1. Rob, considering the bases in eastern Europe, Central Asian, Caucasus, you still think the collapse of the USSR was a good thing?

  2. Reminds me of Smedley Butler’s ‘War is a racket”

    There is absolutely no sane reason to join the millitary. In a funny way, lots of people join the army for the same reasons as Italians joined the mafia decades ago: benifits, family, and honour (preserving Italian culture in this case as they saw it)

    1. I could respect someone for joining for those reasons, but don’t think you are doing the world some glorious favor by joining, in that you are signing up for some noble cause. I rather doubt it. :/

      1. Note than Colin Kapernick was crucified for simply not standing up for the national anthem, for simply repeating the same mantra expressed here that the US oppressed people of color, and the poor around the world of any color.

    2. You forget simple blood-lust. People join the Air Force for technical skills. The Navy to see the world. The Army and Marines?…To shoot people. No joke.

      1. “The Army and Marines?…To shoot people. No joke.”

        That statement reminds me of the first half of Full Metal Jacket.

    3. Yeah good point here. Also, note RobertLinsay, no offense, is all about preserving white heritage etc.., but it’s simiar logic to why someone would join the US Army. It would amazing to see how much white supremacist thinking is in the US Army. The report from my brother-in-law is probably believable.

      In order to have “true believers”, you need to recruit people into the US army who are true racists and followers of the “white man’s burden” idea. True believers would be the best soldiers as they would have no compassion for the NAMS they are killing in the name of exploitation.

      1. Wait a minute. When did I ever say I wanted to preserve White heritage? Show me one place I ever said that. I have said repeatedly that I don’t give a flying fuck about saving the White race or White genocide or any of that.

        I would like to save WHITE CULTURE though.

  3. I don’t believe the public understands that winning wars is not the goal anymore. Guerrillas own warfare and for the last 75 years or so have almost always defeated their military foe. The US military cannot fight it’s way out of a guerrilla paper bag and has not won a guerrilla war in 109 years (the Philippine Insurrrection of 1902) . Killing is not the same thing as winning militaries always kill their guerrilla foes in much larger amounts as much as 100 to one sometimes approaching genocide but they almost always loose. So what is left for the US military ? Moving exhausted troops from one battle zone to the next while US corporations get rich. US arms makers get rich selling the world arms they cannot successfully use in warfare. Since almost all high – tech weapons are useless in a guerrilla war

  4. When I joined, I was seventeen and naive. That simple. I turn 33 next week, and not so much. I actively try and steer kids away from it, in fact.

  5. The reason the US has military bases to surround Russia is to make sure it doesn’t grow powerful enough to pose a threat to the US. Remember the Russian-Georgian war of 2008? It was no coincidence the Russians sent in forces to overtake Georgia, which would provide Russia with a strategic position and a strategic buffer in the Caucasus.

    1. @Trebor Yasdnil

      Georgia conflict was the most drastic attempt of the US/NATO to incite war in the Caucasus and annex Southern Russia to gain control of vital Caspian oil route which will travel through the Balkans.

      Georgia since the time of the ultra-nationalist president in the post Soviet era has supported and gave sanctuary to Chechen fights and international jihadists.

    2. First of all, I love your name, my friend! Greatest name on Earth, if I do say so myself. I’m thinking of changing my name to Trebor Yadsnil myself. What do you think?

  6. Yeah but is it possible to have the civilization we have without intervention in other nations? For instance, now we have the easy – dollar store – Wal-Mart – gas station – fast food existance most Americans enjoy from day to day.

  7. Sorry to be cynical here, but the Arabs are so messed up with inbreeding that they often bring imperalism on themselves. With such a weak population, it only invites foreign armies and exploitation.

  8. That could be true to an extent but of what interest is that to the Western World anyhow?

    Asians, as you may have noticed, do not display any interest in the Middle East whatsoever (China, Korea, Taiwan).

    1. Not true; the Chinese are investing heavily in Africa for the minerals and, I presume, the markets. It’s also someplace to put part of their excess male population where they can get some pussy. Shanghai has a black minority, seemingly mostly Nigerian.

      1. Wrong, Chinese will import their own prostitutes anywhere because they are racists-starting with the American West of the railroad era. Chinese males will sometimes have an interest in white females but not Africans.

        China is a trading nation and would do business with anybody but has no political or religious interests in anybody.

        Observe Korean or Chinese business owners in LA who own shops in the black ghetto but have no interests in the conditions or behavior of their customers whatsoever while Whites in the suburbs march in Black Lives Matters protests.

        They make all the money and take none of the risk because Asian IQ’s are irrefutably several points to high for empathy to override logic (Like Spock).

        1. Skata! They may import their own prostitutes, but the local talent is bound to be much cheaper. If racists wouldn’t fuck Black women, where did all the mulattos come from?

          When did I imply the Chinese had any humanitarian interest? They haven’t much humanitarian interest in each other.

        2. “If racists wouldn’t fuck Black women, where did all the mulattos come from?”

