Video: Muslim Brotherhood Forces Entering Syria from Turkey


This is an exciting video. The first part shows Muslim Brotherhood forces entering Syria en masse from Turkey. This is the guerrilla army that killed 120 Syrian forces in Jisr Al Shoughur on Monday. The last half of the video shows wild scenes shot inside Jisr Al Shoughur on the same day. Buildings in flames, armies of people marching in the street, chanting and waving swords, people pushing people down stairways, just serious chaos. Jisr Al Shoughur was a stronghold of the MB in the 1980’s and borders Turkey.

What is interesting is that it seems that the Turkish government had something to do with this incursion. There are a lot of theories about what is going on. It does seem clear that these MB guys had been hiding out in Turkey, and Turkey gave them the go-ahead to go invade Syria. But why? The leader of Turkey is an Islamist. Is the throwing down with the MB Islamists in Syria. Keep in mind that Turkey is also hosting the Islamist-dominated Syrian opposition. This seems to be a case of Islamist politics trumping regional cooperation, but it’s so hard to figure out.

Pretty wild video!

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30 thoughts on “Video: Muslim Brotherhood Forces Entering Syria from Turkey”

  1. Looks like the army of the anti-Christ is fully establishing itself and coming into fruition lead by the actual anti-Christ that is running the Whitehouse Zbignew Brzezinski.

    I actually predicted that the events in Egypt were to support the MB in US/British lead effort to re-establish total control of Islamist networks prior to that of 9/11 and direct it mainly towards Russia and the Eurasian sphere.

    Turkey has been the base for Islamist fighters since 89 trafficking them to support Bosnian, KLA and especially Chechen terrorist groups.

    In Turkey Chechen-Turkish Islamist groups openly operate were they even openly ran training camps in Northern Turkey in military bases run by a Turk who was sentenced for organising the suicide bombings in Turkey divert 4 of the 9/11 hijackers from Chechnya to the US

    ”(Sakka’s) story is also one of a globetrotting terrorist in an organisation that is truly multinational.
    The Chechens needed trained fighters. Sakka was telephoned by Ibn al-Khattab, the late militia leader controlling the foreign fighters against the Russians. Khattab requested that Sakka’s trainees should be sent on to Afghanistan for military training because “conditions are tough”.
    One of Sakka’s chief roles was to organise passports and visas for the volunteers to make their way to Afghanistan through Pakistan. His ability to keep providing high-quality forged papers made Turkey a main hub for Al-Qaeda movements, his lawyer says. The young men came to Turkey pretending to be on holiday and Sakka’s false papers allowed them to “disappear” overseas.
    Turkish intelligence were aware of unusual militant Islamic activity in the Yalova mountains, where Sakka had set up his camps.
    Some of Sakka’s account is corroborated by the US government’s 9/11 Commission. It found evidence that four of the hijackers – whom Sakka says he trained – had initially intended to go to Chechnya from Turkey but the border into Georgia was closed.
    Sakka’s lawyer said: “Just like there is money laundering, there is also terrorist laundering and Turkey was the centre of this.”,-Madrassas,-HeroinTerrorism

    I posted before US own declassified 98 report that confirmed a terrorist network connecting Pakistan, Turkey and Chechnya.

    Turkey also gave medical assistance and runs flights for Chechens militants along with Jordan among other things and some of the foreign jihadist commanders are from Turkey like Abdulla Kurd and others claiming ancestral connection to the Caucasus like Khattab.

    That’s what the so called Al Qaeda network is which is primarily based on ethnic connections not religion although that is incorporated into it.

    Paul Murphy goes into great detail of this in his 2004 book Wolves of Islam.

    The whole thing that the current PM is an Islamist is BS.

    The fact that Turkey would aid MB is no surprise at all as they have been working with them at least since the 90’s.

    Militants from Russia travel to Egypt and indoctrinated into radical Islamic groups.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has set up a base in Chechnya through front organisations.

      1. @Robert Lindsay

        9/11 lawsuit and a good website that lists terrorism cases in the US.

        9/11 lawsuit is interesting as it not only lists the history of individual’s/groups/NGO’s involved in terrorism and Al Qaeda but also its main financial sponsors which according to the lawsuit the major financier of international terrorism Khalid bin Mahfouz who was a US government asset involved in the transfer of the PROMISE spyware to Mid East countries during the Reagan administration.

