How the Latin American Right Thinks

From this interesting comment on my piece about the FARC in Colombia:

RL: Labor unionists, community leaders, peasant leaders and peasants, Indian leaders and Indians, women’s organizations, gay rights organizations, environmental groups, anti-free trade agreement groups, human rights groups, journalists, students, professors, anti-mining and anti-oil groups…[are all accused of being “FARC supporters” or “members of the FARC” and are liable to be arrested, beaten, tortured, jailed or murdered at any time.] Parasites, dead-wood, leeches, crooks, thugs, villains, leftist shit-heels. Fuck them too.

This is how these people think. To them, if you are a member of a labor union, a women’s organization, a gay rights organization, an environmental group, an anti-free trade agreement groups, a human rights groups, an anti-mining or anti-oil group, a community leader, a peasant leader or a peasant, an Indian leader or an Indian, or a leftwing  journalist, student or professor, you are a parasites, dead-wood, a leech, a crook, a thug, a villain or a leftist shit-heel. And presumably, you deserve to be killed at any time.

So the war is not really against the FARC at all. The war is against the entire Left of society. The rightwing of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Brazil and Ecuador has a similar attitude: kill the Left. It was formerly the attitude of the Bolivian, Peruvian, Uruguayan, Dominican, Paraguayan, Chilean and Argentine rightwings too. But they have been out of power for a while and haven’t been killing many people lately.

Furthermore, this is not only the attitude of both political parties – the Democrats and the Republicans, but it also the attitude of the US military. This is a very important note: both US political parties, even the supposedly liberal Democratic Party, are 100% behind mass terror in Latin America, and they always have been.

The US military runs a school called the School of the Americas in Georgia where they train Latin American military officers. As part of their coursework, the US military teaches these officers that the legal Left are “Communists” who are trying to overthrow the government. They are a military target and need to be dealt with via force. These officers then go back to their countries and often turn into major human rights violators.

The US has been behind or supportive of every single rightwing military coup that ever happened in Latin America. The Obama Administration supported the Honduran military coup and the mass terror that followed. Obama also tried to overthrow the Ecuadorian regime of Correa. I thought Obama supports democracy?

The Bush Adminstration hatched and carried out a coup against President Aritide of Haiti and supported the terror afterwards that followed that left 3,000 Haitians murdered. Bush also backed and helped plan the coup against Hugo Chavez. I thought Bush supported democracy?

See what liars these Americans are? If you are an American, why do you believe the American liars when they go on and on about democracy? Why fall for their lies?

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13 thoughts on “How the Latin American Right Thinks”

  1. Actually, honestly speaking, we have the same thing in the USA. The hardcore right hates liberals to the point they want to shoot them on sight, or better yet crucify them. Remember the guy I told you I’d dig up out of the grave, kill him again, throw him back in there, and repeat 1000 times? He’s a hardcore redneck right wing. 😆

    1. Sorry for double post, but a lot of leftists on your typical college campus have a mutual feeling for the right wing. In fact, this one TV show I watched showed how a right wing Republican professor was heavily persecuted on a campus for saying stuff like “I’m not ashamed of US history,”, or favoring right wing economics etc… Note, it wasn’t Nazi racist stuff, just common average Republican Fox news stuff.

      1. JASON Remember the Stallone film where the Left-wing hippie veteran Rambo wandered into the Redneck town. “Straw Dogs”?

        Fact of the matter is that Rednecks cannot really live in urban centers where “hipsters” or NAMS live and work (Illegally or legally) because they lack the skill set.

        1. Actually though there are more college Republicans than you think, and they’re mean. Like calling liberals niggers and other stuff out of the side of their mouth.

    1. In a lot of nations there are no blacks, so the Amerindians are the despised caste.

      On the other hand, in the USA, Amerindians are often seen as an object of pride, even among Republicans, though occasionally you might see a Fox News report on how liberalism caused Indian Reservations etc..

      My own family is loaded with Amerindian genes. However, that’s cool where I live, but if we were mulatto black, then we’d have to associate with blacks.

  2. JASON Geography is the defining factor for all three groups-none of them have any money to travel.

    Left-wing “Hipsters” who work in an office or a coffee shop like the “FRIENDS” characters would rather by an Oz of weed to smooth out the rough edges than drive into the “sticks” for no purpose other than to be hassled by rednecks like the character in “Straw Dogs”.

    NAMS watch horror films and believe a 6’6 man in a leather mask with a huge chainsaw or Deliverance characters with a shotgun/KY jelly live in places where there are woods.

    Rednecks have children, no skill-set that is marketable in the city, no money for gasoline other than to get to the nearest store, no wherewithal to actually live the sticks. They are “priced-out” of the cities, for the most part.

    So it is hard for full-scale conflict to actually take place. There’s an average of 50 miles distance between urban Left-wing population centers and the places in the woods where rednecks live.

    The only difference are college towns where you DO see some animosity from the “townies” towards students.

    1. College students are generally despised because they don’t work. However, students don’t work, at least not like rednecks do, cause they plan to make their money later. They cannot work and still make good grades, unless of course, they could do some part time stripper job.

    2. Basically the two social castes, liberal college students and rednecks live in their own worlds and think the world revolves around them. They might occasionally realize differing views exist and put them in the “ENEMY” category and bash them on Facebook.

      1. Rednecks definitely live in their own world because in the rural areas nothing really exists that would attract a NAM or liberal.

  3. Hardcore right-wing rednecks cannot congregate in the cities above Dixie on either coast.

    They cannot face the truth that their small towns and rural areas have “no value” to NAMS, JOOS or Yankees. Left-wing people simply do not care about the less-developed forested interior of the country anymore than they care about Indian reservations.

    SAM and other rural white Right-wingers can howl at left-wingers but they cannot march on the capitol because they live 1,000 miles in the interior. They can complain about the media but their population centers have no film studios, radio networks, industry, central banking or anything other than raw resources for a single-commodity economy that crashes. So they can do nothing, really.

    NAMS at the sources of culture in the cities their underground economies generate billions while the Right-Wing is an area that generates little.

    Gun laws are ridiculous because police lack the interest in searching woods and barns for weapons on a wide-scale. This would be logistically impossible.

    1) Latins-Italians in the North, Hispanics in the South-do all the labor jobs and Italian-Americans OWN the unions (There is some criminality there) up North. No skill-set.

    2) Cities offer none of the things Rednecks like to do-sit in a Coffee Shop? Nor are they affordable. No woods to hunt animals, no dirt roads to tear down on dirt bikes, no lakes to jet-ski on.

    3) Rednecks get in fights with other races: NAMS know that a Korean or JOO is simply going to ignore them and not care what they say because their lives are pitiful, their women sell their bodies, they smoke a bunch of baking soda with some cocaine in it all day, have no jobs etc. etc. Rednecks care what NAMS say.

    4) Gun ownership. You cannot drive around in a city with a loaded shotgun in your car.

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