          Uuuummm….why assume that individuals that do are racist?

          Anyway, I actually have read about a Chinese guy settling down and having children with a Nigerian Igbo woman.

          How often that would happen though I’m unsure. However, I do here it does happen in Madagascar but I’m pretty sure that most of the citizens there, even if “black” are in some form mixed and it would be that Austro-nesian mixed population that would be Chinese male immigrants first choice.

          But, if we’re talking purely about prostitution You would have a point about the price.

      2. Those Nigerians are doing business primarily in the garment business as well as drugs.

        Chinese sailors were trading with East Africans in the 15th century. They’ll trade with anyone but have no empathy and will not contribute no humanitarian causes at all. They’ll buy raw materials, oil, sell opiates for refined heroin production or any other drug. No morality, it is merely the color of money that motivates China.

        This is no political or religious affinity: it is a cold hard cash transaction.

        They are happy to do business with anyone-Iraq, Nigeria, U.S. and do not give two bloody shits about humanitarianism whatsoever.

  9. REPEAT Go to Dubai or Kuwait to see if THEY have been bankrupted by two wars than went on for ten years and resulted in China buying some oil from the US government.

    Rural American white towns that supplied the troops look like semi Third World countries with potholes in the roads and boarded up buildings like a war zone.

    Rednecks actually believed Arabs with scimitars could actually reach American shores en masse and supported yet another war that destroyed US credibility overseas in addition to leaving the US broke.

    The Arabs never lifted a finger and they still have all the money, don’t they?

    Who was smart and who was the sucker?

    U.S. has had its ass handed to it in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq.

    Europe vetoed the war but has to deal with all the refugees from Syria and Iraq.

    If the US had been smart they would have continued bribing Ghadaffi and Saddam to keep a lid on their pandora’s box.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  10. Cheers Robert! The American armed forces are, as you wrote, nothing more than the private security arm of the Corporate State. It’s embarrassing to think of the reasons why so many young men and woman want to join this murderous cult. Is it the advertising — only America stands between chaos and order (cue heroic music and tears), the economy — learn a skill (killing), or, shades of Homer, a population correlative? What is beyond dispute is that the congressional paymasters for these drones are in massive numbers draft dodgers and excuse-makers for there own lack of ‘service’. Yet these selfsame twats love to salute, have memorial services on speed dial, and almost wet themselves in giddy excitement when they hear “Taps”. The hypocrisy of it all seems lost to the national consciousness. But that’s another tale . . . Cheers!

    1. MAURICE Brit SAS did some secret IRA assassinations on US soil once or twice in Boston/New York (Presumably with US approval) in the 1980’s. Reagan and Kennedy were evidently displeased by this being Irish-Americans of questionable loyalty to US-UK ties but they went along with it.

    2. MAURICE

      Chavs that would be recruited into the army in the US or sentenced by judges into the US navy cannot make the grade into the slightly more exclusive British armed forces.

      Northern Ireland in the 70’s was the last time that British youths were mass-targeted because of high unemployment and a need to squeeze warm bodies into infantry divisions.

      America has more poor young people and less generous welfare benefits (Africans are not leaving Calais for English weather, my son).

  11. America has been becoming a third-world country ever since Reagan. One point of the wars is to make money for stockholders. Another is to divert the persons who might otherwise kill and dispossess the connected.

    Consider this, most millionaires have more common interests with the working poor than with the like of Soros. In much of the coastal U.S. a building with a small store and three apartments would cost more than a million to buy.

    1. Why Ronald Reagan?

      Did Iraq improve the US economy for anybody? Maybe a few military men got jobs for security companies but that is about the extent of it.

      US went through what was basically a DEPRESSION and everyone is broke including most of the enlisted personnel from small towns in Deer Ridge, Kansas.

      Not sure how anybody gained economically.

      1. “Why Ronald Reagan?” If you’d been there, you’d know. As governor, he ran the state economy down while closing state mental hospitals. As president, he delighted in union-busting when he was awake.

        1. I was 7 years old in 81 when he was elected but I noticed that money went into the suburbs and left the cities.

          Also, divisions between rich and poor became huge. Blacks had been poorer than whites but they were not quite impoverished.

          In the eighties people who were blue-collar seemed poorer than they had in the 70’s.

          Also stockbrokers and Wall Street were not as influential in the Carter years.

        2. It all comes back to Monetarism; Thatcherism.

          We have very high rates of government lending to insulate large companies from the effects or volatility of the market. Hence the big companies don’t risk anything or attempt to grow the economy or help proles in any way.

          People who the company needs anyway, the upper Middle Class does well anyway.
          This is what has been happening since 2008, and it’s more acute.
          That’s why I used to call myself “Barack Thatcher”

  12. PHIL Madagascar was actually settled first by people from Indonesia and then by Africans.

    Indonesians were the first Asians in Africa.

    I have no particular opinion of African civilization one way or the other, I should add.

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