Video: Rebels Standing Over Bodies of Killed Syrian Soldiers


This is a pretty harsh video. It shows Muslim Brotherhood forces in Jisr Al Shoughur. The bodies are those of Syrian police and military, and most of them are dead. It’s hard to watch and viewer discretion is advised.

Audio, translation from Arabic:

Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “Where are you from?”
Wounded solider: “Don’t kick us, boys.”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “Does he have money?”
Wounded solider:: “Don’t take his money, he’s dead.”
Another Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “Obviously he’s a Allawi because of his haircut.”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “I’m going to fuck his mother.”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “They standing in a line, firing in vain, and we picked them off one by one.”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “I stabbed all of them, the son of bitches”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “This is the first son of a bitch I shot.”
Muslim Brotherhood rebel: “Take a look, you bastards, at how I stabbed them in the back.”

The government is planning a major offensive in the region.

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