        “With Khalid bin Mahfouz, Nimir Petroleum engaged in a relationship with the Taliban regime in or about 1994. Nimir agreed to partner with the Saudi Delta Oil Company, by forming a joint-venture known as Delta Nimir Khazar Limited. Soon after, due to Nimir and Khalid bin Mahfouz influence, an agreement was reached between a consortium of oil companies and the Taliban. Nimirs efforts to lobby for the consortium to reach an agreement with the Taliban regime included a meeting in November 1997 with a Taliban delegation to Texas.”

        US Department of Justice
        Civil Rights Division
        Washington DC 20530

        WBR: DLJ: mb

        DJ 173-11-16

        16th May 1985

        William F Weld
        United States Attorney
        1100 McCormack Post Office and Courthouse
        Boston, Massachusetts 02109

        Dear Mr Weld,

        “As agreed, Messrs, Manucher Ghorbanifar, Adnan Khashoggi and Richard Armitage will broker the transaction of the PROMISE Software to Sheik Klahid bin Mahfouz for resale and general gifts in his region contingent upon the three conditions we last spoke of. PROMISE must have a soft arrival. No Paperwork, customs, or delay. It must be equipped with special data retrieval unit. As before, you must walk the financial aspects through Credit Suisse and National Commercial Bank. If you encounter any problems contact me directly.”


        WM, Bradford Reynolds
        Assistant Attorney General
        Civil Rights Division”

        Delta Nimir Khazar is also involved in the Azerbaijan oil consortium.

        “Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC) is a consortium comprised of 11 international oil companies from seven countries which are in the process of developing the largest known offshore oil fields in the Azerbaijan Section of the Caspian Sea (Azeri, Chirag and the deepwater section of Gunashli). The work is being done with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR).

        Each issue has a regular feature of AIOC’s activities highlighting new developments and trends. The oil companies include: British Petroleum (UK), Amoco (USA), Unocal (USA), LUKoil (Russia), Statoil (Norway), Exxon (USA), Turkish Petroleum (Turkey), Pennzoil (USA), ITOCHU (Japan), Ramco (UK), and Delta Nimir Khazar (Saudi Arabia)”.

    1. Maintaining hegemony over the Caspian oil zone seems to fit with AMerica’s imperialist motives. However, can you describe how these terrorist networks fit in with America’s strategy? Destabalization is an old imperialist tactic, but what do you make of this?

    2. I honestly do not see the Muslim Brotherhood getting much of a foothold in this. This just isn’t their time. Not that they won’t make things worse…

  2. If you want to wade thru the (contrasting) commentors and posts at Syria Comment, you can better assess what is really going on in Syria. Landis is airing all sides.

    As far as Turkey’s current ruling elite being in the pocket of American-Israeli imperialism, no chance.

    1. @Ken Hoop

      “As far as Turkey’s current ruling elite being in the pocket of American-Israeli imperialism, no chance.”


      Turkey is totally imbedded with US/Israeli interests which is vital for Caspian oil and other oil and gas pipeline routes that bypass Russia.

      Turkish military and intelligence has always had a close relationship with Israel.

  3. This is a Palestinian Chrisitan, and he looks exactly like a jew. Why do Palestinian Christians look more heebish (lighter skin, Armenoid features) than Muslim Pallies, who look like generic Arabs?

    1. I hate to say it, but the Muslim Pallies probably have some Black in them due to breeding in with Black slaves who were brought in after Islam. The Jews hardly bred in with Blacks at all. In fact, Jews probably have less Black in them than most any other group of Whites. So Jews are the purest Whites of them all! The Palestinian Christians also did not breed with Blacks much as they did not have slaves. You see a similar thing going on in Iraq and possibly Syria.

      1. You know, Israelis and Palestinians swear to me they can easily tell each other apart, but how much of is that just emotional gut reaction to the question being asked?

    2. There is physically no difference between the Palestinians, be they Christian or Moslem, or so the Palestinians tell me. All the Palestinians I have know were from the “West Bank” region, as opposed to Gaza. As for the Christian Palestinians, they had the same traces of “black” in them, as the Moslems did. That is my own observations, and why that might be, I don’t know. The minor features were there though, and I was around a shit load of Christian Palestinians for a unfortunately long period of my life…Think enough to fill a hotel up with, on New Years eve…

  4. Rob, is it possible that the peoples of the Levant were originally Anatolian/Armenoid type people, but later became more Arab-looking after the Muslim Expansions?
    And jews maintained the original Armenoid genes and phenotype because they didn’t mix with Arabs?

