US Politics in a Nutshell

Via a link from Ian Welsh’s indispensable blog. If you read nothing else political on the Net, do read Welsh. The comments are just as good as the author. Here a commenter sums up US politics in a nutshell:

The current mode is for the Republicans to go extreme right and the Democrats to go bipartisan and compromise by giving away 7

There are no progressives of note anymore. Obama and the Democrats and not liberals or progressives, much less socialists or God forbid Communists. A “Democrat” is someone who reacts to the extreme rightwing of the Republican nutcases by going 7

This is the politics of the 3rd World, in particular, the politics of coup and death squad ridden Latin America.

Down there, if you are a feminist, a gay, an environmentalist, an anti-mining or anti-oil activist, a peasant leader, a labor union member, a community leader, a human rights organization member, an organizer against free trade agreements or a supporter of land reform, you are automatically a Communist and there is a murder warrant out for you. You can be murdered at any time. If you’re lucky and you’re a leader, you get overthrown in a coup and get to survive, like Zelaya in Honduras and Aristide in Haiti.

This calling anyone who is not a rightwing fanatic a Communist is peculiar to Latin America, the Philippines, Pakistan and Indonesia. In other words, it’s the ideology of a stinking 3rd World shithole. Down there, you have two parties, a Conservative Party that is insanely rightwing, and a Liberal Party that is about 7

In most of the world, countries where the politics is as insanely rightwing as the US are the lands of reactionary coups and death squads. At some point, the Left finally has enough of sitting around waiting to be murdered, and they pick up guns and decide that if the state is going to come out and kill them, they will at least fight back with a gun. That’s called a Left insurgency, or “trying to seize power via the gun.” It’s not, really. Mostly it’s just fighting back.

This makes me wonder. Is the current US politics nutty enough that we could have a rightwing military coup? The US rightwing is already openly stealing elections, see Bush in 2000 and 2004. This is a typical 3rd World elite pattern.When they can no longer steal elections and the Left gets elected, then come the coups. After the coups, or in between them, roam the death squads.

I already asked if you if death squads might be coming to America. I will say that the reactionaries are very nice here since at least they don’t murder us like they usually do. They also don’t do military coups. Thank you very much for that! Muah! The rich are so nice here!

But how about coups? The rightwing is already stealing elections, how about a military coup? Is it possible? What would it look like?

How about a state of emergency? We already sort of have that with the Patriotard Act. But what about a real state of emergency?

Typically, extreme rightwing 3rd World hellholes tend to create, due to their very nature, not only mass public protests and riots, but at some point, actual armed Left insurgencies. Are popular protests or even riots on the horizon in the Land of the Fat and Lazy Apathetic Whites? What about an armed Left? Possible or not?

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  1. what? left wing lunatics on this blog no good except to clean toilets. Found two books to read and they are now experts on everything under the sun. Hey, can you clean my shit hole Robert?

  2. In his book Pentagonism, Juan Bosch observed that the United States was a military state already under LBJ who deposed him in the Dominican Republic in the largest air sea invasion since D-Day. Your question about a military coup is answered by the Gil Scott Heron talkin’ about the military and the monetary. There is no need for a putsch to protect Das Kapital.
    The Generals do not want power they want jobs. Nor, interestingly, do they seek to support the Constitution they swear an oath to protect.

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