The Corporations Swooned While the Nation Slowly Died

I'm not sure what to make of this chart here. As you can see, as US exports crashed, US corporate profits went insane.

Can anyone make sense of this chart? It appears that while the nation was slowly murdered, gasping, heaving coughing blood, the corporations were swimming in money, partying on the Titanic as it were. As the nation dies, the fortunes of the corporations go through the roof. It appears that the corporations are getting rich as they slowly murder the country. The more the sickens and dies, the richer the corporations get.

But can someone explain what’s going on. Why did the collapse of US exports lead the soaring of corporate profits. There appears to be a connection. What is it? Offshoring?

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15 thoughts on “The Corporations Swooned While the Nation Slowly Died”

  1. Frankly I’m at a loss. Without exports, the US economy would surely implode. The reason that containment was pursued during the cold war was because the the soviets threatened to block access to foreign markets. One of the reasons that the US was a driving force behind de-colonization post ww2 was so that they could hog these new markets.

    Yeah, I’m kind of baffled here too. Help?

      1. Simple Dota. The “financial sector,” now commonly called the “financial industry,” is in no way, shape or form connected to old metrics of economic health or prosperity. Archaic notions, at least from the American worldview, of a successful industrial base leading to profits on Wall Street are largely irrelevant. That is simply not how Wall Street makes or ranks profits anymore. The profits are byproducts of manipulation of the system, be it banking, government, etc.

        Hell, one of the fastest growing “industries” in America in the last couple of years, has been the “foreclosure industry.” Think about that for a second, and why that is, and you will have your answer.

        1. The financialization of the economy makes sense to me. We don’t make that much stuff any more. Instead, we make money off of finance in all sorts of variable ways and also via services, which isn’t exactly an export. And I guess a lot of US companies are simply importing foreign stuff and marking it up and selling it to Americans. Think of all of your computer parts, all made in Asia, all imports to the US. But the corporation itself who sold you the computer is something like Dell. But there is scarcely a single US made product in that “US” Dell computer.

        2. @Robert:

          Yet, this nation still see’s itself as some sort of “super power”…How ironic. I am especially floored by the fact that the U.S economy is being negatively effected by the recent disaster in Japan. American “suppliers” can’t get the parts they need. In times past, American producers would step up to fill in any gap, taking advantage off a foreign suppliers loss of ability to produce.

          Nowadays? There are no more domestic manufacturers to compete. It is utterly pathetic.

          So…What are we exactly an economy of now? Shuffling paperwork to screw the middle and lower classes? Technological superpower, indeed…

  2. CHEAP FUCKING LABOR. Those corporate profits are really the just wages stolen from American workers who, oh, say invented the IT industry long before the moron MBAs took it over and turned silicon valley into a 3rd world shithole by importing tens of millions from the turd world.

    1. Outsourcing and offshoring as a source of these profits makes sense to me, I guess.

      We offshored our own production, which then became “imports” to the US. Imagine in the 1970’s, most of the stuff you bought in say a Walmart type joint was made in the US. Now it’s all made in China some way or another. If Nike sells a shoe made in Vietnam to a Frenchman, it is a US export, or an export from Vietnam?

      1. It’s as if the old paradigm of exports/imports has been rendered almost obsolete courtesy of corporate globalism. It doesn’t seem to matter how much we export but how much we manufacture (which is also nothing)…

  3. It is “forcing” your name entry, hence why I am posting with two name entries on here. I know how to fix it. Just a little annoying, that’s all.

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