  5. Palestinian “Christians” and Muslims both are just converted Jews, best as I can tell. Arabs go back a very long time. Europe 12,000 YBP looked like Arabs. Arabs are like some of the most ancient Whites.

    1. If Palestinians are just converted jews, why do they look different from ashkenazis?
      And does that mean Palestinians are close to Kurds, since jews originate in Kurdistan?

    2. Robert L : “”Palestinian “Christians” and Muslims both are just converted Jews, best as I can tell.”””

      To the best of my knowledge, this is a pretty recent theory proposed by Sholomo Sand of Tel Aviv Univeristy. He argues that there was no expulsion as that was not the Roman way and there was no historical precedent for such an act. Wade can probly shed more light on this. Anyhow the dispora construct fits with certain themes from the OT if you think about it. That the book was largely ignored in Israel lends to its credibility for when the tribe is threatened by an idea, its generally ignored, else the usual smear tactics apply. I’m not sure if there are any other acedemics that support this theory Robert.

      1. “That the book was largely ignored in Israel ”

        Refering to Sand’s book “The invention of the jewish people”

        Sorry, should have clarified

        1. Dota, what do you make of the Khazar theory? I don’t buy it sincer they were a Turkic Central Asian tribe, and most ashkenazis do NOT look anything like Uzbeks, Kazakhs, etc. Central Asians have a Mongoloid component in them that is totally lacking in ashenazis. They look more Mediterranean than anything else.

        2. ” I don’t buy it sincer they were a Turkic Central Asian tribe”

          It seems to me that most (or all) non-arctic turkic peples have been heavily race mixed with caucasoids for a long time. I don;t think them not looking like mongoloids really mattters that much.

        3. @Wade
          The peoples in the 5 Stans of Central Asia all have a visible Mongoloid component. The Khazars were supposed to have come from somewhere within the 5 Stans before settling in the Caucasus and southern Russia. Do you think Brezhnev was really a Tatar? He’s pretty damn Asiatic looking, even for a Ukrainian.

  6. Just another reason that Anatolia need to be ripped apart with parts being returned to approptiate peoples (greeks, armenians, kurds, assyrians, etc).

    1. I actually agree. At least to an extent. A much smaller “Turkic State” could still exist in the East, where many of the people are literally descended from the Seljuks, and not “Greek converts.”

  7. @ Nazbol

    “Dota, what do you make of the Khazar theory?”

    I’m by no means an expert on race and genetics. I’ve read that a lot of academics have thrown this theory around and so I’ve gone along with it as a sort of working hypothesis. There never was a racially homogenous Hebrew race. Norman Cantor believed that the early jews were merely a group of Canaanites who assumed a new religion and constructed a history for themselves (The Sacred Chain). It’s no surprise that the OT is rife with canaanite symbols such as the tree of life and the serpent. Sand’s research confirms this. The Jews have throughout history always been a diverse bunch of groups who assumed a common identity on the grounds of a shared ‘history’. I’d read this a long time ago, it was written by Alfred Linentha: The Zionist Connection

    “I don’t buy it sincer they were a Turkic Central Asian tribe, and most ashkenazis do NOT look anything like Uzbeks, Kazakhs, etc. ”

    You got me there pal. My assumption has always been the same as what Wade has posted above. I never looked too deeply into it.

    1. Hah. Khazars. I always picture a Mongol warrior on horseback, sacking a Russian village, neurotically complaining to another Mongol on horseback about his overbearing Jewish mother…

  8. Salut à vous tous ,

    En premier lieu , permettez-moi de vous montrer mon appréciation pour toutes les formidables informations que j’ai découvertes sur cet beau forum.

    Je ne suis pas convaincue d’être au meilleur section mais je n’en ai pas vu de meilleur.

    Je demeure à Delta, us . J’ai 39 années et j’éduque 4 super enfants qui sont tous âgés entre 8 et 16 ans (1 est adopté). J’aime beaucoup les animaux domestiques et je fais de mon mieux de leur présenter les accessoires qui leur rendent l’existance plus diversifiée .

    Merci à l’avance pour toutes les formidables délibérations dans le futur et je vous remercie surtout de votre compréhension pour mon français moins qu’idéal : ma langue maternelle est l’espagnol et je tempte d’apprendre mais c’est très ardu !

    A plus tard


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